Tsuki – Chapter 376: Troubling fish army

The outfitting of the path that connects Tsige and Koran had begun.

Both settlements are contributing a good amount of people and they are making a road that’s a lot more splendid than what I imagined.

The two were in a favorable relationship since before the independence matter and the Merchant Guild evaluated them quite highly, so they are apparently going to be making the road connecting the two places into quite the special thing…

Just from seeing the scale, it is pretty impressive.

Wagons were passing by each other endlessly, and even with pedestrians moving here and there from the sides, there would still be space left.

I think they said it would be a perfect road.

“They are going all out on that road-ja. Koran definitely wouldn’t feel bad being treated this favorably.” (Tomoe)

Tomoe is looking back at the wide road that is beginning to stretch out to Koran with a pretty evil smile.

Our way of moving around is mainly teleportation, so even if the road were to be made, I don’t think we would be making much use of it. 

No…it might be interesting to begin air transportation in between the confusion. 

Lorel has dragon knights and all.

It doesn’t need to be strictly dragons in other countries. I don’t think they would complain even if some flying creature were to fly by. 

Or maybe…airships?

I think there are people who yearn for flying ships in a fantasy world.

I would rather prefer a ship that flies in the sky than a super amazing airship.

I have already said the problem of it but, this is coming mostly from a desire for them rather than actual practicality. 

If we are talking about flying ability and dynamic lift, the shape of an airship would be best in the end, and I think that’s how it would settle down at. 

“Every time we come to this town, it gets bigger and livelier.” (Makoto)

“Yeah. The amount of people coming and going has clearly increased. It seems like the surface mail from the neighboring is showing its effects.” (Tomoe)

“Surface mail, huh. With these many people gathering in one location, I feel like the recipes sleeping in the small villages might begin to gather in Koran too. Mio would be happy by that.” (Makoto)

“In terms of seafood, it obviously surpasses Tsige. This is already not a town. It has grown to the point that it should be called a city. This is interesting.” (Tomoe)

I watch the cityscape of Koran while walking by the side of Tomoe.

Whether it is fish, shellfish, octopus, shrimps, crabs, placing it on top of wire mesh nets or iron plates was already enough to give out a killer scent. 

While we were talking about the recent state of the cities and our impressions, we would buy whatever on the way and ate while walking.

Can’t really consider it well-mannered, but if that wasn’t allowed, they wouldn’t be having food stands and food carts around.

Thanks to people flowing in from the neighboring villages as well, even when it is mainly seafood, the variations were surprisingly plenty.

Not only a light snack, I feel like even if we were to have a complete meal out of all this,  I wouldn’t get bored.

We won’t be heading to the market since we have no plans there, but seeing how things are here, it is most likely pretty lively there as well.

Koran is really prospering.

It is truly different from the last time I came here. 

This certainly isn’t a village or a port town anymore, but a city. 

A harbor city. 

It must be filling itself up with all the money that’s gathering, but it seems like they have their gratitude towards Tsige and the Kuzunoha Company, so there’s a low chance for them to become arrogant by that and turn unpleasant. 


Tomoe had already notified them beforehand that she will be showing up, so I think it should be okay for me to relax.

“…Ah, right.” (Makoto)


“Are the merchants in Koran influential in matters of the city? Or is it the fishermen? The last time we came, there was someone like a village chief, but…he didn’t feel like the one in charge of the place.” (Makoto)

He seemed more like a rich guy in the place, or like a nice guy. 

He didn’t really fit the impression of being a person that was sent by the Aion Kingdom.

“Aah, the landlord. Right… The ones who are currently in power in Koran are the shipbuilders and the fishermen. There’s still few merchants, and it is mostly companies from Tsige rather than people of Koran itself. They have been handling agriculture recently, but I think it will continue being the people who earn their keep from the sea that will be holding the power for a while.” (Tomoe)

“I see, so shipbuilders and fishermen, huh.” (Makoto)

“Yes. Also, there’s a lot of places to eat as you can see, but it is mostly the family or relatives of fishermen working in those and in the market. But well, the population is increasing at a remarkable rate, so the amount of immigrants that are aiming to get big with food carts and merchants who don’t know much about the sea are increasing…” (Tomoe)

“Is that so… It is giving out the feeling of rowdiness.” (Makoto)

“No need to worry. There’s no fool who would try to do anything rude to Waka in Koran. Ah, also, it seems like there’s a good amount of adventurers staying there.” (Tomoe)


Ah, there’s obviously people who went to Koran to protect the people here from Tsige.

There must be people who felt like Koran was a better place to live in, the fishes were the best, or that as long as there’s crabs, they are fine. 

The appeal of the sea is endless after all.

It may be appealing as a city to retire to and begin a second life. 

Working as an adventurer is like being a yakuza after all.

“In that case, the Adventurer Guild is most likely being pestered to expand their size.” (Makoto)

“With the amount of adventurers registering Koran as their home increasing, the guild will have no choice but to deal with it. The sea is also an endless stage for adventures. I can’t say I don’t understand the exhilarating feeling of wanting to be hit by the salty winds and putting foot on islands that no one has trodden on before.” (Tomoe)

“A real adventure aiming at the open sea, huh. I see, there’s those kinds of people too.” (Makoto)

According to the history I have studied, hyumans haven’t rowed to the open sea to search for the unknown yet. 

There’s most likely going to be a big sailing era in this world too.

When that happens, there will obviously be a need to protect the fishermen.

It slipped my mind the choice that people would come here for adventure. 


“No, it is nothing.” (Makoto)

We walk through the coastal road while feeling the pleasant sea breeze. 

After a while, Tomoe points at a brick building that’s conspicuously bigger than others.

“It is there.” (Tomoe)

“It is big.” (Makoto)

“That’s the most decent residence in the city. We will finish up the meeting first. There’s apparently going to be a light meal prepared for us at the end.” (Tomoe)

“If there’s no special petition from their side, it should go smoothly. I have to go to the Academy in the afternoon, so I leave the liquor to you, Tomoe.” (Makoto)

“If there’s a drink they pride on, we could bring it back, and you could enjoy it for an evening drink, Waka.” (Tomoe)

“Got it.” (Makoto)

I wonder what sea liquor will be showing up.

Koran doesn’t eat much raw fish, so it should be safe to imagine it to be more western style.

When we entered the residence that had a more intricate interior design than I thought, we were surrounded by several people and they bowed at us.

…Ooh, quite the great place.

You could even mistake it for a starred hotel. 

It is clearly higher than the inn we stayed at when Shiki and I went for the first time to the Academy a long time ago.

I see.

Different from the sea settlement of Asora, Koran does have the chance to have tourists coming after all.

It won’t be limiting itself to fishing and shipbuilding, but will be tackling tourism as well. 

Once the road is made, it won’t only be surface mail, but people coming from overland. 

Hmm, Koran’s pretty impressive. 

It seems like they have a hall for events, and while we were being guided there, I was thinking this.

“This way please.” 

“Umu, good work.” (Tomoe)

After bowing deeply once again at the words of Tomoe, the person in duty left. 

He didn’t even show any gesture of demanding a tip.

That’s rare. Normally at inns with luggage carriers and waiters, and sometimes even hotel registrants would glance at you as if asking for a tip.

It is an inn that’s more proper on the inside than its appearance, huh. 


Tomoe entered the hall first, and I followed.

There was an elliptical table that must have been placed there temporarily. A worker-like hyuman, a heavily tanned skin hyuman that was the very picture of a fisherman, and a number of eldwas from the Kuzunoha Company were sitting around it. 

The slender middle-aged man that I spoke to at the time when it was a village doesn’t seem to be here.

There’s also…an adventurer party and two crowbars standing upright? 

No, that’s not crowbars.

It is something that has a bent red end, and one that has a bent black end… Sea Kings?!

“…It seems like there’s people here that were not scheduled to be present though?” (Tomoe)

As expected of Tomoe.

She didn’t show any signs of agitation, touched on the topic of what’s most likely irregulars in this meeting, and demanded information. 

“Tomoe-sama of the Kuzunoha Company, and its representative Raidou-sama, right? Thanks for coming a long way here.” 

The middle-aged stern man whose appearance screamed of being a man of the sea welcomed us with a gentle tone. He lowered his upper body deeply at his. 

The craftsmen also lowered their heads. 

The eldwas kneeled and welcomed us in the Asora way. 

“Umu, I was thinking about whether to invite you guys to Tsige since you want to form a deep friendly tie with us, but Waka…the representative of the Kuzunoha Company, Raidou, said that he wanted to see Koran with his own eyes, and exchange opinions with everyone. We will be in your care.” (Tomoe)

“…I am the Kuzunoha Company’s representative, Raidou. I apologize for taking so long since my last visit to come here. I am aware that the Kuzunoha Company and everyone from Koran have a good relationship with each other through the daily reports I am given, but there has been a big wave of changes, so I wanted to meet you all personally despite the lateness.” (Makoto)

I hesitated for an instant whether to go the formal way or be the straight rowdy kind, but since we are in a friendly stance with each other, I ended up going the safe way.

I arranged my words a bit with the story Tomoe gave, and went for a slightly formal speech, but didn’t lower my head for my greeting.

“Thanks for your kind words. The residents of Koran would love to have a good relationship with Tsige and the Kuzunoha Company and—” 

“That’s good enough. Waka is already properly aware of that. It won’t be a bad thing for you guys, so I would like to hear about the explanation as to why the adventurers and Sea Kings are here first.” (Tomoe)

The adventurer party is…hm?

They are the ones that have been coming and going from the Mist Town…if I remember correctly, it is the Ronin and his amusing comrades.

No, it is the samurai?

Not that either.

I do know that face though.

If I remember correctly, he wanted to train in Asora, and I don’t remember whether he is a ronin or a samurai, but they are participating in the Asora Ranking, and are aiming for the middle ranks. 

The Sea Kings are the anchovy ones. 

They have come to greet me once.

But at that time, I feel like the two were silver colored though?

“Oi, it is the real deal.” 

“Yeah, it is Tomoe. Since the time my Job as a ronin evolved, I have been thinking about wanting to see her katana.” 

“That’s not what I meant! I am talking about how the top of the Kuzunoha Company has really come!” 

“As I thought… It is vexing, but I can feel the presence of an overwhelming polished blade. The current me…can tell that!” 

“Don’t stare at them with your eyes wide open, you idiot!” 

The two men began to quarrel, and the woman that at a glance looked like a refined lady retorted with quite the foul mouth. 

The other woman was watching the ocean that could be seen outside the window.

Listless…no, that’s her escaping reality. I can tell.

“Waka-sama, my deepest apologies!” 

The crowbar…wait no, one of the sardines made a really manly apology while maintaining its upright posture.

I don’t like unexpected appeals, but I don’t want troubles either. 

Even so, I don’t think there’s any real need to apologize to me just because your body color has changed. 

“If I remember correctly, you are friends of Tuna, right? Why is an esteemed Sea King apologizing?” (Tomoe)

“Yes, I will explain, Tomoe-sama! As you say, Tuna is our friend, and we accepted a paid request of his to train the adventurer here Bir Sheet and his party Birgit, and thus we came to Koran!” 

“Umu.” (Tomoe)

“At first we intended to train them as if giving them a pat on the head, but as expected from adventurers that caught the eye of Tuna, they were quite the decent adventurers. Because of this, we ended up going all out in training them…” 

“Hooh?” (Tomoe)

“By the time we noticed, our bodies reached further heights, and the training went into serious bouts.” 

What are you doing while there was a war going on, Koran? 

Or more like, Sea Kings can evolve?! 

No, in the first place, what do anchovies even evolve to?! 

Turning red and black doesn’t even make sense! 

The inside of my head was already super congested from retorting to the weird conversation that was unfolding.

“It doesn’t connect to your apology. First speak your reason as to what brought the apology.” (Tomoe)

Nice, Tomoe.

“Yes!! To put it plainly…” 

“Umu.” (Tomoe)

“The coastal waters are on the verge of overflowing with our familiars.” 


This time it was so plain that it skipped all context. 

Tomoe and I muttered the same question at the same time, but this was the natural reaction.

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