Tsuki – Chapter 379: The lily flower that the Devil blooms

The minor thesis that served as the trigger to the creation of my Magic Armor.

The writer was a hard worker and was blessed with talent, but didn’t manage to leave their name in the world. 

It must mean that it is not about how blessed you are, but how much results you have left that will be important in your posterity. 

Even the very top of the geniuses like Jin and the others, depending on how they live, they might get forgotten. That’s how it feels like.

…Well, you could say remaining in history is either because it is convenient, or because it can’t be ignored.

Here and in my previous world, the history that remains is mostly the record of the victors after all.

Right, history is…ah, no no. 

This isn’t the time to be thinking about that.

“Sensei?” (Jin)

I snapped back after being called by Jin.

I ended up remembering a time when I was in Japan.

“Ah, sorry. For Daena it was a method to defend against mages, and for Jin it was the use of it in the security field, right?” (Makoto)

“Yes.” (Jin)

I asked Daena for an answer in regards to the thesis homework, and Jin also joined in, so the two answered. 

Daena was centered in battle, and Jin was more for general livelihood, but there’s obviously still no line to make it reality.

It is simply a talk about possibilities.

Daena had his attention on the magic power barrier at the times when powerful magic is activated, but his practicality approach is still weak when it comes to the strengthening of barriers to support more than 2 people.

Jin put his attention on the part that the color of the magic power differs when it rises, and he was thinking about the possibility of using it in security as if it were a fingerprint. 

There’s the need to research how to confirm the color of the magic power from the outside, but it would be interesting if it were to actually be created.

It would be possible to confirm if it is the person themselves through something different than fingerprints and iris authentication.

I was interested in what the other students thought of from that thesis. 

I will have Shiki show me later.

“You guys who live in the present have managed to meet the knowledge and research results of the past people you had no connection with whatsoever, and have managed to create new ideas from it. Written works serve as the intermediate for it.” (Makoto)

“…Aah, so it is that.” (Jin)

Looks like Jin got it.

For living beings like us who live for only around 100 years and die, there’s the need for something that connects the past and the future.

Fortunately, people have writing.

When only relying on passing it down orally, there’s always the fear of turning it vague and changing the past and thinking it is the reality. 

By recording it in books, a lot of knowledge can remain into the future. 

That’s why books must not be disposed of like old tools and unnecessary things, and the people who are in charge of them must be specialists.

Therefore, libraries and librarians are necessary, and even librarians shouldn’t be choosing which books are useful and which are useless.

But well, it is true that there’s a limit to how many books a library can hold.

So there will be selectiveness by necessity though.

If reality could be ignored and we could take ideals, librarians would definitely want to have an infinite collection.

It goes without saying, but the action of deeming a book unnecessary or burning it because it is of a specific genre or ideology is not a good thing.

With how Daena thinks about it, it is scary that it sounds like he would be capable of doing it.

“Yeah. Did you get it, Daena?” (Makoto)

“I understand the part about not taking books lightly; the part about not treating libraries as storehouses as well.” (Daena)

“That’s great.” (Makoto)

“But I have begun thinking that we should actively question whether all books are useful or not.” (Daena)

“Hm?” (Makoto)

“It is true that books are important as assets of the past. It is different from a simple tool. But I don’t think that books of old techniques and specialties are necessary.” (Daena)

“Hmm…” (Makoto)

So he goes to that, huh.

In order to not cause confusion because of this, librarians organize the book collection, and that’s where the abilities of the librarian come to play, but…honestly speaking, the library of the Academy is chaos itself.

It is true that I feel like they could create one or two more.

I can understand how Daena feels it is a pain having mixed books placed in there.

“Won’t there obviously be written works that would become irrelevant after an even more superior book appears?” (Daena)

“That has the risk of cutting off the progress of the past. I do understand your point, but that could be solved by simply expanding the library and making a different library for specialized stuff.” (Makoto)

“Expanding… True. If the amount of books that can be placed increases, and there’s a more orderly sorting that makes it easier to understand, it can reduce the need to be selective.” (Daena)

“The preservation of the previous steps that allowed for the development of better techniques and experimentation holds more meaning than you think. It is true that the current library of the Academy is a bit chaotic, but that can be changed by the teachers and students from now on. At the very least, the preservation of as many books as possible, which are the gifts of the past to the future, is incredibly important in my opinion.” (Makoto)

“…Yes, understood.” (Daena)

“You can try and have a good long talk with Shiki once. You are someone who has an interest in teaching, so you won’t need to think too deeply about it, the respect towards books will come naturally as you go by.” (Makoto)

“Thank you very much.” (Daena)

He awakened to his passion for teaching through the worth of obtaining strength by a fighting style that doesn’t rely on real combat to become better.

Finding books about things that people have put their life in researching about, and just by getting them people of the posterity can learn about it; he will most likely be able to learn about the meaning and worth of that directly. 

“Now then, about the answers for the assignment… Shiki.” (Makoto)

“Yes?” (Shiki)

“What score did you give Jin and Daena?” (Makoto)

“I gave a 60 for both of them, and that was me being generous.” (Shiki)

“So strict. You are mistaking the standard of full scores.” (Makoto)

“…It was quite the shocking thing, so it is true that I shouldn’t have used it as a standard.” (Shiki)


So he really did use my Magic Armor as the standard for a full score, huh.

By the way, for me, Jin would be 90, and Daena a 75. 

The students were making faces of ‘what are they talking about?’ as they listened to our exchange.

Looks like Jin and Daena were shocked by how low they were scored.

“I will explain the source of this assignment. This thesis is something that a certain librarian recommended to me before the school festival. And in that break time, I brought out results that surprised even Shiki a little bit.” (Makoto)


The shock in their faces spread like a wave.

“Waka-sama, it wasn’t ‘a little bit’. It took out my breath once.” (Shiki)

Shiki retorted with a straight face.

“Do you want to know what I obtained from this one olden thesis?” (Makoto)

There wasn’t even a need to ask, but I do it just for the occasion.

Well, everyone was nodding.

Seeing this reaction, I also nod slowly.

“Then, I will show it. Actually, The first generation has already seen it, but…the place I showed it at was special, so it wouldn’t be strange to not remember it properly.” (Makoto)

Also, I haven’t shown it without hiding the magic power itself.

But well, pushing it all out would be bad, so I will go with ¼ of the output.

“…Everyone, pay close attention and don’t miss a single second.” (Shiki)

Shiki noticed my intention and had Jin and the others pay attention.


“In my case, I normally restrain it, but well, most people live while having magic power drift about them.” (Makoto)

I undo the Concealment Sakai, and show them a bit of my magic power.

However, this should be on a whole other level from what Jin’s group has seen or heard until now.

They fought with an opponent that released a decent amount of magic power in Lorel, but it seemed like they didn’t really have leeway to feel it. 

In order to show the change in magic power easily, I slowly chant the aria, and shape the spell. 

Since we are in the moment, let’s make the appearance of the magic power flashy.

The Lost Chant that Ema-san taught me herself. I shape up a powerful spell at a fast speed with a language that they haven’t heard much of before. 

And then, right after activation, I shift into forming the Magic Armor.

The magic power that swelled and was about to turn into a spell suddenly shifted into condensing, and stayed in place stably. 

I can now create the Magic Armor without any arias and as if flipping a switch, but yeah, in the beginning, I would make the Magic Armor like this to deceive the people around.


Jin’s group had their eyes wide open as they watched the change of the magic power. 

There’s some who are putting their attention on the aria though.

I intentionally avoid the explanation regarding those parts, and set the magic power into the Magic Armor.

I made it a deep indigo blue colored magic power to make it easy to see, and finished forming the upper body of a person.

“After I read through that thesis, I made this from the possibilities of magic power. About visibility, it is obviously…” (Makoto)

I made it invisible for an instant and made it visible again.

I wasn’t hiding the magic power itself, so it was still in a state where people could clearly tell there was something there.

“I managed to half-materialize magic power from the point about making it possible to make physical contact from barriers. Well, this one wasn’t only thanks to the thesis here but an idea that came from other sources as well though…” (Makoto)

While I explain briefly, I grab Jin and Daena with both of the arms of the Magic Armor.

Picking people up with magic power or something that’s shaped by magic power is outside the common sense of people here.

Even though one can clearly tell it is magic power, this feeling of being grabbed by a soft something is a rare experience, right? 

“It is possible to interact with physical objects as you can see here. It is quite the revolutionary thing as a mage, right? Of course, this is magic power itself, so…” (Makoto)

I activate the attack spell that even students can use in general, Flame Arrow, and several tens of fire arrows were created inside the arms grabbing Jin and Daena, and were directed at them.

“It is possible to activate magic again like this. Of course, you can also expend the magic power shaping this.” (Makoto)



Words disappear from the place.

Aside from my voice, it was silence itself.

…This is enough, I guess.

A few of the students from the second generation seem to not be feeling well.

Being close to a mass of magic power that they have never seen before must be quite the stressing situation. 

“And well, this kind of hidden trick result can be born from the most unexpected places, and it was the result of preserving the books appropriately and with care. Now then, let’s finish this side-show with a slightly unusual spell.” (Makoto)

The aria I used at first when forming the Magic Armor -the spell that spread magic power in a large scope.

I used all the magic power of the Magic Armor to activate it. 

A green colored light began to raise like a pillar in the place I was standing at.

Eventually, two lights rose from the both sides of the pillar and leaves were formed.

This is a spell that activates in the shape of flowers.

The flowers that bloomed are lilies. 

In a brief period of time, pretty big light green lilies bloomed in the Academy. 

A size that can be seen from any place of the Academy Town. 

I had them eat up quite a decent amount of magic power, so it is an acceptable size.

It was a spell that even though I knew about it, I didn’t have many opportunities to use it, but…it is flashy.

I don’t use spells that require too much supply of magic power at once after all.


The moment the lilies swayed as if they were being blown by the wind…sparkling magic power showers down in the whole area.

If this were a battlefield where magic power is dried up, this would be a really blissful thing no doubt. 

Well, this is the Academy Town of Rotsgard.

It should make their condition better for a while, and they have seen something rare, so there’s only good effects like bettering your mood.

“Then, Shiki, let’s begin the lecture.” (Makoto)

“…Right. Then, first, how about researching the spell of just now. Try to imitate it.” (Shiki)

“…Was that unnecessary?” (Makoto)

“No. It looks like we will be having a more fulfilling lecture now than I expected.” (Shiki)

The contents of the lecture changed suddenly.

Shiki doesn’t seem to be angry, but I might have done something unnecessary at the very end.

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