Tsuki – Chapter 352: Plus One

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The meeting room after Raidou left.

There was a hard to explain atmosphere.

A person in front of them had opened up, and yet, it was an atmosphere as if they would get severely burned if they were to retort to it. 

That’s the kind of atmosphere there was if we were to explain it in words.

“Hmm, it is a happy thing that we were able to obtain new information regarding the Mist Town without expecting it, but…we now have to finish this annoying war faster. Even though everyone has a mountain of work already. Man, this is troubling.” (Rembrandt)

The only one who was acting all playful was Patrick Rembrandt.

The reason he purposely acted like this was to show the others how close the Kuzunoha Company and the Rembrandt Company are.

He is appealing to his surroundings that he isn’t shocked by the information that he revealed, and that he is already seeing ahead of that so there’s no need to grieve.

“…This is just to confirm, but they are definitely still hiding something unbelievable. The relationship between the Kuzunoha Company and the Mist Town is still a mystery. Even while knowing this, you are still smiling like that, right, Rembrandt-san?” (Muzo)

“Of course, Muzo-san. But right now Raidou-kun is the only method we merchants have to know about the will of the Mist Town. Also, the precision of the information he brings. This is in a sense also pretty fearsome, but…from the information he has reported to me and Tsige, there’s not a single one that has been wrong.” (Rembrandt)

While they were listening to the explanation of Raidou, the first thing that they felt was the strangeness of the contents.

He was explaining internal information about a place that they couldn’t get any information about as if it were natural, so it was normal for the people around to feel it was off.

Also, compared to the information that they slowly obtained from the adventurers, the details and the depth of it was on a whole other plane. 

The representative of the Muzo Company grumbling to Rembrandt, right after the person in question left was also a natural thing, and the response of Rembrandt was fearsome.

“Right. Even the party of Bir-kun I have been getting close to lately, according to what Raidou-kun has said, are still in a pretty shallow part of the place. A town that is divided by several walls, an arena where they compete in their strength, the abnormality of many races living together in harmony, and the existence of a lord. Honestly speaking, that boy knew too much. It was as if he were saying ‘this is all I can tell you, but I am still hiding a lot more’. If I were to be done something like that on purpose, I would be impressed, but…Raidou-kun is most likely doing it unconsciously.” (Couple)

“What, so the lady of Couple had an eye on Birgit, huh. Then it would be better if we didn’t go too far with them…” (Bronzeman)

“Oh my, don’t worry about it. The weapon he uses is special, and it is really important for adventurers to have a relationship with skilled craftsmen. Let’s get along and support them together.” (Couple)

“Sorry about that. He is a katana specialist on a whole other level, you see. He is a good reference for how to maintain the katanas and learn how they are used. Thanks.” (Bronzeman)

The representative of the Couple Company noticed that Raidou was not revealing this information because he had a plan, he was simply speaking from the heart, which slightly amazed her and troubled her.

As a result, it was a situation where no one could retort, which could also be attributed to how excellent the brain of the Kuzunoha Company is, but they also felt slight danger from it. 

The one who reacted to the name of Bir was the representative of the Bronzeman Company. 

Bir Sheet.

Having the bitter experience of returning safely from the complete annihilation of three parties while in the middle of a request, managed to reform his party, and is one of the adventurers that has been on the growth rise recently. 

He has a rare job called Samurai, and he has taken the katana as his favored weapon, and when he needs to maintain and improve his katana with a blacksmith, the Bronzeman Company greatly benefits from it. 

It wasn’t strange for her to request the Bronzeman Company to raise their ability so that he can live for longer. 

Several big companies supporting one party isn’t seen often, but this time around, it is rare to see that there wasn’t any dispute and was wrapped up just like that.

“He wasn’t aware that they were  flickering their military power to tell us it is a bad idea to mess with them. You are getting along with quite the dangerous person, Representative Rembrandt. Man, I don’t know if to call you a person with a really big heart, or a daredevil.” (Batoma)

“I assure you that he has no bad intentions. But it is not as if I don’t understand how you feel, Representative Batoma. If people like us who are a bundle of distrust were to hear something from people like him, we certainly would also fear the potential power that the Kuzunoha Company has.” (Rembrandt)

The Batoma Company’s representative was complaining about the way of acting of Raidou with a bitter expression.

For him who managed to climb all the way up the food industry from one food cart, he was the kind of person that despised settlements that would assert their dominance through violence. 

That’s why he joined forces with people of the same trade, and by prioritizing connections from the side, he created a system called a company alliance.

He had the guild acknowledge this, and put a long time in his efforts to develop the food industry in this city into one that doesn’t bend to violence. 

Even if unconsciously or without any ill intentions, it couldn’t be helped that he would feel displeasure towards the contents of what Raidou said.

Rembrandt is aware of the background of the Batoma Company, and so he cuts it off by labeling it as distrust. 

“Don’t bully the Batoma-kun place too much. Hey, Rembrandt-kun, the reality of things is that only the Kuzunoha Company can obtain a stable supply of goods from the Mist Town. Has he opened up in regards to the distribution method of that? That’s what this old lady would want to know~.” (Couple)

“For our place, it would be the outrageous weapon making techniques of the craftsmen there. They are clearly holding back, and yet, their techniques are several times better than ours, which is just tough to swallow. They call themselves with the name of an ancient species like the elder dwarves, but leaving aside whether that’s true or not, their ability is without doubt on that level. Regardless of if that’s the results of the Mist Town, or that was how skilled they were originally, I would like to have them take disciples if possible.” (Bronzeman)

“As for the Muzo Company, there isn’t anything particularly special we are seeking from them, but…regarding the Kuzunoha Company that can make such a show of presence in this place, shouldn’t we be accepting them officially into our ranks? I assume Rembrandt-san has been thinking about this a long time ago.” (Muzo)

The requests for each company for the Kuzunoha Company were flying towards Rembrandt. 

The reason why they didn’t do so when the person himself was present was purely because they were scared.

Everyone was appraising him to see just how much contact they could have with him.

It is also because they felt instinctively that, depending on the situation, it might be dangerous.

Within all that, the Muzo Company didn’t have any special requests, and just proposed the idea of acknowledging the Kuzunoha Company as one of the top companies of Tsige. 

Of course he has a reason for that. 

The Kuzunoha Company has become an indispensable trading place for the Muzo Company. 

Regardless if it is a material that they need urgently, or a material they need that originates from the Mist Town, he is aware that he has asked for pretty difficult requests from him.

Of course, he is requesting in quite large sums, but if he were to request the same amount of things in other places, there’s a good number of times when they wouldn’t be able to manage.

A miscellaneous store in a sense puts its hand in all the industries, but the Kuzunoha Company is able to coexist with the Muzo Company until now without any animosity. 

For example; at the latest, the Batoma Company seems to be on the verge of getting into a dispute with the Kuzunoha Company, but the Muzo Company has decided to take the side of the Kuzunoha Company if it ever comes into a confrontation between both sides.

That’s how much of a sense of duty he feels towards the Kuzunoha Company.

If he had done so, Raidou would have admired it as an action that laid the groundwork for the future. 

The saddening part is that his urgent request is being treated as a pocket money job given to Akua, Eris, and Komoe. 

Of course, the Forest Oni Eris, who is a competent and loyal employee, has formed a positive connection with the Muzo Company with her deep scheming vision, and there’s no doubt that she has maintained like so because of this. 

Anyways, Raidou has left it in their hands.

“…I wonder about that. You all may have your own thoughts regarding this, but he is the type that doesn’t find it appealing to be given a post and be tied down by a single city. I don’t think there’s any need to push him to be a part of this committee.” (Rembrandt)

“I think that’s a wise decision, Representative Rembrandt.” (Batoma)

“Thanks, Representative Batoma. I don’t want to be hated by him either, you see. I always think I want to be a sincere friend to him. Right… Raidou-kun is an important friend of Tsige, and I think he is someone that must be a +1.” (Rembrandt)

Those words made the place fall silent for an instant. 

“…I see. I will keep that in mind.” (Batoma) 

“A sincere friend, huh. I too will be more careful now.” (Muzo)

“That sounds good. Maybe I should surprise him next time by going to his place with tea and snacks?” (Couple)

“At that time, bring me along too, madam. I want to peek at their workshop once.” (Bronzeman)

Understanding the way to interact with the Kuzunoha Company, every company representative gives their own opinion.

They immediately understood what the Rembrandt Company’s representative meant when he said that he doesn’t want to be hated.

Even if the relationship worsens, think of how to fix it. 

For a merchant, for a company, this is an important thing to know. 

It is not like there are changes of ownership in the places that they have business trades with.

It is extremely important to know how to fix the mood of the other party. 

If you know how to, there’s times when you can utilize the emotions of the other party to obtain information and proceed transactions in a more advantageous position. 

In a sense, you could say it is his weakness.

However, the representative of the Rembrandt Company, that could do most of anything in this city and would still be given a pass, clearly stated that he didn’t want to be hated by them. 

He was talking in the sense that he would like to be a true friend, but he also understands how the people around him would take it as.

He is an evil man.

In other words, Rembrandt is the one who has had the longest and deepest connection with Raidou, but he still doesn’t know how to fix their relationship if it were to ever turn sour, so he is afraid of being hated.

He knows that this is how his surroundings are going to take it as, and so he purposely used the word ‘I don’t want to be hated’.

“Well, he was pretty surprised about the Neo Tsige plan that we spoke of after, so let’s just say that both sides got their own share of shocks.” (Rembrandt)

“…It seemed like he was already on the know in regards to the walls though.” (Muzo)

Rembrandt suddenly changed the topic, and the Muzo Representative retorts calmly. 

“That surprised me as well. Just what kind of information network makes that possible?” (Rembrandt)

“I heard that one of the materials used for the wall was provided by the Kuzunoha Company. Don’t you think that might be the reason why?” (Couple)

“Couple-san…the idea of using that in the defensive wall, I honestly think it is quite the brilliant idea even for me, you know? Why was it seen through in a single go?” (Rembrandt)

“That’s a rare material that was brought by the adventurers from the Mist Town at a point in time, right? It is similar to asbestos, but its performance is clearly on a whole different dimension -even when compared to the trial product that we are making utilizing glass and several other materials mixed. When I got only a handful of it and analyzed it, I felt like I was going crazy. But you thinking about putting that in all of the outer walls of the city makes you pretty crazy yourself.” (Bronzeman)

“Right. ‘If we could get a stable method to obtain them in large quantities…’, is what I thought when I stealthily gave the request to the adventurers, but…when I saw the reconstruction of the Weitz Orphanage, Raidou-kun’s place was already using them in large quantities. I barely managed to endure it, but I felt as if my jaw was going to drop there. It is a material they apparently created to recycle the jewel waste remaining after being used as a catalyst for magic.” (Rembrandt)

‘No, you are also crazy yourself’, is what the representative Bronzeman retorted with, but Rembrandt didn’t show signs of minding.

Its origin and way of making it, he leaked it out clearly on purpose.

“Seriously?! That talked about orphanage was made from such unbelievable material?! …Eh? Oi oi, you just nonchalantly mentioned the manufacturing method, didn’t you?!” (Bronzeman)

“They have a garden on the third floor after all. Was it called a sky garden? …I think that if the people of the orphanage were to accept visitors, they could get quite the profits from it. It seems like they have also set an elevator for Kuzunoha Company’s use which is vexing.” (Rembrandt)

“Oi oi, are you serious?! You are quite the nice guy today! Alright, the Weitz Orphanage, right? If we use a number of our craftsmen to provide regular maintenance…hehehe. If we were to tell them that it will be at the astounding price of free, the orphanage won’t refuse.” (Bronzeman)

The Bronzeman representative puts both of his fists together and, with the face of a craftsman and a merchant, he thinks about how to move in the future. 

“Oh my, they have a garden like that too? I heard they made something incredible, but that sounds wonderful. The Weitz Orphanage, was it? I will prepare gifts and pay them a visit someday.” (Couple)

“I am sure it will be a good experience, Couple-san.” (Rembrandt)

“Now that I think about it, Rembrandt-san, that Ginebia-san person, you had her cooperate early on and we have managed to secure the transportation route for the supplies till the walls without any issues, but…” (Couple)

“…Yeah.” (Rembrandt)

Right after the peaceful statement, the eyes of the Couple Representative had a sharp light show up in them as she looked at Rembrandt.

Eyes that weren’t fitting for an old lady.

The reason why some people would say that she is a wolf in the skin of a granny. 

“There’s quite a lot of supplies being sent there, right? I will take responsibility in transporting them with certainty…but there’s medicine, clothing, and food; and in quite the large amounts at that. I am from an already past generation now, but…I despise people that are wasteful with supplies, you know.” (Couple)

“I am aware of that.” (Rembrandt)

“It is okay to continue transporting the goods in that same pace and amount, right? There won’t be something as pathetic as having the things stolen by bandits at the location, right?” (Couple)

“Of course. I understand that it is a worrying amount, but it is exactly because they are all necessary that we are moving them.” (Rembrandt)

“…Is that so. Sorry about that. The age is really getting to me. I have become a worrywart.  It is rare to see Rembrandt-kun being so into a job, you see. You are the type that mostly just crushes the other side with plenty of leeway after all -that’s why.” (Couple)

“I am just showing as if I have a lot of leeway, Couple-san. If you were to peek inside, you would be able to tell that I am not as big as people think I am.” (Rembrandt)

With a smile that shows a lot of leeway, Rembrandt scratches his head.

“That’s surprising. I feel a lot more relieved now. In that case…maybe it is about time I resolve myself and bring out from my own pocket too?” (Couple)



Only the smile of Rembrandt remained on his face. 

His eyes changed into those of someone looking at a business competition. 

The other three companies seem to still not understand what the Couple Representative meant, they showed their confusion.

After all, in the crazy proposal of the Neo Tsige, Rembrandt was the instigator, and Couple was the first to ally. 

Unless she reveals it with some sort of intention in mind, the people here won’t be able to know about the planned layout of the future Tsige. 

The ones looking at the goal, the ones who are looking further ahead from that goal, the ones who can read it to a certain extent, and ones who are still feeling that this is all dreamtalk; you could clearly feel that difference here.

“The Rembrandt Company is putting out an outstanding amount of money, right? Honestly speaking, it has surpassed what I predicted a long time ago. It seems like you still haven’t fallen into debt, but it is to a degree that I think you intend to release all the power you have been accumulating.” (Couple)


“Whether it be the abnormal amount of goods, or the purchase of the jewel wool; it is on the level where you can buy several countries.” (Couple)

The other representatives nod at this.

They have done the suitable amount of purchases to call themselves merchants of big companies and central figures of the Merchant Guild.

But the Rembrandt Company has not only surpassed that by a mile, but has shot straight up. 

Even if there’s mercenaries and hired adventurers from the companies in the strategy front of the war, the one with the most influence in this is without a doubt the Rembrandt Company. 

They are the ones putting the money, so the weight of his words is strong. That’s in part the reason, but he has also brought out novel plans that are powerful and effective.

At present, he is a merchant but also working as a governor. 

Why Rembrandt is putting out money: For the sake of his dream, for the sake of the city; ignoring all profits…was by no means the reason. 

He knows about the thing called war to a certain extent. 

If you are going to do it, you have to win by any means; that’s war. That resolve is one of the reasons for not being frugal about the money. 

However, Rembrandt was already enacting the method to regain it all for certain.

“And so, I thought for a bit. Hey, even if we were to gain independence and gain the territory all the way to the new walls…what will happen to the ownership of the newly gained land? What do you think of doing, Rembrandt?” (Couple)

“…Of course, if we were to do something complicated, or were to bring out something unfair, no one would agree. In this new rising of a City-State, there’s obviously no need for friction. Leaving aside the adventurers and soldiers that fought, shouldn’t it be okay for us merchants to divide the land purely according to the war expenditures they have shouldered?” (Rembrandt)


“It is a method that everyone can agree with, on top of that, it is the method that you would benefit the most with, and even if we wanted to complain about it, we wouldn’t be able to. You really are one scary boy.” (Couple)

The Couple Representative sighs. 

If Rembrandt continues with his crazy expenses, and Tsige manages to gain independence, most of the rights from the newly acquired land will go to him. 

The price of the land in Tsige that endlessly rises in value.

The one here who has the most knowledge in real estate is Rembrandt. 

He hasn’t allowed a single company to line up or surpass him in regards to real estate and financing.

In Tsige, the ones in that industry are mostly absorbed to other places or fall before they can reach the doors of success. 

Even in the know-hows, there’s no group that surpasses that of the Rembrandt Company. 

In the case that the land is divided from the good places first, all the close locations will be in the hands of the Rembrandt Company, and the other places, they would have to buy them at a high price if they needed it, or make it work with a piece of land that is far away from the current city. 

“If we don’t win this war, it would all be pointless; a mere illusion. It is just one possibility of the many. It would be unfair if we didn’t properly divide the sweet rewards of victory by the efforts and money contributed. For merchants, the contribution would be money. I think it is a truly simple and easy to understand method… Don’t you think so too?” (Rembrandt)

“Yeah, I heard you have already discussed this with the Adventurer Guild. That Tsige and the Merchant Guild will by no means do something as use and throw away a cooperator and that they will be properly recompensed. Your fame is incredibly high. It is completely different from the time when your family was in a vortex of misfortune.” (Couple)

“I am simply acting for the sake of the city. If we were to be swayed around by one’s own personal interests, it wouldn’t be any different from the times when we were under the ruling of Aion. Isn’t that right, Couple-san?” (Rembrandt)

“It is incredible that I can’t even say that statement of yours is a lie. Now, I have to make some money. At this rate, Rembrandt-kun will be taking it all. Even if I were to try to get in his way, we will be the first ones dying if we were to lose. I don’t know at what point in time it was, but we have been smoothly pulled into it.” (Couple)


The members of the meeting understood the situation and had cold sweat running down.

It is true that, even if they were to create a gigantic city, how would they divide the newly acquired land? 

It could temporarily be under the ownership of the newly made city management, but they are going to create a city that will be making all that land into its territory. This is a thought that hasn’t been seen before, and the city that will serve as the root of it will continue to own that land. 

There’s no one who knows if how the nations have been doing until now about their way of handling land ownerships is the right way or not. 

If the war is a victory, even if they were to dispute and object about it postwar, the current activeness of Rembrandt could bring even the adventurers to his side, and if he were to put out the proposal of dividing the land to provide ownerships that at a glance seem like the fair method, will it even be possible to bring out another proposal that can overturn it? 

If handled poorly, even if the war is won, their lives might be at risk.

Right now, the most effective way to protect themselves is to not spare any money in winning the war for the sake of Tsige.

(That damn hag. I was thinking about cutting off the idiots that just watch all carefreely and were aiming to simply sip on the sweet fruits of victory without actually doing anything… No, maybe she began to worry about me running out of money after investigating the expenses I was taking? It is possible. With this kind of threat, the people here will without doubt take out money from their own pockets too. Tch, I was thinking about having people like Batoma fall off the ship with this one, but…maybe it would be less of a pain if I were to have him owe me one?) (Rembrandt)

Rembrandt was silent. 

But he was internally spitting out quite the good amount of poison towards the Couple Representative, and he wasn’t hiding the fact that he was appraising the other companies.

(Oh my, oh my. Could it be that he still had leeway in his pocket? Then I might have done something a little bad there. It is just as Rembrandt-kun says, there’s no point in any of this if we don’t win the war. If everything goes well, all of this can actually happen, but…just where is all that confidence from this boy coming from? What with the Ginebia-san person that could use a massive transportation technique that felt as if it erased all disadvantages of teleportation, the fact that the top of the Adventurer Guild has come to this city…just how long has it been since my blood has boiled this much? Aah, if only I was younger, I would be more…) (Couple)

The Couple Representative was once again showing the face of a wolf licking its lips below her mask.

She still hasn’t reached the reason as to why Rembrandt feels complete confidence in victory, but she has decided that, from today on, she will be going all in on the independence of Tsige.

“Hahaha, what are you saying? Let’s aim for the independence of Tsige together. Doesn’t that make us partners, Couple-san? I will do my very best. I believe that everyone will also be doing their best as well.” (Rembrandt)

“Right. I will think of this festival as my last bloom in life and do my best. I will be in your care, everyone.” (Couple)

“What are you saying? You are still plenty young. Hahahaha.” (Rembrandt)


Unbelievably dry laughs reverberated in the place, and eventually dissipated. 

There was no announcement to disperse, but with someone standing as the signal, the five of them exited the meeting room.

Aside from the two who were showing carefreeness as they left last, the others were not smiling. 

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