DCFM – Chapter 024: Different World Bulletin Board [Country: JPN – C] 6211

-443: Anonymous from Earth

I imagined it, but everyone is having it rough.

-444: Anonymous from Earth

The food…

The japanese probably are on the advantageous side in that. 

We are the type that can eat most of anything. 

-445: Anonymous from Earth

There were too many Chosen who would go “I can’t eat something like this!” and would push the sandwich button.

-446: Anonymous from Earth

I feel a bit bad for the ones who can’t eat things because of their religion, but I also feel like they are a bit too strict on themselves right now given the situation they are in.

-447: Anonymous from Earth

There’s pretty tasty-looking stuff too…

There’s also the hygiene issue, so I can’t really say for sure it is safe though.

-448: Anonymous from Earth

In the end, modern people like us have to go to big cities in the isekai and buy expensive food.

-449: Anonymous from Earth

I didn’t imagine there were these many people who can’t eat grilled fish. 

-450: Anonymous from Earth

It might just be an issue of their cooking though. If they had done it meuniere or frit, they would have eaten it…probably. 

-451: Anonymous from Earth

It is apparently turning into a trend to say “That’s not pig, it just resembles it. Pigs don’t exist in isekais” to the people that can’t eat due to their religion.

-452: Anonymous from Earth

Aah, true. There’s no way they are the same. 

We are talking isekai here.

-453: Anonymous from Earth

Spirit Stones come out from inside their bodies after all.

-454: Anonymous from Earth

Do Spirit Stones come out from the body of the Chosen too?

-455: Anonymous from Earth

Most likely. It should be safe to assume that their bodies have been remade to conform to the world there at the time they were transferred. They are getting powers using points, so their bodies are being modified in real time.

-456: Anonymous from Earth

How are the vegetarians doing? 

-457: Anonymous from Earth

They are maintaining their vegetable diet decently well. There’s a good amount of edible plants there after all.

-458: Anonymous from Earth

There’s an abundance of food.

The survival difficulty is a lot lower than I thought.

-459: Anonymous from Earth

Most of the ones that got Random Transferred died though…

-460: Anonymous from Earth

That’s because they are idiots that jump into danger themselves. Idiots don’t survive. It was simply natural selection at work here. 

-461: Anonymous from Earth

They are beginning at level 1. No matter if you are a warrior, mage, priest, or martial artist, you have to take it slow. Why can’t they understand that?

-462: Anonymous from Earth

There’s no cure for idiocyyyyyy!

-463: Anonymous from Earth

You are all flaming the hell out of them, but you had to use 30 points to avoid the random transfer, so I feel like it can’t be helped that they would think there’s a chance it will be okay. It seems like 30 points was the bare minimum you could get after all.

-464: Anonymous from Earth

It is not like it is assured that you would get thrown into danger.

-465: Anonymous from Earth

The reality is that random is chosen by default, and if you want to transfer safely, you had to pay 30 points. Having 30 points and being taken away 30 points feels completely different. 

-466: Anonymous from Earth

Even Ikakin said that there might be people who ended up with the random transfer because they didn’t have enough time to think and were too flustered…

-467: Anonymous from Earth

God really is scary. 

God is the Devil.

-468: Anonymous from Earth

From the people that seemed to have been randomly transferred, only 4 survived, you know?

-469: Anonymous from Earth

In just a few days after the transfer, 41 people died already.

That’s a pretty scary number…

I am impressed that Hikaru survived.

-470: Anonymous from Earth

There should be a number of lucky people who chose random transfer but were sent to safe places, but we won’t know until the person themselves tells us.

-471: Anonymous from Earth

In the books distributed to all Chosen, it was clearly written there: ‘the most important thing is where you are going to be transferred. If you can choose, make it the highest priority to take safety’. On the contrary, why were there that many people who chose random despite that…?

-472: Anonymous from Earth

By book, do you mean the one that was issued by WHO, the UN, or whatever? 

-473: Anonymous from Earth

That’s right. The isekai key notes created by gathering well-informed people.

Rumors say even japanese light novel writers participated in it…

-474: Anonymous from Earth

Well, even if you distribute books, there’s some who won’t read it.

-475: Anonymous from Earth

God should publicize where the points were allocated for the Chosen already, damn it.

-476: Anonymous from Earth

Totally that. I wanna know the secret to Jeanne-chan’s strength.

-477: Anonymous from Earth

By the way, there’s apparently a lot of viewers who have their attention on stuff like the High Heal Scroll and the Rejuvenation Scroll.

-478: Anonymous from Earth

It is the dream of humanity after all > rejuvenation.

-479: Anonymous from Earth

The High Heal is also a dream item. It can even heal lost parts. 

-480: Anonymous from Earth

I think the option of the Chosen returning to this world will appear eventually. When that happens, the important part is whether God will allow ‘souvenirs’ or not.

-481: Anonymous from Earth

If spirit magic can be used here, it would be strong. 

-482: Anonymous from Earth

We got no Spirits, so it would be impossible.

-483: Anonymous from Earth

There’s no scrolls and spirits, so there’s a high chance they won’t have any effect here. 

-484: Anonymous from Earth

That’s possible.

-485: Anonymous from Earth

If healing magic and scrolls work on the same principles, there’s no chance.

-486: Anonymous from Earth

What about potions?

-487: Anonymous from Earth

Even that could be a concentrated liquid of spirits. There’s no knowing.

-488: Anonymous from Earth

If it exists in liquid form, can’t it at least be possible to affect the body in some way?

-489: Anonymous from Earth

We don’t know if spirits are harmful for earthlings, you know?

It is an absolute foreign substance, so you could die instantly at worst. 

-490: Anonymous from Earth

But the Chosen are okay.

-491: Anonymous from Earth

The theory of the Chosen having their bodies remade to adapt to the isekai is strong.

-492: Anonymous from Earth

I can’t tell whether this topic is full of hopes and dreams or not…

-493: Anonymous from Earth

Who is the Chosen you are the most interested in right now?

-494: Anonymous from Earth

That’s really sudden there.

For me, it would be the amnesiac german superman.

-495: Anonymous from Earth

Obviously Hikaru.

-496: Anonymous from Earth


-497: Anonymous from Earth


-498: Anonymous from Earth

The Great Dark Mage Hikaru-kyun.

-499: Anonymous from Earth

It gotta be Ikakin.

-500: Anonymous from Earth

Maximilian Marshal-sama.

-501: Anonymous from Earth

The romanian twins.

-502: Anonymous from Earth

Jack Alexander Fox-kun.

-503: Anonymous from Earth

Watching Jeanne-chan really does feel good. A beauty that gives that powerhouse feeling is the best of the best. 

-504: Anonymous from Earth

That time when Jeanne-chan defeated a zombie with a log was crazy exciting.

-505: Anonymous from Earth

Her mental strength is on another level too. She doesn’t slack on her training either. It is on the level where I am questioning where such a talent like that was slumbering in.

-506: Anonymous from Earth

Jeanne-chan not showing any interest in Spirit Abilities is too strong. 

Physically and mentally. 

-507: Anonymous from Earth

There’s theories that say Jeanne-chan took the debuff of ‘No affinity with Spirit Magic’.

-508: Anonymous from Earth


-509: Anonymous from Earth

Having the courage to take something like that in a world where everything is solved with the power of spirits -that’s amazing.

-510: Anonymous from Earth

When talk about Jeanne-chan begins, it just doesn’t end, so please bring that talk to her exclusive bulletin board. 

-511: Anonymous from Earth

Anyways, there are a lot less people than I thought that go to battle. 

I thought there would be more people who would turn into fighters.

-512: Anonymous from Earth

There’s a lot of mages though…

-513: Anonymous from Earth

Aren’t there way too many Chosen who get bored of spirit magic as soon as they learn the amount of times they can cast it isn’t that high?

They lack the spirit to try hard and go the slow and steady route. 

-514: Anonymous from Earth

In the end, that’s what you get when you are not someone who holds admiration towards an isekai. 

They have their hands full with just living. 

-515: Anonymous from Earth

I don’t find much amusement in the Chosen who became bread store trainees and farmers…

-516: Anonymous from Earth

It can’t be helped that the viewers would gather at the few berserkers. 

The large majority of the skills of the Chosen are combat oriented. 

Rather than the will of God, it is more like the design of the system of God is bad.

-517: Anonymous from Earth

When it comes to that, I really gotta respect Ikakin.

Even though he is scared shitless, he still braves himself to do battle. 

-518: Anonymous from Earth

I want Hikaru-kun who is shut in to do his best too.

I am sure he would be super strong if he were to fight.

His spirit magic is crazy. 

-519: Anonymous from Earth

*Spirit Ability

-520: Anonymous from Earth

You guys all talking about battles being the best, but you are all watching the ero channels too, right?

-521: Anonymous from Earth

Of course.

It would be rude not to!

-522: Anonymous from Earth

So cool (not).

-523: Anonymous from Earth

I remembered this after the talk about food, but it seems like you can survive even after eating a Spirit Stone.

-524: Anonymous from Earth

The only one who would do that would be the indonesian monk…

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      1. We usually turn it into ring. Only the oddest of odd would eat it….. or for some kind of ritual

      2. Eating glass is an attraction of ‘black magic’ by professionals. Idk whether it is a real glass or not, and whether they’re actually eating it or not (like magician eating swords). But, making stones into rings is a thing. Some likes it because the aesthetic and some believes it contains magical power

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      Confrontation with them against another chosen one is inevitable

  1. So seems like people are starting to realize that the god made a shitty design for this isekai. Most people are being forced to spend their points on sandwiches because they can’t eat the food of that world for one reason or another like because of religious reasons, hygiene concerns or they don’t know how to cook. Then they talk about how already 41 people died within a few days of coming to the world because most of them picked the Random Transfer option and then they discuss that it costed 30 points to pick a safe transfer area and that since the bare minimum of points the Chosen start out with is 30 it makes it sounds like it’s too expensive of an option because you could wind up with zero points if you happen to be one of the ones who only started out with 30 or you might not have enough points left to pick that option after designing your character sheet. The god didn’t even advise them about their starting location being important, Earth’s governments are the ones who had to do it in a book and it obviously wasn’t some compulsory thing that the Chosen had to read. Well even if they choose a safe transfer area it seems like it’s only safe in terms of that world. I remember in a previous BB chapter they said the French girl picked to transfer to a safe area but they also said she was still having to fight enemies.

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