Tsuki – Chapter 341: WALL

In the cases where a large army is dispatched, being approached till the outer walls is unavoidable. 

That’s what Patrick Rembrandt said in his first hot spring experience.

Makoto who is the owner and was together with him there heard this as well, but there was a terrifying difference in what those two were imagining.

The people gathered by the main leaders of the Rembrandt Company, mostly mages that are adventurers and carpenters from Tsige and the surrounding settlements, were grouped up in a plain.

The location is somewhere that can be reached in two days from Tsige.

If you look at the back, on the left side, you would be able to see the Golden Highway that extends from the left all the way to the right. 

“When coming to the actual place, it makes the craziness of that merchant more prominent.” 

The one who muttered this was the man that supervises the worker unit and is a member of the mercenary group, Picnic Rose Garden (PRG), called frequently as Big Bro. 

“Don’t just suddenly call that frightening client crazy from the very beginning.” 

The vice-captain Yamato, who is in that same worker unit, reprimands his superior.

The one nodding by his side is Shibaf whose nickname is fist mage which is apparently still classified as a mage.

The three of them are executive members of PRG and have high combat ability as well as high leadership.

They may be in the worker unit, but Big Bro and Yamato are also essential members that fight at the very frontlines.

“I simply said merchant, so the fact that you pinpoint it as the frightening client already makes you as guilty as me.” 

“…I simply advised you to not say that at the very beginning. I completely agree that he is totally crazy.” (Yamato)

Shibaf once again nods repeatedly at the side of Yamato.

“In that plan, the ones who will be moving first are us, Daiku-san, and the mages that were recruited. That damn Nomad, saying that it is interesting and getting onto it as well, and then beginning to boil down an unreasonable plan…” 

The complaints of Big Bro were endless.

But it couldn’t be helped.

This is what the Merchant Guild of Tsige said: “We want you to make an outer wall for the new Tsige from the left and right as if they were spreading wings at the outer walls of the Golden Highway”.

The members of PRG heard this from their strategist and were wondering what in the world they were talking about, but after hearing the details of the plan and the time period, they all held their heads in pain.

Gather a few hundreds of craftsmen and mages, and make walls in a short period of time.

If Makoto were to hear this, he would have retorted ‘a one night castle?!’. <The Sunomata Castle that’s said to have been built overnight.>

This one would be impossible to make in one night though.

Three payments with no breaks. The stamina recovery potions are obviously the special kind that are made from materials of the wasteland and also recover magic power. They will even provide catalyst stones that will take over the magic power expenditure of the mage. Also, the estimated numbers were so unbelievable even for the battle seasoned PRG that they had to do a double take. 

In Tsige it is apparently not that big of a number, and there were even talks about adding extra funds, which made the people who were participating in the briefing sigh for many reasons. 

And then, Yamato, Shibaf, and Big Bro, who prayed to the heavens to not be chosen, were chosen to basically be the ones in charge of the south area. 

“Moreover, that unbelievable combat engineer, Nakase, told us to copy that magic architecture stuff. Yeah, it is shocking stuff, but our worker unit can do something similar, right? We can, right, Big Bro? Or maybe he is using this chance to show off?!” 

“We have known each other for long, so he knows how to handle us.” 

“If he says it like that, there’s no way we can say that we can’t do it! I can understand the basic manufacturing process, and seeing the ability of the mages and carpenters who can actually use that technique, there’s no way I would just quit! That’s the kind of mood that was there!” 

“How many times do I have to tell you not to challenge Nomad in those kinds of moments…” 

Shibaf nods repeatedly.

Shibaf may look like he is in this place obediently, but even he felt like crying when they were told to make a wall that can endure the war and will reach all the way to the Golden Highway that can be seen at the horizon.

“Big Bro-dono! The material division is arriving successively! Go ahead and give us your orders!” 

“No need for the -dono, just call me Big Bro. The monsters here are apparently not that big of a deal, but I will entrust the chicklings to you guys. We will have our hands full with the outer wall from now on, got that?!” 

“I will protect everyone aside from the idiots who can’t even say ‘help me’. Compared to the other side of Tsige, this place is heaven.” 

“Yeah, I realized that too. Tch, well then, let’s begin! Yamato!” 

“All members, listen closely!!”

It is a mixed group of mages and craftsmen, but the words of Yamato made everyone’s back straighten, and look at Big Bro.

They are an impromptu group, but they have finished their introductions, and their morale is high. Also, they are all thoroughly aware of what they have to do and the process of it.

What they should do to function as a unit was already done.

“I will make this clear first! This is a plan that was thought of by what could be an idiot or a genius! In my experience, once these kinds of plans succeed, they succeed big!! That’s why don’t think too deeply about it! We only gotta do one thing! We will make a sturdy wall that won’t lose to that outrageous video of the dwarves that we used as reference! We will make sure! To make it! All the way over there! Let’s GOOOOOOOO!!!” 


All the way over there. 

Until the Golden Highway that can be seen on the horizon.

The whole unit headed to their location of work, constructed the camps that they will be using for several days, and made a last confirmation of the measurements as the mages began the creation of the wall. 

Transportation of the materials, checking the strength, and confirming the structure.

They don’t seem that worried about spies and information leaks.

This work is already not at that stage after all.

There’s no few amount of people here who have fighting power, but no one here has the spare energy to fight. 

There was even a joke-like request given to them that said ‘please make something that we can use as is after just a few adjustments’.

“The Weitz Orphanage was unbelievable stuff. We may not be able to use the reinforcement plan that utilizes that big tree, but everything else aside from that, if we had put our minds into it, we could have made something like that in the past. It was a construction method that was as if it were flaunting our procrastination… The Kuzunoha Company that we were shown after was also splendid stuff. We can’t go losing here. We have been given plenty enough manpower and materials, so we will show them the best masterpiece of PRG’s construction unit!!” 

Big Bro was burning. 

As a fighter and a military engineer, the construction video of the Weitz Orphanage that they were shown at the Merchant Guild of Tsige…no, that they were flaunted at, had that much power and passion in it. 

What’s the problem about a craftsman with architecture knowledge using magic?

What’s the problem about a mage who is versed in the earth element and handling metal to learn about architecture?

It was a video that showed the flaws of both notions and felt as if it were kicking away and making fun of them at their root. 

Material transportation and the way to use them, and then the many materials they saw for the first time like the jewel wool.

It broke a hole into the common sense and pride of the craftsmen and mages gathered, including Big Bro, to a refreshing extent. 

Everyone remembered how the boss of the Rembrandt Company, Patrick; the strategist of PRG, Nomad; and the chief craftsman of the Kuzunoha Company, who actually executed it, were looking at them with eyes as if they were challenging them.

‘That’s for reference’.

It was also a provocation.

At the very least, that’s how Big Bro and the PRG construction unit took it.

“My blood is boiling.” (Shibaf)

“Shibaf?” (Yamato)

Shibaf muttered at the side of Big Bro who was already giving out orders and supervising the progress. 

Big Bro didn’t hear it, but Yamato clearly picked out those words. 

“This is the first move to bring down one of the four major powers. Even if the main actor is Tsige, our name might remain at a corner of it.” (Shibaf)

“…Now that you mention it, that’s true. The Aion Breaker, huh. If this outrageous plan succeeds and achieves a sweeping victory, it will indeed remain in history…” (Yamato)

“There’s practically no war that has been resolved as planned though.” (Shibaf)

“There’s apparently an Apostle of the Goddess on their side after all. Well, we are doing this much. After we make the wall, let’s just go to sleep for the rest.”

“Agreed…” (Shibaf)

Shibaf nods repeatedly.

His turn comes at night.

Manual labor that continues from day and night. 

Shibaf slowly moves his big muscular body and heads to his current job that is sleeping. 

“…’My blood is boiling’, huh. Me too. They are telling us, not a country but a city and a mercenary group, to make a construction that’s almost as big as the Golden Highway. The wallet of that crazy client must be loose as well. They went and said that the one who finished first from the north or the south would be getting double the reward. He understands well how to move people and how to control their greed.” (Yamato)

Tsige can’t be seen from here.

But the adventurers and pack horses that were coming one after the other from there could be seen.

The same things were being sent to the other side of the Golden Highway. 

It is an unbelievable amount of materials. 

Even in Yamato’s life as a mercenary, he hasn’t seen this level of splurging. In a sense, you could say it is an extravagant war. 

He even thought that maybe this will be the war with the highest scale in his life. 

In that case, they can’t go putting a damper on the first step of the cunning scheme. 

“Yamato! I want to increase the pace of the measurements a bit! Can you go?!” 

“Leave it to me! We can’t be losing to Aion or the people in the north! I will go at once!” (Yamoto)

Yamato complies to the words of his superior and partner, Big Bro. 

The WALL that Patrick Rembrandt has stated will be stopping a massive army is on the way to being built far into the horizon.

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