Tsuki – Chapter 423: Gossip – Misura gets permission

“For 1 week? No matter if it is an important lecture, is it that important that you would have to be absent for every other class?” 

Father was silent as always.

Mother being apprehensive about it was a bit unexpected.

Even though she is proud of me as someone that’s evaluated highly by the church, why is she hesitating on me participating in the lecture of Sensei? 

“It is a special lecture that even the academy has its attention on, and the reason why we could become this strong was because of Raidou-sensei and the others. Since there’s the opportunity, I want to have classes with everyone until the end.” (Misura)

“Even so, to go to a remote region for 1 week, the Priest-samas have said numerous times that it is a dangerous place where savages gather and the church there doesn’t even function properly.” 

Aah, so the problem was the place we are going to, huh. 

It is true that Tsige isn’t a city that the people of the church speak favorably about…no, it is already a country, huh. 

That’s why calling it a place that savages gather is…wrong.

I am already not a child that believes in everything I am told. 

This basically means that they are talking down on it because it is a place where they deny the ideas of the church, and the power of the church can’t reach it; in other words, a place that the church can’t do as they please in. 

Well, in Tsige’s case, it is true that it is also called the pleasure metropolis and the city of desires. 

If on top of that I were to tell them I am going out with the daughter of the rich Rembrandt family there, I can imagine the expression my mother would make. 

“It is also the homeland of a few of my classmates. Also, both Raidou-sensei and Shiki-san will be coming as well as the ones in charge, so even if a dragon shows up or a demon shows up, we will manage somehow…I think.” (Misura)

“What about the money? It is unfortunate, but we don’t have that much leeway. You understand that, right?” 

We are donating most of our earnings to the church after all. 

It isn’t something new. 

“This time around, the Academy will be sponsoring us with a good amount. The remaining…I will somehow manage with my part-time work pay and my allowance. Don’t worry about the money, Mother.” (Misura)

“…I see.” 


Why is she…

“Excuse the intrusion. Can I have a bit of your time?” 


When I react to the voice and look back, there was a man I am familiar with. 

It is the person that is on the stairs of promotion in the Rotsgard Church. 

Mother is calling his name happily. 

Right, she said Shinai. 

Not that long ago, I was planning on working in the church, but I am currently torn about that decision right now. 

Maybe that’s why I can’t deal well with this guy.

I didn’t want to meet him.

“…I am most honored by your visit, Shinai-sama. Congratulations on your promotion to Head Priest.” 

Father welcomed the priest-sama with a soft tone. 

“Thanks. It may be unprecedented in human affairs, but I am thinking about helping you all out in your faiths even if it means sacrificing myself.” (Shinai)

Aah, if I remember correctly, the Bishop -Shima-sama- disappeared. 

Does that mean human affairs have done forceful moves while she is still missing? 

“Congratulations.” (Misura)


Mother and I give him words of celebration. 

“Thanks. Misura-kun, the fact that you are still endeavoring in your studies and training despite being one of the tops of the academy has reached deeply into the church. It is splendid. It must be the result of the faith of your parents.” (Shinai)

“Being praised by Shinai-sama is an honor! Misura!” 

“Yes, thank you very much, Shinai-sama.” (Misura)

“It is nothing. And so…about the talk we had…” (Shinai)

“Sorry. Actually, there’s a special lecture from the academy, so not yet… His academy life is basically groundwork for him entering the church, so I am thinking about having him take a break with that.” 

“…Special lecture? Misura-kun’s?” 

“Yes, it seems to be a special lecture from a temporary teacher called Raidou, and it has apparently already been approved. It is true that he was one of the triggers for this child’s talent to bloom, but I am not too into the idea. Because you know, we are finally having a chance to experience the special work of the church, so…” 

So that’s what it was.

They didn’t want me to go to the special lecture and slight the church.

“No no!” (Shinai)


“He is a student of the Rotsgard Academy. In that case, he should prioritize his studies the most since he is a student first and foremost. A special lecture is an event that only happens every few decades even in the academy. I think it will definitely be beneficial for Misura-kun. Your work in the church can wait for when you become a templar. Aah, I have come at a good time. So, what’s this special lecture about? Can I enquire about it?” (Shinai)


“We will be leaving the academy for around 1 week, and I heard that, in our case, we will be widening our views by visiting a city called Tsige.” (Misura)

“Tsige… So Raidou-dono thinks that students will pass there… Hooh…” (Shinai)

“It is apparently a special lecture under the name of school trip. The Academy will be providing monetary support, and depending on the result here, it might be applied for the full-time teachers as well.” (Misura)

“I see, I see. Sounds like it could be a truly fruitful experience.” (Shinai)

Shinai had eyes muddied with self-interest, and went to persuade Mother. 

I say persuade, but it is my Mother, who is a fervent believer of the church, and Shinai who has been promoted to Head Priest. 

Mother practically yielded without resistance. 

By the way, my Mother looks young. 

Really young. 

Her skin and face are young and beautiful to the point that you could even mistake her -no jokes- to be the same age as Daena’s wife.

 You could even say it is as expected from her zealousness towards the Goddess.

And in reality, she has been praised by the followers of the church several times as an exemplary devotee. 

Even when looking at the nape of her neck and her hands where it is easy to show your age, it is hard to tell…

But I have complicated feelings about this. 

I don’t know if to say this is a blessing, or call this the worst feeling after meeting someone I didn’t want to meet. 

“Shinai-sama, thanks for convincing my mother. I will definitely learn and experience a whole lot of things before coming back.” (Misura)

I will at least thank him.

I most likely won’t be working for the church though. 

I have to properly think of a way to avoid the anger of my mother. 

“Yeah. Right, Misura-kun, this is not a parting gift from me or anything, but come to the beauty salon tomorrow. I will arrange for a special course for you, so polish your body before your travel, and keep your mind calm.” (Shinai)

“…Thank you very much. I will gladly accept.” (Misura)

It is not a proposal that I can refuse. 

Mother is putting pressure on me to accept with her eyes after all. 

I honestly don’t care about going to a beauty salon. 

Even so, I have been born and raised in this family, and have lived while being involved with the church. 

I have come this far, so I would feel bad if I cut our connections while still being a student.

However…if asked what I will do after graduating, I can only think of working at the Rembrandt Company from the way down as an assistant. 

The father of Yuno-san, huh… I have only seen him once or twice. 

According to Raidou-sensei, he is the type that would try to drop the boyfriend of his daughter stealthily.

Will I be okay? 

I won’t get hung before I get a job at the Rembrandt Company, right? 

“I have heard that Tsige’s beauty salons and makeup can’t match that of the church. Properly learn the gap of that and the gap of faith.” 

“…Okay.” (Misura)

I don’t know why, but that feeling of looking forward to the school trip is now questionable. 

It is as if my back and front are blocked by dragons -it is that kind of cornered feeling. 

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