Tsuki – Chapter 353: Go, Shogi, and Boxing

“It is rare for Tomoe and Ema to be out together.” 

I can tell that Tomoe must have chased after the tracks of Toa due to her burning interest in the Tobikato Job.

But what is Ema doing?

She normally doesn’t leave Asora, so those two going out is quite hard to imagine. 

“Eh? Yeah, Shiki is at the Academy…Mio is in the kitchen. Hm, understood. Thanks.”

I received the report of the wingedkin that came in the stead of Ema, and I now know where everyone is. 


I know where the adventurers are entering from, so…I will avoid those places, and walk around the place for a bit. 

I normally teleport directly to the place I want to go to, and from what I can see from outside my window, I can tell that there’s a cycle of expansion and remodelations.

I do want to check out the details of how they are doing right now. 

If this were Japan, there would be the need to have detailed blueprints and do negotiations for remodelations, but this is Asora.

Thanks to magic, the time it takes is short, and because we have decided that the ownership of the land is on me, we won’t have disputes about rights or whatever.

Things proceed quite smoothly. 

I thought that democracy and freedom were the ideal standards of society. 

But when I think about it, it is not like my homeland, Japan, was the ideal society that humanity can reach. 

It was just me simply ending up being born by coincidence in a nation with that system of several thousands of years of history.

In the first place, Asora isn’t a society built from humans. 

No, it is a society without hyumans. 

There might be the need to think about what to do from now on in the near future.

The population is getting pretty high, so there will definitely be a need for order. There’s a chance that bureaucracy or dictatorship may be the systems that will fit the best…

Alright, let’s think about slightly complicated stuff while I walk to the area where the arena is.

I was thinking that, but an unusual assortment of guests entered through the large entrance door. 

“Tamaki and Sari? What’s the matter? Coming all the way here.” (Makoto)

“This is… Could it be that you are going out, Waka-sama?” (Tamaki)

Tamaki in her shrine maiden outfit saw me and easily deduced what I was going to do.

“I am not in a hurry. If there’s something you want to report, I will listen.” (Makoto)

“I heard that Tsige is currently in an emergency state…is that okay?” (Sari)

I don’t know who she heard it from, but it seems she is aware of information about Tsige and confirmed with me. 

Well, there’s no problems with that. 

If possible, I would like to share the information with a good number of people and hear their opinions, but it is not a pressing matter that requires immediate attention.

“They are currently in a war with Aion. But there’s not much for me to do in that anyways.” (Makoto)

“…If there’s a little bit you can do, wouldn’t it be better to do so and make things more certain?” (Sari)

“It will be after both armies have clashed. They told me that if the Apostle of the Goddess were to show up, to fight it.” (Makoto)

“The Apostle of the Goddess…? Are you saying they are cooperating with the Aion Kingdom without grouping up with the heroes?” (Sari)

Sari knows about the Apostles of the Goddess?

According to her predictions, it should be the timing to be meeting with the heroes?

“That seems to be the case. It is because the Apostle of the Goddess lent a hand that the revolutionary army ended up in a losing state in one go.” (Makoto)


“My information is already not the most recent, but is there a reason for the Aion Kingdom to be involving themselves with the Goddess and the Apostle?” (Sari)

Tamaki maintained silence, and Sari seems to not agree with the actions of the Apostle. 

“It is filled with mysteries. Aion used spies to divide Tsige from the inside, and the revolutionary army and the Anti-Goddess Cult got involved and they seem to be cooperating with each other at a glance… It is a complete mess. The top of the Adventurer Guild came to Tsige, an abnormal wall was created…and according to Rembrandt-san, it is apparently going to come to an end soon. What do you two think?” (Makoto)

“…You ask us what we think, but Sari and I both don’t have much information. It seems like Sari knows about the Apostle that turned around the tables of the war once, but I’ve got no clue.” (Tamaki)

“The Apostles of the Goddess were opponents we would have had to fight eventually, so we gathered as much information as possible. We had a number of plans prepared for it -with the resolve of having casualties for it.” (Sari)

“…Related to the Demon Generals?” (Makoto)

“Eh?!” (Sari)

No, there’s no need to be surprised by that.

For some reason, Sari got really surprised.

“No, you see, I had a match with all the Demon Generals, right? I think Io was going at almost full power there, but…Mokuren-san (was it?) and Rona, I felt like those two were hiding something. I don’t think Zef-san would face a big enemy like the Apostles with brute force, and…you and the other children are honestly one or two steps weaker than the Demon Generals. In that case, I was thinking that it might be possible that one of those two would be facing the Apostles with the resolve of dropping their lives in the process.” (Makoto)

A simple deduction.

The demons have an easy to understand organization structure of Demon Lord, Demon Generals, counselors, squad captains, and soldiers. 

Demon Generals are the close aides of the Demon Lord, and in a lot of meanings they are the strongest amongst the demons. 

I used Sakai to confirm the people currently in that metropolis, and there weren’t any individuals who surpassed Zef and the Demon Generals.

If it is as Sari says and they have a countermeasure for the Apostles, it would fall onto the hands of the Demon Generals to make it happen. 

They must have a trump card that allows them to oppose the Apostles.

“I am impressed.” (Sari)

“Waka-sama, that’s a splendid deduction. But if you have gotten used to that level of deduction, you should be able to read the plans of Rembrandt and Tsige to a certain degree, right? Since you are fellow hyumans and everything.” (Tamaki)

“…About that, Rembrandt-san is looking far ahead into the future after the war already. Even the wall I told you about before…well, this is a good opportunity. Can I have you two listen to what I know about the current state of things and hear a little about your opinions?” (Makoto)

“…Is that okay? Sari and I are people who have been strictly ordered not to leave Asora, right?” (Tamaki)

“Getting information from the outside doesn’t equal going to the outside. Well, I have a variety of things in my mind, you see. I am not forcing you here though.” (Makoto)


For some reason they are in sync. 

I don’t think there’s nothing to be bored about in Asora, but they most likely do want information from the outside. 

Tamaki does get information from my followers every now and then when they pass by each other though.

I guided the two to my room and showed them the documents with the information that was arranged by Tomoe and Ema. 

Tamaki was reading that calmly…no, she is trying to look calm, but she is actually pretty interested here. 

I could easily tell that Sari was reading the information as if gobbling it up.

These two might be unexpectedly  similar to each other.

It is true that they do have the common point of me telling them since the very beginning that I won’t be letting them go out of Asora.

Ah, they are also similar in the sense that they are schemers and there’s times when I can’t tell what they are thinking.

In Tamaki’s case…I honestly can’t get a grasp of her yet, so I can’t have her do as she pleases.

She is currently putting her heart into the management of the temple and shrine gifted by Daikokuten-sama.

Even though we have safely done the pact…

But what’s truly mysterious is that, I don’t really hate the part of not being able to open my heart completely to Tamaki.

There’s certainly a part of me that feels this unstable relationship as relaxing. 

As for Sari, she is a demon, and her standing is decently high, so it is not really her that’s dangerous but her standing. That’s why I wouldn’t be able to bring her out for jobs related to the company. 

However, I don’t mind if it is things related to the Mist Town, so while she is in her exchange of the sea and land side, I could have her learn a little bit about the work on the town side as well. 

We can push the narrative that there’s demons in the town too.

…In that case, the fact that there’s no hyumans would stand out even more, huh.

Hmm, hyumans, huh.

That’s complicated.

I placed an elbow on the desk and watched over them with a hand on my chin. Tamaki and Sari seem to have begun a friendly talk.

Friendly? No, it is more like a superior and subordinate? 

Like the time after a meeting where you are now exchanging ideas with documents in hand.

“…Walking on a tightrope…nonsensical…the position of the walls…what about the adventurers…?” 

“…No hesitation…the meaning is ingenious, but…the elimination of the Apostle…getting the Golden Highway dragged in it…” 

I could hear bits and pieces of their conversation. 

The position of the wall, huh. I don’t know that either. 

Even if they had to create a new one, why that location?

Isn’t it too far? 

About the elimination of the Apostle, once it appears, I will take over that matter.

Things ended up like that while we were enjoying the hot springs.

About the Golden Highway as well, making outer walls at both sides of it has never been heard of before. The Adventurer Guild and the Merchant Guild are involved in the Golden Highway as well, and the major powers have officially recognized that place as a neutral zone. It would be inconvenient otherwise after all…

I don’t know how the army will be dealing with that. 

Aion surpasses Tsige in numbers by a large degree, so even with a wall, I don’t think they will be taking the front clash. 

There’s quite the large amounts of supplies being transported to the walls. 

The normal thought is that it will be needed because they will be fighting back, right?

I try to read ahead with my nonexistent brain, but it doesn’t go well. 

On the other hand, Tamaki and Sari nod at each other and come in front of me. 

“Oh, caught anything?” (Makoto)

“…Yes. Just that, if this merchant called Rembrandt is talking about an end in the current state of things, we have arrived at the conclusion that he is crazy.” (Sari)

“Well, I do think he is not your average Joe.” (Tamaki)

Tamaki seems to nod at that. 

“I have been taught *shogi* since coming to Asora.” (Sari) <Japanese chess.>

“…Yeah, you two are really really strong to the point that I can’t match you at all.” (Makoto)

“If we were to make a comparison with the current flow of things, it looks like a tied battle in the mid stages.” (Sari)

“Tied? Mid stage?” (Makoto)

“Yes, reading the end of it at this stage would be a tough task even for the highest of shogi masters. After being taught by Tamaki-sama, I have been able to read around 14 moves ahead, but with just that much, I would still be far from being able to achieve that.” (Sari)


There’s unexpectedly quite a lot of people who like Go and Shogi in Asora.

I think they are completely different thought patterns to actual military strategies and war, but there’s a lot of people who get into it.

It is to the point that, even at the arena I was planning on going to today, there have been plans of making a tower on the side for people who play go and shogi.

I may be weak at those games, but there was no reason for me to oppose it. I did ask why a tower, but I did allow the making of it. 

By the way, I can do my all and manage a three moves ahead battle for checkmate. 

I am totally no good at Go.

14 moves? 

It is on the level where I am even questioning what this girl is saying.

The ones who would be able to manage something like that would be a certain number of fanatics; I want to emphasize this point as your average citizen.

“I honestly feel the same way. I have no idea what kind of picture this Rembrandt man has drawn inside his head. If I were to confront him directly and get a grasp of his personality, the story may have been different, but with the current information, it is chaos. Even if the Apostle will be smitten by Waka-sama, I have no idea how he will be overturning the absolute difference in military power…” (Tamaki)

No way, not even Tamaki can read it? 

If we go by what Sari said, she is someone who can read ahead by more than 14 moves though.

“However, from what I have read in these documents, it certainly is true that Tsige is already making moves for after they gain independence. They have given requests for the adventurers to clear out the mamonos inside the area, and there’s a number of them who have even been given the job of paving the road. They are clearly showing moves that are under the conviction that they will gain independence.” (Tamaki)

“The outrageous idea of maintaining everything inside of the wall as a division might be barely possible to think of for a person that has been acquainted with Waka-sama. It is something similar to the cities of Japan after all. However, no matter how good of a relationship they have with the adventurers, and have an excellent mercenary group instructing them, there’s not enough time and no decisive factor to say for sure that they will be winning the war. They can’t really rely on the reinforcements of other countries, and even if we think about the location, it is clear that they can’t anticipate supplies from anywhere aside from the Golden Highway. In other words, the choice of a long drawn battle is taken out of the equation from the very beginning…” (Tamaki)

The two of them groan again.

I am relieved that it isn’t only me, but the uneasiness about whether Tsige will be okay has been born with a big cry.

But he seems to be sure about it though.

There would be small and mid sized companies that would come to our company to gather information or seek protection from us in this times of war, but Rembrandt-san has been pumping out plans after plans with so much confidence that, lately, the talks have switched from whether we are going to win the war or not to when we are going to win and get this over with.

Well, it is that, huh. 

Rembrandt-san must have a secret weapon that not even we know of. 

“Even the skilled manager of the demons and the schemer of Asora have trouble deciphering it, huh.” (Makoto)

“I am sorry that I couldn’t be of help…” (Sari)

“Rather than saying I don’t get it, it is more like…wait, what’s that about the schemer of Asora?! That sounds like a terribly slanderous nickname!” (Tamaki)

“Yeah, they probably have a plan on Tsige’s side that we don’t know about. Pretty sure about this.” (Makoto)

“…Yeah, I feel that way. But in this board, even if the pieces at hand were to increase, an assured victory is just…” (Tamaki)

Tamaki felt that they still had cards they haven’t shown, and mutters vexed that they might be the key.

However, she doesn’t know what kind of trump card it is. 

In that case, it is most likely…

“Then, maybe it isn’t on the board.” (Makoto)


“Meaning that tactics outside the board might be a type of plan. No matter how you compare one thing with another, a war is a war, shogi is shogi. It doesn’t begin with the same conditions, and there’s no wait time for each side—” (Makoto)

“! I see!” (Tamaki)

“Tamaki?” (Makoto)

“No, I still don’t know the reasons, but Rembrandt is no soldier or tactician. However, if he is facing this war as a merchant, the tactics he may be thinking might be different from the norms of war.” (Tamaki)


“There’s no need to be polite and tag along with the opponent into a normal battle that is disadvantageous. Tsige has begun the negotiations, battle, and war with the abnormal state of dragging the adventurers from the very beginning. He talked about the independence of the city, yet he created a wall, and is trying to cut off territory on their own convenience. This is something that you may already know, Waka-sama, but this might be something similar to shogi boxing.” (Tamaki)

“*Shogi boxing*, you say. That super packed one…?” (Makoto) <technically chessboxing.>

I somewhat know about it, but in the point that anything goes, you could say it is the most similar to war. 

“Yeah, the one where you can defeat the opponent in any of the two. Aion and the Apostle are thinking that they are fighting in shogi, but by the time they notice, they would have been punched down into a KO. That kind of curtain drop might happen, Waka-sama.” (Tamaki)

“That would be pretty pitiful of them.” (Makoto)

“Rather than pitiful, if that were me, I would go mad.” (Sari)

Sari doesn’t know what shogi boxing is, but she must have tried to imagine it. 

As a person who is on the shogi side, this is quite the natural opinion. 

Of course she would be.

Even though you are reading several moves ahead of your opponent, the opponent will be picturing how to beat you up and shut you down a few minutes later.

There’s no way she would be able to stand that.

“Haha, thanks to you two, I had fun. So, what were you two originally here for today? This is a rare pair.” (Makoto)

“Ah, right. About the tower that will be made near the arena, we had a number of proposals in regards to the facility divisions for go and shogi.” (Sari)

Related to that tower, huh. 

Is that why they began to use shogi comparisons in the middle? 

They could just get along and make it half-half.

I am a weakling in both games, so I don’t intend to give preference to one over the other.

They tagged along with my talk here, so it can’t be helped, I will resolve myself and hear out the proposals of both the go and shogi sides.

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    Player 1 and 2 face off, player 3 and 4 face off. And when player 3 takes player 4’s Queen, player 1 can put it on his/her board, but only when that square is free…..

    We had some maddening games…

  20. “In Tamaki’s case…I honestly can’t get a grasp of her yet, so I can’t have her do as she pleases.”

    I know the MC is japanese and japanese people aren’t really good at having conversations where they openly talk without reserves to others, but… Is it REALLY that hard for him to one day call Tamaki and have a good, long, serious talk with her about whatever worries him and the suspicions he have?

    I mean, to begin with, the whole ‘i can’t read her but i feel she holds malicious feelings, so let’s keep locked in Asora’ sounds kinda bullshit when you remember how his relationship with his others retainers began: Tomoe tried to seal him, Mio to eat him and Shiki to possess/kill him (i don’t remember). And it’s not like they were exactly the definition of benign beings too, but he had no issues with accepting and trusting them as soon as they became his followers (even with Mio, whose pact wasn’t even done with his approval).

    What we know from Tamaki is that she considers herself a tool and that different gods have given her different names to accomplish a goal. Maybe her ‘maliciousness’ comes from the fact that she is fed up with being used and then thrown away and she thinks that the MC is gonna do the same (which he is actually planning on doing when he beats the Bug…)

    If he were to have a conversation with her maybe the image they have of each other would change, but it looks like he finds this relationship were he doesn’t trust her as ‘relaxing’, so I guess he has no intention of improving it in the near future.

    1. I don’t even know what chess boxing is. And I’ve spent a couple years in achess club and played chess for fun for a good chunk of my life.

      1. Basically it’s one round of chess counted in points ( or not, it depends)
        and then there is one round of boxing counted in points, along with the three knockout rule, or even better like Tamaki said, just knock them out. you have to win in one or both categories, but if you are KOed you can’t play and thus looses by default.
        so if the opponent doesn’t know what the game is, the moment the chess board is moved to the side and the round starts Rembrandt just needs to score a instant KO

        1. Read a novel where the Adventurers Guild did something similar. Or was it an anime?

          Either way they had a written test, then a fighting match, back and forth until one side wins decidedly in either or both categories.

          Just thought of it but its

          Ningen Fushin no Boukenshatachi ga Sekai o Sukuu Youdesu alternatively called Adventurers Who Don’t Believe in Humanity Will Save the World

          1. Thanks, I had heard of the series and tried looking for it yesterday but couldn’t remember more than the premise.

            I finally found it thanks to you

          2. Np, its always nice being that person who helped you find something. Usually im the one in your shoes looking for something lol

      1. I usually play rapid I may not be a pro but I have a rapid rating of a thousand plus and I’ve never played chess boxing before

  21. “I try to read ahead with my nonexistent brain, but it doesn’t go well.”

    Lmao nonexistent brain, so Makoto is trying to be like Ainz-sama eh?

  22. for me Rembrandt’s strategy (which is perhaps more obvious) is to somehow try the kuzonoha company for war with them as a sort of triumph or card up their sleeve

  23. My guess is that, once the apostle was out of the way, Aion will collapse. In the first place, with the apostle, the kingdon would be gone already. By that alon, you can see how rotten and incompetent the kingdom is.

    Now they probably thinking that already win the was because they have the apostle and have no backup plan. So once she was gone, they fall into panic and Rembrant can just drop the revolution again to their capital and wipe out the army that was attacking and one sidedly announce Independence and that’s it.

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