Tsuki – Chapter 325: Under the moonlight


I wanted to be spared from this type of stuff today.

Can’t they endure for a little bit?

If you had self-control on the level of an average person, you wouldn’t have to hide in a dumpster place like the Dusk Street.

And in reality, there seems to be a worker-like system in Tsige, and there will always be a light and dark in it.

The dirt that Rembrandt-san has placed a lit on and has fermented slightly, I guess I should put a hand on it.

Up and down.

From both sides.

There’s around 6-7 surrounding this place, I guess?

A while after finishing a dream-like dinner that there’s no knowing of when we could have something like this again, the children, who have their eyes shining bright towards their future, and the staff members supporting them have gone to sleep in the Weitz Orphanage.

I thought it might happen.

We stepped forward, and Rembrandt-san came to spectate.

Today, at this time, there’s no idiot who would come to abduct children.

I thought such a silly thing in my mind for a moment, so I scattered some nice bait–ah, I mean, just in case, I set people around and remained in the orphanage.

You could consider this still early, it has only been a bit since the day has changed.

An orphanage is about children, so of course they will be sleeping early. 

I normally would also be in bed at Asora at this hour.

If there had been no movements soon, I would have been going back. 

I noticed the intrusion of some big idiots.

Close to 10 people.

Only 2 have infiltrated.

Kanta is below, and Rio is up.

A giant pervert that loves to see the expressions of the slaves, and the maniac that loves to do deathless torture.

(Mondo.) (Makoto)

(Yes!) (Mondo)

(One each up and down. 7 in the surroundings. Have you gotten a grasp of their locations?) (Makoto)

(Yes. I have already sent my subordinates to capture them. Is there no problem with that?) (Mondo)

(That’s fine. After that, you or Lime, go for the one up or below, I will take care of the remaining one. Is there any you would want to deal with?) (Makoto)

Mondo and Lime are on standby inside.

There’s several Forest Onis positioned outside that can move freely.

I had Mondo take command of them since the Forest Onis are familiar with each other.

(…If it is okay with you, I would like to deal with the repudiating elf above.) (Mondo)

(Okay. Then I will deal with the one below. Let’s meet at the garden. If something happens, make sure to report.) (Makoto)

(Understood.) (Mondo)

I thought he would give an answer like ‘I don’t mind which’, but it looks like he had one.

I confirm the position of Kanta and think about a place to face him at.

I want to avoid having the people here make contact with him.

It may not be on the level of Rio, but there might be people with a trauma here.

‘Repudiating elf’, huh.

The Forest Onis call themselves the ancestors of elves. The oldest forest people, was it?

There’s also Lime. 

Since he is from here, it wouldn’t be strange if he had some sort of emotions towards Rio.

“The enclosure was wiped out in an instant, huh. The undercover prowess of the Forest Onis is admirable.” (Makoto)

I mutter.

There’s no worries of being heard yet, but when thinking about how I am moving in the darkness, I end up speaking in a low voice.

The ghost stories of schools probably have an atmosphere like this.

The ones who have come are a kidnapper that’s stronger than your average adventurer, and a torturer fetishist. It is hard to say which one is scarier.


Someone is moving.


A child and an adult.

Crap, a child and a staff member.

There’s a lot of people after all.

Even if the 3rd and 4th floor are the main floors, days like today where things haven’t been set up yet, there are quite a lot of young ones sleeping on the 2nd floor.

It is one of the young ones, who is sleeping together with all the children in one room, and a staff member.

They are going to the 1st floor. They are gonna go down the stairs.

Even though it is so late…ah, the toilet! 

All things water related are concentrated in the 1st floor, is what I heard from Tomoe.

She had them correct it, telling them that ‘what kind of orphanage has showers and toilets in all of their floors?’.

She is right.

Tomoe was right, she was, but not good today!

Kanta must be searching for the presence of people on the first floor as he goes higher.


I dash.

I then use magic to fly on without landing.

There’s no need to give the other party any piece of information.

I rush right onto the stairs. 

No matter how I tell the two, there’s no assurance that they won’t raise their voices.

Then…I just need to make it so they can’t.

I don’t remember the name of the child, but the staff member is the girl named Seina.

Woah, that was close! 

Isn’t that the friend of Lime?

“Seina-san, listen silently.” (Makoto)


Seina and the child shook greatly at me suddenly landing right in front of them.

I am sorry for scaring you. 

But they didn’t let out a sound. Because I erased their voice for a bit.

“Going to the toilet with that child?” (Makoto)

When Seina saw that it was me, she relaxed, and then, with a strong glare as if in protest, she nodded up and down.

“Got it. Because of reasons, you two can’t speak currently, but it will be fixed soon, so don’t worry. Okay, stay inside the toilet closeby, and don’t come out until I say it is alright to, okay?” (Makoto)


“It seems like there’s evil kidnappers here, so I am going to be chasing them away.” (Makoto)


Seina reacts fluently at the word ‘kidnappers’.

She nodded with a serious expression, then carried the child that was on the verge of panicking, and disappeared into the toilet.


Trouble avoided.

Good job, me.

Not long after, Kanta arrived at the stairs while whistling.

It would be troubling if he were to contact Rio once I show up, so I am going to…test this.

I want to use the hard work of the dwarves to defeat them.

Kanta was walking up the stairs in a good mood.

I tap a pillar two times with my finger.

After that, a part of the pillar slides open soundlessly to the size of a household switch.

A red button appears.



Oh my, how mysterious.

The stairs became a slide.

Slippy slip.

Kanta-shi had his footing taken, and he rolled down past me who was at a side of the stairs and hit a wall face first.


A contraption that had been in standby when the stair mechanism had been activated detected the impact and activated as well.

A heavy washing basin falls from above Kanta and hits him straight on the head.


Kanta lost consciousness.

Don’t think you can clear the Neo Weitz Orphanage so easily.

Too bad.

There’s actually a lot of uses for torture.

Even I myself understand this.

But the one you do is no good.

Whether it is a hobby or for actual profit, those points don’t matter. What’s no good is that you can’t endure it.

You could have been of more use compared to Rio.

Torture is useful after all.

Resurrection is magic that has gotten decently familiar in Asora now, but torturing someone to the point of wanting to die from the bottom of their hearts, compared to killing them and reviving them after, actually has a crazy difference in success rates. With the latter being really low.

In other words, if done well, there would be no need for resurrection.

That’s why I thought that maybe the skills of this guy could be of use to Asora.

Well, due to various reasons, that idea has been dismissed though.

Mostly because I realized I had been thinking while throwing away all sense of ethics. When I placed all points together, I returned to my senses.

Now then!

“Seina-san, it is okay now.” (Makoto)

I went to the people hiding in the toilet while dragging Kanta who I wrapped up.

“Uhm, is it safe now?” (Seina)

“Yes, it is over now.” (Makoto)

The door opened slowly, and a child, who seemed sleepy, and Seina, who was now completely woken up, hesitantly came out.



The two direct their eyes at Kanta.

Okay, looks like they can talk now. 

“It is okay, he won’t be waking up.” (Makoto)

“O-Okay…” (Seina)

“What’s the matter, Onee-chan?” 

“Seina-san?” (Makoto)

“Raidou-sama, this man is supposed to be here in order to make it so that the prey doesn’t get away….” (Seina) 

“Ah, yeah, I know.” (Makoto)

“There should be another one!” (Seina)

“Please calm down, Seina-san. People from my place are dealing with it.” (Makoto)

“…Eh?” (Seina)

“They should be finishing soon. Go ahead and sleep. This won’t be happening again.” (Makoto)

“N-No! There’s an elf. One who is like a fiend that no one can win against!” (Seina)


“He has come again…again…! We will be taken away…all of us…!” (Seina)

“Onee-chan, it hurts. It hurts!” 

Looks like Seina has seen Kanta before.

Even when she normally has a smile on her face, she becomes like this when her wound opens. It is a pretty serious scar.

She is holding the hand of the child too tightly.

Even though I dealt with him in a pretty funny manner.

Ah, I was the only one who saw that.

“That nightmare will be over by tonight, Seina-san. Lime has dealt with Rio.” (Makoto)

I was contacted by him just a few moments ago about how they were done.

Guess I will bring Kanta to the garden now.


“Lime Latte has put an end to everything.” (Makoto)

“Lies. Lime has always been hiding together with me.” (Seina)

“You two were still children when you were hiding, right?” (Makoto)

“But Rio will always stay an adult! He said that when I give birth to a child, he would come take it. That when I become a granny, he would take my grandchild from in front of my face! A hyuman like me will be made a toy for the rest of my life to an elf like Rio!” (Seina)

…That bastard really has a terrible personality.

Even though this world is run in a society where hyumans are on the advantage, there’s obviously points where demi-humans surpass hyumans.

There are individual differences in magic and their magic power, and blessings are cheating to a certain extent, so those don’t count.

Elves have their lifespan.

Rio uses even the fact that demi-humans are scorned in order to use and enjoy the expressions of his prey.

It is such an inborn nature that I am troubled in how to comment on that.

…Well, there’s no need to hold back or feel guilty towards them. That’s for certain.

“Then, do you want to return the child, and then come with me?” (Makoto)

“…To where?” (Seina)

“To the garden. A finished fiend will be lying there.” (Makoto)

“…I will. I’m going.” (Seina)

“Got it.” (Makoto)

I sent a thought transmission to Mondo, and have him refrain from finishing him off for now.

Fortunately, they didn’t do it yet.

It seems like Lime got pretty heated up there, and Rio couldn’t do much and was defeated.

For Seina, Lime, and the Weitz Orphanage, this must be quite the heart burning situation.

The toilet child returned with the sleeping children in the big room, and this matter is settled now.

I bring Seina, who is still clattering her teeth, to the garden.

Lime and Mondo were on their knees.

In front of them…uwah, there’s Rio still alive, but in a pretty bad state.

This is what they must mean by beaten like a rag.

Even though I cleanly dealt with Kanta.

“Good job.” (Makoto)

“My katana slit more smoothly than normal due to the lowlife it was cutting.” (Lime)

Lime answers me as if satisfied.

He soon noticed Seina by my side, but it looks like he understood the situation, it seems he left the worrying for later.


I gotta finish this soon or I am gonna be scolded at Asora.

“Thanks to that, it ended up with me doing almost nothing aside from watching. The 7 outside have been captured.” (Mondo)

“Thanks for your hard work, Mondo. Also, I think you have already heard about it from the eldwas, but…” (Makoto)

“Yes, I have. Is it okay to begin now?” (Mondo)

“Right, let’s go.” (Makoto)

“Is the person there coming with us?” (Mondo)

Mondo proceeded with the conversation knowingly of what I am talking about.

Then, he asked me about what I would be doing with Kanta who I am still dragging.

“I will be dealing with him at the park.” (Makoto)

“Understood. Then…” (Mondo)

Lime, Mondo, and the two of us go through the 4th floor and onto the rooftop. 

There was a circular patch of exposed earth. Even though this is the rooftop of a building. 

Obviously there’s a reason for it.

There’s stone pavings minutely set around, and it was a space that looked like a sideroad. 

And that would be somewhat correct.

“What are you going to do?” (Seina)

Seina seemed like she can’t even imagine what is going to happen on this rooftop.

Well, she will understand once she sees it.

In reality, I intended to find a good area around the wasteland instead of a place like this though.

“Atonement.” (Makoto)

“Atonement?” (Seina)

“Rio has been spreading misfortune all around. I was thinking about having him watch over the orphanage for a while.” (Makoto)

“This guy would never do something like that even in death!” (Seina)

“You might feel conflicted at first, but you will eventually get used to it. Mondo, Lime…” (Makoto)



Looks like Seina has decided to silently watch.

Then, let’s begin.

Tree Punishment.

Rio is placed on top of the earth.

Lime unsheathes his katana and concentrates.

Mondo, who is by the side of Lime, is reinforcing the magic power of Lime. The right hand of Mondo is shining a light green.

“Fiend that has fallen from the path as a person and an elf, you will watch over this building as its guardian until the day you wither to atone for your sins.” (Lime)


Rio’s body slowly turns into a tree.

It is very different to that of a hyuman. It is like the time when the variants were turned into trees.

The trunk rose steadily, branches spread, and leaves grew.

It was a speed that you would mistakenly think that the tree was growing drastically thanks to the light of the moon.

To think he would turn into one of this size. Is it because of how old he is, or the amount of mana he has?

Even if we are now able to cure the Tree Punishment, it is still a technique that we can’t just readily test.

And so, with this…the Weitz Orphanage is now complete.

Probably only a few select staff members will know the truth about the functions of this Neo Weitz Orphanage.

“He really grew big.” (Makoto)

“With a trunk this reliable, it will definitely become a splendid tree that can take any grudge.” (Mondo)

“Grudge? Oh well, let’s go back, Mondo.” (Makoto)

Tomoe and Mio are waiting.

“Yes.” (Mondo)

“Lime, you stay here for a night.” (Makoto)

“Understood.” (Lime)

“Good work. Seina-san, have a good night.” (Makoto)

“…Have a good night.” (Seina)

With Seina, who has her mouth open wide at the giant tree, and Lime, who nodded lightly, at a corner of my eye, we went to the park nearby that we made, and then returned to Asora.

What’s left now is to exterminate the believers, and after crushing the leader, we will control the rumors.

I also wanted to crush the head of the Anti-Goddess Cult, Muller, but we can just drive her away from Tsige for now.

The problem will be what will happen tomorrow with the construction requests and the estimations.

I can’t predict this.

The Dusk Street matter is pretty simple even though it makes me want to puke, and yet, running a proper business is a lot more difficult, geez.

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