[Not a Chapter]: The Dark Mode is comfortable for me

Hehe, I wanted to make that joke.

Anyways, heya guys, Reigokai here!

I usually don’t like making these many announcement posts, but I feel like there’s a need for this one.

It has been a while since the announcement was made of switching sites and that I will be privating or deleting the previous website, and yet, novelupdates still hasn’t updated the chapters. 

If there’s anyone who can contact the people of novelupdates or has the ability to change it, please do so. I honestly don’t want to private the chapters when the novelupdate links are still leading to them, since I don’t want to create dead links. But it really has been a while already and there has been no change to it. 

As for the changes in the website, it looks like disqus and the dark mode is being taken pretty favorably. I am really happy to hear that! 

-Problem: There seems to be a common issue with people about dark mode not changing comments to dark mode. 

-Solution: You have to refresh the page in order for the comments to reflect the change.

Don’t know how to tell everyone about this solution though. 

Sorry for all the announcements as of late! I have had to tweak the website a lot. This is the first time I have been receiving these many messages of errors I have to fix, haha.

Despite the issue with novelupdates, I will be posting the new chapter tomorrow! 

I am really grateful for all the comments and the support I have received! May the good vibes transfer to this new website too! 

Hope to see you guys when we go to full steam again!

Edit: I have noticed terribly slow loading times. I have upped the tier of my hosting server. Hope that improves the loading times >-<.

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