Tsuki – Chapter 323-324: Rising curtains for the show

“So you really did come, Waka.”

“? I told you last night that I would be coming, right?” (Makoto)

Tomoe made a blatant ‘he came’ reaction. 

Of course I would come.

It is exactly as scheduled.

Since it is a building that is rare even within the buildings of Tsige, Rembrandt-san said he would make time to check it. 

Of course I, as someone from the Kuzunoha Company’s side, should also come. 

It would be another story if I had some other business and wasn’t in Tsige, but that’s not the case right now.

I can go to Rotsgard a bit later. It will be on hold until the spies of Aion we captured in the Dusk Street have been revived can give some actual answers.

About Rio…depending on the circumstances, it might be best to deal with him first, but I have already made preparations.

That’s why I haven’t placed any plans for today and have come for the remodelling -that’s already on the level of restructuring- of the Weitz Orphanage. 

I feel like me being present is natural though.

I properly told Tomoe yesterday.

At that time she didn’t look too into it either, but well, I rejected the hot spring properly, so I don’t think they will be going that crazy on the building.

‘It is a construction matter that came after the company store, so it will be seen as a job from the Kuzunoha Company’, is what the eldwa said enthusiastically as he spoke about making it a four story building and developing the surroundings too to a certain extent. 

He said something about putting his experience in Rotsgard to use and his motivation was plenty. 

“Ooh, Tomoe-sama.” 


The hut that showed up all of a sudden talked.

There’s no talking hut in the company either, you know? 

Is what I thought, but it was a king crab from Asora.

There’s apparently few in Tsige who are used to seeing that kind of strange body too, so most of the people watching were pulled away by his appearance, and the children were either crying or were at a loss of words.

At any rate, this is impressive.

He is picking up the hut with both of his claws.

Yeah, even when looking at it in person, it is a pretty hard to believe sight.

The two claws are closed and he is supporting the hut with only the two pointed tips.

On top of that, he is waving a right hand that has the same shape as that of a person. 

The hut isn’t shaking at all.

Mio’s sneaking skill is on the level of a horror movie, but this is close to that too.

This feat is so far from reality.

The hut…no, the king crab approaches us.

“Waka-sama! It has been a while!” 

“Hanasaki, it has been a while. It is rare for you to go outside.” (Makoto)

There haven’t been many requests from the Neptune Kings to come out from Asora, so unless it is a job that they are really suited for, there’s only a few instances where they are selected to go outside.

Serwhale alone seems to want to actively make me know more about them, so maybe due to his sense of responsibility as the representative of their race, he would request to accompany us in a variety of situations.

When there’s not enough people, I would have them accompany us, but there’s a lot of times where I would refuse when it is in a settlement.

As you can see, their looks and abilities are prodigious, so they are exposed to the curious eyes, and it ends up worrying me.

It is a king crab with the limbs of a human after all.

Well, it looks like that was an unnecessary worry though.

At the very least in Tsige, if you put the banner of the Kuzunoha Company to them, there seems to be no issues.

Most of the criticism can be blown away by a king crab tackle anyways, hahaha.

“I heard from the dwarves at the bar that there was a great outside job for the company. I ended up joining that table with them, and they said that there’s a job to carry luggage. And so, I thought about putting this body of mine to use.” 

“This is my first time seeing you carrying stuff, Hanasaki. That’s impressive. More impressive than I thought.” (Makoto)

“This is nothing! This is simply the gift of being a crab! It seems like Tuna has been doing quite a lot in this city, so I ended up unintentionally trying to compete! I can only do manual labor, but even so, as you can see, Waka-sama and Tomoe-sama, I have a lot of energy for it. Well then…!” 


You look like a hermit crab carrying that hut there…

The king crab followed the instructions of the dwarf and lowered the hut at a vacant land.

The land around has been bought, so there’s a lot of vacant lots.

Especially the places that seemed like they would affect the orphanage this time around.

Anyways…it feels like the work is proceeding pretty attentively.

The general framework will be done with magic like boom, so wouldn’t the main core of the work be the interior design?

Even within the earth magic, the spells categorized as earth control are used in a variety of ways for constructions.

These element researchers and students that normally don’t see the light of the sun even in Rotsgard were doing a lot of work here.

They were being treated terribly before like: they look plain when fighting, the uses are plain, it gains money in a plain speed, and because it is plain they don’t get popular. 

Because of the reconstruction and the alchemy stuff, the view they had on the earth element made a sudden turn. 

Now they have a better opinion of them, and there’s requests from the countries to raise specialists in the Academy, so there’s plans of increasing classes and teachers for those areas.

“Ooi, excavation unit!!” 

“Ex…cavation?” (Makoto)

What are they going to do by digging holes?

Aren’t they going to use magic to progress this instantly…?

I am beginning to feel uneasy about this.

“Waka, since there’s the chance here, I want to tell you something clearly.” (Tomoe)

“W-What?” (Makoto)


You didn’t touch on this matter at all yesterday.

“The eldwas are a group of craftsmen.” (Tomoe)

“I know that already.” (Makoto)

“They were all really motivated about this job. I was watching while somehow serving as a stopper, but…their motivation was like 150%. Now that I think about it, this is a direct job from Waka, so if we consider Kaleneon…there’s no way this would proceed in a moderate manner.” (Tomoe)

“Wa?!” (Makoto)

“I told them to at least make the appearance normal, so it will probably just look like a big building from the outside. I am really sorry.” (Tomoe)

“…Just what in the world is going to be made?” (Makoto)

“‘A hybrid of magic and the construction techniques of ‘that side’, is what they said proudly.” (Tomoe)

Ain’t nothing to be proud about that!

“Ooh, looks like it hasn’t begun yet huh, Raidou-kun.”

“R-Rembrandt-san. Thanks for coming, and welcome.” (Makoto)

“Sorry about before. It was because of Misusquirt, I mean, squirt that I ended up asking for an uncomposed request.” (Rembrandt)


I thought he would correct it to Misura, but it was squirt.

It is that huh, Misura entering a thorny path.

At the very least, Rembrandt-san has recovered to a level where he can do his job.

Actually, I told everyone while having a meal that Sif was dangerous.

Mio said ‘I see’ and nodded.

Shiki went ‘really?’ and was despairing at his gone bavarois.

Tomoe was silent for a while, and then gave me a common warning ‘you must not underestimate women’.

Then, Tamaki said something even more scary.

‘Isn’t it just that she tried testing that Misura because he was not into it?’.

Tomoe had a face that said ‘don’t say unnecessary stuff’.

Sif tried to seduce Misura who loves Yuno.

This is the truth.

But what’s underlying in all of that is not clear.

It is not certain that what I said was the reason was the actual reason.

I can’t tell with magic if Sif was lying or not, so Tamaki said this with a teasing face.

Yeah, that’s right. 

As if I would use magic for something like that.

It is Sif we are talking about here, so I don’t think it is necessary.

In other words, I don’t know what Sif was really thinking when she did that. That’s what Tamaki is implying there.

But Sif told me her reason, and since she explained that to me, she will be treating Misura as her little sister’s boyfriend, and I won’t be trying to confirm it again unless I have to forcefully get it out with magic.

This matter is already over after all.

Tamaki just giggled and the topic ended.

This woman is just…no, forget it.

“Don’t mind it. At any rate, it seems like your wife has prohibited you to have thought transmissions with your daughter for a while, right? My condolences.” (Makoto)

“It is okay. It is just until Tsige gains its independence. It will be done soon.” (Rembrandt)

The face of a merchant suddenly appears on him.

If you were always like this, your family would respect you a lot more, you know.

Or maybe, if he were to always stay like that, he would become a business monster that wouldn’t even show any care for his own family?

“As expected of you. Also, about our rumors and the matter of the Dusk Street.” (Makoto)

“Ooh, going well, right?” (Rembrandt)

“Yeah, thanks to you. Well, I think it will be calming down soon. The rumors will remain for a while, but the source itself…” (Makoto)

“You guys are truly fast.” (Rembrandt)

“And so, I have gotten a few pieces of information that would be better for you to hear about.” (Makoto)

“Information from the Dusk Street? How reliable is that information?” (Rembrandt)

He really understands.

“There’s nothing fake in the information we get. Especially when reporting it to you, Rembrandt-san.” (Makoto)

If we weren’t sure to a certain extent, we wouldn’t report it.

More so for a benefactor.

“…Aah, right. Thanks.” (Rembrandt)


“I will hear about it after we finish watching. I have opened a day to spectate this after all. This will be a show of the century brought by magic, so I have even prepared for lunch!” (Rembrandt)

A day.

When I consider how much money he can earn in a single day, this is crazy.

Even Morris-san is here.

“Lunch? But it doesn’t look like you brought anything?” (Makoto)

“Lisa said she will be bringing it here later. Was it at the time when you went to Rotsgard? There’s a restaurant we are familiar with that has begun to do delivery services, you see.” (Rembrandt)

His wife is coming too.

Is work okay?

The fact that he is here must mean that work is running without him.

The Rembrandt Company is full of talented people after all.

…I personally think that the Kuzunoha Company isn’t losing to them in that alone though.

However, there’s also people like Tomoe this time around that would get a bit out of control sometimes, and also Eris who gets completely unhinged if you lower your guard.

The difference between Rembrandt-san and I is wide.

“Delivery service, there’s even something like that, huh.” (Makoto)

“Umu! It is a place called Armly and the owner is called Bilky. It is a restaurant that is fixated on Limia dishes. If you make a reservation, you can get a tour on the restaurant’s ingredients, tablewares, and cooking utensils. The taste is good too. I wanted the Kuzunoha Company and the people of the orphanage to enjoy it, so I ordered food there.” (Rembrandt)

In just a few days?

That place sounds like a place that would get a lot of reservations though.

I certainly do remember Limia gave me a strong impression that it was tasty.

That country is flourishing a whole lot and there’s a lot of ingredients.

It is on a level where they can crush dishes from other countries through the sheer force of their ingredients alone. The mother of cooking.

If there were a contest to choose the three biggest cuisines in this world, it would definitely be in it.

Not as the third place that would always switch every now and then, but the certain number one.

I feel like lunch is gonna be incredibly extravagant.

Also, Rembrandt-san, that’s not food delivery anymore, I feel like catering is a better term.

The one that I only know of its existence but haven’t experienced.

To think it won’t be only us but he will be treating the orphanage people too, how generous.

“Thank you very much. Everyone will surely be happy about it.” (Makoto)

“Don’t worry. Compared to the money you paid, this is like a sparrow tear. I was also thinking about placing a clear prospect for the orphanages instead of leaving them as they are now. But I have been slumped by busy work, and couldn’t think up a clear idea. Even though I resolved myself that I would think about the city as a whole rather than thinking only about my company. How pathetic of me.” (Rembrandt)

“The Rembrandt Company supports a number of orphanages, right? If this one becomes a good precedent, it would make me happy if you were to do the same, and if it doesn’t work, you can use them as  classrooms.” (Makoto)

“Alriiight!! You guys, time to shovel!!” 

“Ah, we ended up deep in talk. Now then, look forward to—?!” (Makoto)

The moment my talk with Rembrandt-san finished.

The shout of the dwarf and the ‘understood’ to answer it rang.

And then, the Weitz Orphanage that was completely empty from people now…disappeared.

  • Chapter 324: Magic Construction happens


With a voice that felt as if a cannon was going to be shot, a thick and long pillar extends together with a tremor.

The ground trembling was a peculiar sensation.

Now that I think about it, this world doesn’t have that many earthquakes.

This amount of shaking doesn’t bother me, but the children, staff members, and most of the spectators were flustered by the unfamiliar sensation.

With no talk and only eye contact, several craftsmen were moving in coordination, and were making smaller pillars than the first one, one after the other.

“Hurry with the setting of the floor materials!” 

“Done, chief!” 

Square shaped materials were being placed out noisily.

Those are the pieces that were made from dismantling the orphanage.

Hanasaki was entertaining everyone with his wondrous juggling while he was carrying those to the place they are supposed to go. It is a sight to behold.

One of those is heavy enough to easily crush someone, you know.

It was so unreal that the children were getting excited as if they were watching a circus trope.

Thanks to that, Hanasaki-kun was popular with the children.

Maybe I should learn some sort of tricks in the future…?

“Compaction confirmation!” 

“Arranged soil, geographical features improved, and all necessary compactions finished!” 

“Okay! Deploy the flooring!!” 


After a brief space of time, all the flooring material liquified on the whole site. The pillars seemed to be working on some sort of criteria as they moved apart in an unnatural manner sometimes…and a glittery tiled floor was created.


This is that, huh.

They use magic to make the building foundation themselves, utilizing the best of both worlds.

Truly a hybrid.

“Outer wall Team! Don’t mess up the thickness!” 

“Alright! Wall material’s position, ready!” 

“Light Team, you got the construction arrangement and ceiling, right?!” 

“Let’s begin!!” 

…Alright, I don’t even understand what they are saying anymore.

After shining for a bit, a wall rises up from the ground. 

They cover it in a light metal that’s similar to aluminium, and so something that looks like a partition for the rooms according to the building design(?) was being created.

The floor had already been finished, and they were not showing a single sign of doing something like waiting for it to dry.

If I had to point out something that piqued my interest, it would be that when the dwarves were walking on top of the floor, they would be wearing cute bunny slippers.

Why rabbit?

Is there no danger with their footing because of those slippers?


One of the children noticed the feet of the dwarves and raised that loud cheer.

“Tomoe, isn’t that dangerous?” (Makoto)

“If it is about their footwear, it is made by Akina, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Putting aside the fact that it is filled with that person’s taste.” (Tomoe)

Ah, the Arke.

That’s an unexpected taste.

Well, if they can handle construction work, the design doesn’t matter, huh.

I should stop thinking too deeply about it. 

“First round over! Hey, the Greenhorn team! Hurry with the jewel wool! You are getting time to shine aside from carrying luggage, you know?!” 

“Half shift to stuffing! The remaining ones set the materials for the next job!” 


Jewel wool?

The walls and the gaps of the walls were being stuffed with something glittery and shaggy that looks like a blanket.



Rembrandt-san and Morris-san saw that and were about to spew out, but managed to endure it.

“Tomoe?” (Makoto)

“It seems they got the idea from glass wool. It is apparently a material that’s used for soundproofing and insulation, but that’s like the gem waste after being used as a catalyst in magic that has been manufactured into fibres. We have named it jewel wool.” (Tomoe)

“…Hooh. Then that’s for insulation and soundproofing as well?” (Makoto)

They are putting something like that in the gaps of the walls?

They are being really thorough.

“It also slightly increases magic resistance and physical resistance.” (Tomoe)

“…That’s quite the extravagant material then.” (Makoto)

“It is made from gem waste that’s originally thrown away anyways. In our place we have Shiki, the Arkes, and others who are enthusiastic about the research of magic and doing experiments after all.” (Tomoe)

“Waste, huh.” (Makoto)

“For example, it would be like what you get after you fail enhancing your armor and it is now unusable.” (Tomoe)

“That’s trash. I get it. It is great to see that use has been found for it then.” (Makoto)

That example hurt me on a personal level.

But I now know what kind of item that is pretty well.

It is vexing, but at the same time promising.


“Ah, Raidou-kun.” (Rembrandt)

“Yes, what is it?” (Makoto)

Rembrandt-san nervously speaks to me.

10 minutes have passed since it began.

They didn’t say anything at all until now, but do they have a question?

If possible, it would be great if it is something I know.

“Is this construction method Kuzunoha Company Style?” (Rembrandt)

“Our dwarves are really enthusiastic in their learning, you see. They took the better parts of doing it directly as craftsmen and the parts where it is better to do it with magic quickly.” 

“So it ended with the result of craftsmen using magic to build at high speed? I can’t believe what I am seeing.” (Rembrandt)

“Ahahaa…” (Makoto)

Actually, me too.

I am being shown something completely different from what I imagined.

“I am in awe by this splendid construction department, but I was also surprised by the fact that you have these many dwarves employed.” (Rembrandt)

“Aah, about that…” (Makoto)


“I have employed a number of dwarf settlements whole. Our construction department is three times bigger than what you see here.” (Makoto)

“T-Three times…huh.” (Rembrandt)

There were quite a lot of people who migrated from Lorel, you see.

With just the people passionate about construction alone, it has already turned into quite the big family.

“The raw materials being used like water for a while now, especially the jewel wool that’s similar to wool, do you plan on selling them as goods in your store?” (Morris)

It is rare for Morris-san to speak.

He is the type of person to just stay silent and just serve as the person to calm down Rembrandt-san when he goes berserk.

“They are currently not on shelves, but…if today serves as publicity for them as construction materials, I think it would be okay to sell them little by little to special customers.” (Makoto)

It is a recycled material from gem waste after all.

If we can sell it, it would be a total win.

Since it is jewels, it depends on the type, but we can get a whole lot of those in Asora anyways.

Certain special gems, we have to wait until they are raised in the ocean first, so I don’t have any intentions of bringing those out to this side though.

If it is in the shape of jewel wool, I don’t mind though.

“For now, let’s have an official contract made later. I will have that jewel wool.” (Rembrandt)


It was sold to the Rembrandt Company.

Maybe I should have gathered more merchants and made it something like a performance?

“Thanks for your patronage! Looks like it has worked as publicity already. Gotta praise the craftsmen too later.” (Makoto)

“…Yeah. You have to treasure them. They are so talented I am at a loss of words.” (Rembrandt)

“Thanks!” (Makoto)

There was no heavy machinery noise like the ones you would usually hear in construction sites.

Instead of that, there’s the shouting of instructions from the chief and the craftsmen that were flying around orderly.

And the building was steadily being made matching their moves and voice.

It is faster than a fast forward.

The comparison is a bit weird to describe, but it is fast.

The interior plumbing is also being arranged steadily and finished.

“Alright! You guys are the best! Waka-sama is watching our work from beginning to end today! We are going to answer that with our fastest and best work! Do you understand?!” 

““Bring it on!””

“We are beginning inspection of the first floor! Inspection team, can you do it?!” 

“Leave it to us! We will also do the elevator and stairs while at it!” 

“Don’t break your back getting too ahead of yourselves, okay?! Alright! Bring the parts for the elevator and the stairs!” 


“Right on schedule! Outer wall scaffold manufacturing preparation! We are beginning the second floor!”

“We can do this!” 

The outer walls had stair and ladder-like gimmicks jump out from them.

A number of the dwarves climb up and give the signal. Then, Hanazaki threw the flooring cubes at them.




I was wondering if this method would be enough to construct it in one day, but it looks like it is completely fine.

They have powered up drastically since the time at Rotsgard.

“Flooring deployment, ready!” 

The wife of Rembrandt-san and the restaurant chefs arrive.

The third floor began construction.

The children and staff members were bringing in the parts of the furniture, and began to assemble the beds and desks.

They were wearing the rabbit slippers.

There’s no garden in sight, is what I was thinking, and then an extravagant garden was made in the third floor space.

‘A sky garden, huh’, is what I wanted to retort with.

I was invited by Rembrandt-san to have afternoon tea with them, so I tagged along.

It was finished.

Just before evening.

They really did it.

I really had to tip my hat at the craftsmen.

“The same degree of freedom as when requesting from a carpenter, sturdiness that lasts the years, and astounding shortening of time by the use of magic. To think that both magic and science that were said to be antithetic to each other would work so well in conjunction… It is splendid.” 

Whether it be making a craftsman into a mage,or a mage into a craftsman, it is by no means easy.

As someone who has seen the studies of this world at Rotsgard, I understand this to a painful extent.

Unless a magic construction study or something like that is established, the hard headed people won’t move. And if they don’t move, the common sense of the world won’t change either.

Rotsgard is the highest academic centre for the hyumans of this world after all.

Their influence is big.

Also, a construction specialist who can also use magic; just how much time would it take to raise such a special talent like that?

If there were such talents, they would be taken away by the large countries promptly.

That’s how treasured of an existence they are.

…There’s actually one such existence in Rotsgard though.

One elite-kun of Lorel that’s in my class.

Izumo who is currently on the highway of happiness.

He has the spirit though. Maybe I should give him an edited memory of this. It might serve as good motivation.

“You would have to settle into that path really adamantly, and there’s no knowing if they could even make it. Tsige has competent raw talents in its adventurers, so I would say there’s no problems in finding the right people though.” (Makoto)

“True! It won’t be easy. It won’t, but…what a vivid light.” (Rembrandt)

Rembrandt-san was looking far into the future, and then slowly closed his eyes.

“Rembrandt-san?” (Makoto)

“I see it, Morris! We can do it. We can do it with this! Tsige will become a one of a kind in this world!” (Rembrandt)

“…Congratulations, Danna-sama.” (Morris)

“You thought I should have been sharing my happiness with you first, didn’t you, Raidou-sama?” (Rembrandt)

“N-No.” (Makoto)

I certainly did think that after I saw Rembrandt-san hugging Morris-san tightly.

His wife giggled and then spoke to me with them at the corner of her eyes.

“When it is about work, he gets like that, as you can see. He goes into his own world. Looks like he has gotten some big revelation.” 

“I-Is that so…” (Makoto)

Like a partner, huh.

I don’t have anything like that. 

I don’t, but I understand that feeling of his.

“At times, the eyes of a gentleman can see far away to a future that I can’t even begin to imagine. What will he be showing me this time? Fufufu, I am looking forward to it. On the other hand, I cover for him on his footsteps that he now has a narrowed vision on. Division of work.” 


“Anyways, to think you would be able to make a building in just one day, moreover, from take down to completion. Even I as someone who isn’t that interested in construction can tell that I have seen something unbelievable. You have once again increased those unique weapons of yours, Raidou-sama.” 

“Thank you. I am glad to hear you enjoyed it.” (Makoto)

“Will you be doing a celebration for the new building later? With me and him there, I don’t think the children can enjoy themselves to their fullest, so…I would like to just send some small gifts at a later date. Is that okay?” 

“I am sure everyone would be happy.” (Makoto)

“Well then, Raidou-sama, I will be taking these two men with me.” 

“Thanks for your hard work.” (Makoto)

The wife calms down Rembrandt-san as she speaks to the director and the others before leaving.

“I am impressed that that man is trying to replicate this. Not only Echigoya, he is even aiming for the Kinokuniya. He is capable.” (Tomoe) 

Tomoe returns to my side.

“…That…” (Makoto)

“…You really help out that man a lot in making him have revelations. If we were to trail its origins, you would be the trigger, Waka, you know?” (Tomoe)

“…What’s that?” (Makoto)

“Good grief, it was good that we increased our personnel with the dwarves of Lorel, right, Waka?” (Tomoe)

“…Oi.” (Makoto)

“He definitely will be coming sometime for advice, you know. He definitely would want to see the surprised face of Waka, so I would say it is okay to look forward to it.” (Tomoe)

“Like this orphanage?” (Makoto)

This even looks like a fortress. 

It barely gets the image of an orphanage thanks to the noise of children.

“It is a good dwelling, don’t you think!” (Tomoe)

“I will just consider myself fortunate that I don’t know what was the initial design. Good work, Tomoe.” (Makoto)

“…To think I would receive such joyous words… Don’t worry, this is nothing! We are gonna be making this into a fitting yoseba!” (Tomoe)

Tomoe enters the orphanage in a jolly mood.

The dwarves are still moving around busily, but their work in itself is done. 

They are basically doing the clean-up now.

They were dealing with the minute questions and adjustment requests.

“I see. The model room of the Kuzunoha Company’s construction department, huh. I should consult the director later.” (Makoto)

The Weitz Orphanage disassembly, start of the construction, and completion of it, has all been finished today! 

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