DCFM – Chapter 170: 20 days of Hell but Finishing Fulfilling Days ※Nanami’s POV

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These 20 days have been hell.

Maybe Celica-chan thought: ‘even if she dies, she will be revived, so it is okay’. 

…No, not maybe, she definitely thought that.

Even so, I can’t allow myself to die, so I did my best with enough drive to puke blood. 

Of course, for the active soldiers, my training must have looked super soft.

But for someone like me who has not done any noteworthy exercise in my life, those were like days of inescapable hell. 

Even now, the bones and muscles in my whole body continue screaming. 

…That said, it was also honestly surprising to see that the figure of a person can change this much in just 20 days of training. My original 30% body fat had decreased to 24%. According to Celica-chan, intense training like this has high chances of leaving lasting negative effects, so it normally can’t be done and brings opposite results. 

(But it will finally be over today.) (Nanami)

The first time I was chosen, I had almost no desire to go to an isekai, but it is different now. My beloved childhood friend, Hi-chan, has gone in my stead. 

I feel like I won’t be making it in time in a lot of meanings if I don’t hurry, so I want to be transferred at once in that sense as well. 

“Nee-san, you really did a great job. The instructors were praising you, saying that you have become so strong they wouldn’t be able to tell you are the same person.” 

“That’s most likely just flattery. With just 20 days, you can at most just graduate from the diapers.” (Nanami)

“Just being able to take off the diapers is a great job. With that, I doubt you will be dying immediately when you get there.” 

There’s no knowing until I actually get there, but it is true that I got a certain degree of confidence in these 20 days. 

I was made to run, carry heavy things, do hand-to-hand combat, shoot guns, and then run again, and even did stuff like mountaineering, but I survived.

They said stuff like ‘running is the basic of everything’ and in these 20 days, I was made to run several hundreds of kilometers. I probably easily surpassed the distance I have run in my life until now.

At first, I just ran around the grounds the whole time, but the options were slowly being added. The other day, I was carrying a backpack, with a gun in hand, and made to cross a mountain and a hill. 

The footing was bad and the equipment was heavy; it was seriously tiring. 

Even in a state where my stomach couldn’t take anymore food, they would stuff me things like highly concentrated protein, high calorie food, and things like that for a grand total of 8 meals a day. That in itself was painful, and I don’t know how many times I puked. 

In the time I ran, I would learn about the information of the isekai through the earphone. 

I did have sleeping time, but it really felt like an instant. 

Even now…no, my whole body has been hurting for the whole 19 days. 

When I cried that I couldn’t do it anymore, they injected me with some unknown drug. The pain in my body receded quite a lot with that, but that was definitely a dangerous drug. It was announced that our bodies will be recovered to a perfect state, but even if that’s the case, please don’t inject me with stuff like that without any hesitation.

Celica-chan is the devil.

But thinking about the fact that all of this is for the sake of surviving in that world, I could forgive it. 

I just have to think that I am joining hands with the devil to prepare myself on my journey to that world crawling with monsters. 

“2 hours before the transfer, huh. Now then, how about watching the latest video of Onii-chan in order to boost your motivation?” (Celica)

“Motivation? Did he say something about me?” (Nanami)

“Fufu…how nice would it have been if that were the case…” (Celica)

Celica-chan laughs meaningfully. 

In the 20 days I was training, I had almost no chance to watch the programs about the isekai. 

I was taught a lot about that world, but no one told me anything regarding the situation of Hi-chan, and I don’t know much about the Chosen either. 

You could say it wasn’t necessary, yeah, but it must mean that the situation of Hi-chan has changed in these 20 days. 

I have my last meal in this world as I watch the edited video of Celica-chan and Karen-chan.

I will be bidding farewell to the two with this.

So I say, but I have already finished my farewells with them at the transfer of before, and for me, that was only around 1 month ago, so it doesn’t bring that much strong feelings.

Right now what’s more important is Hi-chan.

Women have gathered around him again, moreover, they have begun living together.

That Rifreya girl has come back, and Jeanne-san…I have met her before too. She is a good girl, but I didn’t expect even in my dreams that she would become my love rival.

My name didn’t come out of the mouth of Hi-chan even once. 

Well, he still doesn’t know that I have been chosen to be transferred after all. It does make sense. It does, but I don’t want to see him getting all conscious of other girls. 

Celica-chan is evil.

She knows that I will burn in jealousy and do my best over there if I watch this. 

And the reality is that, I now must meet up with him no matter what just as she planned.

“…It is almost time. Nanami-neesan, it is a bit weird to say this after showing you a video like that, but…don’t push yourself. It is okay to put reuniting with Onii-chan as a secondary objective. What’s most important is your own life. Please don’t forget that.” (Celica)

“It is okay. I don’t want to die a second time. In these 20 days of training, I have learned how precious it is to just be able to live.” (Nanami)

“Really? I somehow…can’t trust you on that one…” (Celica)

“So cruel. Even I can judge my priorities.” (Nanami)

I was thinking of something different while answering that.

About the fact that it is natural to live in that world with your life on the line. 

Treasuring your life is a natural thing as a living being. What’s important is how to use that life on top of that. 

Use it caringly.

That’s the stance of my life. 

This is the life that was given to me by Hi-chan after all. So I am going to use it for his sake.

In that sense, there’s the need to push myself a bit in order to reunite with him.

“Nanamin is stubborn after all-nii~. Anyways, do your best without dying. Celican and I will be providing support so that you get viewers too, Nanamin.” (Karen)

“Thanks. Be well too, Karen-chan. Don’t do all-nighters too often, okay?” (Nanami)

“It is o~kay. I stay up at night and sleep in the morning!” (Karen)

Karen-chan understands me better than Celica-chan. 

She also gave me some realistic ideas for the point allocation too. 

I don’t know what I will be doing until I am actually in that white room and doing the point allocation, but at any rate, reuniting with Hi-chan is my highest priority. 

“Then, here. It is new and has bullets. I think you are already perfect on the use of it, but be plenty careful on how many bullets are left. Also, make sure it doesn’t get taken by others by any means.” (Celica)

Celica-chan gives me the new special tactical shotgun.

When I held it, I could feel the heavy weight of it, and it is a weight that is a bit difficult to carry with one hand, but this is mostly the weight of the bullets. That’s because it has been forcefully made to have 35 bullets. 

I have already been taught thoroughly about the way to use this gun, how to shoot it, its shooting range, recoil, how to maintain it, and every single thing. I don’t think I will be killed by monsters as long as I have bullets remaining.

Regarding the gun, it seems like Celica-chan consulted with the maker and thought of it. 

At first, they were thinking of making it an assault rifle with high killing power, but it ended up with the conclusion that a shotgun would be better as a whole.

Apparently, in most cases, I will be using them against enemies that are close, so there is no need for super long range. 

Well, that’s true. I doubt there will be many situations where I would go out of my way to attack a monster far away when I could just run away. 

In order to not waste these 35 bullets, I have shot more than 2,000 bullets in these 20 days.

At the beginning, it was training to shoot on target, so I was given something called a no-recoil gun, and after that, it was shotgun shooting training.

The gun prepared for me apparently shoots a particularly heavy bullet called a slug bullet, and it has enough firepower to defeat a brown bear. 

“Thanks. It would be the best if I don’t need to use it. I probably can’t really afford to say that though.” (Nanami)

“Right. There’s robberies and even monsters. Don’t hesitate when shooting.” (Celica)

“I will keep that in mind.” (Nanami)

I don’t know if I can actually shoot a person. 

My gun is made in a way so that it can defeat pretty strong monsters in one hit, and from the monsters in the dungeon of Hi-chan…it could defeat a Troll with one hit. Maybe it could even defeat a Garden Panther in one hit. 

That’s why it is that much difficult to shoot a person. Even if I were to shoot their arms or legs, it easily has enough power to erase those parts. In other words, when shooting, I must always do it with the intention to kill.

(Oh well…whatever happens happens.) (Nanami)

I should be able to have more options than that. I can just simply run, or use a Barrier Stone. There’s also the option of using Spirit Ability Scrolls.

If I keep some points, I should have a lot of options to take. 

“Now then…it is finally time. If you manage to reunite with Onii-chan, I leave it to you, okay? About stuff like the messages and the things I have done…” (Celica)

“I know. Leave it to Onee-chan!” (Nanami)

“Having you accept it so easily makes me worry in and of itself, Nee-san… I have said it countless times already, but even if you can choose the transfer location this time around, we still are not clear about that, okay? What’s important is to survive.” (Celica)

Even Celica-chan doesn’t know how God will be changing the Character Making. That’s why she ends up saying it in that way. 

In the end, there’s no choice but to decide once I see it. There’s even the chance that it is completely different from the first time after all.

Even so, I am also something of a gamer myself.

I don’t intend to make big mistakes. 

“At any rate…this feels weird since this is supposed to be our last farewell. Celica-chan and Karen-chan, be well without pushing yourselves too, okay? I will definitely protect Hi-chan.” (Nanami)

After our last hug, I take one step away from them, and wait for that moment to come.

My only belonging is the boorish shotgun. 

If possible, I would like them to lower the difficulty for the 2nd group. 

“1 more minute, Nee-san. We won’t be able to send you information from our side until the messages come back, so be as careful as possible. I believe in you, okay?!” (Celica)

“Say hi to Onii and the others for me-nii~. Do your best without dying!” (Karen)

“Yeah, thanks, you two! Leave Hi-chan to me!” (Nanami)

Receiving the last encouragement, I was wrapped in white light. 

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