Tsuki – Chapter 420: Raidou tilts his head

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The Rembrandt sisters must have felt something, their noses twitched and they cheerfully went down to the store. 

…It is true that it is the time to replenish the confectioneries, but even I, as the owner, didn’t feel a change. 

“It seems today it is montblanc and rare cheesecake, Waka-sama. Looks like there’s also the maccha ones that Sif and Yuno like. What would you like for the drinks? My recommendation is silver—” (Shiki)

“Cold green tea.” (Makoto)

“Green tea it is, then. Understood.” (Shiki) 

“…Normal green tea isn’t sweet, just saying.” (Makoto)

“…Yes.” (Shiki)

Shiki leaves the room for now. 

I wasn’t aware of the lineup for sweets today, but it looks like Shiki did. 

They most likely talked about it in a morning assembly. There wasn’t really any report about it. 


It is not like he sensed it with some sort of mysterious instinct like the Rembrandt sisters or something even higher than that…right?

“Hm, Waka-sama, it seems like there’s a number of trial nerikiri and dry sweets as well.” (Shiki) 

Dry Sweets

Shiki faces here with his nose that seems to have twitched there.

What a rare lineup. 

But well, I am more in the mood to eat dry sweets than cake.

“Then, there’s no need for cake in my share. One or two dry sweets and nekiris please.” (Makoto)

Dry sweets, huh. 

Each one of them isn’t that big. They are even smaller than one coin.

When I throw them into my mouth, they melt with gentle sweetness, but there’s also a decent degree of momentary strong sweetness.

As someone who eats sweets with tea, this ranks up pretty high in my list. 

The nerikiri one is more concentrated on the design.

You have fun with its looks, and the taste is one you are familiar with. 

It isn’t something that you have 5 or 10 at a time, but it does make one happy to have 1 or 2; that’s the kind of sweets it is.

Thanks to the passion of Tomoe, things in this area are also progressing well, and it makes me happy. 

But it looks like sweets don’t make the cut for Shiki, he went for the cakes instead.


“What is it, Daena? There’s no need to worry. We will be bringing 1 or 2 for you guys as well.” (Makoto)

“No, that’s not it. I am of course grateful for the treat though.” (Daena)

“…You really are easy to understand. You are learning about the path you should be aiming for as a teacher by the side of Shiki, huh.” (Makoto)

“Yeah. I don’t know any other teacher more capable than you two. The reason why I am intruding here often is because I want to learn as much as possible…just that…” (Daena)

“Hm?” (Makoto)

Daena’s expression darkens.

An expression one can easily tell that there’s troubles and hesitation swirling inside his head.

Just now he was passionately giving his argument about teaching. His emotions really are wild on him.

“Sensei and Shiki-san, your actual job isn’t really being teachers, right?” (Daena)

“Right. I am a merchant, and Shiki is a close aide of mine that helps me out in this.” (Makoto)

Calling him a follower here didn’t really click, so I changed it to close aide.

“I…found something that I want to do -something that I want to achieve in my life. Teach as many people as possible, and have them learn excelling personal knowledge, techniques, and experiences. That way, everyone will be able to obtain the necessary strength to live the lives that they respectively want to live. And then, pursue teachings that don’t require one to pass through life or death experiences, or ready yourself for death in order to grow.” (Daena)

“I think that’s quite a splendid objective.” (Makoto)

I even feel like they are not words a student would say. 

“I began thinking in this way after your lectures. I am grateful to the point that I can’t even pay back all this gratitude. But that’s why I can’t understand at all…” (Daena)


“In order to become an excellent teacher, you obviously need to grow stronger, and it is necessary to increase your teaching ability. Then, the shortest path should be to learn as much as possible in the academy, and study the teaching techniques and beliefs side by side.” (Daena)

“Well, sounds about right.” (Makoto)

“But then, that doesn’t explain you two. Even though I think the most efficient and absolute path is to study in the academy, I won’t be able to become like you two. Just what’s the best way to become an excellent teacher?” (Daena)

Aah, I see. 

In the eyes of Daena, we are irregulars, but he is putting us -the irregulars- as his goal. 

That’s why the path he has created for himself looks like it contradicts that reality…and is making his head become a mess. 

He has a clear objective in mind now and wants to run towards it as fast as possible, but the disposition of Daena is making his legs tangle up.

“This is an extreme logic here, but there’s no one ideal answer to your question. That in itself I would say is the best answer.” (Makoto)

“N-No way…” (Daena)

“What you have pointed out there isn’t a method to become the best teacher, but the shortest way to become a teacher in Rotsgard. Graduating from the academy with exemplary grades, creating a specialized subject, entering the path of research, and learning the teaching techniques for the students at the same time. This method will allow you to reach the daily life of a teacher the fastest for you, Daena.” (Makoto)

“…Right.” (Daena)

“But…” (Makoto)


“These are simply the ways to fulfill the requirements to be a teacher in Rotsgard. Just think about it. You are simply a student that has been obtaining knowledge and techniques in the academy and have never seen the real world outside. Yet you want to become a person that has the expertise to teach others and make them admire you. Don’t you already have people like that around you? The teachers that get looked down upon by the students to a burdening degree, bringing them up, sinking them down, and one day, they suddenly disappear -a number of them are that.” (Makoto)

“…Ah.” (Daena)

“The problem is that you are aiming for what’s ahead of a teacher. Having plenty of real world experience, holding a decent degree of belief in their own teachings, and continuously providing the best results of increasing the abilities of their students; not everyone can become like Shiki.” (Makoto)

“What’s ahead, huh…” (Daena)

“That’s right, ahead. You understand that if you are looking too far ahead, your vision will narrow at your footing, right? There’s no way you can suddenly become a teacher with plenty of experience. The moment may vary, but you will definitely begin by being just a newbie teacher. If you want to become like Shiki, don’t lose your curiosity for new frontiers. Don’t live your life just conforming with being a teacher. If needed, take time off from the academy to elevate yourself, or maybe ask your past friends to gather new experiences. Well, there’s a lot of ways of going about it. Don’t do something as silly as just rolling the scenarios around in your head. Just do the best you can currently do.” (Makoto)

Doing the best you can currently do is difficult in itself, but let’s leave that aside for now. 

“Thank you very much. Raidou-sensei, you are very kind today. I am honestly really lucky to have the opportunity of being able to talk to a way too rare teacher.” (Daena)

“I will obviously answer seriously when consulted with. I am a teacher and you are my students. In your case, you have way too many excellent people around you, so just by maintaining those links, your life will be able to change greatly.” (Makoto)

Not only Daena, but also Izumo is nodding profusely at this. 

Of course, Izumo is also a special case.

It is already set in stone that he will become an influential person in Lorel, moreover, he is a rascal in the winners side that has already gotten married even when he is still a student. 

“True… There’s only people up there -including my wife.” (Daena)

“Right? The Rembrandt sisters, Izumo, Amelia, Jin, and Misura know things that you don’t know at all, and can do things that you definitely wouldn’t be able to do. Those kinds of friends are important even when you become an adult.” (Makoto)

Even if you can bundle them together as prodigies, Jin, Daena, and Misura protect on the frontline, yet their battle styles are completely different. 

On top of that, Daena has already married as a student and even has a child. 

Misura seems to have poisonous parents that are related to the church.

The lifestyle of the Rembrandt sisters is on a different level from the others. I am sure they have ways of using money that others can’t imitate. 

There’s also students like Amelia who do something fitting of their age like chasing after a difficult love partner with their everything. 

Izumo had a fiance because of his family circumstances, but he managed to cross the *virgin road* with his life on the line and properly managed to marry Iroha-chan. <TLN: the bride’s walk down the aisle.>

“Sorry for the wait. Daena and Izumo, drink some tea and take a break.” (Shiki)

Shiki came back with a tray that had quite a lot of cakes, sweets, and drinks on it.

Rare cheesecake? A whole one?

I was imagining a sliced one into a triangular shape, so I ended up retorting in my mind.

““Thank you very much! We will partake in it!””

The response of the two synchronized cleanly.

What nice smiles.

“Waka-sama, please have at least one bite of each to try them out.” (Shiki)

“Hm, got it.” (Makoto)

Thinking about it, they are products that we are bringing out to the store counter after all.

Gotta learn properly about them.

I forgot that my tastes are not the priority here.

Have to reflect on that.

“Ah, right, Izumo. About the video that I gave you before about the construction of the orphanage…” (Makoto)

I taste the montblanc, cheesecake, the green version, and the dry sweets as I ask something to Izumo that bothered me. 

“Yes?” (Izumo)

“Did you show it to someone?” (Makoto)

“! Y-Yeah. I watched it together with a number of civil work bosses that work pretty often with me in the reconstructions…” (Izumo)

“I see…” (Makoto)

“Was that bad? It was kind of an accident of sorts.” (Izumo)

“No, there’s no problem. There was a request to the orphanage for an inspection that came from Rotsgard the other day, you see. The other party was identifying itself as a craftsmen association in Rotsgard, and we did confirm that it came from there. If you have leaked the information to a number of craftsmen, it isn’t strange for there to be people interested in seeing it with their own eyes.” (Makoto)


“Izumo?” (Makoto)

“I can’t believe how brazenly they are trying to steal the march here!” (Izumo)

“So you secretly tried to request an inspection too, huh.” (Makoto)

He got friendly with the group when he was helping out in the reconstruction of the city. 

There’s no real need for the craftsmen association to ask him for permission to come inspect the place.

On the other hand, I do agree slightly about them trying to steal the march here.

How amusing. 

“There really is no end to the topics about Tsige as of recent.” (Izumo)

“It is not like I have gone around all the cities, but that place is most likely the liveliest in the whole world currently.” (Makoto)

“Uaah. I also want to go to Tsige, Sensei and Shiki-san!!” (Izumo)

“The academy is about to begin their operations in full, so don’t ask for the unreasonable, Izumo.” (Makoto)

“The next long holiday, you can just ask Sif and Yuno to tag along on their homecoming.” (Shiki)

Is what Shiki said.

It sounds reasonable, but I don’t know if Rembrandt-san would allow his daughters to have a male student come back with them.

It is true…that I think it would be educational to show that place to Jin and the group, but it really would be difficult. 

There’s no pretext that can be used to bring them there after all.

“It is true that I would want to go to Tsige while I am still a student. There’s probably no city as prosperous as that other than the capital of Limia and the capital of Gritonia. Hey, Izumo, how about doing just as Shiki-san said and ask on the next long holiday? If we sacrifice Misura, their father might approve of bringing a number of friends with them.” (Daena)

D-Daena, that’s one dark thought. 

Tsige is in a sense a pretty dangerous zone for Misura.

Well, I am sure Sif and Yuno would find a good moment to drag him there though.


Shiki, who had already cleaned up his plate, had a hand on his chin and seemed to be thinking. 

“There’s a mountain of debts in the teaching department, and it would be better to keep some time off the library, so…” (Shiki)

“Shiki, what’s the matter?” (Makoto)

“Ah, you see, I was thinking that Jin and the others are working well, and if we were to put them together as the first generation…” (Shiki)


“Tsige can become the city and country with the best teaching materials. Waka-sama, how about leading Jin and the others and having them come to Tsige as a school trip?” (Shiki)

“S-School trip, you say…” (Makoto)

It sounded so nostalgic. 

And now that I think about it, it is the event in high school that I didn’t manage to go to. 

That phrase that I didn’t expect would come out from Shiki was plenty enough to make me have a silly dumbfounded face.

I couldn’t understand the meaning for a moment and ended up tilting my head unconsciously.

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