Tsuki – Chapter 424: Last Night

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The main street of Academy Town. 

Even if it is close to late in the night, there were a number of stores that were still leaking out brilliant lights from them. 

This is clearly an odd sight, and the people who come from outside of the Academy Town would be surprised by this. 

You don’t see settlements where light would shine brightly like this at night aside from the big cities of the major powers and here. 

The common knowledge of this world is that a few hours after the sun goes down, the city would go to sleep as well. 

Only one place alone was far brighter than even those from other cities, which falls into the category of being an exception among exceptions. You could even say it is like a jack-in-the-box that has its lights on all the way till morning. 

“Jin Roan! Chugging it down!!” (Jin)

Jin, who was gathering attention, raised a big beer mug along with loud cheers. 

The golden color liquid and white foam inside the big glass disappeared in an instant into the mouth of Jin, and the surroundings got even more heated up. 

The party was in full swing, and the usual sight was there. 

“Jin is meshing perfectly along with total strangers again. Even if the matter has been settled, he is so carefree.” (Amelia)

“Even though it is the last night, he is still acting as normal. That’s just how impressive he is.” (Daena)

Amelia and Daena make wry smiles. 

They have only heard talks about the remote city of Tsige. 

Even though it is a city, people speak about it as if it were a cesspool of the worst of the world, and most of all, it is the city where their teacher, Raidou, has as its headquarters. 

There’s no way they aren’t interested. 

At the same time, they were wondering what kind of surprises and experiences were awaiting them there, and some of the students that were surrounding the table had complicated emotions swirling in them. 

This drinking party that began at first as the pretext for confirming one last time what they will be bringing, eventually changed into the usual drinking party. 

Right now it has turned into a weird situation where the people around the store are shouting ‘do your best, young uns’.

“Going together with Raidou-sensei to Tsige as students; just thinking about it would scare us as well.” (Sif)

“Right…? There’s definitely something here. If Sensei and Pa—Father were to join hands, I don’t think I would be able to win even if I were to put my whole life into it.” (Yuno)

Even if for Sif and Yuno this special school trip is a homecoming, they were more nervous than the other members. 

That’s because they know that this is the city where the most dangerous of medicines have met and have been going wild in there. 

Judging from the letters and thought transmission from their father and mother, it was making them think that it wouldn’t be strange for anything to happen. 

Raidou clearly answered Jin’s reckless request with: “We won’t be going to the wasteland.” 

But calling it safe just because they won’t be going to the wasteland is way too hasty. 

The reality is that Raidou doesn’t play any specially big pranks. 

There’s part of it that’s being set up by Shiki, but just as the name school trip states, it should mostly be an event that has fun things to create memories. 

However, for good or for bad, the students have gotten the habit of doubting things, no, they have gotten the habit of thinking carefully about things, so they end up thinking there’s definitely something hidden here. 

In order to hide that uneasiness, they are consuming alcohol at a slightly fast pace. 

It can’t be helped that Daena would evaluate Jin as impressive for being able to act the same as always on the surface and dragging strangers around.

“That Sensei is saying that we should bring our whole fortunes with us, so there must be quite the things there. Just thinking about that makes me look forward to it though.” 

“I am really jealous of Izumo-senpai and the others from the bottom of my heart. I am super looking forward to you bringing us souvenirs, okay?!” 

“Leave it to us, kouhais. I will properly buy a specialty product of Tsige for each one of you.” (Izumo)

“…I would prefer a magic weapon, talisman, or rare potion though.” 

“Get the hint, you idiot. They are telling you to go there on your own and buy those kinds of things yourself.” 

Izumo was performing a back and forth with the kouhais about the souvenirs. 

The various products of the Kuzunoha Company are super high quality in the Rotsgard Academy. 

That company has their headquarters in Tsige. 

Equipment goes without saying, but there was no end to the students who wanted rare potions, unique accessories from the area, or similar things like that. 

That’s because Raidou and Shiki have told the students and the customers countless times before already: “Rotsgard solely concentrates on goods that are targeted for students.”

The store they have in Tsige has the first rate products that can endure the adventures in the wasteland.

“Aah, why are we fighting a summoned beast?” 

“They could bring us with them!” 

“In the first place, there’s no way there’s a city that Jin-senpai and the others can only barely qualify to be in!” 

“Right right! Are all cities slums?!” 

“This is unfair! We are the ones that were promoted to the main school, you know?! It would be one thing if it were alone, but we obviously can defeat one fairy in a fight!” 

The 2nd Generation, who were being left behind on top of being given homework, were all complaining. 

The alcohol had hit them hard. 

It was at the time when one of them spoke about a fairy…

“…Eh? Fairy?” (Izumo)

In the Rotsgard Academy, the fairy species is rare. 

However, that question not only had surprise but slight fear mixed in it. 

It was Izumo. 

“That’s right, Izumo-senpai!! Raidou-sensei left us the assignment of capturing an Al-Emporisomething that’s a small fairy! It is like a small winged insect, but he said that if things got bad, he doesn’t mind if we get it dead or alive, but to not die!”

“Oi, it is Al-Amero, right?!! Good grief, it is true that we got defeated by that strong orc at first, but I am truly baffled by this assignment! Could it be that…they don’t expect anything from us?” 

“…It is Al-Elemera.” (Izumo)

“? A-Aah, yeah, now that you mention it, I think it had that name.” 

One of the kouhais nodded at the subdued and calm voice of Izumo. 

“2nd Generation!” (Izumo)


The sudden shout and turn of Izumo. 

“If you have already gotten the Al-Elemera assignment, you have already advanced far more than us at that time!” (Izumo)


“Let me be straight here. This assignment is SUPER rough. Far worse than when you were taken down by the illusions! But you have come all this way because that’s how much they are expecting from you guys. Do your best! Your ABSOLUTE best!” (Izumo)


The normally cool and light senpai Izumo was talking passionately about the assignment they were given. 

It is the senpai that, even if he was drunk, wouldn’t be that close to them. 

They were wondering what was happening here as they tilted their heads, and then Sif who heard the passionate talk of Izumo poked her head in it. 

“Hey, did you guys put something in the drink of Izumo? Listen here, you shouldn’t be playing with such suspicious drugs for amuseme—” (Sif)

“That’s not it, Sif.” (Izumo)

“Izumo?” (Sif)

“The 2nd Generation has been given the assignment of pursuing…no, capturing an Al-Elemera.” (Izumo)

“W-What did you say?! I-Is that true?” (Sif)

“Yes, they are telling us to capture a small fairy, dead or alive.” 

“…I see. The 2nd Generation must be good then… But dealing with that is… Be strong, you all. Even if you don’t manage to do it this time around, it is by no means something to be ashamed of. We ourselves only managed to succeed the 3rd time…” (Sif)

“Aah, yeah…” (Izumo)


“We might get scolded by Sensei, but we decided to give our full cooperation when you all were going to challenge it. This is advice: don’t think about it as capturing or pursuing. Make preparations for battle as if you were about to fight a dragon. Also, if you have the leeway, meditate and train your mental strength.” (Sif)

“Sif, it is already too late for their mental strength. Oh well, make sure not to underestimate it thinking it is just a fairy. Just…do your utmost best. I am seriously rooting for you here.” (Izumo)


The moment they heard about the name of the fairy, their two senpais turned really empathetic, and someone from the 2nd Generation gulped. 

Capturing the Al-Elemera. 

That was one of the assignments from the 1st Generation that traumatized them for the rest of their lives. 

He is not here right now, but Misura, who is relatively gentle, was endlessly screaming profanities that were painful to even listen to. A legendary trial.

Yuno gave him one extra fish that day while chuckling and remembering that. 

And in this way, the night before the school trip ended on this bright note. 

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