Tsuki – Chapter 421: Special Lecture Petition

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“Hmmm, that person thinks up really interesting stuff the whole time.” 

“Right. He excavated a miraculous lost technique from the library, and now he is proposing a new form of lecture.” 

“Don’t know if to call it whimsical or having a wide perspective…” 

“Even so, it may be written as views and experience and all those fancy words, but isn’t this just an excursion? Playing around?” 

“Who knows… It is the idea of Raidou-sensei and Shiki-kun who have brought results in everything they do, so someone like me can’t really say anything about it. I am too scared to give my evaluation at this stage.” 

“Speaking of that, how’s the research for the lily flower spell going?” 

“They disclosed the information to a baffling extent, but recreating it is still… I would say only a number of talented ones have managed to.” 

“As for Shiki, I heard he has been going to the library often lately, but…what in the world is he researching this time around?” 

“I asked the person himself and his students, but I still don’t know. And so…” 

“About our standing and what to do, right?” 

“Right now Raidou is taking the side of the academy principal. In that case, there’s no reason for us to agree to this special lecture.” 

“But a person that can create those people is someone that can bring explosive benefits for the academy. Shouldn’t we also be creating a relationship with the Kuzunoha Company from zero.” 

“School trip. If used properly, I personally think that it could become an interesting system.” 


“It will serve as bait for the students; advertisement for the other countries.” 


“For example; how about only sending the talented students that are already assured to be graduating in this thing called trip to other countries as representatives of sorts and doing this every now and then as a school event? Leaving aside the lead of a teacher; for the students that have gone through pains and joys together and are facing graduation soon, this will serve as an opportunity to make memories. I would say it is possible to show the people of the location they are travelling to that the students of the academy are outstanding.” 

“…I see. There’s a lot of benefits even if only on the surface, huh. We could also impose some tasks on them in order to make adjustments in our way to show how accomplished the academy students are. Decent numbers, paying the cost of the trip… Fumu, this is indeed more interesting than I thought. There’s also the possibility of bringing out tasty interests…” 

“Yeah, it can spread the name of the Rotsgard Academy to the world even further in a variety of meanings. We can increase our worth too. There’s complicated problems like the selection of teachers and the responsibility, but it will serve as a good surprise attack and screening for the Limia Academy.” 

“The Limia Academy, huh. It would be funny to see them getting all panicked.” 

“At the very least, Raidou-sensei hasn’t done anything that has proved harmful for the academy, so how about giving him this one?” 

“Right. I can’t help but look forward to the achievements of Jin Roan and his group, and where they will end up. That’s the true form of the students that Rotsgard should be producing.” 

“Then, for now, let’s approve of this as a trial phase with Raidou and the others. If it goes well, we can consider the inclusion of this as an established practice in the Rotsgard Academy. Is that okay with everyone?” 

““No objections.””

Raidou did something again.

A meeting from a certain teacher clique in the Rotsgard Academy that began with that mood.

They do have their doubts, but it looks like it wrapped up while it was still peaceful. 

Special lecture application.

This is for when a teacher is seeking the approval of the Academy in the cases when there’s a lecture style that has no precedence. 

Even when looking back on history, no proposals have been submitted for several decades, and it is the first time ever that a temporary teacher has done it. 

What was submitted under the name of Raidou was: School Trip.

Having students who have reached a certain threshold travel outside the academy with a teacher guiding them, they will widen their views in that location, and will spur personal growth with important experiences that can only be obtained in that place. 

That’s what is written thoroughly in the documents. 

By the way, the location that Raidou placed as their travel location is the remote city of Tsige that had accomplished independence recently. 

It is a remote city that is stimulating to begin with, and their high reputation lately does give quite the persuasiveness.

It can be seen as increasing the connections of the Academy Town with the world, and there’s a decent amount of people who see the advantages in that area. 

For the teachers, this is a matter that would just end with ‘well, I guess it would be interesting’.

They would also go ‘it is fine to just try it and think about it later’.


There’s also the ones that are going ‘what’s this joke?’.

That was…the administration department. 

“How’s the confirmation of the documents that came back?!” 

“No good. They are all getting avoided!” 

“Same here. The contract will be the same as always. Add a few lines that say they will consider an annual automatic renewal!” 

“What about the increase in the remuneration? It should have been sent in a format that doesn’t require a response.” 

“There’s properly another response document saying it is okay to refuse it. That they are receiving plenty enough remuneration as a temporary teacher.” 

“That special lecture application; the school trip. What’s the status of that?!” 

“The documents are perfect, and it has been briefed to the teachers. The administration department couldn’t stop it! It is going at a shocking speed and what’s left is already…” 

“Don’t tell me it is going to be accepted by this month!” 

“No, administration department chief, it will most likely be accepted by today or tomorrow, and it would be safe to assume that Raidou-sensei’s group will be doing the first school trip to test it out.” 


“Right?! Even though we have finally managed to get in contact with the person himself, what are we going to do if a lecture method on the name of ‘school trip’ is approved…?” 

“I don’t know if it is because it is difficult to request of the teachers, or they are not accepting it, all the discussions regarding Raidou are thrown to the administrative department!!” 

“We are just regular office workers here, you know? It is not like we have a connection to create an opening for that class or connections to push in a student. Why can’t they get that?!” 

“Department Chief!” 

“Make it short, and please make it a report of someone other than R-sensei!” 

Just speaking the name of that certain teacher was already scary for him, so he left it as just the initial.

“Sorry! The school trip has been approved!” 


“On top of that, the teachers requested to research the possibility of making it an established practice, and they are also requesting for the creation of a new administration department for the occasions when there’s the need to cooperate with the travelling locations.” 


“Also, after the papers of Raidou-sensei’s report come, they told us to make sure to share it with the teachers.” 


The staff member that came with an extra report continued on and on.

The atmosphere in the administration office could be summed up with one word: ‘Uwaaah…’.

The department chief was silent with his head down, but he suddenly raised his head and showed one big refreshing smile. 


A part of the staff members noticed the abnormality and gulped.

“Alright, everyone! We are going on a paid strike!” 

“Boss has gone nuts!” 

What to do? Nothing can be done. 

It is over already. They really did their best. 

It is a strike, so it is okay to sleep, right? It is paid, so it should be okay. 

The administration department of the Rotsgard Academy was a hot mess of shouting.

That’s right. Raidou had become a terribly problematic existence for the administration department. 

The demands from the related parties and the surroundings towards Raidou; the consultations and claims; they were all being funneled to the administration department. 

After the school festival and the variant incident, the many opinions directed to Raidou were the very definition of a waterfall.

If the contents of the opinions were decent and the numbers were decent, the administration department chief wouldn’t have gone this crazy. 

The unreasonable requests that went over the discretion of the administration department, and the claims that the administration department were not responding to the requests were increasing as time went on; this is the result of that.

Raidou has also been pissed off by the confirmation documents and notices that were edging on the realm of frauds that the administration department were sending, but that very department has also turned into a swirling hell of resentment that didn’t have a receptacle. 

“Hehe, with this, we are assured overtime. We can earn a lot this month as well. Leave it to Raidou to bring in the work.” 

“You are happy with the continued labor? I would like to return home every once in a while while it is still bright outside.” 

 “Really? I don’t really hate staying till morning, returning at noon for a bit, and coming back. My salary is several times higher thanks to Raidou-sensei. I am happy.” 

“The department chief apparently hasn’t met his child while awake for 3 days already. How pitiful.” 

“Viva la bachelor life. Now, let’s work and doze off on random intervals. It is mostly disposing of unreasonable complaints anyways.” 

There were also praiseworthy young people like that.

For him, the fact that the work is busy mostly because of the unreasonable complaints submitted didn’t bother him much, or rather, he seems to be grateful to Raidou for creating this situation. 

The staff members of the Rotsgard Academy get as much as they work. 

In other words, the salary goes up the more overtime they do. 

There were people that could push themselves on to work because of this fact -even if they are the minority- but you could say that’s one of the few bright parts of this administration department. 

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