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-11: Anonymous from Earth

In the end, where do you think would be the correct place to transfer to?

-12: Anonymous from Earth

Dividing it widely, it would be a choice between: the Roshesill Continent, Ringpill Continent, Lashimoza Continent, and the Alaura Continent. Thinking of it as a whole, the Roshesill Continent would be nice, but it is so big, it is hard to generalize it. If we are speaking of the climate alone, it would be Ringpill or Lashimoza. 

-15: Anonymous from Earth

Thinking about the meeting of other Chosen, Roshesill is the most widespread. Ringpill is nice too, but it is kind of a countryside. Even the capital that’s the most developed, Stranoa, isn’t that big of a city. 

-16: Anonymous from Earth

If you can choose, Gran Alismaris would be the best choice, I would say. That place is the biggest city of the world, and if you become a high rank explorer, there won’t be much danger even if you are discovered to be a Chosen. 

-19: Anonymous from Earth

Is there a hunt for Chosen? 

-21: Anonymous from Earth

It doesn’t seem like there’s any big ones, but I wonder about that. 

I think it is dangerous depending on the area. 

-22: Anonymous from Earth

The place with possible moves for Chosen hunts is in the eastern part of Roshesill? 

-24: Anonymous from Earth

Yeah, but we only have information through the eyes of Chosen, so it is hard to say. 

As of now, only 3 Chosen have been corralled. 

-27: Anonymous from Earth

Isn’t it plenty with 3 people…?

-30: Anonymous from Earth

The strength of Chosen is that, when push comes to shove, they can run away with Random Transfer after all.

The other day, a person who took the Affection of Spirits ran away with Random Transfer, right?

…They died after that though.

-32: Anonymous from Earth

It was a sad incident…

-34: Anonymous from Earth

I think increasing your combat power in order to be okay even when doing Random Transfer will become crazy important.

-35: Anonymous from Earth

No matter how strong you are in battle, depending on the place you get thrown to, you won’t be able to survive. 

A snow mountain or a marshland would be impossible. 

-37: Anonymous from Earth

If you manage the Points you get from Random Transfer wisely, you could get by somehow. 

As long as you can at least deal with the foreign enemies. 

-40: Anonymous from Earth

If you get transferred into an elf forest? 

-42: Anonymous from Earth

It is impossible statistically speaking.

It is not like there are several elf forests out there, right?

-45: Anonymous from Earth

There aren’t several out there. According to the information the elf-loving Chosen got from the elf they got along with (don’t actually get along), it is a big city that’s a forest yet not a forest.

-48: Anonymous from Earth

A giant city forest! 

-50: Anonymous from Earth

Isn’t that just in the perception of elves? 

-51: Anonymous from Earth

Also, elves really do hate outside races. If you were to suddenly get teleported into the elf forest, the chances of getting killed are high (excluding Loved Ones).

-55: Anonymous from Earth

Elves like Loved Ones?

-57: Anonymous from Earth

Apparently. It would be better to be sheltered in an elf village rather than be captured by the church. They will suck on you everyday. 

-59: Anonymous from Earth

There’s a bonus like that…?

-60: Anonymous from Earth

If you get sucked by Great Spirits, you die, but you don’t die if elves do that…

By the way, I don’t know what they suck…

-61: Anonymous from Earth

You will get passed around regardless of men or women! 

-64: Anonymous from Earth

The reputation of the elves is being destroyed here with baseless assumptions…

-68: Anonymous from Earth

Meaning that there’s captured Loved Ones in the elf villages???

-73: Anonymous from Earth

There’s none among the Chosen yet. We are solely talking from imagination! 

-76: Anonymous from Earth

Different from Great Spirits, elves can’t detect you as a Loved One unless they are pretty close to you. There’s elves even in Meltia, but they haven’t approached Hikaru.

-78: Anonymous from Earth

It would be nice to be able to choose your race at the time when you transfer.

There must be many who would want to become elves.

-80: Anonymous from Earth

Be satisfied with just being able to tinker your age. 

There’s several tens of people from the 2nd batch that have declared that they would make themselves younger.

-85: Anonymous from Earth

I don’t know about using Points to get younger…

According to the research team, it is a choice that shouldn’t be prioritized, right? 

-88: Anonymous from Earth

The highest priority is Physical Strength Up after all.

Putting it in an extreme way, you could even put Points in only that.

-90: Anonymous from Earth

You can’t get social standing and a family register with Points after all. 

You can only buy power anyways. 

It is an advantage when doing physical work in the flophouse district too. 

-91: Anonymous from Earth

The flophouse district, you say…

-92: Anonymous from Earth

What a harsh world…

-95: Anonymous from Earth

Even though you got the chance to transfer to an isekai, you get hired as a manual laborer, and are made to work in a workplace that doesn’t even have the concept of safety first…

-97: Anonymous from Earth

“Safety belt…? What’s that…?” 

“By wrapping a safety belt like this, you can avoid fall accidents.” 

“W-Wow! I never thought of that…!” 

-100: Anonymous from Earth

But the reality is apparently that your boss punches you and shouts: “As if we can get work done if we put that on every single time!” 

-103: Anonymous from Earth

There’s actual people like that in the modern era too after all…

-110: Anonymous from Earth

It is hard for Chosen, who don’t have pretty high communication skills, to even live.

-113: Anonymous from Earth

In the end, becoming an explorer is the best choice. 

That work doesn’t ask for your birthplace, and as long as you can excavate Spirit Stones, you can even get social status from it. 

If you want to do something, just do it after you have become silver rank or higher. 

-118: Anonymous from Earth

I would say Sylvester rank would be lacking a bit.

If possible, go till Gnome Rank.

If you are Gnome Rank or higher, you can become a templar. 

-122: Anonymous from Earth

Gnome is gold rank, right? 

I have heard that going from silver to gold is pretty difficult.

-125: Anonymous from Earth

Silver is a rank pretty much anyone can get to.

That’s the same for the explorer guilds of any country. 

Gold and higher are truly only for the advanced explorers.

-130: Anonymous from Earth

In Gran Alismaris, you would have to defeat a Rock Drake, right?

-131: Anonymous from Earth


Or more like, you can get to silver rank just from selling Spirit Stones, so your strength doesn’t really matter as much. 

-134: Anonymous from Earth

Jeanne-chan did ask the guild staff member before on the Meltia side.

The condition to become gold rank is to subjugate a Scylla with a party. 

-136: Anonymous from Earth

Doesn’t sound like it is possible to aim for gold rank. 

Wouldn’t it be best to take Physical Strength Up and just plow the fields? 

-140: Anonymous from Earth

I wouldn’t say it is not possible. 

We have the God cheats here! 

-145: Anonymous from Earth

If you think you can fight big monsters just by getting strong from cheats, I can only tell you you are one special person.

-147: Anonymous from Earth

Being a farmer isn’t a bad option though.

But the fun…

-148: Anonymous from Earth

Rock Drake?

Not a Lesser Dragon?

-150: Anonymous from Earth

Breeding the creatures on your journey might be fun. Also, the land is vast, so if you buy a horse or something, you might be able to live a lifestyle like that. 

Fortunately, it seems like the food tastes good, so as long as you are not seeking some crazy entertainment, you can live a decently fun life. 

-151: Anonymous from Earth

A world with no anime, movies, or manga is a bit rough for me…

-154: Anonymous from Earth

I did yearn for an isekai, but it would be impossible for me to stoically put my everything for battle like Jeanne-chan does.

-155: Anonymous from Earth

Lesser Dragons show up at even lower floors.

They apparently look similar though.

-157: Anonymous from Earth

Even if there’s a variety of things I would like to do in an isekai, it is a bit of a different story if I have to work and live for the rest of my life there…

-160: Anonymous from Earth

Despite that, I want to go to the isekai. 

There being a lot of beauties is plenty enough reason for me.

Moreover, the chances of being popular are high if you are strong. 

-162: Anonymous from Earth

Alex is supposed to be strong, yet he isn’t that popular…

-165: Anonymous from Earth

It is really a mystery why Alex and his party are not popular. 

Maybe they lack achievements?

-166: Anonymous from Earth

Returning to the topic, in the end, where would it be best to be transferred to?

-170: Anonymous from Earth

West Roshesill is nice, but it might be disastrous if you land close to the desert region.

Or more like, can you even choose the location?

-172: Anonymous from Earth

You apparently can choose it if you use Points this time around.

-174: Anonymous from Earth


-177: Anonymous from Earth

Where will Ozawa choose to transfer to?

-178: Anonymous from Earth

That’s great news for Nanami-chan.

-181: Anonymous from Earth

Right now the messages are frozen, so this will make it harder for Ozawa to aim for Hikaru. The actions of Ozawa will be of great interest as the enemy of the whole world.

-185: Anonymous from Earth

It turned from a death sentence to isekai transfer, you know?

Thinking about it normally, you would forget about Hikaru and Nanami-chan, and just enjoy yourself, right?

-188: Anonymous from Earth

I am more scared of the Hikaru anti.

That guy said clearly that they would kill him. 

-193: Anonymous from Earth

Isn’t it just an act to get popularity? 

-196: Anonymous from Earth

It is true that, rather than a half-baked diligent Chosen, a clear heel would be more popular.

At the very least, I would say the Ozawa channel will be gathering viewership.

-200: Anonymous from Earth

Bring the talk of Hikaru to his exclusive board.

-203: Anonymous from Earth

If you go for the long game, the Alaura Continent doesn’t have as many pains, making it a nice choice. 

-206: Anonymous from Earth

Apologize to the Chosen who are in the Alaura Continent. 

They are being made to pass really plain lifestyles, you know! 

-210: Anonymous from Earth

It is not like there’s no shipments from the eastern Roshesill, but it is incredibly rough.

-214: Anonymous from Earth

Rather than giving the right to do Random Transfers to the Chosen, I would prefer if God were to give them the ability to teleport to other continents. It would be too pitiful if it ended up in a situation like: ‘I did hear it was an isekai, but I didn’t sign up for this!’.

-215: Anonymous from Earth

The ones who transferred close to the capitals were seriously lucky. 

You could even go as far as saying even Hikaru was on the lucky side…

-219: Anonymous from Earth

The Chosen that transferred to the Kiou Country was suffering quite a lot from the culture difference. 

Maybe because the dungeon city is the place where the most varied people gather, it is advanced culturally, or it is like, more liberal. 

-222: Anonymous from Earth

In places like Kiou, the Lynxes are discriminated against straight on after all.

-226: Anonymous from Earth

Thinking about it, the longer a person has lived carefreely in an advanced country on Earth, the harder it will be to live in an isekai. 

It would be difficult for a guy that hasn’t even killed a pig themselves to live in an isekai.

-230: Anonymous from Earth

Consuming lives in order to survive is the basics of life after all…

-231: Anonymous from Earth

But well, this time around, people who ‘want to do things there’ have been chosen, so it is better than the 1st group. They do have more information too.

-232: Anonymous from Earth

There were a lot of pitiful people within the 1st group after all… In that sense, Nanami-chan was lucky, I guess? 

Hikaru ended up being the victim instead though.

-235: Anonymous from Earth

Her parents were killed, you know? 

There’s nothing lucky here.

-239: Anonymous from Earth

In the end, which are the best Gifts to take? There’s a lot of talk about prioritizing Physical Strength Up, but wouldn’t it be better to live a fulfilling life with Spirit Abilities instead?

-242: Anonymous from Earth

It depends on how you want to live. 

For now, you wouldn’t be able to deal with Monstrosity class monsters with just Spirit Abilities.

It is a different story if you are on the level of Hikaru, but you would need to get Affection of Spirits if you want to aim for that.

Affection of Spirits is a double-edged sword, so go ahead, it is your own life.

-244: Anonymous from Earth

According to God, the Skills you can get in the beginning have been greatly adjusted.

There’s the chance that you will mess up if you get too specific here. 

In the end, what’s important is how you want to live.

-245: Anonymous from Earth

Even the amount of Points you get in the beginning differ depending on the person after all.

-247: Anonymous from Earth

If you are aiming to become a Spirit User, it is a good idea to take Spirit Energy Up and Spirit Energy Natural Recovery. But as it has been stated countless times, it is a person who will be using it. There’s nothing to lose in getting Physical Strength Up.

-250: Anonymous from Earth

Physical Strength Up Level 1, Disease Resistance, and Isekai Language are necessities. 

-251: Anonymous from Earth

If you don’t get Disease Resistance, it will be pretty rough when you get endemic diseases.

Well, can’t say anything back if you are willing to buy medicine with Points though…

-256: Anonymous from Earth

You can lose your life in that world simply from getting a cold there. 

There’s Chosen who have actually died from that after all…

-260: Anonymous from Earth

The mental stress from suddenly being thrown into an unknown land is crazy after all.

-262: Anonymous from Earth

THAT’S WHY I am saying you should at least take Endurance Up Level 1! 

-264: Anonymous from Earth

Physical Strength Up – Level 1: 5 Points.

Endurance Up – Level 1: 5 Points.

Disease Resistance – Level 3 (Disease Nullification): 5 Points.

If you intend to live long, you should take those from the very beginning. It is 15 Points, but the safety it brings is on a whole different level.

-265: Anonymous from Earth

The superpowers are big traps after all…

-267: Anonymous from Earth

Getting your Spirit Ability with Points too…

-270: Anonymous from Earth

Disease Resistance may be plain, but it is actually quite the cheat…

-273: Anonymous from Earth

You can just lunge right in no matter how bad of a situation the endemic diseases are at that time after all.

Don’t know if it can even nullify parasites though.

-274: Anonymous from Earth

There’s no Chosen who has tested out parasites after all…

-275: Anonymous from Earth

In the first place, we don’t know if there’s even parasites in the isekai.

-280: Anonymous from Earth

Getting your Spirit Ability with Points is seriously a trap. 

10 Points for something that you can get for a few silver coins at the actual place. That’s seriously stupid. 

-281: Anonymous from Earth

A few silver coins is only around 1 Point when you exchange them for coins after all…

-284: Anonymous from Earth

Well, if the Great Spirit you want is not close to the place you were transferred to, you are screwed though.

-285: Anonymous from Earth

If it is not light or darkness, you can find them if you just search for a bit.

-287: Anonymous from Earth

The only ones barely worth obtaining with Points would be light or darkness. If we are speaking of strength, the only choice is light. 

-290: Anonymous from Earth

Darkness is also strong. You don’t know of the strength of the Great Dark Mage?

-291: Anonymous from Earth

Light would definitely be stronger if it were raised on the same degree…

Shadow Bag is tempting though.

-292: Anonymous from Earth

The particle cannon is way too broken after all > Light.

-294: Anonymous from Earth

If you are going to be living normally, water or earth would be nice. 

Especially the Great Water Spirit since they are in small cities too, so it is easy to make a contract with them.

-295: Anonymous from Earth

The ideal would be to be strong in both strength and Spirit Abilities, but the dilemma is that you have to train in a dungeon to achieve that. 

Not all of humanity can fight monsters, you know?! 

-300: Anonymous from Earth

You do have the option of fighting wolves or demi-human type monsters around the area. 

It is a whole lot harder than a dungeon though.

-302: Anonymous from Earth

You could also fight bandits.

Or participate in war…

-303: Anonymous from Earth

The conclusion is that the dungeon is the easiest option. The isekai quality…

-305: Anonymous from Earth

The wild goblins are scary.

-309: Anonymous from Earth

The dungeon goblins are, in the end, just the newly born first generation, so they are not scary. The wild ones have a decent amount of generations in their pockets, and the evolved goblins are bad news. 

-311: Anonymous from Earth

Those kinds of creatures like goblins definitely have the taste of God in them. The gobs of the dungeon -probably because they are the first generation- have appetite, but don’t have much sexual desire, so in that point too, the dungeon is safer…

-312: Anonymous from Earth

They kidnap village girls left and right…

-315: Anonymous from Earth

Rather than the half-baked countryside goblins, the goblins that show up at big highways are scarier.

That’s why the escorts and subjugation rewards are high.

-320: Anonymous from Earth

Do newbie explorers coming from the countryside get beaten up by goblins?

-324: Anonymous from Earth

You guys really like goblins.

-326: Anonymous from Earth

The wild orcs are even more dangerous. So dangerous that I can’t even describe it. 

Anyways, they are dangerous.

Goblins are cute in comparison. 

-330: Anonymous from Earth

The scenario of a Meltia explorer underestimating wild gobs and orcs and getting totally destroyed sounds pretty real. 

-334: Anonymous from Earth

Gobs and orcs are not close to proper cities, right? 

Or more like, there’s no monsters itself?

-340: Anonymous from Earth

Great Spirits and monsters are hostile towards each other, so monsters don’t come close. The cities with money have stuff like adventurers or knights forming monster subjugation teams, so they eradicate gob and orc nests when they find them. 

Even so, they don’t go extinct at all, most likely because they are chaotic beings that can spawn from nothing. 

-342: Anonymous from Earth

Monsters appear from nothing?

-345: Anonymous from Earth

They do. They are like lesser demon lords after all.

To be more specific, they spawn at places where chaotic spirit energy is stagnant. That’s why they are often found in caves. Wind Spirits are in places where wind flows, so it is hard for spirit energy to stagnate. The same logic goes for rivers; there’s no monsters there.

All that said, the monsters that spawn within nature aren’t suddenly developed like the ones in the dungeon, so the goblins at first will be super weak, but if you leave them be, it can turn hectic. But the reality is that finding them is hard. 

-347: Anonymous from Earth

Those monster-kuns get eaten by animals too, so it is rare for them to develop into strong monsters. In most cases, the animals that have turned into Monstrosities are more dangerous.

-350: Anonymous from Earth

Are there really people who have been chosen in this thread? 

Doesn’t it feel like only people who are not related at all are talking here???

-351: Anonymous from Earth

There’s only a few Chosen, so the information that shows up here must have been obtained by them a long time ago.

In other words, they are not watching. 

-353: Anonymous from Earth

Who cares! I want to brush up my knowledge for the time when I get chosen! 

-354: Anonymous from Earth

Feel ya. 

-355: Anonymous from Earth

I have made a Spirit Ability Tier List! 

Tier 0: Water and Light.

Tier 1: Fire and Earth.

Tier 2: Wind and Darkness.

-356: Anonymous from Earth


-357: Anonymous from Earth

Just like how darkness has its strengths once it is raised, wind must have its strengths too. 

Are there no Chosen who have learned the higher tier abilities?! 

-360: Anonymous from Earth

It doesn’t show up in conversations much, but what happened with the healing magic? 

It needed as much as 50 Points, but there were people who took it, right? 

-364: Anonymous from Earth

There are, but there’s only 4 who are still alive.

On top of that, it is so horrible that, just by using it a few times, you faint from running out of spirit energy. 

The effectiveness is like a bit more mature version of the water healing abilities.

-365: Anonymous from Earth


-367: Anonymous from Earth

No, it will most likely grow into something incredible.

If you raise it, that is.

-370: Anonymous from Earth

In other words, you have to become an expert in Spirit Abilities in order to finally be able to use healing magic to a decent degree?

-375: Anonymous from Earth

That’s right. 

By the way, one of them has become the town carpenter.

The remaining two are adventurers, but they don’t seem to have much drive. 

Only one of them is doing their best in Gran Alismaris, so maybe it might turn out into something. 

-376: Anonymous from Earth

Such a waste of a treasure. 

Most people who took healing magic at the beginning are dead…

-377: Anonymous from Earth

In the first place, what’s the difference between magic and spirit abilities?

-379: Anonymous from Earth

What the Demon Lord uses is called chaotic abilities, but there’s no knowing it is the same as that. 

Or more like, there’s so few people there’s no reference. 

-381: Anonymous from Earth

Maybe God readied that with the intention of ‘accumulate a whole lot of Points after getting transferred before getting this one, okay?’.

-385: Anonymous from Earth

You can get healing magic later after all.

-390: Anonymous from Earth

You can get both spirit abilities and that?

-392: Anonymous from Earth

You can. Or more like, because there were healing mages who were persecuted and killed, they all took water and camouflaged it as water healing abilities.

And then, water healing abilities eventually become better to use, and you end up only using those. 

-395: Anonymous from Earth

There’s no point then…

-396: Anonymous from Earth

It should be strong if you raise it! If you raise it! (Second time)

-399: Anonymous from Earth

Water healing abilities should be strong too if they get to higher tiers.

-400: Anonymous from Earth

Higher tier water healing abilities can apparently heal even pretty deep wounds, with Recovery Gel!

-402: Anonymous from Earth

Sounds like the name of a foundation make-up product…

-405: Anonymous from Earth

It is a method to heal wounds by applying the high healing gel onto the wound, and you can expect higher results than with a mid potion. Just the fact that it works as a styptic and sterilizer is already a big help. 

-410: Anonymous from Earth

What about inflammations and fractures?

-412: Anonymous from Earth

It should work for inflammations, but I don’t think it heals bone fractures.

-414: Anonymous from Earth

How vague… It really is important to have countermeasures for fractures…

-417: Anonymous from Earth

No one has caught a higher tier wind ability on camera, but you can apparently float in midair. 

An element with quite the dreams packed in it. 

-420: Anonymous from Earth

It is different from a game. The amount of places you can go to if you can fly in the sky increases greatly. There’s a lot of places where there’s no path for it, too. If you can fly for long, you can cross the ocean, and could go to islands nearby. 

You could also deal with situations like sinking ships.

At the very least, it can provide you enough time to use Random Transfer. 

-423: Anonymous from Earth

The offensive abilities of wind are pretty good. They are stronger than darkness in their initial state. 

-424: Anonymous from Earth

Wind Cutter is nice…

-425: Anonymous from Earth

But if I were to go to an isekai, I would take the safe route of water! 

-427: Anonymous from Earth

Having healing abilities is pretty strong. It is a world where medical treatments are not developed after all.

-430: Anonymous from Earth

Even so, Spirit Abilities depend on where you get transferred.

I definitely wouldn’t want to get transferred close to the dark capital of Milliestas. 

-432: Anonymous from Earth

There’s a different problem there after all.

Even so, if you do your best and travel, there’s a good deal of settlements, so it is still nice.

-433: Anonymous from Earth

Even if you were to get thrown close to Milliestas, western Roshesill itself is a win.

-435: Anonymous from Earth

Well, it seems like you can choose the place to get transferred to this time around, so they will most likely get transferred to the places they want. 

-437: Anonymous from Earth

I am getting excited here. Can’t tomorrow just come already?

My unemployed life has gotten extended.

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