Tsuki – Chapter 342: To the untrodden path

“It really has been a while.” 

The girl, who is moving around with only armor equipped and close to being empty-handed, was walking the circumference. 

She is acting separately from her party members. 

She is in the middle of her request, but she still hasn’t entered a dangerous zone. 

You could say this can be considered a rest day because of her honed experience and instinct.

“Raidou-san said that there’s a special way of hunting around here…” 

‘Is it that?’, Toa says as she catches several presences a few hundred metres ahead. 

For her who has become the present peak of the assassin job, Shadowless, this kind of search explorations are her specialty.

The current her has pursued battle and investigation to the very limits, so she is outstandingly skillful. 

Toa carefully erases her presence and deftly advances to the place she has pinpointed, and observes the slimes.

(Hmm, I see, I see. The most important part is to take out its core. By taking out the core without shaving off their gel part too much and crushing it…ooh, it really remains without melting away. The core may be an important material, but if there’s slimes in the wasteland that are edible, the world might change quite a lot…) (Toa)

While she was thinking that, she took a bit of distance, and tried out that same hunting method with a similar slime. 

The first few were continuous failures, but she soon got the gist of it and managed to defeat a slime while leaving its ‘meat’.

The mamonos roaming around this area are of no threat to Toa. 

For her, this is most likely like mowing the lawn. 

“The weight isn’t that big of a deal. It can also enter…the magic bag. What’s left would be the taste, huh. If I remember correctly, it is in the menu of the city’s bar.” (Toa)

Toa remembers the story she heard once from her benefactor.

At that time, she didn’t know when she would be able to leave Tsige, but that chance came faster than she thought, so it made her chuckle. 

Toa stealthily observed adventurers around B rank doing slime hunting at the same area as her. She was around that same level of strength at the time when she was at the base that is already gone, Zetsuya. Right now that difference is like comparing heaven and earth though.

But compared to Toa who had been overlapping one reckless action after the other, they were performing a request that was on their level and was plenty steady.

(Man, I am surprised that I am still alive. Now that I think back on it, me being on Zetsuya wasn’t a gamble, but suicidal.) (Toa)

It is a past that would make her cough, but Toa will by no means forget those times.

Self-admonishing your own shallowness is not something to be ashamed about.

You just have to not repeat them.

Toa slightly overlapped the image of those adventurers hunting slimes and her present self as she returned to the town after finishing her stroll.

It is to enjoy the famous slime dishes here since she has the chance.

She heads to the Adventurer Guild first to regroup with her party members. 

“Heya, how was it, Toa?” 

“I managed to do slime hunting in a pretty wide perimeter. It was fun.” (Toa)

“Was it on a degree that we could manage to do so as well?” 

“Doesn’t seem to be any problems with that. But we still have to see if the ones of the wasteland can be eaten. After finishing this request and returning, let’s test it out.” (Toa)

“I hope it is tasty.” 

“Yeah…” (Toa)

The one who greeted her at the guild was a party member of hers, the dwarf Ranina. 

She was raising her hand from a table that’s surrounded by warriors.

There were people with heavy armor gathered there and it was creating a sweltering space at the left side of the entrance.

Right now the party Alpine that is composed of the comrades of Toa were doing an expedition from Tsige to Aion. 

They got a designated request from the Merchant Guild of Tsige. 

With the level and rank of Toa’s party, they could undertake requests normally, and they could just teach others how to hunt, but they have already accepted a request that took priority, and they have no intention of taking away the work of other adventurers, so the Alpine party isn’t taking requests in this place. 

When she took another look, she saw that Hazal and Louisa had come to the Adventurer Guild as well.

They made a light agreement to gather before they go eat. They have probably already gone around the places they wanted to go, and have wrapped up their businesses. 

There were people gathering at the place of Louisa and Hazal, just like Ranina.

It is rare to see top class adventurers, so the adventurers that are free would come check them out, try to sense something, or simply try to get closer to them.

This is the result of those many objectives.

But even if that’s the case, it is a bit too heated up.

While feeling this, Toa approaches the place of Ranina which she exchanged greetings with first.

“Isn’t it a bit too heated up here?” (Toa)

“They came here pestering me that it is for commemoration. I was updating my card with everyone, and it seems like we got a Job Change.” (Ranina)

“! That’s amazing! Who was it? Ranina? Hazal? Louisa?” (Toa)

A Job Change signifies great growth for an adventurer.

Toa’s party hadn’t gone to the Adventurer Guild for a while.

Today will be a celebration.

It was a gleeful surprise that merited a sudden change of plans like that.

“Hazal and I. Louisa is still the dark and quiet sniper, Twilight Eye.” (Ranina)

“Did you already change? How did your Skills feel?” (Toa)

“I did change, but I still haven’t tested anything yet. I would say that around tomorrow I will be doing it. This is an important moment, but rest is as important. That’s why I thought this was a good time.” (Ranina)

“…I see. So, what job was it?” (Toa)

“Mine is Quaker. It is apparently exclusive of dwarves. I have been choosing Jobs of priest warriors that can use Spirits, but this is my first time getting a race exclusive one, and there didn’t seem to be any problems, so I chose it without hesitation.” (Ranina)

“Exclusive to a dwarf… You didn’t change into a smith type of Job, right?” (Toa)

“Wahahaha! No! As if I can hold a hammer at this point! I will be walking the path of a warrior for the rest of my life. From what I saw with the Skill composition, I will be sturdier than before, and will specialize in fighting against a large number of enemies.” (Ranina)

“I look forward to that. And so, the adventurers are asking you about it?” (Toa)

“Yeah. Sorry but I ended up reserving a big restaurant for today. It is one of the few instances we get to celebrate, so please forgive me for that, Leader.” (Ranina)

“…Well, it can’t be helped. It should be okay. This time around, Tsige will be the wallet after all.” (Toa)

Toa then pauses and looks at a side.

“And so, what about Hazal?” (Toa)

“Ask the person himself.” (Ranina)

“…Eeh, do I have to go there? For some reason, there’s only women there though.” (Toa)

“Hazal looks like an easy prey after all! Despite his looks, he is a man that’s fitting for his rank though. He must be like Raidou -the kind of guy that suffers from the disparity in their ability and their atmosphere.” (Ranina)

“…Haah.” (Toa)

Being seen off by Ranina, Toa approaches the table where Hazal is waiting.

It is different from the other table, this one is a table where the scent of perfume is slightly strong.

Even though it is the table of a party member, for some reason, Toa was directed light hostility, and it made her wince. 

But this is a joyful event for her comrade.

It is natural to congratulate him at the very least.

“I heard you got a rank up? Congratulations Hazal.” (Toa)

“Toa! Yeaah, I was shocked! Even though we haven’t been to the wasteland lately and haven’t gotten into trouble.” (Hazal)

“It seems Ranina has already decided but, how about you?” (Toa)

“Of course, I have decided. This time around, she and I only had one option after all. Astrologist; that’s my new job.” (Hazal)

“…Sorry, I can’t picture anything from that.” (Toa)

“Well, figures. On top of doing stuff on the same vector as before, I also have sturdy barrier Skills, and…a number of instinct-like Skills. The conditions are on the rough side, but I also have high firepower Skills. About the feel of it, we will fine tune it in the future.” (Hazal)

“Wow. It is amazing, but…that’s already on the spectrum of an all-rounder… You even have attack Skills. Your branch is alchemist, right…?” (Toa)

“Ahaha, yeah. I am the jack of all trades master of none, Hazal. Looking forward to working with you from here on as well, Leader. It seems like there have been instances of the jobs of Ranina and I appearing in the past, but there’s no living information of it. It looks like it is quite the rare thing.” (Hazal)

“I also want to graduate from Shadowless. Even though there’s apparently a higher level that’s Kagerou.” (Toa)

“How about updating it now since you are already here? You might unexpectedly become one.” (Hazal)

“Louisa’s one was also sudden after all… I should try and see.” (Toa)

“It would be a pain to celebrate Leader’s alone if it happens later, so please let it be now!” (Hazal)

“You put one word too many there, Hazal.” (Toa)

Within the adventurers that are still alive, Toa’s party is without a doubt ace level.

Of course, the chances of there being no information in the documents of the Guild regarding the Job they class up to are high.

It is finally at the stage where they have to face their own ability while fumbling around with no information beforehand.

But Toa who has had that resolve a long time ago has stayed as a Shadowless for a good while.

According to the records she checked with the Guild, there’s apparently just the name Kagerou with no further information aside from that.

“Hello. I apologize for the ruckus my comrades made here. Since I am already here, I want to update my card as well please.” (Toa)

Her comrades are growing into higher Jobs one after the other.

Toa was feeling as if she were being left behind.

But it is not like there has been a decisive moment or any enlightenment, so her expectations were low.

Even so, it is not like it takes money to update. 

If they are going to be having a party, she wants to enjoy it as a target of celebration too.

It kinda felt bad to have them celebrate it later just for her even though it is not her birthday or anything, and that displeasure was made stronger after being told by Hazal.


The receptionist does the procedures of the S Rank adventurer card, that’s rarely seen, with nervous countenance.

Now then, if the conditions have been met for the Job Change, the card will be turning red here. 

Toa looked at the card she left at the tray with a pleading gaze.

“…Hm?” (Toa)

It was shining red.

But it was around her buttocks.

To be more precise, the blue dagger that she got back from the wasteland.

Even though it is normally a cold blue, that dagger that’s called Lapiz was releasing a red light. 

And then…

“T-Toa-sama, you have become a candidate for a class up…” 

The card began to shine red too.

It seems an irregularity is occurring. 

But Toa first saw the red luster of the card and pumped her fist.

“So I have finally reached the doors of a Kagerou!” (Toa)

“N-No. You have two options. One of them is as you said, a Kagerou.” 

“Eh?” (Toa)

“The other one is…Tobi…Kato?” 

“Tobikato?” (Toa)

She repeated what the receptionist said, but her face was saying full force ‘what the hell is that?’.

“Yes, Tobikato. This is…! A completely unknown Job that hasn’t been registered in the Guild ever before!” 


The whole Adventurer Guild got noisy at the excited voice of the receptionist, and they turned their attention to Toa.

There were no few people who were following her actions to begin with, but right now all the guild was looking at Toa.

“Hnngh…the Kagerou Job was something I had been aiming for…! B-But the first ever seen Job of the guild is bothering me a whole lot…! I will…” (Toa)

“…You will…?” 


The throat of the receptionist rings.

“Leave it for another day.” (Toa)


“There’s no way I can decide it right here and now! I will think carefully about it after the party. Everyone, today we reserved a restaurant, but we will be having a slight change of plans! Let’s reserve a number of establishments and have them bring the food to someplace in the plaza! Today…we are partying big you all!!” (Toa)


Loud and high-pitched cheers were raised at the proposal of Toa, showing outstanding levels of harmony. 

Alpine was having a party at a rural area of the Aion Kingdom.

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    Part 4 Fanfict Pov Seiren Garmena: END

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    As I walked through the academy city. I could see it with my own eyes:

    A storm, a storm is coming to academy city

    Most of the businesses are making preparations for the festival which will be the biggest since its founding. I see a lot of people running from one place to another and beautifying their businesses, everyone already knows that
    Great figures from the 4 great nations will arrive. Not just even high command of the holy church. As a student, this festival is the great opportunity to show yourself to the world, but this year everything is different not only the students, the teachers, the academy staff, the director himself, even the residents, all will be placed under the eye of the world. I have a stomachache just thinking about it

    I continue my walk as I will be very busy during the festival not because I am a student but because I am part of the staff in charge of the reception for Princess Lily. All my efforts in my research to present at the festival have been paralyzed by this great event, if it were not for my dealings with Hopelace sama, I would have ended another year as a junior at the research center and postpone my dream of being a real researcher for a year. with my own room inside the academy.

    Hopelace mnmnmn

    I have heard that Hopelace sama is acting violently lately there are rumors in the bedrooms of hopelace sama nobles losing their patience to scream and break the furniture.

    the harassment of Raidou have increased,
    By placing restrictions on Raidou’s class, you can no longer submit applications for his class and neither is the academy acquiring his medicinal products …

    Ohh what is this?
    What a huge queue of people, it still continues several tens of meters …
    Kuzunoha Company …… Eh?
    The school festival has not started yet, it has this amount of clients so by the time of the festival it will be….

    That was the first time I felt regret for my rejection even for an instant.
    No seiren, what’s wrong with you. I must be strong and carry on …

    In the final team battle:
    I am speechless, my eyes are about to go out of place.

    What the hell is going on?
    There are 7 students who are presenting this technique. Among them there are several warriors but they also have a high level of magical technique and the magicians have high level physical combat prowess.

    From between them I cannot take my eyes off of two students. Sif Rembrant the champion this year and Izuko Ikusabe her magical technique ability is superhuman is like seeing all my research exposed as well as directed at various levels.

    Those are the 7 are the Raidou students.

    Not just me, others are watching this 7 vs 3 match with eyes full of wonder and desire.

    In just a few months, such a level of skill. All of this was caused by Raidou’s teachings.

    Again I felt that pain. Repentance.

    But how was I supposed to know …
    Your company and your classes.

    I remembered the words of Eva and Ruria
    Did they already know all this?
    But if those words are true, there could be much more …

    While I was immersed in my thoughts, hell began….

    Currently in the evacuation area of the academy, in addition to the students, the director and the great figures of Limia, aion, the church, Princess Lily and Sairitz sama de Lorel are protected with us.

    It’s only been a few days and the city is …

    Screams of destruction reach my ears, despair and fear fill the air. It is natural if we already have several deaths, the vast majority saw how Hopelace became a monster and reports arrived of how other hyumans became those monsters.

    Foreign aid does not seem to be arriving, we are totally alone …

    In the midst of my pessimistic contemplation, I saw it

    That is Raidou sensei and he is with his assistants, that face despite that pitiful appearance I can not see a trace of concern. Raidou sensei has just arrived that means that he was out dealing with all those monsters that are ridiculously tough and strong.

    Not only me, I see how others around me have shifted their gaze towards Raidou sensei and his assistants.

    A great feeling of relief I felt in my chest, when I saw him, but at the same time I felt a great pain of regret that drowned my relief.

    I can’t get close to him.

    I have nothing left, my deal with Hopelace, my desired job at an academy on the verge of annihilation. Also when I was saved by Raidou’s assistant, Shiki.

    One of those monsters appeared inside the noble dormitories of the female students. Strangely that seemed to have an interest in me, wherever it was that I escaped that monster was chasing me. When I closed my eyes, waiting for my death, I heard a strange sound and when I opened my eyes the assistant Shiki was in front of me.

    His bearing and his gallant figure. I had a burning desire to hold onto him and show my gratitude, but …

    While thinking that, Shiki gave me a totally cold look that made my silly thoughts disappear and said sternly,

    (I will guide you and the others to a safe area.)

    I realized, this person knows of my actions towards Raidou sensei, i nodded and obediently followed him.

    I have no idea when this will end, but I swore to burn my heart. Those words from my friend Eva and her sister.

    Days after the great disaster:

    There were several deaths in the city especially in the areas where the academy forces were wiped out by those monsters. This entire disaster was orchestrated by the Demon Race, according to the academy’s research.
    I was one of the lucky ones to get out safely. But my friend Eva and her little sister, I heard that they disappeared surely they were….

    I said a prayer for them and returned to my job as a junior in the research area.

    But I was suddenly called by the academy staff,


    They give me the position of investigated with a private room ?.

    The staff shortages due to the disaster in various positions in the academy, so they are in need of new staff.
    My duty will be to assist the staff with the incident record and begin the practical execution of my research on arias for student learning.

    I realized, this is because of Raidou sensei, they don’t want him to get all the glory and now they are desperate to show specialized classes around the academy with no relation to Raidou sensei.

    This must be a bad joke, I got the position I wanted without doing something. Just for the actions of a man that I reject,

    Maybe I should thank Raidou sensei… ..


    I remembered that cold look from shiki

    I went to my private room and….

    What is this?

    The furniture in poor condition, the smell of dirt and the lack of implements. Why?
    They excused themselves with the fact that the monster disaster had damaged several research areas that were gradually going to replenish the supplies in the rooms.

    Well I started with the cleaning and arrangement of my private room. It was at that time.
    Wherever I go I always hear voices behind my back, in the research room, in the cafeteria, in the bedrooms and even on the city streets.

    Not only that, several gave me cold looks and with some rejection, I could also see that supplies from other research areas were arriving but for my room they were late in arriving, I even had to go personally to demand for them.

    In the cafeteria, my food tasted strange and was cold.
    Of my few friends within the academy, several of them began to avoid me
    In the city I was not allowed to enter some places and when I asked the reason was

    (I owe my life to the people of Kuzunoha and I cannot serve someone who treats them badly)

    That was when everything made sense, all this mistreatment was caused by the Kuzunoha company ………… not better said by My actions in the past.

    Remember this store was one of the places where I proclaimed the humiliating rejection towards Raidou sensei and also the cafeteria and the same staff of the academy.

    It is logical, this city was saved from annihilation by the Kuzunoha company and currently they are working hard together with their students for the restoration of the city.

    Cold sweat, maybe the fact that my room is located in the deepest part of the academy is because of Raidou sensei. We can never have any contact in that way, and if I do my duty they will give me certain benefits, but the location of the room will not change.

    Remember the words of Eva san and her sister

    If only she had listened to them….
    Not thinking again

    At this time, it would be the opposite, I would be at the top of this city. Being recognized by various nations and being by her side the sky is the limit and I would have a bright future just like those 7 students.

    I walked aimlessly to a place where he sold alcohol, RABIDOLL and asked if he could enter. The owner made a displeased gesture and let me in.

    Waaaaaaaa everyone in the city, they must know my appearance….

    I sat in the farthest area of the place and I drowned my sorrows in alcohol.
    Sometimes I cried, other times I screamed in pain because of my situation until I fell deeply asleep.

    I woke up, the owner who after seeing my regrettable act several times. His gaze began to soften and we got to exchange words and I told him everything that happened to me.

    Eva and Ruria are gone, my few friends and connections have left me. Wherever I go I feel hostility, just
    the only one in this entire city that I could call a friend would be him

    (And why don’t you come home?)

    That’s what the owner told me, go back to Gritonia. But all that I had fought besides if the princess also knows about my actions towards Raidou maybe….

    I am expecting a punishment when I return, I have heard that Raidou sensei has been called by several countries that only means that they want to recruit him as a force for their nation.
    What would become of me, if Raidou went to Gritonia, maybe my entire noble house will be eliminated as a purge to keep Raidou comfortable.

    The owner looked at me with compassion and said why don’t you talk to Raidou and apologize?

    I can’t even get close to the Kuzunoha company, on one occasion several people from that massive queue approached me and questioned me after confirming my identity, they took me away from there, just to see if they could get some preferential treatment from the company. .

    Even when I went to talk to one of his students, I first asked him about his arias magic technique to create some friendly relationship so I could meet with Raidou sensei and he rejected me instantly.

    Also the staff at the academy, I can’t do any paperwork for raidou sensei class. You know, owner, everyone in the academy always has an eye on Raidou sensei as if a legendary hero was passing by and with just a glance her life would improve and if for some reason I am close, I am quickly isolated or far away.

    You know owner, I have several titles in this city.
    From the great researcher, the great scholar, the genius girl, loved by the goddess.

    Those titles are just mockery that reflect my actions between the lines they say she was born under a great fortune star, she threw everything in the trash herself. If that’s not the stupid concept that would be.

    I started to laugh, hahahahahaha,
    if everyone is right, despite not being the only one who at first despised our now great savior, no one will recognize her, they are only vultures waiting to indirectly get some favor from that great person.

    Those same 7 students who are immensely praised,
    I heard that at first they did not understand anything about Raidou sensei’s classes and without motivation they went to his classes. If only I had …..

    Give me another owner.

    I ended up like this another day leaving the owner’s bar. It was already night and I was exhausted when suddenly a female voice called me from behind. She called me by my name and told me that someone wanted to see me.

    UGHHHH, that look again. A look of contempt, he looked at me from head to toe and with a mocking smile said:

    (Boss Zara is calling you.)

    My exhaustion was gone in an instant. that man should not stop waiting …

    that man was who my uncle …

    Accompany that woman, who made me feel strange, there was a murky atmosphere between us something like envy and jealousy, but why?

    I stopped thinking about that and went to meet with Chief Zara sama. I have no idea what all this will turn out to be, but what else can happen, I don’t care anymore.

    And so Seiren’s sorry days were about to end thanks to the intervention of the person who least expected to receive a helping hand.


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