[Not a Chapter]: If you are seeing this post, you are in the new website

Yes! You have already been transported to the new website!

I have managed to transfer most of the things to this site, but the comments might be working weirdly right now. I tried implementing Disqus too. Want to know what you guys think and if I should just go to how it was before.

Anyways, this is not an announcement or anything, simply wanted to reassure you guys if you felt the website was acting weird and the numbers were strange. Some links are still being fixed on my side, so if something doesn’t work, tell me when I make the official web opening announcement!

I will be taking my leave now. Don’t worry if you feel like you have entered a weird place, it is still the same, just a work in progress!

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75 thoughts on “[Not a Chapter]: If you are seeing this post, you are in the new website

  1. Ah cool. Just to make sure I don’t get any mistakes, I’m gonna re-bookmark the new site now. Can’t be too careful after all.

    Cheers dude! May this site last for a long time!

    1. Hah, it was fine with just my Android Smartphone with Google Chrome that it auto sent me to the new site, but the bookmark I had on Mozilla Firefox on my PC kept it to the old site. Novelupdates still has the translator’s link go to the old site, yet the chapters link to here. I just find that funny for some reason.

  2. Got worried when I saw the site wasn’t loading a bit ago.
    Was wondering where I was gonna get the news of the new site. Good work on getting it up so fast.
    Maybe with the new site we can also get Dark Mode….

    1. Eh? When did I get hit by truck-kun?
      That was instant transport and I didn’t meet any gods or deity too?!
      Nnnoooo where is my cheat skills?!?!

      Jk, I’m glad you can make this, Reigokai-sama~~

  3. Well, I certainly am glad you’re moving forward. Sadly enough, I can’t afford to actually give any material support.
    I anso wanted to notify you that I am unable to access any page beyond the landing unless I use VPN, but you probably know already.
    Anyways, best of luck in the rest of your migration.

  4. Seems to be working, at the very least you didn’t lose me as a reader.

    Thanks for the hard work, though I don’t say it often its a pleasure reading your translations.

  5. Amazing magic, setting up a new site in one day.

    Just a minor quibble: the previous incarnation worked with my very old browser (on old Android) which does not support newer TLS. But current site I cannot browse with it. Maybe you can set it up to accept connections with older protocols?

  6. Congrats on the quick move. That was a lot faster than I was expecting. Noticed the comments also carried over which makes me exceedingly happy. One of the better part of reading the chapters is reading people discuss stuff afterwards.

  7. I noticed is this still wp?
    But anyway. Thanks for your hard work.
    If i may, I prefer disqus. It’s easier to use, many features and doesn’t take up too much space.

  8. What’s even more weird is that it doesn’t have the .wordpress.com on the website, just isekailunatic lol but I like it even more now

    Also, I prefer disqus comments instead of this one, much faster and you can keep track of spoilers that way and, best part, the revenue ads:


    It also allows you to use spoiler tags too like this one here:


    You can create community guidelines (I think) and also flag comments as well for example:


  9. Banzai! I can finally comment in this new site! I’ve been wanting to comment in the old site but it works weirdly for me and won’t let me comment.

  10. It doesn’t feel any different and I can still see the “Proudly powered by WordPress | Theme: Cerauno by Automattic.” at the footer… Well it doesn’t matter… As long as it works then it’s great 🙂 Thanks for the hard work!!

  11. So this is the new site….. It is nice that now has dark mode. Can you please add a font size change option too? It is too big for my screen so that i have to scroll too much.

    Ps- Thank you for your work!

  12. I just googled Reigokai to see if there was some news and it’s already like this, it’s really surprising.
    I’m happy to know it’ll be so easy to keep track of the progress.

  13. We’ve been isekaied! Thank you for the new website (it even has dark mode!) and the quick transition.

  14. For the love of all thing please don’t use Disqus, I recommended looking into Commento [https://github.com/adtac/commento] (if you don’t want to self-hosted they have cloud host here: https://commento.io/ ), or Remark42 https://github.com/umputun/remark42

    Other options have a list here w/ reason why shouldn’t use Disqus: https://lisakov.com/projects/open-source-comments/ , or https://ourcodeworld.com/articles/read/1265/top-7-best-open-source-self-hosted-comment-system-alternatives-to-disqus

    Bringing Disqus in equal you expose readers to unnecessary tracking cookie for ads.

    1. Woot woot, congrats reigokai! And it still not even a week after you announce it. Sooooo, when the housewarming party? 😄

  15. A new website is like a new house. You can keep everythi MG the same if you want, but it’s also a good chance to redecorate while getting everything up and running

  16. Hello, your comment system is working fine!

    Thank you for your work and enjoy yourself some. No need to rush yourself. 🙂

  17. You still used WordPress website? What’s the difference with the previous one? It’s not just new theme, right?

  18. I know it is a long list of things to do, but a tab icon would be a helpful addition. Also, the links don’t change colors when viewed in light mode (didn’t on old website either), but do in dark mode. Lowest priority nitpicking there – but consistency is nice.

    Doing good work. Don’t let a hiccup like this wear you thin.

  19. excuse someone to pass me the link of the new site? nowhere do I see that they put the link of the new reigokai server

  20. could you do something about the light/dark button? my vision sucks so i usually magnify my screen to the fullest. as a result, the light/dark button ends up filling up my lower right screen & blocks the text. I’ve seen other websites w/ light/dark buttons that only use a small icon. also, they’re fixed at either the top/bottom of the page (yours is always visible as i scroll up/down the page). i find it to be really distracting. if possible could you change it so that the button’s less noticeable / visible only when you access the menu? i’d really appreciate it

  21. I always thought that the old chat system’s lack of features was pretty annoying and that switching to disqus would have been easier. I’m very happy with the change.

    Edit: For example, you’re able to edit comments now, which is a huge plus.

  22. It’s good to be back! I hope you’re doing great, this is a very welcome change. The new site feels smoother in mobile. I hope the best of luck to you, and thank you for the translations 😊

  23. Disqus is very much appreciated because it works seamlessly across a lot of websites that use it. Thank you very much

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