Tsuki – Chapter 418-419: The melancholy of Rotsgard

“Jin-senpai, please sign this!” 

“Is it okay for you to sign here, Jin-kun?” 

“In that case, Jin Roan, here as well while you are at it.” 

Jin sighs at how this has become a routine. 

A time for relaxation in the Rotsgard Academy. 

In other words, the remaining time after you finish eating at lunch break.

It is also an important time that one can use as one likes in order to put their all in the afternoon classes. 

But at the same time, this is also an important moment where the curtains open for the ones that put importance to personal connections. 

Not everyone can become a famous person or an influential one. 

But this is the academy. 

Getting acquainted with those exact people and becoming their friends isn’t impossible. 

It was a natural turn of events that Jin would get crowded by mainly women as someone who has become a power in this Rotsgard Academy. 

“…I am sorry. I still lack experience, so I can’t sign the marriage forms that you have sent me. Also, Senpai, I don’t plan on staying in the academy after graduating, so please stop trying to recruit me for the Purple Haze. Now then, I will be taking my leave.” (Jin)

After properly confirming who they are, Jin glanced at the papers in his hand.

There were 2 regarding marriage, and 1 about entering the treasured squad of the academy, Purple Haze. 

Also, they were all noble ladies that would bring trouble in the future if relationships with them were to get sour. 

It ended up with him having to cut them off in a lenient way. 

“I understand the feelings of Sensei.” (Jin)

“I think the confession rush Raidou-sensei had and the one you are getting is pretty different, you know.” 

“…I don’t want to be told this by you who seems to be going to get more wives.” (Jin)

“…Are you really going to be poking that right now? My wife has been pushing me to do that lately all of a sudden. It is scary.” (Daena)

“Your place is pretty weird, Daena. It is normally the husband that has to get the permission to get the 2nd and 3rd one.” (Misura)

“You have it easy, Misura, with you being on the way to marrying into the wealthy Rembrandt family.” (Izumo)

“…What’s making you so tied up in a knot, Izumo?” (Jin)

“Nothing really. I am simply annoyed by the women who approach me despite knowing about my marriage.” (Izumo)

“There’s those kinds of scary women? I don’t wanna hear anything about that.” (Jin) 

Jin, Daena, Misura, and Izumo.

A quartet of 2 married and 2 unmarried, but the popularity of the 4 is pretty high in the academy. 

Just as Daena said, different from the case where Raidou was being confessed to because of his standing, Jin was being directed steamy gazes. 

In other words, there wasn’t any compromise. He is being seen as an ideal catch that has the best conditions and they actually wish for it. 

However, the women are students of the Rotsgard Academy and also related parties of it. 

When it comes to big catches like Jin and the others, they won’t be playing around and will go for the kill. 

It is the kind where, even if their relationship becomes good, there’s no way they would allow it to become just a relationship of the moment. 

The matter about Daena being pushed into marriage was him lowering his guard, and ending up going out with a girl. 

Izumo wasn’t really conquered, he married a woman from the outside, but a marriage is a marriage. 

With two already being married, the storm became more intense.

And thus, they were tired.

It isn’t the pleasant fatigue that one feels after using all their strength in the lectures, but a displeasing something that coils around their hearts and bodies to the point that sighs would escape endlessly. 

Jin was bothered by the adventurer Sofia who he met in Kaleneon.

Daena had an approaching marriage with her wife pushing it. 

Misura was going out with Yuno and doesn’t have interest in going out with other women.

Izumo just married Iroha and doesn’t want to be bothered. 

“Now that I think about it, Shiki-san has been in the library often.” (Jin)

Feeling that there’s the need to change this gloomy atmosphere, Jin spoke about the person that’s basically their master. 

“I can’t believe that person still reads books.” (Izumo)

Izumo makes a wry smile as he nods. 

“He is the kind of guy that always has an answer.” (Misura)

Misura also nodded continuously at this. 

There hasn’t been a time when they have asked a question and he hasn’t given an answer or a path that leads to it. 

In the eyes of the students, him still needing books is just shocking. 

Shiki feels like someone who doesn’t have anything he doesn’t know and would be able to see through anything.

Of course, there’s a lot he doesn’t know.

This is proof that the vastness in the world of the students and the world of Shiki are completely different. That way of living of Shiki was in part the reason why Jin and the others managed to maintain their humility despite getting stronger. 

“He is an incredible person. It makes you want to chase after his back. Right, a teacher isn’t just someone who teaches knowledge and techniques, they also…” (Daena)

“Daena began his passionate speech about teaching. I only wanted to make it a light chat…” (Jin)

Seeing Daena begin talking a storm, Jin got weary and drooped his shoulders. 

Jin isn’t finding any fun in the academy lately and was feeling stagnation from it. 

The times when he is working in the Kuzunoha Company are more fun, and he felt as if he were opening the doors to a new world. 

It is truly like a high schooler that began working part-time, feeling that faint misunderstanding that you are more of an adult than your surroundings. Jin left the academy and headed to the Kuzunoha Company as usual with everyone. 

Even though he has been reprimanded every time he says it out loud that he wants to quit the academy, that choice is still burning inside of him.

“What’s with you hatchlings coming all today.” 

The brown demi-human that was sweeping the front of the store stopped when she noticed Jin and his group. 

The front of the store looked pretty clean already, but no one noticed that she was slacking by pretending to clean. 

The Forest Oni, Eris. 

One of the employees of the Kuzunoha Company and the one teaching Jin. 

“Heya there. Thanks for your hard work, Eris-senpai. We were too into our talk and ended up coming here together.” (Jin)

“Talking, huh. Just do that stuff in a fancy cafe or something, and while at it, bring some gifts for your senpais for take-out. You really don’t take in the teachings given to you.” (Eris)

“…When I kept that teaching of yours, Shiki-san and Sensei got angry though.” (Jin)

“! What?! To think they would catch it! What about the names?! You didn’t snitch on me, did you?!” (Eris)

“Uhm…Sensei looked up while saying ‘there’s not even a need to ask who it is. It must be Eris’.” (Jin)

“…God daaaamn.” (Eris) <TLN: she said this in english.>

She falls with both hands on the ground. 

It is comical, but she is decently depressed here. 

“N-Now now, I was thinking about buying something, so I will contribute to the sales a bit, Eris-san.” (Daena)

Daena tries to cheer Eris up.

“As if our store will be closing any faster with your wallet that’s being seized by your wife.” (Eris)

“Guhah?!” (Daena)

“If this were the main branch, I could make you all take the special of Tsige, a Ribo Loan, to have you guys buy the highest priced stuff to the point that you are on the verge of bankruptcy. You have escaped with your life, you brats!” (Eris)

Eris stood up while mixing in ominous words.

“…Main branch.” 

“Main branch, huh.” 

“If I remember correctly, Tsige is the homeland of Yuno.” 

“The one that had a complete victory against Aion and went independent.”  


The students reacted to the word main branch, spoke their own thoughts about it, and went silent. 

“? What’s with you guys, making tired faces despite being students. Just telling you here, but the line up of products in the main branch can’t even be compared to here. The number of employees is also completely different. It is also full of tasty stuff, and the stimulus and ranking is on a different level, you know?” (Eris)

“Delicious stuff and stimulus, huh. We are talking about that remote region of Tsige, so it does sound true…” (Jin)

“Of course. Get in trouble with a hoodlum there. Even with you four, you would get beaten up to a pulp. Well, if you are together with the ladies from the Rembrandt place, you won’t have much problems though.” (Eris)

Eris goes ‘tsk tsk tsk’ while swaying her finger left and right with a smug face.

They thought ‘if she is the one saying it, it must be somewhat true’ and smiled wryly. 

“Tsige, huh. I would like to see it one day.” (Jin)

“Also, Jin, that place is already a country. Don’t go calling it a remote region. Spit that out there and ya getting an actual beating.” (Eris)

This time Eris acts like an outlaw.

But the interest of the students was gathered on the place that’s the base of Raidou and the others, and the remote city that made its name echo in the whole world. 

“And so, it is time for work, you rascal. What are you standing here for? Get changed already. As for the others, go buy stuff already and scatter!” (Eris)

Eris once again unleashed her broom onto the surroundings as if sweeping them away. 

The melancholic students entered the Rotsgard branch of the Kuzunoha Company which has unending liveliness.

  • Chapter 419: ‘Temporary’ teacher and the popularity of the company corner

“I understand what you are trying to say. But in the end, we are simply teachers hired temporarily. Also, it seems you will be marrying again? Congratulations.” 

Daena, who has gone weird from his teaching passion, directed his passionate talk to us, but I washed it away lightly.

He also added the talk about him having a second wife as if it were an afterthought, so I also deal with that. 

Now then, it seems even Shiki is slightly exasperated by this, so I should be clearing out the group of Jin who think the Kuzunoha Company is a gathering spot. 

I won’t go as far as telling them to not get close to me outside of lectures, but it would be troubling for me if they were to loiter around when I am not even a full-time teacher. 

The students are the same as always, and the Rotsgard that I haven’t been to for a while now has regained liveliness that doesn’t lose to how it was before that incident which is a happy thing. 

“You and Shiki-sensei are completely refusing all offers of being full-time, so I already think of you all as full-time employed teachers.” (Daena)

“…That. Can you please tell the teaching department about this as well? They just don’t give it a rest trying this and that. There’s even times when they would do stuff that are bordering scams, so it is a royal pain. Good grief.” (Makoto)

They would make it look like an equipment payment notice, and it would actually be a contract for full-time employment. There would also be times where they would make it look like a temporary renewal contract, but it is made to renew automatically every 3 days. 

If I remember correctly, a contract should be a document made in order for both parties to confirm that they both want to keep the stipulations of it. 

Even I think that if the sign of both parties is present, that it should be respected. 


It is something that is properly established for the first time after talking about it and the contents have been properly written. 

…It is true that there’s a lot of merchants and nobles that do underhanded stuff like that, but if I have to doubt the contents of a contract when we have already properly talked about it, there’s already no trust. 

At least that’s how I see it. 

And so, for people who I don’t trust, there’s no way I would be able to form a favorable relationship. 

I won’t throw it all away since I still have students to look after.

But…it is also true that I am slightly disgusted by the Rotsgard Academy that’s trying to bind us no matter the means. 

“Just as Waka-sama says, if it were time to think about the lectures, it would be another story, but having us waste time on occasions outside of our contract…is the height of pointless.” (Shiki)

Yeah, Shiki is pretty angry himself. 

I am glad he feels the same way. 

“I share the exact same feeling. Also, Daena, or more like everyone aside from Jin and Amelia, stop using our place as a gathering spot after school is over. There’s flashier places than here in this city, right? A whole ton.” (Makoto)


“What is it, Misura?” (Makoto)

Why is he looking at me as if he were tormented by something? 

“No…uhm…” (Misura)

The gaze of Misura was swimming. 

“? Did something happen?” (Makoto)

“I was just thinking you unexpectedly use a lot of similar words to Eris-senpai. Like ‘flashy’.” (Misura)


Geh, seriously?

I end up looking at the window behind me. 

There was Eris hanging upside down all tied up.

This is the punishment for putting unnecessary stuff into the mind of Jin and trying to turn him into her goffer. 

By the way, it was instantly done with the help of Shiki.

I actually should be getting more strict here, but that Eris, even when there’s all of this, she properly teaches him what he has to do regarding the job and the things surrounding that, so she really is one sly girl. 

She has been properly working as a senior and shop assistant, grabbed the hearts of the students who-knows-how, and on top of that, can manage to pull off pranks. 

“Flashy~.” (Eris) 

“There’s not a shred of guilt in you, Eris… Want me to add the scourer too?” (Shiki)

“Scourer?! No, I have super reflected, Shiki-sama! Seriously! Like mega serious!” (Eris)

…Her way of speaking, huh.

I should be careful.

“In the first place, it is around the time when you are thinking about what to do after graduating from the academy, right? About your respective paths, I think there’s places you can manage to get to from the very beginning…” (Makoto)

For example; Daena wants to become a teacher in the academy. 

No, according to what he says, he wants to become more than that. A teacher that supports someone’s growth, I guess.

At the very least, I feel like it is different from me being a temporary teacher. 

“That’s why we are all here, Raidou-sensei.” (Jin)


Jin who had changed into his uniform poked his head out and spoke as if representing them. 

“We are here after thinking about the future. Leaving aside the academy, we have judged that this is the place that we can gain the most. I will be going now!” (Jin)

After saying what he wanted to say, he immediately went to work.

He is ignoring Eris who is hanging at my back.

He has been trained well.

“In the Rotsgard Academy, there’s a giant library and also capable or useful talents gathered from around the world. I think it would benefit you guys more to mingle with them as much as possible rather than loiter around a single company.” (Makoto)

They can create connections with students of the same grade, seniors, juniors, and most of them are influential people from around the world. 

There’s knowledge from ancient and modern times, and from east and west. 

An environment you can’t find anywhere else. 

There’s no way they wouldn’t understand the worth of that even if they are still students. 

The Rembrandt sister’s main objective there is most likely to learn about the etiquette of the various countries, learn about the circumstances of the companies, and to make connections.

At the very least, the intention of their father. 

“Our current goal is to uncover the mysteries of those green sweets.” 

“From what we have investigated, it has been exhibited here on rare occasions, Sensei.” 

The sisters gave a response that went way off the mark from what I thought. 

I have already told them that those are confectioneries that are made from tea powder. 

I also told them that tea comes from Lorel.

This isn’t something to hide from the Rembrandts after all.

“Have you noticed? The sweets of the Kuzunoha Company have become the target of attention for tea parties, especially that confectionery that’s like emeralds. Their worth cannot be measured. The women attending the academy are always glaring at this place while wondering what sense of values managed to create those.” (Sif)

Sif really likes to e-exaggerate.

“That’s why the shelf of confectioneries here is always being checked. Literally. Every minute, every second. From what we know, there have already been 6 noble factions, 5 research clubs, and 3 geek associations that have come here to check. When a new product comes, it gets sold out in around 2 minutes.” (Yuno)

You are kidding, right?

The little sister speaks confidently about this after her, so I direct my gaze to the confectionery shelf in fear to confirm whether there really are people there. 

“…There really are. To think the confectioneries of the Kuzunoha Company would become this popular.” (Shiki)

Shiki was surprised by this, but was somewhat happy too. 

Aah, I see. 

He is in the cream faction after all.

“They may be rare, but they are still just sweets, you know? They go that far…?” (Makoto)

There really are people.

With the power of Sakai, I grasped the presence of a good amount of well dressed weirdos that were placing their attention on a part of the store. 

People who aren’t moving an inch as they watch from a dark room with what looks like a binocular, and even people who are coming in and out and repeatedly reporting. 

What a place to be on the lookout for. 

“It seems like there hasn’t been anything that has been satisfactorily made in Tsige. In the name of the Rembrandts, I definitely will get the new products and famous ones for sure!” (Sif)

“Same as my sister!” (Yuno)

“These kinds of people end up getting gradually more annoying. When the confectioneries are not brought out at the stipulated time, they would get like this. It is a really weird problem.” (Eris)


Eris, you…

So you were aware of this amusing confectionery battle this whole time. 

And you would be annoyed every now and then. 

“So you were aware of it?” (Shiki)

Shiki looks at Eris with slightly cold eyes. 

“Somewhat! But it doesn’t really have any effects on the sales, so aside from being annoying, I thought it was harmless.” (Eris)

That’s why she didn’t really report it.

It is true that if it is not an issue like the same person buying them all out, there’s no real problem, huh.

“Fumu…” (Shiki)

“When they are aiming to buy it all out, I warn them-ssu, Boss!” (Eris)

“In that case, it is within a reasonable degree.” (Makoto)

“Right.” (Shiki)

As for the Rembrandt sisters, it is fine for them to just tell me, you know.

Is what I was thinking, but that’s that, and this is this, is apparently how they say it works. 

As seen here, the Kuzunoha Company’s confectioneries have created factions, and even the amount being sold and the circulation of it has been investigated thoroughly.

That’s why it is apparently important how many the Rembrandt sisters can secure themselves within those circumstances.

They seem to be really happy that they get a share from me, but they apparently want to eat them privately too and enjoy the blissful moment. 

…Yeah, I can’t understand it at all.

The only thing I can understand from this is that the Rembrandt sisters don’t only come here for nothing…I think? 

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