Tsuki – Chapter 386: Onigiri rolling around

The eatery that was opened by the Kuzunoha Company. 

It is the place that Mio is helping out with, and the people who like cooking have been called from Asora to work there.

The mood I intended for it to have was like the stores that sell okonomiyaki or takoyaki when you enter a super, but the skills of Mio had at some point in time risen to where she is now famous…and even before the store opens, there’s already acquaintances of Mio, adventurers, merchants, and even tourists who would be lining up.

The boxed lunches for takeout and the onigiris are especially popular with adventurers. Looks like the lineup of the menu that came to be from the fierce onigiri war that unfolded with Tamaki is doing plenty well.

“Isn’t it a bad idea to copy this?” 

“It is not like Mio-san is going around saying that others are not allowed to make them, right? Everyone does that, so she won’t mind.” 

There were two men who were carrying a big amount of onigiris that’s excessive for two people. 

Judging from what they are talking about, it is about the eatery? 

Copy the onigiris…it isn’t really bad, you know.

Whether it is the boxed lunches or the onigiri, we honestly have no intention of claiming any special rights on them.

In the first place, just think about it. 

This is Tsige.

I will be straight and say that it is a place that has no connection with rice in the culinary front. 

Also, onigiris and boxed lunches have such a wide expanse of varieties that it is not something that could be called a special dish of Mio.

If you want to imitate it, you can do so freely. Rather, it would even make me happy if this contributes in having more people in Tsige aside from adventurers to have a custom of eating rice.

Eateries that deal with rice have slightly increased and the Kuzunoha Company also has them, but right now the most they do with rice is to use it in salads on some rare occasions.

What’s mostly eaten by a long shot is bread and something that resembles dim sum. 


“What is it?” 

“I have never stocked on rice. I don’t know how to use it either… It also bothers me that there’s rarely any other place aside from this where you can find it.” 


“If it is a difficult ingredient that only cooks of the Kuzunoha Company can prepare, it would be too much for us.” 

“…Then, why are you competing with them?” 


“Orosha, I know that you are careful not because you are a coward. Do you understand the situation we are in right now?” 

“R-Right at the edge-ssu.” (Orosha) 

“Exactly. So you get it. If Batoma-san gives up on us this time around, we won’t be able to do business here.” 


I see. So these two are from the…if I remember correctly the flock…crowd…Alliance Company! 


I have heard that it has been messy lately. Is there some sort of problem?

“Y-Yeah.” (Orosha) 

“Have any other good ideas aside from onigiris to compete against the others?” 

These two give the air of big bro and little bro. 

The guy called Orosha seems to be the lower one.

“…I can’t think of anything-ssu.” (Orosha) 

But it actually seems like he has thought up something.

What is it I wonder? I am a bit interested. 

I left the inside to Shiki-sensei and was thinking about having a bit of a walk to get a change of pace, but let’s listen in for a little bit more.

“That face… You actually have an idea, right? We got no other options, so just say it.” 

“…Actually, this is something that I thought after hearing about this ‘station’ stuff from the Boss-san.”(Orosha) 

“Ooh, tell me.” 

“I was thinking that maybe it would be a good idea to have drinks in a portable container to sell.” (Orosha) 


“But that by itself would be weak, and if we don’t think about the insides a lot, it would soon end with it being copied…” (Orosha) 

…I see.

Drinks are a good point to notice. 

Also the point of making countermeasures or it will be copied immediately is realistic…

“Drinks, huh! That sounds good, Orosha!” 

“But Bro Ets, it is not like we know that much about drinks-ssu. We don’t know how to deal with alcoholic drinks either.” (Orosha) 

“We sell them as a set with onigiris! Like a subtype of boxed lunches! About containers…we can watch what the adventurers use and research!” 

“Set… T-That’s a good idea-ssu!” (Orosha) 

“Alright! Then, first of all is wood! We are getting some, Orosha!” 



Where did the onigiri that was supposed to be the main thing go?

“If we talk about a container that can have drinks and food, it would be wood, right? For drinks, it can be whatever like tea, water, and something sweet. For onigiris, we will just boil the rice in water, and then make it into a ball! It will be easy as long as we solve the matter of the container!” 

“Eeh?!” (Orosha) 

“As if!! Don’t look down on rice!!!” (Makoto) 

“Eh?” (Orosha) 

“…Ah.” (Makoto)

I ended up speaking out on the ridiculous statement. 

I couldn’t see the Bro Ets that has already run off. 

He must have run off to look at the wood.

I feel like his ability to act is impressive for a merchant. 

Let’s just say he has guts.

The little bro that turned around and was looking at me, Orosha, is the prudent type. 

I feel vibes of negativityi from him like the kind of guy that goes ‘but but but’.

These two would bounce off each other real well if they do it properly.


“…Sorry about that. Your conversation entered my ears, and I ended up saying something unnecessary despite myself.” (Makoto)

“Don’t worry about it! Could it be…uhm…” 


We are close to the store, so of course he would know me, huh.

“Yeah…” (Makoto)

“A person that knows in detail about rice or beverages?!” 

…Aah, there’s that too, huh.

So embarrassing!! 

It is super embarrassing that I thought he knew about me because I have gotten a bit famous lately! 

“Y-Yeah, that’s right. Actually, my homeland had a custom of eating a good amount of rice.” (Makoto)

“Rice! Then you came to this establishment seeking the taste of your homeland?” (Orosha)

“Something like that.” (Makoto)

“…Ah, sorry for just barraging you with questions. I am from the Resily Company that is currently affiliated with the Batoma Company. Name’s Orosha.” (Orosha)

“I see, Orosha-san, huh. I am someone who is putting down the cargo of the Kuzunoha Company, name’s Ra…Mako…Magot.” (Makoto)

“Ramakomagot-san, huh. If you are doing transactions with the Kuzunoha Company, you must be quite busy.” (Orosha)


“…Nothing like that. By affiliated to the Batoma Company…do you mean the Alliance Company that I have heard of?” (Ramakomagot)

“Yeah. I am impressed you know about it. The companies that are mostly doing food stands are just the low of the lowest in the hierarchy of the companies that are companies in name only.” (Orosha)

The tone of Orosha was self-deprecating, but it must be the reality.

The Batoma Company encloses weak companies.

There’s the side of protecting them so they don’t get crushed, but there’s also the side of keeping them till they die. 

In the first place, it is difficult to survive in this city as a company on your own.

That Bro Ets and Orosha are pretty young, but…their dream of surviving in Tsige is also strong because of that, huh.

“But it seemed like you guys were having a fun talk just now.” (Makoto)

“Fun…in a way, but it isn’t only that. The policy of the Batoma Company has changed recently. It seems like he is thinking about cutting off the weak companies that can’t properly do business in Tsige.” (Orosha)

“Fumu…” (Makoto)

“It is true that this is a chance. It is a project to have only the young and weak companies compete with each other to see which ones will be chosen to be close or inside of the facilities called a station that will be located in streets everywhere.” (Orosha)

I see.

He intends to organize the Alliance Company, huh.

Looks like Batoma-san is also thinking up a variety of things to adapt to the new Tsige. 

Well, if the Batoma Company were to get washed by the wave of change just like that, they would just get their power shaved away, and it might end up with Ates earning more money than him in her idol job.

The father must work hard too. 

“So that’s why you had your eyes on the onigiri.” (Makoto)

Quite the good eye you got. 

Having the rice spread in Tsige and having onigiri sold at the stations would make me happy. 

I was honestly satisfied with just having Ryan-san at the butcher adding rice, but spreading it even more would make me happier.

“It seems like Bro is thinking about making meals from it. I am unsure about a lot of things, but he is a person with a lot of decisiveness, so it is also true that he is reliable… I am the type of person that just overthinks everything and can’t bring myself to begin, prolonging it more and more.” (Orosha)

“Both are necessary in marketing. Moving, stopping, believing, and doubting.” (Makoto)

“…Uhm…Ramako…Rama-san.” (Orosha)

It is barely the original name already?! 

Well, speaking to someone who doesn’t know my name and face is a fresh feeling, so Rama-san is fine. 

But hiding my name while talking with someone just feels strange. 

Orosha and Bro Ets are most likely in their late twenties, and are older than me.

I ended up speaking formally because of the age. 

It is already in my nature. 

If it were as my Raidou persona, I would be able to speak with a bit more care though.

“…Is something the matter?” (Makoto)

“I can’t pay you much, but could you help us out in our competition?!” (Orosha)

“As in…?” (Makoto)

“I want you to teach us how to handle rice, and at least the basics of it! Bro said something about a set meal, but just boiling and sprinkling salt wouldn’t be enough, right?!” (Orosha)

Aah, so that’s what it is.

If it is just how to cook rice, the dwarves have worked pretty hard with the cooking tools for that, so even I can teach that to a certain extent. 

A business discussion about a meal set, huh.

It reminds me of the butcher. At that time, as a result of that, the smokeless roaster-like device ended up selling quite a bit.

I don’t think it will go so well this time, but it wouldn’t be so bad to lend my help to these two who want to find the possibilities of onigiris.

This might be a bit of a long change of pace, but let’s try tagging along in between this so called project. 

“I also would like to lend my help to the people who praise onigiri as a person who loves rice. I can’t spare too much time, but I would like to support the endeavor of you two if it is okay.” (Makoto)

“T-Thank you very much! Then, let’s go! To the office of our Resily Company! I will guide you there! It is a small place though!!” (Orosha)

Orosha pulled me by the hand and we went through the congested streets of the city.

I don’t know if the Batoma Company will be allotting other companies in the stations after placing a few of his own.

But it would be interesting if there’s one that sells rice. 

Let’s teach the Tsige people the way to cook rice as the mysterious rice lover Rama-san! 

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