[Not a Chapter] – Important: Migrating the Website

Hello guys, Reigokai here! 

So well, remember that about being cut off before? …Yeah, it really did happen. 

For the ones who have no idea what I am talking about, here’s the post to bring you up to speed: https://isekailunatic.com/2020/09/19/not-a-chapter-cut-off-for-the-time-being/

The difference this time is that I wasn’t given any reason now. I was simply cut off with no explanations at all. I have now been left dry with my premium features gone but still having paid for them. 

This is the last straw. 

I don’t want to bring any negativity here, so I will keep it civilized. 

I have already begun the slow and tedious migration process. It will most likely be taking me all my time since I am doing it semi-manually, so please forgive me for that.

What I am most worried about is that after migrating, most of my novelupdates links will die. I don’t really have the authority to do anything on NU, so I can only leave it up to the people who have the ability to change things there. 

It really pains me to do this, but I have had my gripes with wordpress.com for a while now, and you could say I have been punched two times too many now. 

It has been 5 years since I began using this website. How time passes. 

There will most likely be people who will be leaving from this, not because they don’t like this changing of websites, but because they simply don’t keep tabs on me so often and I will simply fizzle out. That’s just how it works. 

But if possible, the readers here, I would like you guys to follow me. The support, the patrons, the comments, every reader; they were all my driving force for continuing on with this fun passion of mine that is translation. 

The reason why I was scared of migrating websites is because of the fear that I might be losing some of that on the way. However, this is just the type of situation where I am simply prolonging the inevitable and making it harder for myself. 

I don’t know how many will be noticing this, but for the ones reading here, I really hope you guys continue following me along on the journeys. 

Also, I apologize for this way too sudden announcement.

Now then, I will be making a new post about the new website once I am done. Because of this, I will be taking a “break” of maybe 1 week. 

Hope to see you guys there! 

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113 thoughts on “[Not a Chapter] – Important: Migrating the Website

  1. Take care Reigokai! I will always follow your translated works since you’re way too good at finding at great novels.

    1. Hijacking to say:

      I’m just a lurker who normally just enjoys reading the chapters but I want to show my support for you. I have been following your work ever since you began Double Edged Hero and that won’t stop because of a migration. Please take all the time you need to move over because you simply deserve it. Hope reading all these comments cheer you up a little Rei. Cheers for the years spent and cheers for the years to come!

      Lime Latte best character fight me

  2. Thank u always for ur great work…

    Just take ur time Rei-san, for the better and to avoid the worse, at least inform us where n when u go when u already ready…

  3. I don’t comment much but I’m a big fan of your work and your work ethic! I’m sorry that this is happening to you, also I love road trips so to the new site we go. Lastly I’m sure we can just review the stories on novelupdates and post the new link or at least inform people. It’ll work out!

    1. Jokes aside, I believe the page you’re hosted on is the last thing that people would follow you for.
      Even when someone doesn’t keep tabs on your personally, the reason they would find you again either way wouldn’t be because of your website, but rather because of whatever book they haven’t finished reading, and that isn’t something that a platform change can take from you.

      Apart from that, I believe I can speak for most people here when I say that I would follow you to whatever page you want to be your medium, and that at the very least as long as you keep up with the good work that we have been given for the last years.

  4. I will follow wherever you go Rei! it was your translation that make me start reading with Tsuki ga 3 year ago, now I really start enjoying reading because of you and I like the series you pick and of course your are doing an amazing jobs with translation too! Hope it will go better after this is done, I will continue to follow you until the day you stop! I can’t wait to see the new site too! and I hope you also got a nice day/week!

  5. Oh damn that came out of nowhere.
    But I will follow, whichever website you choose next.

    I do not use NU much but from what I understood, they have notifications there so fans will most likely follow. Furthermore, IIRC, if you reupload all of your chapters on a different website, then the reuploads will also appear on NU, there will just be two times more links. But that’s just what I noticed, someone has better info on that?

    Anyway, this is not the end of a story, but the beginning of a new one.

  6. Don’t worry, I’m sure that at least the 50 recurring people i see in the comments will be with you for this journey.
    Keep it on!

  7. So, is it automatic system cutting you off or some stupid notion is kicking in?(like, “dfak, he posts loli pics in his chaps, castrate his prem!!!111” activists/moderators)
    Any refund? With apologies preferably, but ow well, we know them, corporational monkes
    Anyway, hope all this mess won’t be That stressful in the end

  8. Hi Reigokai,

    I have been a ready here in your website for a long time maybe around 5 or 4 years ago? and I love your work. I may not leaving much comments (since it is my first commenting here) but i really appreciate and love what you have done. Don’t worry I will continue to read and appreciate your work even in the future and hope you continue your work.

    I hope and pray you overcome all the challenges that will come to you.

    God Bless and Thank you.

    Sincerely Yours,
    Your Reader

  9. Just leave us homies a link to where you will be leaving when you are decided and we will follow you everywhere cause atleast I cannot live without without DCFM and weakest mage anymore

  10. Well that sucks but it’s understandable. Sometimes you gotta do what ya gotta do. Good luck with the migration process. I’ll follow you to the new site when you got everything set up.

  11. Rei! Here is a guy from Brazil! Your translation are awesome and sometimes rhe only thing that brightens my day! I will follow you! You can bet it!

  12. Really sad that they take customers for granted, the only nice thing about wordpress is the automatic notice of updates in the app and even that fails for some things I follow.
    Things might be troublesome now, but if the change is for the best, go for it. I just hope that there will be a notice function in the new system.
    Rhanks a lot for your hard work always.

  13. Damn, to think the WP customer support is utter bs, especially the pro version, I even searched them on trustpilot and its that bad..

  14. Alright, Don’t worry about small things, we will follow you on whatever site you post your amazing translations, take your time to do what you must and relax the most you can, just know that wherever you go, we will follow you and support you

  15. Shit is really sad that all the fun and threatening comments crazy theorys and else will be lost. Is like lose a lot of good memories.
    But dont worry the people that “loves you” (your translations) will keep “following you”(like stalkers) and will never stops supporting you (unless you stop translating?) and will keep reading your translations (unless yenpress or any other of those except sea sevens starts a decent translation?) We will always be “together” (we will never let you run away even if we need to break your legs) And if you lose the motivation we will helo you to keep at it (did you see Misery from 1990?)
    Know that we will never hurt you (at least not permanently)
    This may sound wierd maybe a little scary even (and a lot threatening) BUT KNOW THAT THE LOVE IS THERE!!!!!!!!!!!
    Did you see what i mean by fun and threatening comments? (why not combine both!!!)

  16. Our journey has not ended we are just moving to a new location xD tnx for all the joy for the last 5 years will follow you to the new website(and demand translations) but seriously love all the hard work excited to see the new site and remember we are here for support.

  17. Oh… WordPress support…😢 I am following you since I starting reading Tsuki ga Michibiku. Right now, Weakest Mage and DCFM. So, I will immediately follow when you finished the website!

    Anyway, good luck migrating the website. For NU links, I think it is better to ask help from their staff, I guess? It is probably nightmare to actually post it back manually all the links. Thanks for all your hard work!

  18. It’s sad, but you have to do what you have to do.
    I normally visited the site once a day to see if there was a new chapter, but I often noticed the releases on novel updates. I think it’ll mostly be fine if you put the links to the new site there.
    Good luck, I’ll wait patiently for new chapters.

  19. Been a silent lurker for years, but always enjoyed reading here. Don’t let it get you down, we’ll be here waiting for when you’ve got the new site sorted out.

  20. Love your work, even if I’m not reading Tsuki atm (cause imo it’s currently filler/world building in a sense. Just boring really. Things were progressing steadily for so long then boom. Gonna actually play merchant for awhile), and the new Dark Magic guy (didn’t grab me yet, but I’ll try again once more it out), I will still migrate with ya. Just tell me where to go.

  21. I always visit your website. Every morning at 9 am just to check your updates
    It always bring me happiness because you are fast and good
    And of course I’ll follow you again even if you move to different web

  22. You probably never know, but you have been there for me in my hardest of time. Now, I will be with you in yours. Walking on out of comfort roads is hard, but sometimes necessary, and it also build character. I’m sure your exp now could help other bloggers who wish to migrate themselves. Much respect Rei-san.

  23. You couldn’t stop me from following you if you tried your hardest. As long as you’re uploading tsuki chapters, I will find them, and I will read them. It is inevitable.

  24. I always had the convenience of having your translations update automatically in wordpress’ app, now I won’t be able to read your updates in the app. Nonetheless I always had the feeling that sooner and later you’ll be forced to transfer ever since the problem started, so I highly doubt this will stop me from following you though. Goodluck with the tedious migration.

  25. I started reading Tsuki back in January of 2016, and that ended up leading me into the world of translated Japanese web novels, so thanks for that addiction :p
    Sad to see WP screwing you over, but I’ll gladly follow to whatever site you move to. Thanks for everything you’ve posted so far, and here’s to even more in the future!

  26. Regi-sensei doesn’t have to worry! I’m gonna keep following you because your translations are great! Although I don’t read a lot of the novels, I still love every single one of your translations! So I’ll keep following you regardless of the changes.

  27. Been here for quite a while, there’s no reason that I won’t keep supporting you even if it’s on a new website. Just wanted to say to not burn yourself out take as much time as you need

  28. As long as the main website URL doesn’t change, you shouldn’t be losing on too many readers.
    Take the time you need to sort it all out, don’t hesitate to get help if needed. I’m sure plenty of us here would gladly help you with anything.

  29. Thanks bro for the notice…Dont worry though, as long as people searching for TGM or other work translated by you, they will found you again…Take ur time Reigokai

  30. Really enjoying all the novels here, will follow you no matter what site you use, keep up the good work. I’ll keep lurking around enjoying the chapters, btw really like DCFM, really cool novel.

  31. I have been reading your translations for several years and will follow you to wherever you end up. Hopefully the next web host treats you better.

  32. Well, what can we say, its up to you my dear friend, and i will speak in my stand as a spanish speaking reader, go a do it boi, where u go, i will follow u, i don’t speak often in the comment box, but who cares lmao. I will wait for more info in the discord server.

  33. I have been following you for a long time, and changing to a better website for you isn’t going to make me stop. You are a great translator, and the series you help me be able to read have been very helpful to me in dark times, and in a way, you are as much a part of them to me as the authors. Take care of yourself, and thank you for years of translations.

  34. Been following your translations since TsukiMichi and I’m so damm sure I’ll stick around no matter the place you go. Maybe it would be easier to keep tabs of you if you’d have something like a twitter account or something like that? anyways, take your time and find a good place with a decent customer service

  35. You have our full support. We will follow you wherever you go. So don’t worry, even the people who don’t know about this, will find you someway. ❤️❤️

  36. It’s like they hate money or something. I don’t get it.

    Definitely will see your new site later when I get the chance.

  37. Take care of yourself, and just give us the new website link when you’re done!

    Thank you for keeping us updated.

  38. WordPress has not been the best for you, so you’re justified in moving. I hope you have an easy transition to the new site. I just hope I can find the time to read the 5 newest chapters before they’re deleted…

  39. Lurk No.785479 reporting for duty!
    I’ve been a fan of your translations since the near beginning of Tsuki Ga Michibuki (Wow, it’s been that long).
    It is ridiculous how companies handle things. There will be a change with moving, but it’ll be worth it not dealing with such nonsense. Generally, people will go to whatever website to read their favorite novels so I wouldn’t worry about it too much. As long as they know about the move and can find you it should be okay.
    I hope everything goes smoothly.

  40. Thank you always for the great work and don’t worry you have a lot of supporters. Just take your time, we will be waiting.

  41. Best translator out ther, great translations of great stories.
    And all rounder positive nice guy,
    Will definitely be following you where ever you go
    (That last bit wasn’t meant in a creepy way)

  42. Take as long as a break as you need! We’ll be here waiting for patiently, and i hope that whoever does have authority on NU help with regards to the will be now obsolete links

  43. Fear Not Rei-san, i will not stop reading your mind blowing, absolutely wonderful, easy to understand and read and easy to keep up translations.
    You have problems with wordpress, no problem i will still not stop

  44. Sorry to hear you’re still having trouble.

    Don’t worry, though I’m more of a lurker, I’ll be sticking around.

    And yay! Disqus! Privacy concerns aside, its so much better having a managed comments section vs the wall of comments you had on your old site.

  45. You mean there’s people who don’t have you as an open tab at all times??? Heresy who do we purge

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