DK – Chapter 116-118: Undead King of Zakuroa II

——That’s right, there’s scary people here and there.

First, Riel, the scary bow princess and bully beater. 

Skillfully using a longbow to shoot soldiers one after the other.

She was like a slaughter angel that mass produces death.

——She sniped several tens of people in an instant.

Fighting a long range battle against her is ill-advised.

Her reflexes are on the level of Solje.

And if it is on instant speed, she surpasses even Solje.

——There’s no way mere arrows could hit Riel.

Also, even when she is avoiding as if she is dancing, the effectiveness of her arrows is not dropping.

Sniping one after the other…

On top of that, even shooting down the archers that aim for Julian Laichi.

——It was like a barrier of archery.

The hard to approach bow princess was bringing death to the soldiers aiming for Laichi.

And when talking about death, we can’t just not talk about her.

Mia Mar Strauss, the scary little sister of Solje.

——She is not really his blood-related sister, but she is indeed a Strauss!!

She was flying in this snowy sky while laughing.

Her threatening nimbleness approached the enemy cavalry.

The mounted troops died instantly with their head stomped while shocked.

——Their necks broke with the stomp, easily achieved even with around 40kg.

The fairy of death that dances with the wind stomps the heads of the cavalry and returns again to the sky to play.

The slingshot attached to her wristguard was a product of her playing with Zephyr.

Even when in the air, she has the accuracy to hit them in between their eyebrows.

——The fairy stops flying and returns to the ground.

Falling into a sprint, she heads to a fight of swords between enemy and ally.

Protect by killing.

Just do the minimum required attacks, even if it is just cutting the achilles tendon of the enemy from behind.

——The enemy that had his leg cut, stumbled, and the sword of the zakuroan warrior was stabbed in him.

Right, Mia, there’s no need for you to do it yourself.

Use the soldiers, and you can bring about even more death.

By learning these things, the black cat Mia will evolve into the perfect assassin.

——The women of our crew are scary scary. 

Of course, there’s one other.

A fearsome spear user with crystal horns.

She is a fighting tactician, coming out from the ramparts of Zakuroa and dancing together with her spear.

——Spears are fearsome on their own right.

Its swipes strong enough to break the enemy’s neck even with their helmets.

Thrusts that pierce even armor and shields, drilling into the enemy soldier’s flesh.

The slashes from that blade dropping the hand of an enemy far away from their reach.

——The genius of the spearmanship, Loroka the fierce god of the battlefield.

This morning she is not riding her trusted steed, but her strength is unchanged.

Calmly reading the movements of the enemy, killing them in a single hit.

The spear is one in offense and defense, and even when attacked, it is simply a matter of spinning and crushing the cranium of the enemy.

——This morning, there’s him on top of it all.

The father-in-law of Solje, Gilliam Sharnel.

Because of his age, he is just slightly below Loroka, but…

Father and daughter were both fierce spear gods.

——The scary scary women of Banjar.

These heroines grind even numerical advantages into a halt.

But it is nothing to be surprised about.

It is usually like this…

Using the dragon eye, Zephyr gives out his impressions of the battlefield to me. 

(Doje, the majes are killing a whole lot!) 

“Kukuku, of course! Well, that just means we are operating as usual!” (Solje)

That’s a good thing… Nice, let’s have a hotpot with everyone tonight. The first readied meat will be for the one who killed the most.

“What are you laughing for-ssu?” (Gindo)

“Zephyr told me that the female team is doing an awesome job.” (Solje)

“Yeah, I can easily picture that…” (Jean)

“The gradual slaughter-ssu ka…” (Gindo)

“Why are you dejected?” (Solje)

“You are fine since you can do whatever you wish with their bodies, but…” (Gindo)

What’s with him? Just what kind of corrupted boss do you think I am?

“Jean and I are simply in fear of those women’s violence everyday-ssu yo.” (Gindo)

“…I am not the best person to say this, but that’s just the fault of your daily actions, Gindo.” (Solje)

The last Gindo embarrassment I know of is when he shouted in the middle of the city ‘Riel and Captain are having sex!’, and got beaten up to a pulp, which was just him getting his just desserts. 

“…I don’t think I have done anything that bad though.” (Jean)

“…Jean, you…live strong.” (Solje)

It must be his innate bad luck.

Jean is good hearted at core, but his bad luck is number one in the Banjar Mercenaries.


“We can catch up!!” 

The mounted troops of the Empire seem to be catching up while we were having a fun talk.

Gindo said this with a bad attitude.

“Keh! We are simply matching up the speed for you slowpokes.” (Gindo)


“Are you belittling us?! Unforgivable!” 

“Hmph, don’t go forgetting that you made a mess out of my mother and my arm… I will have you face the same pain.” (Gindo)

Gindo, he really is good at badmouthing.

I should learn from that.

“…It has been going as planned, but quite a lot are following us.” (Jean)

“Numbers used to kill us for sure. Around 300 maybe?” (Solje)

“The more the better though.” (Jean)

“Kukuku, right.” (Solje)

This Jean, not getting nervous in the battlefield is the usual thing, but this time around he seems to have grown even more. 

I am glad I brought you to Zakuroa. Right…that idiot riding on your back was the one who nominated you.

Fumu, I will give you a reward, Gindo Irving.

“Gindo, you can go wild.” (Solje)

“Ooh, thanks for that, Captain. Heeey! Eat my newly created explosive, Empire Pigs!!” (Gindo)

Gindo throws this so called new explosive to the cavalry chasing us.

This exploded instantly, and 4-5 people became scraps of meat.

“That’s some impressive power there.” (Solje)

“I have made improvement after improvement to it after all… I want to fly in the sky already…” (Gindo)

Using an explosion to create a tailwind and fly in the sky? …That’s quite the dangerous thought there…

“…Gindo-san, there’s something going tick-tock.” (Jean)

“Hm? Ah, this? I forgot to throw it.” (Gindo)

“T-Throw it away quickly!!” (Jean)

“Alright, there you go~.” (Gindo)


Damn it! It exploded as soon as it left the hand of Gindo.

Did he die?

“Oi! Are you okay, Jean, Gindo?!!” (Solje)

“I am.” (Jean)

“…Yeah, me too. For a second I saw my dead mother and granny Lilitia.” (Gindo)

“They must have been shocked by your stupidity, right?” (Solje)

“It has been like that since way before-ssu yo. Geniuses just aren’t understood.” (Gindo)

“Captain, the enemies are pretty close now.” (Jean)

“Yeah, a nice situation. Maintain the distance.” (Solje)


“Understood!” (Jean)

“They have quite the weak equipment though. Is that cloth?” (Gindo)

In the eyes of a craftsman, the lightweight equipment of the Imperial Army might look boring.

But I honestly don’t hate that equipment.

Their armor, that is. It is thin iron armor, but…what they have put extra care on is the cloth below it.

This so called ‘weak equipment’ actually shows effectiveness that can’t be made fun of. Reality really is interesting.

What’s so great about that poor-looking equipment?

Of course, first the mobility they have due to their lightness. And this might be unexpected, but they also absorb the impact of projectiles well.

It depends on the archer, but the piercing capabilities of an arrow are incredibly scary. It can punch through iron armor, and pierce deep into the flesh of the target. 

Arrows, one of the weapons that brings the most deaths in the battlefield.

There’s thick armors that do show effectiveness against this kind of arrows, but they are incredibly heavy, and don’t have mobility at all.On top of that, when wearing that way too heavy armor, if you get kicked down, you can’t even get up on your own; an item that has a lot of weak points.

Also, because it is incredibly expensive, the price-performance is bad.

That’s why, as a leader of a crew, I think the lightweight equipment of the Empire’s cavalry unit is great. It is just ‘clothes’, you know? It is cheaper than iron, and surpasses iron in certain aspects.

Now then, stopping arrows… What logic does it work on?

It may sound bad, but it is like a dust cloth. Several stacked cloths to show overwhelming resilience.

The arrows get caught in the fibres of the cloth, so an arrow gets caught in them before it actually reaches the flesh.

Projectile protection, and light on top of it. It truly is not bad equipment against archers…but…

Of course, even though resilient, it still has a limit to how much power it can handle.



We finally arrived at the dangerous zone. The trap forest attacks the youngsters of the Empire.

The first trap is truly a rudimental one. A pitfall. A man should have a childhood memory of making a stupidly deep hole and getting your mother angry for it.

In other words, you can die while remembering that memory with your mother. Truly a compassionate trap.

The cavalry falls into the pit and into the sharp stakes at the bottom. Even armor that excels in piercing defense cannot stop those stakes.

“T-There’s traps!” 

“D-Don’t tell me, everywhere around here?!” 

“Obviously. We are in Freedom Alliance territory here, you know? Thanks for accepting our invitation.” (Solje)


The hoof of one of the horses steps on the precise landmine Gindo made. Smoothly igniting the gunpowder, it drags even the closeby mounted troops.

“Is this place seriously filled with traps?!” 

“That’s right. And so, what will you do? Turn around in tears and snot?” (Solje)

“Hehehe. If you shout ‘save me, mama~!’ I might consider sparing you-ssu yo.” (Gindo)

We try a cheap provocation. 

The young mounted soldiers were approaching Byakuya and I, maybe because of the bounty on my head, or for the honor they would obtain by defeating me.

But you guys shouldn’t underestimate the legs of a unicorn.

No matter how much you make your horses run, you won’t ever be able to catch up. 

Well, we still aren’t making Byakuya run at full speed because we don’t want to get too far away from them.

“…Are you giving up?” (Solje)

“No!! We swear on the honor of the 5th division that we will catch you bastard!!” 

“That’s right, there may be many traps, but it is in a density where you guys can run fine in here.” 

“Then, we just have to chase your steps!” 

Fumu, decently intelligent. If I were in their shoes, I would have thought something similar. 

But that’s where the difference in experience rears its head. I wouldn’t chase the steps of a unicorn.

See? There’s a landmine there.


One of the horses at our back gets caught in a landmine.

“W-Why?! We were following behind the steps of his horse!” 

“Don’t think of a unicorn as a horse. They have a crystal horn and can trace even the slightest of vibrations. This guy can see the location of the traps by their sounds.” (Solje)


“And she can do something as barely not stepping into the landmines.” (Solje)

Aah, and the Fenrir on our side can tell their location perfectly from their smell, so he wouldn’t make a mistake like getting caught in a trap…probably.

“If you think you can avoid the traps just by following our steps, you are greatly mistaken.” (Solje)

“D-Damn it! R-Retreat!!” 

“…No, sadly to say, but you are already dead.” (Solje)

The old forest that spread at the side of Zakuroa’s path…we succeeded in leading them into the nest of archers we prepared. Even if they have high defense against projectiles, it just means that fatal wounds will turn into heavy injuries. Heavy injuries lead to a drop in performance.

The fact that they stopped their feet in order to retreat has come back to bite them. There’s no way archers would let a static prey away, and so, the group of arrows that slip from between the trees shot the imperial soldiers to death.

“That was a good trap.” (Jean)

“The silver tongue of Captain is also good-ssu. It sounded like there really were a whole lot of landmines everywhere.” (Gundo)

“Don’t praise me. It was an issue of perspectives.” (Solje)

The trap forest…its real face are these hidden archers. 

Now then, it has been going smoothly until now, but…what play will you be making, Zack Claine?

  • Chapter 117

——Claine thinks ‘I see, it has been several minutes since the war began’. 

The plans of Lady Loroka have hurt us deeply. 

But that reduction is within expectations.

Don’t retreat…not yet…

——The war situation is by no means in the favor of the Freedom Alliance.

It is certainly true that their plans are working, and it is true that the strong are in the side of the Alliance. 

Even with that, the difference in numbers is beginning to show its effect.

Slowly, as if encroaching them, the Empire was pushing their prey.

——Claine was grasping the situation of the war.

Even so…his heart wasn’t clearing.

Where’s the remaining 2,000 unicorns?

And…where’s the dragon?

——He has received a report that the northern dragon has burned. 

The greatest threat in the Ludo War.

He cannot lower his guard against it.

It is because they know this, that they haven’t played their dragon yet.

——They must be trying to spread his attention.

Just how many times have we seen the dragon south?

The soldiers are being swallowed by the approaching fear as if it is flying around.

Claine understands that the soldiers don’t think of themselves as superior on the face of it.

——With an unknown fear on their back…

It paralyzes the order of the 5th division.

He had plans…a number of them came to mind.

But if he uses them, the strength of his army, its order…would be shaken.

——However, what they need right now is courage.

The one who is closer to victory is me, Solje Strauss.

That’s exactly why, we have to keep the casualties of even your side at a minimum.

Let’s put an end to it.

——Send a messenger to Shirley Kaien!

It is your turn, assassins!

The worth of entrusting you guys with our heavy armored cavalry!

Show it to me!!

——That’s right, the highest threat of the 5th division is actually an outside factor.

Because the 5th division’s numbers had been reduced by the undead knights, they were lacking in their attack.

Thus, he called a great amount of assassins.

He provided them with their prided heavy armored cavalry, in order to bring out ‘firepower’.

——They will be wielding something that’s outside their philosophy as a weapon.

Mad knights that hunger blood.

They should be able to change this battlefield that’s being frozen pointlessly.

…Also, he won’t be able to hold down the impatient woman.

——Inexperienced knight, Shirley Kaien.

Rather than having her grow impatient and coming out of her own volition, it would be better to have her come out beforehand.

Slay with cruelty, daughter of Kaien.

She is lacking as a commander, but if it is her skill in the sword, she is on the same level as her father…show it to them.

——Shirley Kaien was in wild joy, the mission of gouging the enemy lines and destroying them!

She believed that it would serve as prestige for them.

She has mercenary-like ability.

Probably even Loroka wouldn’t have an easy time with her.

——The attacking ogres nesting in the defensive division.

Kaien was grateful to them, to the fact that she was picked up when she only had ability with the sword.

She pledged to crush the enemy. 

Rather than boring assassination missions, this was their chance to show themselves off in the battlefield…

…The new Dark Gale, Shirley Kaien, is coming.

(Doje!!) (Zephyr)

“What’s the matter, Zephyr?” (Solje)

(Heavily armed knights are charging on. They are strong. This wave cannot be stopped.) (Zephyr)

“…I see. An assassin unit. They are using that bunch in the battlefield, huh. Their motivation must be high… And their skills must be quite high too…” (Solje)

(Let’s go…) (Zephyr)

“Right, it is about time. This will throw the plan of Loroka out of order, but she should be able to adjust. More importantly, there’s no way we would…” (Solje)

(Not fight a bunch as fun as them!!) (Zephyr)

“You got it!!” (Solje)

I jumped off the back of Byakuya.

In this old forest where the presence of the battlefield is gone, Zephyr stood there.

That’s right, Zephyr! You are a dragon!! Ares’s grandson!! Sorry for making you wait. There’s no need to endure anymore.

I brush the black scales of Zephyr, and I make the same face as him. My mouth warped in happiness and showed my fangs.

“Byakuya!! Return to Loroka!” (Solje)


The intelligent unicorn-chan runs through the forest. 

Now then, the turns will be opposite. But match with me please, Loroka… For you who excels in defensive tactics, you should be able to, right?

“Let’s go.” (Solje)

“Yes! Get on my back!” (Zephyr)

“Right on!” (Solje)

And so, I jump on the back of Zephyr. The happiness of Zephyr for the upcoming battle was showing in his trembling. 

After shaking his body, he kicks the ground and flaps. 

…We return to the wind.

“Go, Zephyr!!” (Solje)


Changing his happiness into a song, we break through the branches and leaves, and return to the sky!!

“Hahahahaha!! Be careful, Zephyr!! Our name is well known now. The archers will be prioritizing us rather than the enemy in front of them.” (Solje)

“They really are.” (Zephyr)

“That’s why, just do as I taught you.” (Solje)

“Yes! First…!!” (Zephyr)

“That’s right, lower your head and raise your wings!” (Solje)

“Rapid descent!” (Zephyr)

The wings and body of Zephyr dance, and the black dragon that charged from the sky directs its gaze at the enemy army. As he pierced through the wind, tightly drawn arrows were shot.

The skin of Zephyr twitches at the arrows concentrated at him that are about to rain on him. 

Therefore, I use my voice. You shouldn’t worry about all the things. 

Just think of flying!!

“Don’t mind the arrows!! Dance as I tell you!!” (Solje)

“!! Understood, Doje!” (Zephyr)

The black wings were just beginning to learn about the battlefield, hitting the wind heavily, reigning the sky. 

Zephyr begins to descend sharply. 

Yeah, we just have to go down to avoid them!

“Uooooh!” (Zephyr)

Zephyr flaps even more and goes further and further down. The arrows go through the shadow we left behind.

Alright, that was a good feint.

These archers are used to shooting birds, so the sudden descent from a wing dance must have been hard to predict. 

“Doje!” (Zephyr)

“Don’t be scared. Believe in my timing, and place all your strength in your wings. If you do that, you won’t be kissing the ground. You will be able to fly the lowest in your life, Zephyr!” (Solje)

“…Understood! I will leave the timing to you!” (Zephyr)

“Yeah, count on me.” (Solje)

I could do it with Ares in the past. If it is with you Zephyr, I will make sure we can fly even lower than 9 years ago.

The ground approaches. There’s no hesitation from Zephyr. 

He believes in me.

That’s right, this technique cannot be done unless there’s trust between both dragon and dragon knight. 

Believing that I will read the wind, and me believing that the wings of Zephyr can rule the sky.

We could crash onto the ground and the both of us would die.

Nice. This is exciting, Zephyr!!

“Now!” (Solje)

“Gaoooooooooooouuuuuuuuu!!” (Zephyr)


Zephyr hits the wind with his wings, and I make his wings ride the gale that I ‘saw’.

Raise your head! That’s right, nice! Zephyr, with this you will be able to fly even lower than Ares! 

The picture I drew in my mind is becoming reality and we pierce through the wind!

The tip of his tail and his nails were close to touching the ground. It is the ideal height. All the arrows are being avoided. 

We were coursing through the ground faster than a unicorn. No archer can aim at us with their arrows. 

We are using even the shadows of enemy soldiers to lurk as we fly.

“You are hella cool right now! Sing, Zephyyyyyyr!!” (Solje)


Celebrating that we succeeded on the feat, we shout!!

And then, blowing away the imperial pigs with the wind created from Zephyr’s wings, we approach the assassin knights!!

“Let them eat a good one!” (Solje)

“Okay!!” (Zephyr)

Zephyr opens his mouth of sharply lined fangs! 

The massive mana inside of Zephyr reacts, and even his scales heat up. Nice, your fire is rampaging even more than usual!!

“Now, Zephyr!!” (Solje)


The ground is burned as the song of the dragon echoes!

The Empire’s cavalry gets burned as the flames and heat waves destroy their bodies.

Scraps of meat and screams were spread into the sky. Zephyr and I catch the stench of metal, and we land onto the ground with excitement!

Zephyr’s claws hit the ground and destroy the frozen and snowy ground, and the body of Zephyr rams the imperial soldiers to death as it brakes!

I jump off from the back of Zephyr and unsheathe the dragon longsword from my back, cutting down the heavy armored knight from head to toe. 

Wearing makeup of scattered blood, I watch his falling corpse. With my fighting spirit and destructive desire rising, I finish him off with a side sweep.

…Having endured for so long, I am more ferocious than ever, imperial army.

“They look strong!” (Zephyr)

“Yeah! Let’s compete to see who kills the most!” (Solje)

“Yes! Come, EMPIRE PIIIIGGSS!!” (Zephyr)

The fighting spirit of Zephyr is released. 

The black dragon shows his fangs, and charges into the enemy army just like Ares did in the past. 

Crunching with his fangs, cutting them while stepping on them with his claws, and destroying them with blows of his tail!

The very same sight as 9 years ago!

My blood is boiling! 

I have also gotten stronger than that time!

“Get killed by me!! FARIS PIIIIIGGSSS!!” (Solje)

I make my dragon longsword dance and turn into a Strauss gale! Running left and right, I cut all in my way!!

I killed 8 people in the blink of an eye and shouted!

“Come! Are there no knights who can challenge meeeeee?!” (Solje)

You cowards!

Even though I went through the trouble of coming right in the middle of enemy lines!!

“Where are your damn baaaallsssss!!” (Solje)

I shoot fire magic. I clad the flames of purgatory into the dragon longsword with the mana that I inherited from Ares! The surging raging fire runs wild as if it wants to burn my own body, and was hungry for blood! 

Right, Ares! You don’t want to lose to Zephyr just yet, right?! Then show it -that power of yours!!

“Magic Sword…!! [BURST ZAPPER]!!” (Solje)

The dragon longsword holding the flames of purgatory gouge out the ground, and the burning blast -the song of Ares- runs through the ground, bringing destruction to the world once more!

The Empire knights had their bodies torn by that blast…and their burning remains fell from the sky. The burned smell of blood. Aah, when I bathe in this ‘black smell’, it really makes you feel like you are alive, don’t you think, Zephyr?

  • Chapter 118

——The Demon Lord and Dragon danced in the battlefield. 

The sword rampaged and the fire destroys.

The heat of that bloodlust burning the battlefield black.

Solje and Zephyr prove that they have returned to their place-to-be. 

——Time for slaughter, take on the wounds.

That burning blood flowing out like tears shed for the dying enemies.

With complete mercilessness, the two protect each other and kill the enemies. 

Drilling through the wave of enemies coming from all sides, the both of them sing. 

——With the song of the dragon longsword and the hellfire, the new black gale is unstoppable. 

The knights are already speeding on, there’s no way they will be stopped! 

Charge, even while being killed by the arrows of the elf!

Even if the shot rocks of the black cat make you fall from your horse, just run, charge!!

——Shirley Kaien has come together with her favored steed, Azrael.

Her horseback spear piercing the enemies.

The spear she swings became a wind in the battlefield along with her black hair.

Azrael neighed as he stomped down his prey with his feet!

——-The assassin knights were also yearning for a time of honor like this.

The silent poisonous snakes of the Emperor, a strife in the darkness with no honor.

For assassins, if they don’t have love for their master, it would simply be an empty and cruel job.

Be like the black cat, gifting the life of their prey to her beloved brother? There’s no happiness like that for the assassin knights.

——The poisonous snakes of the Emperor don’t love Yuandart. 

Having their families taken hostage, they are simply made to do work in the shadows. 

They cannot allow this chance to obtain honor in the battlefield go.

Their craving for victory and honor can push away even the fear of death.

——Yeah, that’s the reason why Claine chose them.

The fear that the dragon and unicorns release…he wished for a weapon to pierce that.

Shirley is exactly that. 

A young sword saint unknowing of fear, she throws her spear and unsheathes her katana.

——My name is Shirley Kaien!!

My great father, the third swordsman of Barmoa! Baserou Kaien’s eldest daughter!!

Introducing herself in the battlefield, this girl that had been made to live in the darkness…was shining right now.

The brutal sword saint was lopping off the head of enemies one after the other with her new squall longsword.

——It can’t be stopped, not even she herself can stop this charge!!

She slashes away the arrows of Riel!

Avoids all the stones shot by Mia by crouching!

Breaking through the wall of Freedom Alliance soldiers, she jumped off Azrael!

——She had found her prey, someone who released exceptional strength!

Shirley is not mature enough to be able to ignore that fighting spirit. 

The black haired war maiden roars and becomes the wind. 

She challenged the strongest spear user of the battlefield, Loroka Sharnel!!

——Loroka glances at her father, the fighting spirit that the new Kaien releases.

It is someone that only Solje or her can stop.

That’s why she threw the crystal whistle to her father.

Gilliam played a song with that magic flute, a song that only his brethren with crystal horns can hear.

——The spear stops the slash of the war maiden! The power surpassing her looks!

It went beyond technique, her dancing heart was giving weight to her blade!

The war maiden smiles…that smile of hers somewhat reminded her of her beloved Solje.

The blue and calm killing intent of Loroka becomes an urge.

——It was jealousy, because her husband would take a liking to a girl like this.

It can’t be helped, since this girl was a swordsman to the core.

She understands that her beloved is a swordsman to the core.

Just the fact that they resemble each other was unforgivable for Loroka.

——She didn’t want to lose!

Even if she can’t speak with a sword, this spear is a spear that she offered to that person!

This heart and this body of hers as well.

Loroka is also a mercenary that releases fear, and presences that get in the way of her love, she will answer with killing intent!

——Spear and katana clash! On par in ability, and on par in fighting spirit?!

No, even when angry, Loroka is a tactician, she was looking at the movements of her plans. 

Shirley was only looking at Loroka.

That’s why even the young Shirley could fight on even level with Loroka!

——That’s right, the secret horn whistle has been blown, the plan is moving.

At that moment, the empire archers had their hearts held by the dragon.

It was fear, once the dragon dances in the sky again, it will be their death.

They must kill it, because they understood that they would be killed by the dragon and the devilish swordsman if they didn’t.

——With a dance more skilful than any bird, it played in the sky.

It was thousands of arrows, it was like avoiding a downpour, you know?

More than half of the heavy armored cavalry had been stopped by their charge.

Was it because our arrows were slow? That must be why, but next time…

——The dragon that took flight from the northern forest and then landed in the center of the frontlines.

The archers were waiting for the moment when those black wings run away into the sky again. 

…But Claine knows that the remaining 2,000 unicorns…

If they were to be used, it would be now, and…it would be at the southern cliff?

——The south dragon is also a fake.

The ugly dragon that can’t fly which was created by Gindo who is jealous that he can’t fly either.

How pitiful, has it been forgotten?

Yeah, but that’s their aim.

——Originally, it was ‘them’ who were supposed to draw the attention of the archers.

Right now, 1,000 unicorns were coming out from on top of the cliff.

The archers who had their hearts stolen by their fear of the dragon were late to react to that charge.

Jumping off from the cliff, these horned sacred horses were easily running down it.

——If the amount of arrows shot is low, there’s nothing that can stop unicorns!!

And so, Jean who heard the steps of the unicorns shouts at the northern forest.

Giants, shoot your arrows!!

The archer giants hidden in the northern forest shoot a burst of explosive arrows from the forest.

——That’s right, scary arrows with explosives added.

The explosives of the empire-hating Gindo were showing his hatred.

When the curse of Gindo approaches the humans, it transformed into hellish explosions.

Because it is the 5th division that doesn’t let its formation be disordered, they could aim plenty well enough even if they can’t see them.

——Explosions resounded, and imperial soldiers died one after the other.

The special arrows with overwhelming power are now over, there’s no more of them.

Next will be to rely on the shield of the forest to shoot normal arrows from there.

It is okay, for enemies of so much order, there’s no need for vision.

——Even when receiving the attack of unicorns in the south, the 5th division marches on.

Claine knew that there should still be more coming!

Where are the last unicorns coming from?

Lady Loroka made a commotion left and right on us who were going west.

——Then, it is not from there.

There would be no point in making time if that were the case.


The Commander asks the hurried messenger as if answering him ‘Where are the unicorns?’

——From behind! At some point in time, horned horses were at our back.

…Back, huh…I see.

Hohoh, so you have bewitched us, it wasn’t only me.

Well done, people who are trying to create a new world!!


I head towards my prey while hearing the song of the wolf. 

A message? Well, right now I can’t put my attention on Jean’s song. I am going to prioritize retribution against the prey in front of me.

An archer. The one that tried to shoot me just a few moments ago, and I grabbed the arrow mid-flight. I will praise the fact that you tried to kill me.

“Hiiiih!! Get away!!” 

But losing sight of your technique because of fear is not worthy of praise.

I slash away the arrow of the scared archer, and with my metallic soles hitting the piled up snow in this battlefield, I lop off the head of the archer.

The story of a skilled hunter must have been severed at that moment…and after 1 second, I take off my attention from him, and clash swords with my new prey!

Zephyr and I plunged right in the middle of enemy lines after all.

It’s already not that important whether they are weak or strong. The tsunami of enemies coming from all directions means it is an all-you-can-kill buffet, but Zephyr and I still bleed.

Arrows drill into the beautiful black scales of Zephyr, thrown spears were hurting his body, but he was passing a time of bliss. 

My lovely Zephyr enjoyed the sensation of imperial pig going down his throat as he eats the torn off upper body of a soldier.

Eat as much as you want, you are in your growing period after all!

“I also haven’t had my fill yet!!” (Solje)

*Gan! Clank! Giiin!!*

Making a sword song together with an imperial assassin knight, I kill my third. Their sword style is pretty similar after all. For good or for bad, I can kill them after a three-hit exchange.

If I retreat, there’s the chance I will get showered by a counterattack.

That’s right, I know this sword style.

Ares is making a ruckus from below my eyepatch. 

Yeah, this is the sword of Kaien. His daughter succeeded it, and she taught it to her companions, huh. 

You have raised a good girl, Kaien! Not only the sword, but to think that you would even be good at making children! As expected of the man that took my left eye!

I should learn from you!

“Nice, you guys are pretty fun to fight. Replicating the sword of Kaien!!” (Solje)

“C-Come!! We Barmoan swordsmen will show you that we can take away your right eye too!” 

“Hahahaha!! Then, I will show you too!!” (Solje)

This is service. A reward for entertaining me, Solje Strauss-sama. 

I lower my center of gravity, shift to the side…and release a decisive slash. 

One of the black haired assassin knights had his sword broken from that slash.

Falling to his death, this swordsman with great instincts notices.

“…Red…Gale…?! This is similar to the Kaien style…this sword is even more…than ours—”

The returning slash severs his neck. 

A spray of blood comes out, and while receiving that with my whole body, I swing my dragon longsword to sweep away the fat in my blade.

“…That’s right, this is a technique I made mine. A Strauss technique that far surpasses yours… Severing Wind. If you see Kaien in the afterlife, tell him that the technique that he made, I have perfected it.” (Solje)

Because his throat had been cut, he couldn’t leave words behind, but learning about my Severing Wind, he should be satisfied. 

This is a technique you might have been able to reach after a 100 years. You were able to die while feeling with that body of yours the end line of your technique.

It is not despair, but understanding. Thus, he died with a smile while falling to the netherworld.



“The gale is one that we make with our sword!!” 

The pupils of Kaien who saw the Severing Wind were obviously burning with envy, and were about to explode from anger at having their special technique stolen. 

Three of those Kaien swordsmen aimed at my life.

Should I kill them with a magic sword? …Is what I thought, but I pull my sword back.

“Hmph, you really do inelegant things.” (Solje)

“…Yeah, sorry, Captain.” 

The Fenrir used its giant body to crush the charge of the assassin knights. 

Umu, not a bad blow. 

And Gindo who is at the back of the wolf also gathers magic into his silver arm. This time he isn’t holding back. This guy, he is chanting.

“……Evil and cruel thunder ogre that rides the dark clouds, I give you an offering. Eat my mana, and as payment, give that blade of yours temporarily to this arm…come, Lightning Spear, [Digelfin]!!” (Gindo)

Lightning runs in the battlefield, and a dazzling purple lightning destroys the vision of the warriors. And then, this lightning shot from the heavens turns the imperial pigs into roasted pigs.

Pierced by purple lightning, armor holds no meaning.

The electric heat burning the meat was filling up the dry air with electricity. It is hardening the wind.

“…D-Damn it, I am tired.” (Gindo)

“Well done, Gindo. That was splendid magic. That’s a half-elf for you.” (Solje)

“The only good part about being born a half-elf-ssu ne. Only my mana is crazy strong, and it is really handy when killing people…but using this without a ritual…is so unbearable! It is damn tiring!!” (Gindo)

“Rest for a bit please, Gindo-san. I will deal with the small fry.” (Jean)

“Alright, I leave it to you, my underling!” (Gindo)

“Ah right, Captain, a message!! …We have managed to have the ‘horses’ go around the enemy lines.” (Jean)

“Fumu…with this, the imperial soldiers must be thinking that they have been surrounded.” (Solje)

Well, we probably are not fooling Zack Claine with this, but as long as the other 30,000 believe so, there’s no problem.

That’s right, the last 1,000 unicorns ended up taking their back…as long as they misunderstand this…

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