DCFM – Chapter 047: Exclusive Chosen Bulletin Board JPN [No.1000 – Kurose Hikaru] 2522th

-238: Anonymous from Earth


Rifreya-sama once again! 

-239: Anonymous from Earth

It is a festival.

-240: Anonymous from Earth

“Huuuuuuh?? Love?? What is this woman saying all of a sudden?!”

-241: Anonymous from Earth

The sudden outburst of Karen was cute.

Even though she is normally the downer type.

-242: Anonymous from Earth

Well, no matter how you see it, she was a stalker after all.

Of course she would at least confess.

-243: Anonymous from Earth

To be loved by a super beauty like that…

If this weren’t an isekai, he definitely would have a more plain look than us…

-244: Anonymous from Earth

His face is plain even in the isekai.

He hides in the shadows. 

-245: Anonymous from Earth

Ooh, Hikaru finally is getting involved with someone else…! 

-246: Anonymous from Earth

The camera panning to the grinning black market old man was so godlike, lol.

-247: Anonymous from Earth

A date!

-248: Anonymous from Earth

“T-This is…an emergency! I will go wake up Celica.”

The emergency alert of Karen showed up.

-249: Anonymous from Earth

It completely switched to a watchalong. 

-250: Anonymous from Earth

They are simply going to be having a meal, right?

-251: Anonymous from Earth

No, look at that happy face of Rifreya-sama. 

This world is filled with women who easily invite you to hotels, you know?

The chastity of Hikaru is in danger. 

-252: Anonymous from Earth

Right, it is a society with gender equality (in a sexual meaning)…

-253: Anonymous from Earth

The rate of a young man and woman ending up like that is super high after all.

This is bad…

That’s why Karen must have gone to wake up Celica.

-254: Anonymous from Earth

Aren’t the chances of that happening high even in our modern world? 

It is the same here, you know?

-255: Anonymous from Earth

Young men and women are having a whole ton of sex where you guys don’t know.

It is just you guys not knowing.

-256: Anonymous from Earth

Can you please not go twisting the knife? 

-257: Anonymous from Earth

He is being made to drink an alcoholic beverage similar to a screwdriver cocktail!!

-258: Anonymous from Earth

Isn’t this the place where Crabbell and Jardan brought Alex to before and ended up drinking himself unconscious?! 

-259: Anonymous from Earth

This is bad! 

-260: Anonymous from Earth

Despite Alex’s looks, it was the first time he had alcohol. That was pretty cute. 

-261: Anonymous from Earth

North America is pretty strict when it comes to underage alcohol intake after all.

-262: Anonymous from Earth

He is being super talkative after drinking. So cute!

-263: Anonymous from Earth

It is so cute how Rifreya-sama is going all kyun kyun at Hikaru-kyun.

-264: Anonymous from Earth

Maybe black hair looks sexy in that world?

-265: Anonymous from Earth

“Aaaah! This woman has made Onii-chan drink alcohol!” 

-266: Anonymous from Earth

Celica. LMAO.

-267: Anonymous from Earth

She did talk about a previous episode where Hikaru was made to drink alcohol by his drunk parents after all. 

He was all tipsy and cute, was it? I don’t really understand the view of women.

-268: Anonymous from Earth

No, those tears will obviously get you. 

They got me. 

From today on, I am Rifreya-sama.

-269: Anonymous from Earth

Rather than women, his little sisters are middle schoolers though. Wasn’t that episode when they were in elementary school?

-270: Anonymous from Earth

Those two are super precocious after all…

-271: Anonymous from Earth

Is that how you become when you are intelligent? They did say that they could stay as just normal children in front of his brother though.

-272: Anonymous from Earth

They apparently had intelligence that would easily allow them to graduate from college when they were still elementary school students after all. 

Even their teachers must have been careful with them.

-273: Anonymous from Earth

Doesn’t Hikaru have poison resistance? 

He seems to be decently drunk here though.

-274: Anonymous from Earth

You apparently are stronger to alcohol with poison resistance, but it doesn’t make it impossible for you to get drunk. 

And, even when drunk, when the time requires it, you will be ditoxified immediately.

It has already been proven. 

-275: Anonymous from Earth

That’s some impressive poison resistance. 

Well, we are talking about a power created by God, so it is a matter of course I guess.

-276: Anonymous from Earth

Not being able to get drunk at all is nothing but a demerit after all. 

There isn’t that much entertainment in an isekai, so it would be way too rough to take alcohol out from one of them. 

-277: Anonymous from Earth

By the way, if it does make you stronger to alcohol, that must mean…Hikaru-kyun was originally ultra weak to alcohol…

-278: Anonymous from Earth

Is it already over after leaving the place? 

-279: Anonymous from Earth

Rifreya-sama is so pushy. 

I am jealous.

-280: Anonymous from Earth


“But that voice didn’t reach.” 

-281: Anonymous from Earth

She is totally bringing him to a hotel here.

-282: Anonymous from Earth

Inviting him to an inn is way too straight!! 

-283: Anonymous from Earth

An explorer is a job that you don’t know if tomorrow will even come. 

They wouldn’t be taking their sweet time with each step! 

-284: Anonymous from Earth

This is bad! 

-285: Anonymous from Earth


-286: Anonymous from Earth

Rifreya-sama taking off her shirt. 

Hikaru-kyun standing there dumbfounded. 

And 200 million zippers opening up…

-287: Anonymous from Earth

“O-Onii-chan is going to fall prey to a carnivorous woman!!” 

“He was supposed to be mine!” 



What’s with this conversation? Lmao.

-288: Anonymous from Earth

Karen suddenly shows her lovestruck side to her, so it has destructive power. 

-289: Anonymous from Earth

Celica is always fawning over him, so there’s even suspicions about her faking it after all.

-290: Anonymous from Earth

To think Rifreya-sama would suddenly invite him to an inn. That’s super bold…

-291: Anonymous from Earth

I didn’t expect it really would end up with this development…! 

The women of that world really are predators.

-292: Anonymous from Earth

And in reality, she was eating a whole lot of meat at the diner. 

-293: Anonymous from Earth

The whole world is going crazy over this development!!! 

-294: Anonymous from Earth

I laughed out loud at how crazy the viewer numbers were going up.

-295: Anonymous from Earth

It surpassed the hundred millions in the blink of an eye, lmao. 

-296: Anonymous from Earth

“Are there only sluts in this world?!” 

“No matter how cute Onii-chan is, to fall in love with him five seconds after meeting him…!” 

-297: Anonymous from Earth

The little sisters are burning so much, there will be so many clippable moments. 

This is super amusing. 

-298: Anonymous from Earth

Rifreya-sama is 16 even when she looks like that… Wow, isekais are just…wow.

-299: Anonymous from Earth

I won’t say what’s so amazing about it, but they are amazing. Marvels of nature. I am so jealous. 

-300: Anonymous from Earth

The reactions of the little sisters are so noisy I can’t concentrate at all on what’s happening though! 

-301: Anonymous from Earth

Hmmmmm? Seriously? 

He gave her a sermon and pushed her away?????

-302: Anonymous from Earth


-303: Anonymous from Earth

Wow, Hikaru. I am impressed you didn’t turn into a monster there…

-304: Anonymous from Earth

Even though I have become a monster by just watching here…

-305: Anonymous from Earth

“His sermons were ours only! You thieving cat!” 

Even though Celica is intelligent, she is an idiot. 

-306: Anonymous from Earth

I am impressed at Hikaru for being able to push away that temptation. 

I would have partaken in a heartbeat. 

-307: Anonymous from Earth

“See that?! That’s our Onii-chan!” 

I can kinda understand what those two are saying… 

Well, even if part of that is because he is aware about the many opened zippers watching him around the world. 

-308: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru!! Don’t you know that not partaking in the meal in front of you is the shame of a man?!! 

-309: Anonymous from Earth

He is way too straightlaced after all…

-310: Anonymous from Earth

There’s the possibility that he became this straightlaced because of how extraordinary Celica and Karen are though.

-311: Anonymous from Earth

I think it is also the craziness of their parents that we can get a peek at from the conversations of the twins though.

-312: Anonymous from Earth

Anyways, Rifreya-chan is really aggressive.

She also has stalker tendencies, so maybe she is a yandere?

-313: Anonymous from Earth

The women there are pretty much like that, you know? 

Because there’s Spirit Energy in that world, there’s no difference between men and women in terms of ‘power’.

That’s why it is completely normal for women to invite men. 

There’s a whole lot of women in the army too. 

There’s even a decent amount of cases where women are at the top of a country.

-314: Anonymous from Earth

If I had met a man like Hikaru-kun, maybe I wouldn’t be having a life like this…

-315: Anonymous from Earth

Stop with the heavy comment, lol. 

-316: Anonymous from Earth

Well, you would normally take her. There’s no reason not to.

-317: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru is an idiot. 

You can just give her the sermon after doing her. He really is still a brat. 

-318: Anonymous from Earth

Indeed. The bargaining between men and women must be sly. 

-319: Anonymous from Earth

Eh? Are they going to leave like this? 

-320: Anonymous from Earth

Ah! He was called to a stop and straddled…! 

-321: Anonymous from Earth

Not yet! It ain’t over yet! 

-322: Anonymous from Earth

This isn’t good. This is a critical hit against a virgin introvert. 

-323: Anonymous from Earth

I would dig in instantly. 

-324: Anonymous from Earth

Rifreya-sama is turning into a yandere…

-325: Anonymous from Earth

Wasn’t she one to begin with…??

-326: Anonymous from Earth


-327: Anonymous from Earth

Boobies Boobies! 

-328: Anonymous from Earth

There’s no man who can fight against this temptation, so it can’t be helped…! 

Be swayed…! 

It is okay to be swayed…! 

-329: Anonymous from Earth

This is definitely gonna go all the way…


-330: Anonymous from Earth

The God camera is pretty lenient when it comes to sex after all.

Eros is allowed.


-331: Anonymous from Earth

You guys are hopeless. 

The twins are saddened here, you know?!! 


-332: Anonymous from Earth


-333: Anonymous from Earth

Eh? We were on such a good roll there, and yet, Hikaru suddenly turned weird. 

What happened? 

-334: Anonymous from Earth

Looking at the Status Board and all. This ain’t the time for that!! 

-335: Anonymous from Earth

There’s apparently a Viewer Count Race. 

Looks like an announcement suddenly arrived. It has also been published on the website.

-336: Anonymous from Earth

The 1st place award is a resurrection item, huh…

So that’s what’s making Hikaru panic…

-337: God@Official

Announcement for everyone on Earth! From tomorrow on for 2 weeks, the first Viewer Count Race will begin! We have prepared super wonderful prizes for the Chosen who gather the most attention from the viewers in the span of the event! The big prize for this most auspicious 1st competition is the Resurrection Gem! This is a special item that is impossible to obtain on Earth or the parallel world! Who will be the one taking the glory of 1st? Please root for your favorite Chosen even more than ever! 

-338: Anonymous from Earth

Reviving the dead? Isn’t it an actual Evil God then…?

-339: Anonymous from Earth

It was super scary how Celica muttered ‘God…’ there.

-340: Anonymous from Earth

Are they doing it on purpose knowing that Hikaru is suffering from the matter of Nanami-chan? Was that resurrection gem taking that in consideration?

-341: Anonymous from Earth

You are overthinking it. 

Reviving the dead is a dream-like item for the entirety of humanity. 

You can even use it for when a party member dies, right? 

Isn’t it basically like the leaf of the World Tree? 

-342: Anonymous from Earth

It doesn’t have to be used on the spot after all.

-343: Anonymous from Earth

It is on the level that a king could give you territory for that. 

-344: Anonymous from Earth

Karen went ‘Celica, it is time’ and Celica went ‘Yeah’. 

It seems like they had an understanding there, but what is it? 

-345: Anonymous from Earth

Seriously? God can even revive the dead???

-346: Anonymous from Earth


The announcement was exactly at 12 standard GMT.

Hikaru’s location has a time difference of 9 hours, so it is the same time as Japan. In other words, it is 9:00pm.

And the Viewer Count Race begins tomorrow at 0 o’clock.

Where Hikaru is, that would be 9:00am.

-347: Anonymous from Earth

[Important] It is Twin/Sis. From today to two weeks, we will be stopping the making of highlight videos. Instead, the two of us will be in rotations watching the main broadcast of Hikaru for 24 hours and doing real time translations. 

Nanami-oneesan is basically family for us. 

If Onii-chan is going to be doing his best to revive her, we will also be backing him up with everything we’ve got. Everyone, please watch the main broadcast and bring our brother to 1st place. 

Please…please provide us with your cooperation.

-348: Anonymous from Earth

The twins have descended!! 

-349: Anonymous from Earth

They understand the situation way too fast. Is it because they are siblings?

-350: Anonymous from Earth

Celica was so manly there I cried. 

She read the feelings of her brother way too fast. 

-351: Anonymous from Earth

Eh? What does that mean???

-352: Anonymous from Earth

1 minute after the announcement of the Viewer Count Race. Even though they were going ‘this woman, taking a mounted position!’ just a few moments ago.

-353: Anonymous from Earth


“I will explain to the viewers just in case. I think Onii-chan is going to be using the beauty of Rifreya-san here to get 1st place. That’s why he suddenly invited her to become a party member.
He is most likely thinking that he will be doing anything for the sake of reviving Nanami-oneesan…or something along those lines, but he is kind by nature, so I feel like they will just be flirting here though…
Whichever the case, Nanami-oneesan is family. If our brother is aiming for 1st place, we plan on backing him up with our all… You all, follow along, got it?” 

-354: Anonymous from Earth

I love you, Celica! 

I of course love you too, Karen!! 

-355: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru instantly made advances on Rifreya-sama. That’s impressive. 

It is pretty difficult to reach a decision in that scenario and go away without the sex.

-356: Anonymous from Earth

Even though he was getting completely overwhelmed just a few moments ago, it was as if a switch suddenly flipped on Hikaru.

-357: Anonymous from Earth

Yeah, the sex will be able to give him viewers, so he booked it in order to increase the hype for that day, huh.

What an idiot. 

He obviously would get more viewers if he were to have sex everyday.

-358: Anonymous from Earth

That’s difficult for a virgin. Also, this might be unexpected, but those types of streams don’t really increase the viewers that much.

See Jeanne-chan. Even though she is dead stalwart with none of those elements, she is still super popular.

-359: Anonymous from Earth

Jeanne-chan is completely a hero stream, so that’s way too special of a case. 

She would enter an abandoned castle that has become a natural dungeon all on her own and would mutter stuff like ‘It reminds me of Boletaria…’. <TLN: Demon’s Souls reference.>

-360: Anonymous from Earth

Rather than saying there aren’t that many around, it is more like she is the only one…

-361: Anonymous from Earth

If there’s still people who think Hikaru is the one that killed Nanami-chan with this, they would be plain idiots. 

-362: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru gave her a kiss on the cheek as he left. Nicely done for a virgin.


Sadly to say, idiots fill the world…

-363: Anonymous from Earth

I thought Hikaru was the star of the introverts, but maybe he actually was a womanizer?

-364: Anonymous from Earth

We are talking about the brother of those twins after all.

He must be the type that can do it when the time needs it. 

-365: Anonymous from Earth


I see, so it was simply bad timing. 

Hikaru always has bad timing…

Even at the time of the messages, it was a timing as if it had been premeditated, but that was also when 10 days had passed since the transfer after all.

-366: Anonymous from Earth

I was about to have my heart explode since I secretly betted on Hikaru for the ‘Who will be the next Chosen who will have sex?’ in the Total Stakes, but it ended up being premature joy…

-367: Anonymous from Earth

So there was someone who voted for Hikaru? Lol.

-368: Anonymous from Earth

What were the rates if you had won?

-369: Anonymous from Earth

4588 times. I bet 2000 yen… My 9,170,000 yen…

-370: Anonymous from Earth

He is basically last place with that.

You could even get 450,000 with just 100 yen.

-371: Anonymous from Earth

No, there’s even lower people, you know. But well, we are talking about Hikaru here with that lifestyle after all.

-372: Anonymous from Earth

What a crazy rate. Well, this is betting on about more than 700 people, so of course it would turn out like that, huh…

Even if the rates are high, looking at the lifestyle of Hikaru, the chances really are like winning the lottery…

-373: Anonymous from Earth

The ‘next’ part is really the deal breaker after all. 

It can’t be helped that the rates for the people with low chances would increase. 

-374: Anonymous from Earth

4500 times, you say. To think there was someone who would buy such a shit betting ticket…

-375: Anonymous from Earth

The ones at the top are practically rabbits after all.

-376: Anonymous from Earth

The rabbits that are in the legend section have been taken out from the race…

-377: Anonymous from Earth

Too bad. But there’s still a chance. I will bet on Hikaru once more! 

-378: Anonymous from Earth

I guess I will too. 

He did meet Rifreya-sama after all, so there’s the chance. 

-379: Anonymous from Earth

No, what chance are you talking about? He booked it. 

Bet the rates are dropping all the way down to maybe 20 times. 

-380: Anonymous from Earth

Aaaaah. Hikaru, you idioooooot.

-381: Anonymous from Earth

Are you all here after watching the highlight video? The highlight video isn’t even out yet, right? 

-382: Anonymous from Earth

 Oh, is this your first time here? Just relax and google Twin/Sis.

-383: Anonymous from Earth

We are watching both the main stream and the live watchalong with Twin/Sis. 

The Hikaru fans are all doing that.

-384: Anonymous from Earth

How can you even understand what’s said? 

-385: Anonymous from Earth

Karen is running a software for translation, so you can understand most of what’s said. 

-386: Anonymous from Earth

For the places that the translation program doesn’t work, Celica herself would be doing the translation after all.

-387: Anonymous from Earth

Those two really have high specs. You could even say I have become a fan of those two rather than Hikaru. 

-388: Anonymous from Earth

The one that’s abnormally strong in languages is Celica, and the one that’s abnormally strong with technology is Karen, but it is not like they are weak at other points aside from that. 

Karen can easily speak 3 languages. Seriously monsters.

-389: Anonymous from Earth

Karen can speak in binary code though…

-390: Anonymous from Earth

You don’t speak binary code. It is simply that she specializes in programming. 

-391: Anonymous from Earth

I couldn’t understand at all the programming course for beginners that Karen uploaded on youtube! 

-392: Anonymous from Earth

It was advanced, but it was pretty easy to understand. 

Being able to do such complicated processing with just a few lines of simple code was as expected of her, but the teaching of Karen was way too peculiar. ‘You do this, and it becomes this, and walah!’…don’t give me that.

By the way, the exclusive advanced course was seriously impossible to understand, so I felt the danger when I saw that one. 

-393: Anonymous from Earth

Those twins were editing the videos of Hikaru while going to school, doing livestreams, and on top of that, analyzing the official website too. 

-394: Anonymous from Earth

The audio commentary version is now using more livestream audio than before though. Well, that way feels like a raw reaction, so it is bene though.

-395: Anonymous from Earth

What’s this about analyzing the official website? 

-396: Anonymous from Earth

The parallel world transfer official website that we are looking at, there’s no knowing where the servers are located at, or with what logic it is displayed, and yet, it can be seen from almost any computer terminal. Whether it be TVs, smartphones, and of course PCs. Moreover, even though there’s concentrated traffic of billions from the whole world, it hasn’t crashed, or even lagged. 

We can just brush it off as this being the deed of God, but when something’s not known, it is in the nature of researchers to investigate it. It seems like there’s almost no progress at all though.

-397: Anonymous from Earth

I myself push the theory that there’s actually no physical servers, and all of humanity is hallucinating enmasse.

-398: Anonymous from Earth

There it is! The hallucination theory! 

Well, that’s just how unbelievable of a situation it is.

-399: Anonymous from Earth

Just how much are Celica and Karen earning? 

-400: Anonymous from Earth

They are most likely in the millions in monthly income. There’s basically no highlight videos of Hikaru aside from the ones of Twin/Sis, so not only do they get viewers from the whole world, they are also properly doing the translated versions to perfection. They are lined up as the top together with Ikakin in Japan. 

-401: Anonymous from Earth

They said they would even be making dubbed versions using voice actors. Those girls are fearsome…

-402: Anonymous from Earth

 The other companies were going ‘We can’t compete with this’ and have taken their hands off from making edited videos of Hikaru. 

It is technically a monopoly.

-403: Anonymous from Earth

Even international conglomerates avoided competing!! 

-404: Anonymous from Earth

They had to suddenly live overseas with their parents, but with that much money, they shouldn’t have any inconveniences. 

-405: Anonymous from Earth

In this case, who is the one earning the money? The brother, or the little sisters? 

-406: Anonymous from Earth

Considering the specs, those twins would have been able to earn as much money even without their brother. That’s just how outstanding they are. 

-407: Anonymous from Earth

They are getting a % of the uses in the translation software, so…

Even without those video projects, they would still be millionaires. 

-408: Anonymous from Earth

And here those twins are going to be doing their all in backing him up in the Viewer Count Race, huh… 

What’s going to happen?

-409: Anonymous from Earth

This is just me assuming, but Twin/Sis are most likely the ones who are the most serious when it comes to backing up an individual. 

The big companies don’t throw their money to just one person alone, so isn’t this going to go pretty well? Even if not, Hikaru has gotten 1st place before. 

-410: Anonymous from Earth

But we are talking about the world here. It won’t be that easy. 

-411: Anonymous from Earth

Well, at the very least, I will cooperate in whatever I can.

Or so I say, but the only thing I can do is leave the stream on for 2 weeks though.

-412: Anonymous from Earth

I think Celica and Karen will be pumping money in the millions. I have the strange confidence that those two will be doing that much…

-413: Anonymous from Earth

Their brother is a whimp that lets the chance of a lifetime escape though.

-414: Anonymous from Earth

He said he would be reserving it for later though.

In these kinds of situations, there normally isn’t a ‘next time’, you know.

-415: Anonymous from Earth

At any rate, Rifreya-sama is so lewd…. This is going into my permanent folder…

-416: Anonymous from Earth

It was so dark I could barely see anything, so I am looking forward to the next time. 

-417: Anonymous from Earth

But if Nanami-chan revives, won’t the true culprit go kill her to seal her lips? 

-418: Anonymous from Earth

Celica said it before, right? 

‘I will go together with brawny old men to immediately protect her, and in the first place, we have already bought the house of Nanami-oneesan’… (Tremble)

-419: Anonymous from Earth

So strong…

-420: Anonymous from Earth

I will follow Celica for the rest of my life…

-421: Anonymous from Earth

[Important] It is Twin/Sis. From today to two weeks, we will be stopping the making of highlight videos. Instead, the two of us will be in rotations watching the main broadcast of Hikaru for 24 hours and doing real time translations. 

Nanami-oneesan is basically family for us. 

If Onii-chan is going to be doing his best to revive her, we will also be backing him up with everything we’ve got. Everyone, please watch the main broadcast and bring our brother to 1st place. 

Please…please provide us with your cooperation.

-422: Anonymous from Earth

I liked Nanami-chan, so I definitely want her to come back! 

I will support you as much as I can!! 

-423: Anonymous from Earth

I am watching~. I may not amount to much, but I will also cooperate! Bring Hikaru to 1st place! 

-424: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru to 1st place!

-425: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru to 1st place!

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