Tsuki – Chapter 345: Tobikato’s Blessing

Mio really didn’t come.

I could tell that in the morning…no, in the early morning, she slipped out of bed and headed to the kitchen.

That’s right, breakfast was karaage <fried chicken>.

I wanted to say something about that. 

Making four different tasting karaages, and four side dishes is a bit excessive.

I am truly glad there was a group of people who were delighted by this.

There was already something similar to karaage in Asora.

We have literal chickens as well…just that they are a bit big and their legs and claws are thick, which makes it a bit more dangerous though.

It is just that it tasted more like in the middle of tatsuta-age and karaage…

No, it is plenty tasty. 

But the karaage talk that happened after Rokuya-san shared some with us got really heated up thanks to how shockingly delicious it was.

I wasn’t careful.

Mio began to aim for that peak.

While I reflected on this, I think about how miso soup really is nice in the morning. It calms me down.

No, corn soup also fills me with nostalgia. 

Not the actual one, but the powdered one. 

Remembering these things makes me yearn for them.

“Rokuya-san, stuff like that of yesterday really troubles me.” (Makoto)

I have to say this right from the get-go.

That’s why I said this to Rokuya-san who is in the same store and seat as we were in yesterday.

“? You finally managed to move your heavy legs forward, right? Troubled, you say. I was just feeling bad for Mio-san who was made to wait that much. Ah, sorry that I am offering you a staple this time around, red rice. Tsige has an abnormal amount of ingredients. I managed to easily reproduce it.” (Rokuya)

“Ah, thank yo—what staple are we talking about here?!” (Makoto) <It is a tradition to eat red rice in celebration of something. This time, most likely him graduating from his V card.>

I objected with a straight face.

He then brings out a square box with red rice and places it on my side.

It is pretty big.

So, what staple are we talking about here?

“So, how is it going with Tomoe-san?” (Rokuya)

“?!” (Makoto)

“…Oh? Oooh?” (Rokuya)


Not a single lie could come out from me to a surprising extent. 

Even though I have managed to do so lately like a merchant! 

This is already past the point of discernment…he 100% knows now!! 

“Hoh! You are pretty good. Nice nice. That’s how a youngster should be! The Empire one is a bit excessive, but well, not like I find it an impossible scenario.” (Rokuya)

“…Please don’t put me in the same vein as Tomoki. Has he gone out of line and done something again?” (Makoto)

“No, it is something from a decent while ago. There was an interesting policy coming from the Empire, you see. To put it bluntly, a plan to increase the population. They may be a big country, but the decrease in population will become a problem in the future. In the first place, numbers are one of the advantages of hyumans. You could say it is simple, but effective.” (Rokuya)

“…Could it be ‘have all women come to the capital and bring them to my place’? That’s an eroge scenario.” (Makoto)

He has no reserves in charming his party to make a harem and charm the daughters of nobles.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t care about the other party being married.

Don’t go doing NTR in real life. Keep it to games only. 

“…No, his body wouldn’t last. It is stated as increasing the population, but results can vary.” (Rokuya)

“Then?” (Makoto)

“They spread aphrodisiacs to settlements in order, set a few free days under the name of the hero, and do an indiscriminate adult festival.” (Rokuya)


That’s way too stupid.

When talking about increasing the population, at least do something like create a law that makes it obligatory to marry; that kind of decent way of thinking.

Just how pink are you dyeing that brain of yours…that you end up reaching that kind of direct approaches?

“Hahaha! It is rare to see you open your mouth wide and be dumbfounded! I have seen something nice!” (Rokuya)

“It was just so stupid that…good grief.” (Makoto)

“…I wonder about that. It is true that it is an extreme approach, but there’s no doubt that it is increasing the population, you know?” (Rokuya)

“Even if that’s the case…no, let’s just stop talking about the Empire. Ah, about the topic of Tomoe as well. Let’s continue talking about the business of yesterday, please.” (Makoto)

“Hm, okay. I think you already know about our relationship with the Adventurer Guild, Raidou-kun…” (Rokuya)

And he easily switches topics.

His age really is showing.

“Yes, to a certain extent.” (Makoto)

“Right. So, we know a fair amount in regards to the guild. For example, a Samurai was born in Tsige recently, right?” (Rokuya) 

“Ah, yes.” (Makoto)

It is apparently a Class Up from the job called Rounin.

If I remember correctly, there was also the choice of a Kurobakama.

I was surprised by the names.

“As you saw, the influence of Wise is quite strong in Lorel…even so, there’s no Samurais there. Even though they have been dyed in our culture in a lot of areas.” (Rokuya)


“It was honestly unexpected that cosplaying got strangely widespread at some point in time…oops, sorry about that. I got heated up on this topic just like that time with the karaage. And so, about the jobs, there’s still higher heights than samurai.” (Rokuya)

“Ooh, really? If we talk about samurais, it would be master swordsman, devilish swordsman, or master samurai?” (Makoto)

“Umu, master samurai. They existed in the past, but there’s none in the present. And there’s higher than that.” (Rokuya)

“Higher than master samurai?” (Makoto)

“Yeah. There’s something called Mugai. A job that hasn’t been confirmed in the guild, but only we know of its existence.” (Rokuya)

“It was a power of you all to begin with. But…Mugai. Does it refer to the Mugai style?” (Makoto)

How to say it, it is quite game-like. I wouldn’t be surprised if something like that actually existed. 

Mugai, huh. I am interested in what kind of job it is.

“Azu did say that. Is the Mugai style really that famous of a school? Everyone aside from him didn’t know about it.” (Rokuya)

“Yeah…” (Makoto)

I guess it is?

“The peak of the command job branch is Yagyu, but that one we did know. It must be referring to Yagyu Juubei, right?” (Rokuya)

“If it is the command job branch, I would say it would fit Yagyu Munenori more though.” (Makoto)

Munetoshi is more of the Shinkage style.

I think it refers to the Yagyu that served under the shogun…probably.

“…Well, that’s the kind of system it is. And so, obviously, it makes us really happy when jobs like this make their first appearance -the fact that people are reaching the boundaries that we were unable to arrive at.” (Rokuya)

“I see.” (Makoto)

Meaning that this is kinda like a thanks for a rare job like samurai showing up?

It is not its first appearance, so it doesn’t feel quite right though.

There was the matter of yesterday after all.

There’s the possibility that he is just using this as an excuse and just called me to tease me.

“We managed to register a new job in the guild -from a person close to you, that is. Moreover, it is a job that’s on the same branch as mine, so my heart jumped despite my age. You have my heartfelt thanks.” (Rokuya)

Rokuya-san lowered his head to the lowest extent that allowed him to not hit the table, and gave me a serious show of gratitude. 

By adventurers that are close to me, he must be referring to someone from Alpine.

No, if it is someone that’s close to the job branch of Rokuya-san…Toa, huh.

Heeh, they went off to an opposite direction from the wasteland due to a request, and she classed up?

What timing.

“…Could you be talking about Toa?” (Makoto)

“Umu. I think you have already heard about this, but it seems like the guild weapon that Azu gave her had some sort of effect, and there’s the chance that there were pretty special conditions to fulfill. It really piqued my interest!” (Rokuya)

“Meaning that she changed into something that’s not a Kagerou? I see.” (Makoto)

“It is called Tobikato. Maybe you know about it? Azu doesn’t seem to be interested in ninjas, so he told me that he didn’t know, but you unexpectedly have all those areas covered up, right?!” (Rokuya)

Toa has become something impressive.

Could it be that her being temporarily under the tutelage of Tomoe had some influence in this? 

I do question whether it is fine to have a job name like that, but…it definitely isn’t weak.

“Please don’t say that as if I am some sort of weirdo. It is the nickname of Katou Danzou, right?” (Makoto)

“Right! That’s right!! I didn’t expect there to be such a hidden job like that… Do you understand this feeling?! The Tobikato apparently have a whole lot of original ninjutsu!” (Rokuya)

“R-Rokuya-san! This is in a sense sensitive information about Toa, so please lower your voice!” (Makoto)

“Can you imagine it?! It is a surprising job that even an old man like me could only nod in amazement at it!” (Rokuya)

What’s surprising is your tension. 

This is not an issue of whether I can imagine it or not! 

“I am just so happy…to the point that I gave away a number of my treasured equipment to her. By the time I noticed, I was dyed in the assassin route, so the only thing left of me was a habit of collecting stuff due to my admiration for ninja related things.” (Rokuya)

There’s a path for assassins?

The assassin’s creed kinda thing?

“A new job and new equipment, huh. Toa must be pretty giddy about it.” (Makoto)

“For now, in order to do a dual sword style, she would need a weapon that’s on the same level as lapis. And the result of pondering about it…I tore off a scale of Doma—that’s a joke. I had Doma give me a scale with his approval, and with the material I asked from the mythical beast of Azu, I then requested a craftsman of Tsige to make it.” (Rokuya)

“…And you gave that to Toa?” (Makoto)

Man, Doma, you are getting treated terribly in a thing that has nothing to do with you.

Even though he ran away saying that he didn’t want to meet me because it would definitely not end up well… What a pitiful guy.

He is the type that avoids all the infrareds, just to end up falling in a pitfall. 

I don’t know why, but I can sympathize with him.

“Hahum!” (Rokuya)

“‘Hahum’, you say.” (Makoto)

He nodded powerfully, so that must be the case.

I don’t know who crafted it, but that person must have had it rough with that outrageous request.

“If it is to celebrate the birth of a new job, I don’t mind this degree of work. Also…” (Rokuya)


“They have gone deep into the Aion Kingdom. Also, the seams have already been filled up, but the cracks of Tsige are still in sight even when she is way over there. In other words, she is in a dangerous position. As if I would let the Tobikato die so easily.” (Rokuya)

“…You say it is dangerous, but the party of Toa is determined and sturdy, you know?” (Makoto)

“If there’s the possibility the Apostle of the Goddess might show up, they should be careful to a certain degree.” (Rokuya)

“We are thinking about dealing with that…” (Makoto)

“Considering the affinities, I would say Alpine could put up a better fight against the Apostle. The Kuzunoha Company relies quite a lot in magic, including you after all. I think you should research the Skills of adventurers a bit more, you know.” (Rokuya)

“Skills…” (Makoto)

In regards to me, it is true that I don’t remember ever using Skills. 

I definitely am tilted to one side.

If he says that characteristic of mine is bad against that opponent…this is troubling.

“Yeah.” (Rokuya)

“I am a level 1 merchant though.” (Makoto)

I am an eternal level 1.

“…Right. Skills…ah, I see.” (Rokuya)

“I will warn Tomoe, Mio, and the others about this.” (Makoto)

“Y-Yeah, that would be for the best. Don’t worry, the guild’s top isn’t incompetent. I am sure they will pinpoint the reason soon enough.” (Rokuya)

“I hope that’s the case.” (Makoto)

“…It seems like due to worry for you or because they learned it from you, Tomoe-san and Mio-san have the tendency of pushing aside Skills as much as possible when they strive for higher heights. It would be better to think about all possible scenarios when making countermeasures. You must move without regrets.” (Rokuya)

“Yes, thank you very much.” (Makoto)

If my existence is connected to evading Skills, that’s honestly a problem.

I would like them to just not mind it and rise higher and higher. 

I would like to see a battle between a Mugai and a Yagyu.

“Now then, the problem is…what to thank you with.” (Rokuya)


I have already received a thanks, and you even introduced me to a tasty karaage yesterday. 

Also, Toa was the one who worked hard.

There’s no reason to thank us.

Toa herself has already received a lot of celebratory gifts from Rokuya-san.

“To think that you would tie the knot with Tomoe-san too in this short period of time… There’s also the matter of Toa… Yup, I really can’t see the depths of you, Raidou-kun.” (Rokuya)

“Wa?!” (Makoto)

I have seen this before.

People call this a deja vu.

No no, moreover, one of them can cause a complete misunderstanding.

Oi oi, moshi moshi?! 

The stares are painful… As expected of the adventurers of Tsige. Our table is already surrounded.

“I find an assassin with a loud mouth questionable…” (Makoto)

“Don’t worry, I will bring red rice tomorrow as well.” (Rokuya)

“No nee—wait, that’s not fair! He is already gone!” (Makoto)

Right, he had this. 

A Hiding Skill that even I can’t detect! 

Aah, damn it.

An ‘explode’ chant just like yesterday began from somewhere.

The sweat and heat is outstanding.

How unpleasant. I won’t be raising my hand, but their bodies slowly approaching and pressing  against mine to harrass me was rough.

Haha, Mio and Tomoe have really integrated into Tsige well. If I just think of this as proof that they are being admired, I can easily endure this…this…as if I can endure it!! 

Side chesto! 

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    bigint -9,223,372,036, 854,775,808 9,223,372,036, 854,775,807
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