DCFM – Chapter 048-49: The Next Morning and The Beginning of the Race

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The next day, I had come to the inn of Rifreya early in the morning. 

What happened last night feels like a dream or something. 

But it wasn’t a dream. 

That’s because in the Status Board, there’s big dancing letters saying ‘Viewer Count Race in progress!’.

(Rifreya must remember what happened last night…) (Hikaru)

That’s one of my worries.

There’s no way to confirm if she was actually drunk or not there.

There’s the chance she has forgotten everything. 

Last night, after I returned to my inn, I investigated the details of the Viewer Count Race. 

Cause even if you say viewer count, there’s a lot of patterns to it. Is it by the highest realtime viewer count? Or are they going to be measuring it strictly by the total amount of views?

Or they could even be going by the average viewer count.

It seems God understands that there’s questions in those areas, the rules of the race were clearly defined. 

-In the period of the Viewer Count Race, the total view time will be measured. 

For example; if one person watched 8 hours, the 8 hours would be counted. The total of all viewers will be added, and the one with the highest number will be the winner. You could say it is a simple but sure method of measurement. 

 -Cooperating between Chosen and exchanging information with the messaging system is ok.

This one doesn’t have much to do with me, but it might be easier to gain viewer time by being in groups to bring the viewers of the Chosen together. 

-Awesome prizes have been prepared all the way to 10th place! Do try and participate! 

Looking at the reward list, it is true that they are all great. 

But I have no eyes for anything aside from the 1st place’s Resurrection Gem. 

-The ones who use the Point Loan system won’t have the right to participate in this event. 

Now that I think about it, there was an announcement about there being a point loan system a while ago. 

Well, it is true that you could get Points in advance to exchange for items or something like that in order to get an advantageous start, so that might be unfair. So God is strict with fairness, huh.

After I researched about it from beginning to end, I confirmed my own situation from on top of my bed. 

“My real time viewer count: 192,330,000 people.” 

“Total views: 7,630,000,000.” 

“Likes: 1,510,000,000.” 

“Total Crystals obtained: 78.” 

“Total Points obtained: 6.” 

“Number of Chosen: 709/1000.” 

“Crystals in possession: 39.” 

“Points in possession: 5.” 

The real time viewers have increased all of a sudden. It must be because there was that night with Rifreya. 

Even when I look back on it myself, it didn’t feel real as if it was a story from someone else. But her warmth still remains as if it were embers…

You could say nothing happened, but thinking about how my parents might have seen that, I find it a bit hard to stay sane. 

(Whichever the case, I have Points.) (Hikaru)

The Points I obtained when I learned the Summon Undead and the shining flower.

I could use these Points I got when I came to this world. 

There’s obviously items, but there’s also Physical Ability and Resistance. Just that, it seems like the Special Ability is a special category, I can’t take those. 

I have 39 Crystals. I could exchange 30 for 1 Point, but Crystals have their respective uses. It would be better not to change them here. 

(5 Points, huh…) (Hikaru)

It is a worrisome number. I can go for Physical Strength Up Level 1 and Vitality Up Level 1.

I can also take natural recovery types, but I can just rely on potions for that. 

If my Tier increases by defeating monsters, the body capabilities will apparently increase on all fronts, but thinking about my current situation, it really gotta be Physical Strength or Vitality.

As for resistances, I already have resistance to poison, diseases, and aging, so there’s no need to put points on those. 

I can only have 1 Spirit Ability, so it is impossible to take more.

But utilizing these 5 Points here is a gamble in itself. 

I managed to survive in the forest because I had Points remaining. There’s no assurance I won’t be falling into a similar situation. I still have 1 Barrier Stone remaining, but once I use that, that will be the end. I will lose my safety net for the times when something happens. 

(But adventuring while leaving a safety net wouldn’t be fun for the viewers…) (Hikaru)

I have decided to take 1st place. 

Then, the only choice here is to use the Points. 

(I want to increase my viewers as much as possible. I will be using them when the Viewer Count Race has started.) (Hikaru)

After I decided that, I went to sleep last night. 

…Honestly speaking, I was reminded of the events with Rifreya and had a hard time sleeping. 

And so, while I waited for Rifreya, I decided to use the Points. 

After confirming my surroundings, I begin talking to empty space. 

“Hello, I am Kurose Hikaru. From today on…” (Hikaru)

I stopped mid sentence. 

I don’t know if it is okay for me to announce that I am aiming for 1st place in the Viewer Count Race. 

I am being thought of as the guy that killed Nanami and went to the parallel world after all.

If I were to proclaim I am aiming for 1st place, they might do their utmost to not watch me so that I can’t get 1st place. Even if I were to tell them I want the Resurrection Gem to revive Nanami, who would believe me? 

I could be using it for something else…or think that I want to sell the gem to earn big. That’s just how they will end up taking it. 

No…it could be taken in an even worse way. 

If I take 1st place, ‘no one else will be able to revive Nanami, so the truth will stay in the darkness’. In other words, I am taking 1st place to seal the lips of Nanami…

That’s how it could be taken by the bad natured ones. 

More so when the gem can only revive a person that is important to you.

All the Chosen of Japan have met Nanami. There might be ones who have gotten along with her. 

…Well, of course, if they want to revive Nanami, I won’t have any issues with that, but if they are just going to be a hindrance and it ends up with the result of none being able to take 1st place to revive Nanami, that would just be saddening. 

That’s why I won’t say it.

If this were the usual, I would be grateful if they weren’t watching, but just this time around…just for this brief period, I want them to watch.

“…From today on, I will be partying with Rifreya and exploring the dungeon.” (Hikaru)

I just give them a simple explanation of my plans.

I did decide to take 1st place, but I don’t know the best method to get there. I am not an influencer, or an entertainer; I am just your average highschool student. There’s no way I would know how to get viewers. 

What I know is that if I am together with Rifreya, my viewers will increase with her beauty. 

And then, talk about me using her will be spread, and the viewers on Earth will be burning even more. 

What’s important is action and result. 

Telling the viewers I want to take 1st place here at this timing would be a demerit, and there wouldn’t be much merit.

…Just that, I feel bad for Rifreya who will be exposed to several millions of curious gazes without her knowing. 

I am trying to use her good will and deceiving her after all. 

But if I don’t do this, there’s no way I will be able to take 1st place.

“Before diving into the dungeon, I will use my remaining 5 points and take Physical Strength Up 1.” (Hikaru)

It is pretty embarrassing to talk to empty space, but there’s the need to acknowledge the viewers. It is not like there isn’t any mental damage and uncomfortness from this, but I have to push myself here and leave those aside. 

I operate the Status Board and take the Physical Strength Up 1. 

<<Will you use 5 Points and acquire [Physical Strength Up Level 1]? Yes – No>>

I push Yes. 

At the same time as I did this, I felt my body growing hot. 

I don’t think my body has changed. 

If I had to put it in words, it is more like the Spirit Energy in my body has activated. 

It might be similar to the times when I defeat monsters. 

With this, my physical strength has doubled, which is surprising. 

I currently don’t feel the difference, but I should be able to tell when I am in the dungeon.

I explain this feeling to empty space.

It is pretty idiotic, but viewers do exist. 

Doing small things like this to acknowledge the viewers shouldn’t be a waste. There’s the possibility of losing by a single viewer after all. 

“I am currently waiting for Rifreya. I met her last night for a bit, so…seeing her is honestly a bit embarrassing, and we drank before, so maybe she doesn’t remember—” (Hikaru)

“Hikaru? Is there anyone there?” 

“Hiaah! That gave me a fright! So you were here, Rifreya.” (Hikaru)

  • Chapter 049: Beautiful Person and Promise

I was all flustered explaining the current situation, and didn’t notice Rifreya showing up.

She saw me talking to empty space.

Does she think I am a weirdo…?

“Yeah, you were talking about something, so I was wondering what it was…” (Rifreya)

“Aah, no, it was nothing. Good morning.” (Hikaru)

“Yeah, good morning.” (Rifreya)

She has silver armor equipped, and was dressed as a warrior with a crazy big sword.

Her platinum blonde hair was basking in the morning sun, shining gently, and her snow white skin was clear without a single blemish. 

Her big amber color eyes were crystalline, and I could feel purity that was as if it could see through my evil heart. 

(So beautiful.) (Hikaru)

I instinctively wanted to hide. 

The courage to show myself in front of her shriveled in an instant. 

Last night I managed to talk with her and have a meal with her as if we were equals. 

But that must have been the magic of the night. 

Maybe the darkness helped me out. 

Being below the light of the sun reveals how small of a person I am.

Wearing shabby and disorderly dyed black clothes, unkempt hair that has been left to grow all this time, and baggy black eyes lacking sleep. The dagger hanging from my waist is the second cheapest thing in the weapon store, and it is not like I am tall, and even my face is plain.

(…No, that’s fine. It is okay for there to be a bad result. I might be able to get viewers from that too.) (Hikaru)

The more laughable I am, the better. 

The viewers must be wishing for me to suffer. 

If it is to become 1st, who cares how much I am hurt. 

I clenched my fist and spoke to her. 

“Rifreya, could you sleep well last night? I didn’t manage to sleep that much.” (Hikaru)

“You too, Hikaru? Actually, I myself didn’t sleep that much either… Ehehe.” (Rifreya)

Rifreya’s gaze swam a bit and was blushing slightly. This certainly is her from last night, and that relieved me a bit. 

That sight of hers standing below the sunlight was shining brilliantly…like a sacred goddess.

“Do you…remember what happened last night?” (Hikaru)

“Eh?! Ah…yes. Of course I won’t forget it. The promise…right?” (Rifreya)

Rifreya said this and blushed even more. 

Looks like she thought I was talking about leaving the ‘thanks’ for later. 

By the way, I did postpone her reward to a later time, but I am not so shameless as to think about taking it. 

I am being watched by all of humanity. Even if it is for the sake of aiming for 1st place, that’s a line I must not cross.

I don’t care how much I myself get hurt, but I don’t want to reveal this pure person and dirty her for my own gain.

Even at this very moment and from here on, just by being together with me, she is being watched by millions of people without her knowing. 

And here I am, using her despite that. 

If I were to tell her that, she would be conscious about her ‘being watched’. There’s a high chance she would refuse to come along with me. 

That’s why, I am purposely keeping it from her. 

Once these 2 weeks are over, I will repent in any way. 

I don’t think that will absolve me from my sin, but even with that, I want Nanami to come back.

“…I am talking about going to the dungeon together. I really am a beginner. Please teach me a lot.” (Hikaru)

“Yeah, of course. Leave it to me!” (Rifreya)

“Then, let’s go. Is the 2nd Floor okay?” (Hikaru)

When I was about to walk, she went ‘wait wait’ and stopped me.

“We have to show up at the guild first.” (Rifreya)

“Guild…?” (Hikaru)

“…Hikaru…you really were a side gater, huh…” (Rifreya)

By side gater, it meant people that would do business without the qualifications. 

In other words, it refers to me who sneaked into the dungeon every single time using darkness, and would sell what I got to the black market…

I can’t even argue this. 

In the first place, Rifreya knows that I have been doing deals with the black market. 

“Sorry. I don’t even know what a guild is. What’s that facility for?” (Hikaru)

“It is the dungeon management department. The explorers take requests from the guild to subjugate monsters and obtain Spirit Stones. You have to properly register as an explorer and apply when you are diving into the dungeon or they won’t let you in, you know?” (Rifreya)

“I see. I didn’t know. I was always sneaking in. Hahaha.” (Hikaru)

This may not be a laughing matter, but I can only laugh here.

“Hm, well, it is fine since it is me, but…it is better not to tell others, okay? You would get apprehended at worst after all.” (Rifreya)

Looks like I was doing something pretty dangerous there. 

Well, let’s just think about it as something that has already passed.

“And so, can I also register as an explorer? I am living in a cheap inn and don’t have an address or anything.” (Hikaru)

“As long as you are not a heinous criminal, anyone can do it. You will start at the lowest rank, but well, as long as you get Spirit Stones, it will be increasing anyways. Being an ability user of your caliber, you will be able to go up to at least Gnome Rank.” (Rifreya)

“Gnome Rank…? What rank are you, Rifreya?” (Hikaru)

“I am currently Sylvestre Rank. One rank below Gnome Rank.” (Rifreya)

Saying this, she brought out a silver ID from her pocket, and showed it to me. 

It is a pretty hard to remember name, but you can tell them apart from the material of the ID, so it doesn’t seem that complicated. 

The dungeon management department is around a 3 minutes walk from the dungeon, so we managed to reach this so-called guild real soon. 

The guild is close to the dungeon, a sturdy facility made of stone, and the spacious lobby had rowdy people that are most likely explorers walking around.

When Rifreya came in, the gazes of the men gathered on her, and even I felt them at the back of her. I see, of course she wouldn’t feel like searching for party members here. 

“Ooh, Rifreya-chan. What’s with that brat there? Did you pick up a member of the club club?” 

A man that screamed ruffian spoke to Rifreya.

She must have a history as an explorer, so obviously she would have explorers speaking to her. 

Rifreya stops her feet. 

“No, he is my party member. I won’t let you be rude.” (Rifreya)

“Huh? This brat is going to party with a silver rank?! Oi, brat, what’s your rank?” 

The man was riled up at what Rifreya said.

I can tell that the people listening in on this were directing their attention at us. 

Oi oi. 

I didn’t expect a cliche development like this would actually happen! 

Well, Rifreya must have been someone that stood out even in the guild -to a degree that other explorers would have their attention on her. 

She is an extraordinary beauty, and her weapon is big, so she stands out. 

She is the complete opposite of me. 

Anyways, this development is delicious for the viewers. 

Even if I were to get beaten up here, I would still be winning. 

I whispered to Rifreya ‘I will deal with this, so don’t say anything’, and answered the man.

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