Tsuki – Chapter 422: The Common Sight

“Waka, are bananas needed as a snack?” (Eris)

“First of all, you are not going on the school trip, Eris. That’s final.” (Makoto)

“Aren’t you supposed to be allowed to eat unlimited bananas on excursions?!” (Eris)

“What’s with that dream-like event?! I am going too!!” (Akua)

“This is not an excursion, it is a school trip. Also, Akua, such an event doesn’t exist, so don’t worry and return to your work.” (Makoto)


Jin and the others, don’t just watch without saying anything.

I have Eris and Akua return to work.

In the first place, the fact that the two can intrude must mean that this is a time when they have nothing to do.

“And so, I have already told you about the school trip that has been approved as a special lecture. I know you have a lot of questions, but there’s one thing I want to confirm first.” (Shiki)

Shiki smoothly explains the event, no, he finished explaining the details of the lecture.

Just as Shiki said, they all look like they want to ask a lot of things. 

Also, even though it is not on the level of Eris, their eyes are like those of children before an excursion. 

There’s unexpectedly not that many opportunities to travel to other places when in the Rotsgard Academy. 

They do get pretty excited when they have to go out of the academy for even unattractive stuff like raising their level. 

“This time around, only students that have grown to a certain degree are allowed, so the only ones going this time around will be the 1st generation, and it is estimated to be for around 1 week. Participation is voluntary, but in the case you are participating, please get the permission of your parents or your guardians.” (Makoto)

We are going to be bringing the students out from the academy for 1 week and will be bringing them around for classes. 

We must properly have the permission of their guardians. Even if it is the academy that honors the safety of the students, the repercussions would be scary. 

That’s the obvious thing I was thinking. 

It has the name school trip, so I might have ended up including the common sense of my previous world. 

“I am already alone on this whole planet, so it is okay~.” (Amelia)

“I will throw some money to my village and cut off relations with them, so there’s no problem.” (Jin)

Amelia and Jin.

Eh? I know that Jin came to the academy because he said that his village was cramped and asphyxiating, but was his relationship with his family that bad? 

About Amelia…yeah.

Her family not being present anymore is decently possible with her being a scholarship student. 

There’s a lot of people that have come to attend the Rotsgard Academy from noble and merchant households, but scholarship students require ability. 

Whether you are from a normal family, poor, or an orphan, as long as you get the results, you can enter the academy. 

There’s not that many, and you would require quite the luck and a miracle.

“No problems with me either. I was surprised that the bosses would keep it silent from me and would try to steal the march on ‘that’ in Tsige. I am a decently free lone person, so I will definitely go.” (Izumo)

“If it is the lectures of Sensei and Shiki-san, I would like to burn them into these eyes of mine. I have cancelled all prior plans, so I would like to participate too.” (Daena)

Izumo and Daena.

The magic construction video seems to have created an incredible impression of Tsige.

The craftsmen association apparently are inquiring greatly about mage talents in the academy with quite the zeal. 

From here on, we might see people walking the path of crafting while learning magic for the sake of that. 

When Izumo himself eventually goes back to Lorel, he might spread this type of construction method.

When that happens, branch schools specialized for construction might even be made…

As for Daena, well, it was expected.

Also, it would be better to give a word to his wife just in case. 

It feels as if his field of vision has narrowed because of his hot-blooded mode. 

But I feel like this is good as a dream and objective while he is young. 

I myself am aware that my vision narrowed when it came to archery after all.

“We are going back home, so I am actually happy about it.” (Yuno)

“Sensei, please stop the rampage of my father, okay? It is a rare special lecture, and yet, I feel as if we would get buried by things like sightseeing the new Tsige and the social parties debut…” (Sif)

Yuno and Sif.

It is most likely impossible for me to stop him if he were to seriously go out of control.

But since I am going to be going to Tsige for a lecture, I will have him at least understand that this is different from a homecoming. 

However, it is true that I am extremely uneasy that Misura will be okay. 

“I will get permission by tonight. They understand that my current grades are thanks to this class, so please go ahead with the procedures as if I am participating.” (Misura)

The person himself is just showing a bitter smile, huh.

It is true that the place of Misura is above what’s normal, and it is funny that it is exactly because of how normal it is that he stands out. 

He has a mother and father, goes back to his home a decent number of times, and is leading a fulfilling school life. 

If it were only that, he would truly be leading a normal life, but he has come to an odd environment like Rotsgard. 

If I remember correctly, his mother is a zealous church believer, and his father seems to be influenced by her. 

Misura is easy to get washed by the flow, so he has decided to take the path of working at the church, but he has begun going out with Yuno recently, and he has been getting washed to a different direction. 

That’s as much as I know about him.

Also, even when he is hyuman, he has a personality that’s more suited at working his best for the sake of others.

It is also amusing that him being completely armed makes him have the fiercest silhouette here.

“I am in the middle of making a plan to check out the current Tsige as much as possible, but do you guys have any requests?” (Makoto)

“How many can enter the wasteland?” (Jin)



There’s no way I would let you go to the wasteland and the bases…no way…no way…

I don’t know what Rembrandt-san would do to you, you know? 

But aah, that’s a relief.

Amelia and the others are properly shocked by what he said. 

“I would like to check the Adventurer Guild. One rarely gets the chance to taste the atmosphere of the guild that’s at the top of the top.” (Daena)

Is what Daena said.

“The Weitz Orphanage.” (Izumo)

Izumo doesn’t break character.

“I am interested in armour and magic tools. Also, I am curious as to how the Kuzunoha Company looks there.” (Misura)

Misura is unexpectedly realistic, or more like, normal. It is relieving. 

“I would also like to take my time checking the Kuzunoha Company. Also, the food, and I would like to know at what level are the beauty salons that don’t rely on the church.” (Amelia)

Amelia is also interested in the Kuzunoha Company, huh.

Now that I think about it, she has been working part-time, but I…haven’t had her go to Tsige.

Also, food, huh.

School trips… The more I think about it, the more I wonder what’s the educational goal here.

It was approved at a shocking pace by the Rotsgard Academy’s higher ups, so they must have found some meaning to it, but…I really wonder what caught their attention. 

I think honeymoons were spread around in Japan by Sakamoto Ryoma, so someone in the present day must have spread school trips. 

I don’t think it was in the Edo period or older.

“Tsige is a city with a lot of surprising things, so even though it is my homeland, I can say for certain that it is a city that you won’t regret coming to, but…in terms of the beauty salons, I would say the church really is better, Amelia.” (Sif)

“Heeh, really, Sif?” (Amelia)

“Yeah, even if they try to think up a variety of ways to not rely on the church, the current state is that they haven’t caught up. In the end, if you want the best and the most profitable one, it would have to be the church ones.” (Sif)

“But I feel like becoming more beautiful with beauty salons is plenty practical in itself though.” (Amelia)

“About that, the adventurers of Tsige don’t rely that much on the blessings of the Goddess. Of course, there’s people who use it because it is convenient, but against mamonos, the problem goes above aesthetics, right?” (Sif)

“Aah, I see.” (Amelia)

“However! This is a secret, but my mother has been pretty cheerful lately, so she might have found something. If it is something that can be reached, let’s have you go as well, Amelia.” (Sif)

“Sif! My soul sister!!” (Amelia)

That’s some stretch right there. 

For Sif and Yuno, this is technically a homecoming. 

It seems like they at least have the resolve to push aside the interference of their father…no, of their family as much as possible, and check the sights of Tsige. 

And at the same time, they have also slightly given up, thinking this will be impossible to achieve. 

It is a city where friends, family, and a variety of acquaintances live, so it would be hard to have them go as if everything’s fresh. 

“We would like to see how the expansion is being done. There’s apparently new transportation networks like the exclusive road for carriages and for horses. I would like to see those too.” (Sif)

“Also, I am looking forward to staying at a lodging that’s not our home! I think they definitely wouldn’t allow us that unless it is special circumstances like this one.” (Yuno)

…Ah, now that they mention it, where do I have them stay? 

I completely forgot about their lodging. 

At worst, I can have them stay at the Kuzunoha Company, so I didn’t really bother that much there.

Fumu… I should properly investigate places that have proper security in Tsige. 

“Oh? I thought you two would be staying at your home. Is it better to stay with everyone?” (Shiki)

Shiki says.


The two say instantly at the same time.

I guess that’s youth.

I do think that if there’s a ‘place to be born in’ gacha, the Rembrandt family would be an ultra SSR though. 

“Ah, Sensei, how much is the cost there? I want to use it as a reference to know how much money I should bring.” 

“All—ah, no.” (Makoto)


“Right. We mostly have the assistance of the academy here. This is apparently a test case, so there’s no need to worry that much about the coin…but…” (Makoto)


“…Yeah, well, how about bringing all your fortune and use as much as you want and whatever’s left is left?” (Makoto)


“I feel like, rather than regretting not having done it, it would be better to be positive and do it.” (Makoto)

“Wa, Sensei?” (Izumo)

I thought a decent amount and gave a pretty out there answer and -just as expected- Izumo questioned the meaning of my words.

“No, this is an actual thing, you know? If you walk around the city for a bit, even if you have your whole fortune, you will no doubt despair.” (Makoto)

“Despair?” (Izumo)

“Yeah. You guys have a variety of different objectives, but you are people that seek effort, so that place will be way too alluring. No matter how much you plan your shopping, there’s no doubt you will have regrets.” (Makoto)



I could tell the students were gulping.

Shiki and I haven’t lied much until now. 

Of course, I am speaking the truth here as well.

The street stalls, the specialty store avenues, and the eateries; for the students, this is the dream city that is overflowing with things they want. 

“That’s why, I don’t mind however much you bring, and I don’t mind how much you use. However, no loans. Getting in contact with the loaners there is obviously out, and I also prohibit you from paying in installments.” (Makoto)

Prohibiting loans isn’t a rule of school trips, right?

But this is important. 

Sif and Yuno are all smiles.

Just in case. Yeah, it might be bad if I don’t at least tell them. 

“This goes without saying, but don’t borrow from your friends. I won’t go as far as prohibiting it, but it is better for friends to not deal with borrowing money from each other. You may be a party, but yours is simply limited to the academy and isn’t the real deal. There’s times when a party would pool in their whole fortunes for one piece of equipment with the one for all mentality, however, don’t forget that’s not the case for you guys.” (Makoto)

Lending and borrowing money from friends definitely doesn’t end up with anything decent. 

Even if the one lending the money gives it to them with the feeling of not expecting them to return it, in most cases, it leaves some sort of lump behind. 

In the case of the Rembrandt bank, they may have an unbelievable amount of money in their hands, but if they are to buy in Tsige, they might end up borrowing enough for a lifetime. 

It is a school event, so if we are going to be doing this, I have to properly warn them at least. 

“You may think I am being pesky here, but it is normal for a good quality sword there to be worth as much as a house. It is on a whole other dimension. Anyways, make sure to not forget your money, uniforms, and if you have medications, bring those too.” (Makoto)

“We are going in our uniforms?!” 

“Obviously. We are going there as a lecture from Rotsgard. Alright, if you have any other questions, ask Shiki.” (Makoto)

Now then, I have to give tasks to the 2nd generation. 

There should be no problem if I ask through the administration department. 

The ones from branch schools seem to be pretty into it too, and I would like to confirm their reactions when I give them proper tasks.

The administration department, huh…

At the time when I was a student, I didn’t have that many days where I wouldn’t like to go to school, and yet, once I became a teacher, to think going to the administration department is making me a bit depressed. 

You really don’t know what the future has prepared for you, huh.

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