[Not a Chapter]: Soft Launch~!

Hey guys, Reigokai here!

Some may not have noticed yet, but this is already the new website! No, there’s no new link. It is still the same isekailunatic.com without the .wordpress. part. I tried to make it as seamless as possible, so it might have been hard to tell apart.

For the ones wondering ‘hey, isn’t this still wordpress? Didn’t you say you had a problem with wordpress?’. Let me rephrase it properly since I really wasn’t clear there. I have a problem with the webhoster ‘wordpress.com’. I don’t actually have an issue with wordpress itself. That’s why I switched to a new webhoster, Dreamhost. I can already feel an increase in the freedom of things I can do from this switch which I will elaborate below.

With the increased freedom, I can now add plugins. This allowed me to add the long requested dark mode button which I tried my best to make it as unintrussive as possible, added a search bar that is at the site in PCs and at the bottom in mobile. Also some other small things on my side.

I have been asked to add stuff like a Font Size Changer. Unfortunately, it seems it didn’t work on my page. Also, to make the links more visible. For that one, I will just have to make them more visible myself by changing the colors, so it would be a manual endeavor. 

I am also thinking about applying disqus for the comments which seems to be a pretty requested thing. I myself haven’t grown fond of it yet, but I will try it out for now and see how it goes. 

Feel free to give me any other suggestions you have in mind. Note that I am not a tech wiz and I am pretty monkey brain, so I will try my best (my brain almost fried when I was trying to change all my URLs to the new one). I am always reading the comments, so if I didn’t implement your change, just think of it as me having tried, but failed miserably. 

As for the comments and likes, I managed to migrate them as well, but some chapters came as 0 comments and 0 likes despite them having hundreds of comments. Yeah, it will look awkward for newcomers, but I can’t do anything about that. 

Anyways, I didn’t want to post a chapter all of a sudden. I wanted to first hear you guys out on what other suggestions you may have and if you see any problems, post them here. 

As for the new chapter, I will most likely be posting a new chapter on wednesday. All this migration business drained me tremendously and work is not over yet. 

And so, I will be waiting for your suggestions and for any problems you might encounter. 

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112 thoughts on “[Not a Chapter]: Soft Launch~!

  1. could you do something about the light/dark button? my vision sucks so i usually magnify my screen to the fullest. as a result, the light/dark button ends up filling up my lower right screen & blocks the text. I’ve seen other websites w/ light/dark buttons that only use a small icon. also, they’re fixed at either the top/bottom of the page (yours is always visible as i scroll up/down the page). i find it to be really distracting. if possible could you change it so that the button’s in a fixed point & less noticeable / visible only when you access the menu? maybe place it under the chapter titles? i’d really appreciate it

    1. I have fixed it now. They are now placed at the top of all posts.
      Had to buy a really pricy premium for that feature. Those sly bastards know what they are doing.

  2. Oooh, finally you did it Rei-sama. I think the new site looks good too. I’m grateful for the additional feature that you added like the light/dark mode. Also, I do think using Disqus as a comment plugin is good. Since it has features that can help to comment become easier. Though it was really sad knowing that all of the comments in the previous Post were disappear or can’t be seen anymore. Anyway just take ur time leisurely and I hope that you won’t encounter any problem like before again

    Edit: also I just noticed that the comment counter that is shown on the front page still counting from the old comment plugin. That’s also the same for the Recent Comment section.

  3. Thanks for the great work. Take some time if you need it so you don’t overwork yourself. Good looking Dark Mode too. Nice and sleek.

    Thank you for your efforts.

  4. Oh ho, looking better than ever now, it must have been hard to do it but now it looks way better than before

  5. Nice! Though I’d prefer the dark theme way darker, it’s good to see everything going well. I think I’ll now go and celebrate it by eating something tasty. Yep.
    Hope you’ll have a moment to rest now, Reigo-san. Looking forward to reading new chapters soon.

  6. Thank you for your great translations (you’re the guy whose translations i go up to date first whenever i finish what i’m currently reading.), though I’m mostly a lurker i do appreciate your quality works and i love it that you improved on things like dark mode after the migration.

    For the dark mode i think it’s great but the comments texts don’t get changed to white so if we want to read them we still have to turn to light mode (at least on PC/Firefox). also I’m using 16:9 resolution and a big part of the right side doesn’t get used in my monitor so i would appreciate it if you could move the informations more to the right for wider resolution settings (i think you can set it to be a certain distance from the right side so all the monitor gets used.

    1. For the dark mode i think it’s great but the comments texts don’t get
      changed to white so if we want to read them we still have to turn to
      light mode

      Have you tried reloading (pressing F5 should work) the website after switching to dark mode? It usually works in my case for Firefox (at least on Linux, but shouldn’t matter), also on Android.

      1. Oh yes it’s weird, if you reload while having dark mode already then the comments text color do change and then you can’t read them on light mode. So you can read them in whichever mode you want just gotta refresh while already having that said mode.

        1. Just a guess: Disqus is probably reading style of website when it’s being loaded – that’s why we have to reload.

          1. That’s my guess as well. So you need to stick with whatever mode you want to use while you’re browsing the site, and if you want to switch to another mode, make sure to refresh the page so everything gets updated.

  7. Hmmm…? An Ad? While I don’t mind them as long as it doesn’t go something like an Ad per five sentences like some sites do, but I don’t think I can ever recall seeing them (on my smartphone) on the last site. Oh well, something to get used to as long as it doesn’t have Ads with sound forcing their way in.

  8. As always, thank you for your work!

    Adding dark mode was great idea. I’m using “Dark Reader” extension in Firefox, but site-native mode is usually better.

    Note that I am not a tech wiz

    While I’m totally not WordPress specialist (even more – zero knowledge – I’ve never used it), I’m SysAdmin (Linux) and SelfHosted fan, so I can try to help if you want (just send me an email).

  9. The only issue I see with the dark mode is that the comments text stay the some color, so I can’t read them in the dark mode, unless I highlight the text, but the post text changes color so it’s fine

    1. As an above comment stated, when you turn on the dark mode, refresh the page and the comments will switch to dark mode too.

  10. Hey, I’m a big time lurker, but I’ve been reading since almost the beginning I think 🤔
    Anyways I’m glad that this transition happened and that you feel like it’s easier for you to do what u want.
    Here is to you buddy!

  11. Oh god, it took me so much time to verify my email lol.
    I have never used Disqus before, so I don’t know if it is good or bad. I guess that I will give it a try.

  12. Wow… Hardly any changes. That’s good.

    Initially, I did feel unease because on the right is unnaturally empty. But when I check back on the old website. “Yeah, that’s same.”

    I wonder why not noticed that before. Anyway, the source of unease… “Oh the blog title is shorter!”

    Haha, keep up the great work!

  13. I kinda preferred the old wordpress comments but as long as you keep the guest option for disqus it’s fine since i have never bothered to get a disqus account for posting comments with lol.

  14. Thank the gods I was already worried where I could read the adventures of good old Raidou Reigokai keep up the good work, we appreciate all your work and effort

  15. I have to relink my discus account but I’m so happy right now I couldn’t wait to comment!
    Thanks a lot for all your efforts, this is Wonderful!

  16. Thank u always for ur great work…

    For the comment section just use whatever that click with u Rei-san…
    And so that’s why I still get wp notice from ur site, the hosting, not the platform…

  17. I’m pretty satisfied with the dark mode. Thanks! It was a real pain trying to read during the night.

    1. Have you tried “Dark Reader” Firefox extension? It can save your eyes 🙂
      Well, on some websites it works weird, but you can disable it for those.

  18. I noticed something on my end (PC, windows, chrome), that in dark mode any text with link clicked appear in blue and not white anymore. Don’t know if it is a feature or not and I don’t mind it either, can help forgetful people to know what was the last chapter read.

  19. Thankies!

    And yea, rip the previous comments, can’t migrate wp comments with disqus unfortunately 🙁

  20. Thanks for adding Disqus!

    Also, I think you could try a different theme and such. There are a lot more things you can do now that you have your own website that isn’t a WordPress one.

  21. Wow. I was expecting something noticeably different, but no, this is basically the same. Nice replication, Reigokai!

  22. Wow! my Twitter login is back!! I can feel the difference now… also, if possible can you also add increase text size? I read on my smartphone sometimes and I hate the zoom in function of the browser…

  23. I’m glad it worked out, I’m quite happy that wordpress app is notifying me again after so long(no notification for your release last time) maybe because of changes. NICEE….. I like it

    I’m ganna ask will this kind of comment section disappear cause I see that it will change into a disqus plug in? I hope this comment plug in stay same rather than disqus cause it’s kinda convenient for me who’s an app user😅😅…. If not then I have to make a disqus account then…

  24. I can actually comment! My wordpress acct doesn’t let me log in for some reason. Thank you for all you do!

  25. The site looks exactly the same! And is awesome!

    I didn’t request, because is kind of whatever for me, but I’m glad to have the comments migrate to Disquis, since I already have an account in it for other sites. And now I have a picture…💩

    And so, take your time Rei-san, we will be patiently waiting!

  26. Disqus is better in my opinion ,I can’t say about the others , and I hope you can rest after all the hardwork and I don’t think that anyone will mind with no chapter releases for a few days , goodluck and thank-you

  27. Arigatougozaimasu rei-sensei… No need to worry about the comments as every else agrees sticking with disqus. Arigatougozaimasu

  28. I almost forgot that i had a discus acc since i use it to comment from the wn i read before. Lucky.

  29. Yay! Thanks rei. Disqua is neat and easy to use imo so i love it. And the notification is easy to reach too!

  30. Personally I don’t mind using whatever commenting system, whatever works for you, Rei-san.
    And about dark mode, I noticed and clicked it before I even got to you mentioning it. 🙂
    Keep up the great work and just don’t work yourself to death over this.

  31. Ngl when I couldn’t reach your page with the usual links, I got pretty scared. I’m thankful for your work, I love reading WM/Weakest Mage so much that I’ve re read it a few times, and I wouldn’t have been able to read it at all if it weren’t for you, thanks for all your hard work translating and recent efforts to improve the site you’re using for hosting, along with ui changes and other things.

  32. one suggestion i have is integrating discord to the site to give people another avenue to stay up to date on releases and give them a little more freedom to chat than the comments sections
    also thank for all the hard work

  33. While indeed it’s great to have the comment section separated and only load after finish reading. I still cannot get used to to wait for Disquss to load even after 2 years of joining them, and in most cases for my Potato network, Disquss always take longer time to reload than it should be. But hey, now I know the real length of the chapter~

  34. Been a lurker since the early days. First time making a comment here, I just want to express my gratitude on the dark mode.

  35. Another idea to maybe implement is maybe something like an ETA release date n upcoming chapters notice at the side of the website.
    Smtg like:
    Tsuki next __day
    DCFM next ___ day or next is DCFM chap 100+ or smtg

    since ur chapter release isnt by certain days but the no of days since last release. Smtg to show intention of nx release etc.

    Also sponsored chapters, maybe use progression bar to achieve goals to make it easier to see.

    i feel dark mode is more than good enough already but those are some of my suggestions, Do go take rest/break as n when needed. Its ok to take another long break like u used to for R&R

  36. I tried to comment as a guest, but it didn’t work.. so I had to wait and reset my old disqus account but, yeah, here we go!
    So happy to see everyone in here!

    (And we can now edit our comments, ladies and gentlemen! )

  37. I never commented before but, I have been reading your translations since I first discovered the tsuki manga and wanted to know more about that series. I hope that this decision is a long lasting one and, I hope for future success.

  38. Ooooo, a dark mode. Although, you can’t read the comment in dark mode.
    And I can’t link my wordpress account to save the website. WordPress is useless most of the time.

    1. In all honesty, there’s a lot of space on the side of the website, so you could put something there, maybe ads or something. It might not go well on mobile though…

  39. I’m very appreciate your efforts for the readers in this community and thanks you very much.

    For some advice you don’t need to apply whatever they suggest to you onto your website, like “font size”, what the readers need to do just zoom in and zoom out. This is also apply for “dark mode”, most of mobile browser already included “dark mode” (even VPN huehue), and for pc if they don’t have it like chrome, you need to install an extension for that purpose.
    And for Disqus, I think it’s a lot better than the previous one.

    Thanks you for the efforts and the hardworks.

  40. Oh wow, now comment box use disqus, i like this…
    By the way, thankyou for all your hardwork’s rei-san…

  41. I recommend up publishing chapters on the old and new websites for a couple of weeks.

    Just put something at the top of the chapters saying that you’ve migrated to a new website.

    If that’s too much work, maybe leave the old website up for a month? Well, that would cost you more money so…

    You know, I wonder who puts chapters up on novelupdates? I actually assumed you would have done it.

  42. I’m a simple man: hand over the chapters and i’ll be happy, even if it’s an audiobook on pornhub

  43. One thing I noticed is how much screen space is wasted. It did so a little before, but because there are all the links on the right side. Now the content/text/comment space takes up only half the screen. It remains the same if you zoom in (which itself is mandatory with how small the text is). Another way to put it, looking at it from left to right I see –
    content (1/2 screen), links (1/4th screen), blanks space (1/4th screen).

    So what I think is happening there is it is set for a particular resolution (and not a very high one at that) rather than taking into account whatever horizontal resolution the user has. Maybe that’s another plugin, bleeding you dry to get basic functionality LOL.

    It may be annoying, but I won’t really complain more than this – just this comment to make you aware. I can definitely live with it. Though if this can be fixed (without you needing to spend extra money or too much time), I’d very much like that.

    In case it matters in particular, I’m using
    FireFox 89.0.2 (64-bit)
    Screen resolution: 1200 x 1600 (4:3)

    It is nice though if you at least have more options. Another thing I’ll point out, you have a no-spoiler rule which was obviously unavoidable before. But unlike before, there is proper spoiler tag functionality now. So could you clarify if that rule has changed? I’ll respect whatever you say on the matter of course.

  44. make a discord server, there are probably some people in the community which can help you improve the website

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