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Tsuki – Chapter 398 (460): True Essence

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In this world, there’s things scarier than death. 

As long as there’s no knowledge of what death is, it isn’t easy to think of something scarier. 

However…what if we put it in this way? 

There’s things that are more embarrassing than being naked. 

Yeah, this one is easy. 

Being naked is embarrassing. The person themselves can understand that. 

By the way, I am the type that finds cross-dressing as embarrassing as being naked. 

Eh, then that isn’t more embarrassing than being naked, right? 


Things that are more embarrassing than being naked…is what I am being made to wear. 

“Waka-sama, you look lovely. I have fallen in love all over again!” (Mio) 

“…I-I think it looks good. Pft—fufufuha! It is a bit on the mobility side…!” (Tomoe) 

This is something that happened just a bit ago, but the vague relationship of the Mist Town and the Kuzunoha Company were used in a conspiracy. 

The calculation itself was a complete mess, but they somehow managed to deduce (could be called stretching though) the relationship of the Kuzunoha Company and the Mist Town to an astounding close extent, and so, it ended up with me getting flustered by this. 

Things were wrapped up without issues, but it seems like Tomoe, Mio, and even Tamaki seem to have thought of an evil plan. 

One of them said: “We are calling you Waka-sama, so there should be an Oyakata-sama as well, right?”. 

I don’t remember it clearly, but the options were half-assed like rear-sama or retired-sama, so I ended up choosing Waka-sama. I am pretty sure they weren’t thinking about the whole picture from the very beginning. 

The second one said: “Then the Oyakata-sama must become even more impressive than Waka-sama. Right, even more impressive than the one he dressed up in at Limia!”.

In my memories, that experience was pretty embarrassing. Might as well have been naked with a full face helmet…no, that’s also really questionable. 

The third one said: “It is true that they would question the status of our country if our king is called Waka-sama <Young Master>. Then, it should be a grade up of Waka-sama, Oyakata-sama? Ah, what should we do about his way of saying I? Should we use maro, ware, ore, or we <All variations of I>?”

Tamaki who was stirring the conversation in a teasing manner. When Tomoe and Mio go far off the tangent, she is the type that grabs onto them and accelerates it. 

They are people that try to enjoy everything, so they were making really good faces there. 

Compared to that, the fo** armor at Limia was still fine. 

 A metallic armor that let out a dazzling black and gold shine. 

It is an armor, so it was made for battle, and yet, for some reason, there was an incredibly extravagant cloak. 

At its waist, there’s a longsword hanging that I don’t even use. I would have preferred it to be a bow at the very least…

It is different from the super tight fit ones. The armor is one size bigger than me, and yet, it is somehow really easy to move in. 


This really is…the best form of the Riders in the Heisei Era.

Right, it is a variation of the one the little sister of the Rembrandt sisters uses. The one that has been settled with the name Juuki by a part of the adventurers in Tsige. 

I am impressed that she can wear that with glee. 

In a sense, I respect that. 


As for me, it is just as I have been thinking for a while now. 

It is more embarrassing than being naked.

That’s a definite. 

Mio who is the main developer of it was the only one who truly saw this appealing from the bottom of her heart. For Tomoe, it feels as if she is truly enjoying this moment for the shits and giggles. 

“Will I really come out to the adventurers looking like this?” (Makoto)

I end up asking about what I will be doing from now on again.

It really doesn’t feel real even when I say it.

Moreover, one of them is Alpine; people I am acquainted with. 

I will be leading Tomoe and the others as the Lord here, the Oyakata-sama (temporary name).

Uooooooooo…it feels like I am doing a penalty here. 

“Of course. We will show the figure of the Lord of the Mist Town that is covered in a veil of mystery. It is a move that has a lot of positives.” (Tomoe)

“I think it is completely the same as before in the fact that the origins of it are still a total mystery though.” (Makoto)

My face, voice, and even height are a complete fake. 

“It would be amusing to show the peak form of a Juuki to Tsige. I am sure there will be interesting rumors coming one after the other from it-desu wa!” (Mio)

“Right. We won’t be silencing them about the existence of the Oyakata-sama and his form after all…” (Tamaki)

I am not seeking for amusement that much.

About the peak of the Juuki, there’s a part of me that was on the verge of agreeing like ‘oh, really?’.

“This was apparently a one-off supreme creation, so I also cooperated to my full extent. I think that instead of being something that stands out in its demerits like the previous times for Waka-sama, there might even come cases when it would be even better to use the armor than not. This is the ultimate form of the Ka*** Rider Heisei Era series that Mio-san zealously used as reference; the Golden Kaizer Form. She also pursued specialized functions, and has loaded several forms like Ru**, Next***, After***. On top of that, it even has the personal favorite of Mio-san that was the Showa Era Black RX style. This is the ultimate armor that has the dreams, cooperation, and technique of all the Asora residents—” (Tamaki)

“Scary scary long long! There’s way too many asterisks, you are speaking like a bullet, and the passion is on a constant rise!” (Makoto)

The passionate talk of Tamaki made me question when did she even have the chance to breathe. 

The only thing that remained in my head is that it is the ultimate form of the Heisei Era! 

“Calm down, Tamaki. It is true that the appearance is like a joke, and there’s not even a fragment of peace in this, looking more like an inelegant toy, but despite all that, it is an unexpected product that has miraculously crammed all of Asora into it-ja. I think there would be a lot of meaning in wearing this and showing up in front of everyone with that.” (Tomoe)

“I get it. I do get it, and I also agree as well. I am simply a bit apprehensive…” (Makoto)

Why did the residents of Asora put their technique and dreams in this? 

A giant robot might have been better than this. 

“It would also serve as a good reward for the people at the high ranks of the Asora Ranking.” (Tamaki)

Tamaki got slightly calmer and nodded repeatedly.


This time around, it isn’t only Tomoe and the others, I have heard that the high ranked ones of the Asora Ranking will also be coming with us. 

I heard everyone saying they are looking forward to this. 

There were also quite a lot of people who were visibly regretful about it. 

…I have to do it…


Then, I should resolve myself.

“…Then, let’s go.” (Makoto)


A good response came back.

You gotta do what you gotta do.

“Then, come in, top ranked. 1st Rank, Serwhale! 2nd…” (Tomoe)

Tomoe called in the names till the 3rd Rank, and the 3 entered not long after. 

I could see Serwhale-san is somewhat nervous.

The 3 of them are not laughing or making looks of pity at my appearance, rather they were directing eyes of admiration at me. 

…The crystallization of Asora, huh.

Then, I should at least wear this with a positive mindset. 

Damn it, rather than resolve, I have ended up agreeing with it from the bottom of my heart. 

With 4 followers and the top 3 ranked at my back, I walk ahead of everyone. 

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