DK – Chapter 114-115: Undead King of Zakuroa I

“…Aah, that was seriously good wine!! Red wine is the best!!” (Solje)

We passed the enemy army riding the back of Zephyr, and we were going to descent inside the city of Zakuroa.

“Good grief! To exchange drinks with the enemy general…” (Riel)

Riel was throwing complaints at me. Maybe we made her wait too much up there and she was cold?

“Isn’t it the best? Wars should be like this.” (Solje)

Enjoy my accepting heart, Riel-chan.

“Hey hey, Onii-chan.” (Mia)

“Hm? What’s the matter, Mia?” (Solje)

“When is Loroka’s baby going to be born?” (Mia)

That question made Loroka and I go ‘Ahaha!’ into the night sky.

“Aah…you see, Mia-chan, that was…” (Solje)

“Yeah yeah, you see, Mia…” (Loroka)

“…You are saying something really interesting there.” (Riel)

Legal Wife-sama’s nails were digging into my shoulder. 

It hurts. Aah, I might bleed from this. I thought unnecessary blood wouldn’t be flowing from me tonight.

“…U-Uhm, Riel, please don’t misunderstand.” (Solje)

“Solje Strauss, Loroka-neesama is your second wife. That’s why, it may be natural to have babies with her, but…” (Riel)

“But…?” (Solje)

I was attacked by curiosity. 

My tsundere bow princess pinches my cheek and twists it while saying.

“…At least do so after embracing your legal wife first.” (Riel)

“Ahaha, Riel-chan, you are jealous?” (Solje)

“T-That’s not it!!” (Riel)

“…Riel, let me explain a bit here.” (Loroka)

Loroka-sensei is troubled. 

Looks like she doesn’t wish for the misunderstanding to go any further. She must want to have an amicable relationship with Riel.

But don’t worry. Riel wouldn’t hate you just for being pregnant. How about we test that?

“And so, Riel…” (Solje)

“W-What?!” (Riel)

“Loroka has a new life in her new, you know? Won’t you give her your blessings?” (Solje)

“R-Right! I-I forgot!! …Congratulations, Loroka-neesama!! Tell me sooner!! If I had known, I wouldn’t have brought Nee-sama to the battlefield, you know?!” (Riel)

Honestly, Riel-chan is such a good girl. She is seriously worried about the life that will be born between Loroka and I, and is showering us with her love.

Fumu, polygamy can bring happiness too, it seems. I worried that it would be more complicated than that. Looks like there’s no problem as long as there’s love. You are a good girl, Riel.

Even when you are jealous, you are blessing the new life.

“…U-Uhm, Riel…” (Loroka)

“We have to think about the name! Hmm…what would be good? If it is a boy, then a strong name would be best. If it is a girl, it must be a beautiful name!! …Mia!!” (Riel)

“Yes! I will also think of the name for Onii-chan’s baby! Let’s see…Great!! If it is a boy, Great would be nice! Isn’t Great cool?!” (Mia)

“Doesn’t sound bad. It sounds strong.” (Riel)

“U-Uhm, you two…” (Loroka)

“Loroka, isn’t it great? Your sisters-in-law are really kind.” (Solje)

“Eh? Y-Yeah…wait, Solje-san!! Even you…!!” (Loroka)

“A-Also…!!” (Riel)

“W-What is it, Riel…?” (Loroka)

“Te…” (Riel)

“Te…?” (Loroka)

“Tell me how to embrace someone please.” (Riel)

“Heh?!” (Loroka)

I endured a laugh. 

I am drunk here, you know. My laughing threshold has lowered. I could end up bursting in laughter at any instant. 

If I were to see the troubled expression of Jean, I feel like I would have laughed out loud already.

Loroka-sensei must be blushing right now. The sound of your heart is really fast, you know?

“Y-You see…Riel…” (Loroka)

“…I heard that the possibilities of having babies with another race is not high… Just how were you done in order to get one so fast? …I want to know.” (Riel)

“I am happy that you are so passionate about learning, Riel… Or more like, you won’t ask me? Loroka ain’t the only involved party, you know?” (Solje)

That’s right, making babies is an act by two. 

“I feel like y-you…would use my innocent question to teach me pointlessly perverted stuff.” (Riel)

I see.

That’s my legal wife for you. She can read my thoughts real well. 

It is true that I was thinking of using this chance, you know? If I were to tell her some plays that might increase the chances of pregnancy, I feel like with your love for me and your diligence, you would try them out.

This is the best!

Can you let me enjoy things that are really hard to voice out?! 

Just by imagining  you working so hard for the sake of your love while holding doubts in your heart…is truly joyful. Aah, I am seriously drunk right now!

“That’s why, Loroka-neesama, it would really help me out if you were to tell me how you were taken.” (Riel)

You really are a forward elf.

You are truly worth teasing…

“Mia also wants to know! And I will write it in my diary!” (Mia)

Wait, Mia?! My desire to check your diary is increasing! Things like deep kisses and making babies, just what are you recording of me in that scary-sounding diary?! 

“W-Well, you are a girl after all!” (Solje)

“After 3 years, I will also be having one!” (Mia)

With who?! 

Onii-chan won’t allow you to be the wife of anyone, okay?! 

Damn it, who is it?! Who is trying to put a hand on my Mia?! …I will burn him with a flame breath and cut him down with my sword!!

“Uhm…! Just listen to what I have to say!!” (Loroka)

Loroka-sensei shouts with a flushed face. 

Umu, yeah, my tsundere elf is about to explode. I see, so tease around till when I get punished, right? 

“Listen well, first of all, around half of what we told the General was a lie, okay?!” (Loroka)

“Eh? …So what you have in your stomach is only fat?” (Mia)

“S-So horrible! I am not fat, okay?!” (Loroka)

“Mia, that’s a delicate question, be careful when asking that.” (Solje)

“Yeah, souri~.” (Mia)

“Wuuh, it is okay, Mia-chan. It is my fault for being fat enough to be mistaken as pregnant.” (Loroka)

“T-That’s taking it too far, Loroka-neesama. It is not like that.” (Riel)

“What do you mean by ‘too far’?! …Are you saying I am already on the path?!” (Loroka)

Loroka-sensei is losing it. 

She may have a lot of knowledge, but is somewhat of an airhead and has a feminine sides like this. Honestly, she is the most normal of the bunch here…

“C-Calm down, Loroka-neesama… So, you are really not pregnant?” (Riel)

Riel-chan says this with the tone of a hunter. 

I would prefer you saying those things in a cuter way.

“Wuuh, we haven’t done that yet.” (Loroka)

“I see…” (Riel)

“It was a lie to stir up the General, okay?” (Loroka)

“That’s right, Loroka is not pregnant yet.” (Solje)


“By emphasizing that I have married Loroka, I stressed my relationship with the Chieftain of the Diaros, Gilliam.” (Solje)

And that worked well.

“That’s right. Flirting in front of him was also part of the plan—” (Loroka)

“You flirted?” (Riel)

“They did! They kissed and had her boobs fondled!” (Mia)

Mia breaks in. 

Riel lets out a low ‘hooh’ in a suggestive manner close to my ear. Jealous, maybe? Don’t be too rough on me, okay? We have to kill a whole lot tomorrow after all.

“Y-Yeah, it was part of the plan! …Zack Claine is now convinced that we are truly a married couple, and must have believed the words of Solje-san!” (Loroka)

“What did you tell him?” (Riel)

“That the chieftain of the Diaros, Gilliam, wished to expand his territory south.” (Solje)

“Hooh, that kind looking person?” (Riel)

“Since the General doesn’t know him, he can be fooled.” (Solje)

“Yes. Misunderstanding my father and getting wary of him, he must now be on guard of the Diaros cavalry… He is most likely thinking of the conditions to make his 5th division survive.” (Loroka)

“I see…” (Riel)

“Meaning that the ‘victory conditions’ that have been set in the heart of the General have been turned even harsher. If he ends up with more than 10,000 casualties, he should be retreating. His knight’s code won’t let his subordinates die pointlessly. We are taking practical use of that.” (Solje)

If they do that, I won’t chase them unnecessarily. We will let them run away. The objective of the war this time isn’t to wipe them out. It is okay to just protect Zakuroa. 

The General and I have learned of each other. That’s why him and his 5th division can retreat.

…That’s right, if it is them…

I am worried that there might be some that won’t retreat, but…well, it can’t be helped. We just have to do it when the time comes.

“In other words, if we kill 10,000 in this war, we can make the Imperial Army retreat?” (Riel)

“That’s right~!” (Mia)

Mia who was there shouts. 

Yeah, your Onii-chan gets it. You most likely don’t understand the situation well, right? But that’s fine. Most people saying they do understand, don’t really do either!

“General Claine is the type that puts his all in letting his subordinates survive. He will definitely take those instilled conditions in mind. That’s right, he will…” (Loroka)

Loroka-sensei must have the same opinion as me. Zack Claine must have called ‘those people’ in order to fill his weakness

Well, that’s fine. As long as the main force withdraws, there’s no problem.

“Fumu, anyways, we just have to kill a whole lot, right?” (Riel)

That’s quite like you, Riel.

“That’s right. That’s the core of war. It hasn’t changed since the beginning of times.” (Solje)

“Okay, understood. I get the strategy. Just have to kill a lot and it will solve itself in some way. The same old.” (Riel)

“Same old~.” (Mia)

True, but at least appreciate the process that brings it to that stage, okay?

“Now then, the next problem is…” (Riel)

“Could it be…Riel, you have noticed too?” (Solje)

I was a bit surprised. 

But I was wrong. There was no need for me to be impressed by my wife.

“Yeah, of course I do. The fact that you were making a fool out of me, that is…” (Riel)

What a mystery. 

Even though I am not looking at my wife who is at my back, I can tell that she is angry with a cold expression.

Yeah, this is what they call ‘of one mind’.

Our couple level must be rising!

“Once we return to the inn, I will make you regret it, okay?” (Riel)

“…R-Riel? We have tomorrow coming, so, uhm…be gentle, okay?” (Solje)

“…Doje, Maje is angry.” (Zephyr)

“Yeah, you are right. But Zephyr, teasing and getting angry go hand in hand, you know?” (Solje)

——The night of the beasts passes like this.

The scream of Solje resonates in the inn.

At the time when the constellations were running in the night…

The morning glow of the war day begins from the east sky.

Chapter 115

——With their backs bathing in the morning sunlight coming up from the horizon, the Faris soldiers march.

They follow the sound of the trumpets, their whole bodies loose, but without any disorder. 

At the frontmost row there’s the cavalry, at the second row the foot soldiers, and the archers were hiding themselves here and there. 

It was like a smooth iron avalanche, their march slow, but strong.

——Julian Laichi unsheathes his saber from the back of his horse and shouts.

Etch it in your hearts!! We are pushing through our will for freedom!! 

Don’t fear!! We have the protection of the winds of freedom!!

This wind that we have succeeded from our predecessors will carry us to the future!!

——Don’t forget, citizens of the free Zakuroa!!

We have inherited the soul of the brave Phaser that fought for the sake of freedom!

Remember the female freedom knight that was always together with the wind!!

She died young and couldn’t pass on her blood, but her soul has been!!

——The wind is watching our war!!

The brave spirits that fought in the past to protect our freedom are watching!!

We are not alone!

Our wars will always be clad in the wind of these brave warriors!!


Together with the wind, we will become the fangs that will protect Zakuroa!

Bite into the pigs of the Empire, and tear off their meat!

Run! Let’s show them the power of the Zakuroa Freedom Alliance!!

——Roars and the song of a horn spread into the sky where the snow dances, and our alliance turns into a gale.

The battle array is quite novel.

The foot soldiers, cavalry, and archers were mixed here and there. 

The imperial soldiers sneered at this, but Claine who heard this report grinded his teeth.

——I see, with this, they win the first move.

You are good, wise lady Loroka.

Not only beautiful, not only a maiden in love.

With vast knowledge, you help out the Demon Lord.

——-Laughing in a loud voice, the General begins to form the best plan for this.

The free formation of no order was running.

Those footsteps of theirs uneven to the extreme.

Chaoticness that shows their inexperience, is what lowers the guard of the imperial soldiers.

——Because of their many wars, they are certainly seeing reality.

But they shouldn’t forget.

Their opponents are the citizens of freedom, they each have their own specialties and different equipment. 

Their running speed as well.

——The imperial soldiers noticed, even if a bit late.

The wind that was mixed in that disorder slowly showed its true nature.

The first ones to lack behind were the foot soldiers of heavy equipment, and then the archers with light equipment.

And so…the cavalry shows itself.

——From the files of soldiers that were lacking behind, mounted soldiers jump out sharply.

The formation of Loroka is an ever-changing one.

Monotonous yet complex.

Just have them run, as they run, the true formation will jump out on them.

——What do they want to accomplish with this? A wait and see.

After seeing through the enemy’s formation, they secretly bring out a horse that will relay the orders.

Quickly and naturally changing into a formation that punctures the weakness of the imperial soldiers. 

That’s why you can’t deal with it, when the strongest attack hits your weakest point!!

——The cavalry of Zakuroa bite on the imperial pigs that are slow on their feet while raising a shout!!

It was the left-wing of the 5th division that has a low density of mounted soldiers.

Normally, as seasoned of soldiers as them, the moment they understand that that place was attacked, they should be able to immediately react to it.

But that’s exactly why they fall into the trap of the unpredictable Loroka.

——If they were to react in time, that weakness would instead becomes a strength. 

And so, that was the set up.

But that set up didn’t move and they were simply destroyed by the zakuroan cavalry as a weakness.

2,000 of the lightweight cavalry specialized in speed had been killed in this first charge.

——Claine wipes off his sweat, ‘so these are unicorns, huh’.

They charged with 1,000 unicorn cavalry and 1,000 normal ones.

The unicorn’s strength and speed surpassed that of the lightweight cavalry, and they ran deep into the battlefield. 

Interesting, where are the remaining 2,000 hiding?! And where is the Demon Lord?!

——At that time, a report comes to Claine.

A dragon has appeared in the north forest!!

No, the dragon is at the top of the cliff south!!

Claine groaned, is it flying?

——No, none of them are flying. 

They are simply glaring at us and unmoving. 

I see…they are using the ‘bait’ of last night in this way, huh.

Claine praises Loroka, and even though it was a gamble, they had them head to the north forest.

“Hahahahahaha!! The cavalry is coming here!! And it ain’t a hundred or two!!” 

“Looks like they bit on the fake Zephyr that you made, Gindo.” 

Fenrir mode Jean was there. And Gindo, who is riding at his back on a saddle, was laughing out loud at the imperial cavalry that were flowing their way.

It may be from faraway, but you are telling me they mistook this ugly toy for Zephyr?

It can’t be helped, but it gets on my nerves… Not at the imperial soldiers, but at Gindo who is laughing.

“…Don’t let it get to your head, Gindo. This ugly thing doesn’t resemble Zephyr at all, okay?” (Solje)

“Eh? Really? It is big, black, has wings…and can spit out fire-ssu yo.” (Gindo)

Gindo pulls the string that is coming out from the back of the Fake Zephyr.


“Eh?” (Gindo)

“Oi, what’s the matter, Gindo? And the fire?” (Solje)

“…Did the gunpowder and oil get damp from the snow?” (Gindo)

“It ain’t rain, there’s no way.” (Solje)

Damn it, Gindo, at the important moment you are messing up again? Even though we managed to pull the enemy. 

“…Please don’t get down-ssu, Captain. It weighs harder on me.” (Gindo)

“True. You are the one who messed up after all.” (Solje)

Not only did he make an ugly Fake Zephyr like this and got my mood sour, the gimmick of it doesn’t work?

“Captain, Gindo-san!! The imperial cavalry is coming!” (Jean)

“…I do want to vent out with those guys, but we are prioritizing the plan.” (Solje)

“Withdrawing, right?” (Jean)

“Yeah, into the trap-filled forest. Let’s go, Byakuya! Jean, chase after us with that idiot on your back!!” (Solje)


“Understood!!” (Jean)

“Hey, Jean! You are my underling, so don’t go accepting that I am an idiot!” (Gindo)

Who is the underling of who?

Jean is Riel’s dog, and my subordinate.

“I-I am sorry, alright?! It was just a figure of speech!” (Jean)

“Just drop that idiot.” (Solje)

“So horrible! Captain, do you think my creation will just take that failure?” (Gindo)

“Huh? What do you mean by that?!” (Solje)

“This is what I mean-ssu yo!!” (Gindo)

Gindo stretches his left arm out onto the Fake Zephyr. He passes his mana through his magic silver arm, and then, he makes the red mana cluster rampage.

Seriously, that’s a half-elf for you. Not only does he have crazy amounts of mana, there was no chanting, and almost no time in concentrating, and yet, he managed to bring out that much dense mana.

“Hahaha! Burn, you black and dull big clunk!!” (Gindo)

Eh? This guy, just what did he call my Zephyr?!


A blazing red bullet was shot from the silver arm, hits the Fake Zephyr, and ignites the oil and gunpowder that’s filled up to the brim inside it. 

Right after, that Fake Zephyr made a big explosion!





The imperial cavalry that entered the forest to chase after us was caught in the scorching fire that the Fake Zephyr created… I wonder why, my chest was tightening seeing the burning Fake Zephyr.

As I felt this mysterious sadness, the burst of laughter from the idiot entered my ears.

“Hahahahahahaha!! As expected of the big black dull thing!! It burns well-ssu ne!! Ahahaha!!” (Gindo)

“…Gindo-kun, just what do you think of my Zephyr?” (Solje)

“Eh? Captain’s Zephyr is a dragon. The big black thing that flies in the sky. Mine is the one over there, the slow, big and useless black thing burning there-ssu yo.” (Gindo)

“…G-Gindo-san.” (Jean)

Jean must have sensed something from my expression. But Gindo who has had the wrong upbringing as a person was laughing.

Looks like I have gotten attached enough to that Fake Zephyr that I feel insulted when this guy looks down on it… Don’t laugh at it, Gindo…! 

“It burns nice-ssu ne, that big black thing. Hm? …Those bastards.” (Gindo)

Several tens of the mounted soldiers died burning from the Fake Zephyr’s wall of fire, but one after the other enemies began flowing into this forest filled with traps. 

More importantly…

“Good grief, that useless thing. Not only couldn’t it spit out fire when it mattered the most, it couldn’t even hold them down properly-ssu… Haaah, in the end, it was all just size-ssu ne.” (Gindo)

“S-Shut up!! Don’t badmouth him, Gindo!” (Solje)

“C-Captain…” (Jean)

“Huh? Why are you getting angry-ssu ka?” (Gindo)

“It is an emotion you won’t understand. Anyways, if you don’t want to be punched, don’t badmouth Zephyr. That was…right, that was also Zephyr!” (Solje)

I can tell my own emotions are going awry. I know that that wasn’t Zephyr. But I wonder why, when Gindo insults it, those scorning words pierce my heart.

“Yes yes, understood. Geez, maniacs really don’t discriminate.” (Gindo)

…That’s right, I am a dragon maniac.

That’s why, even when it was a fake, I won’t forgive anyone that badmouths something that has the name of Zephyr.

“Captain, calm down.” (Jean)

“I am. My anger is the blue type that burns calmly.” (Solje)

“…Y-Yeah.” (Jean)

This may be just venting it out on the wrong people. But cavalry of the Empire, I will have you die in this forest.

“Come, imperial scum!! I am Solje Strauss!!” (Solje)

I believe my name has been spread pretty well already, so I introduce myself in order to invite the enemy soldiers to their dying place.

“Chase theeeeem!! Kill the dragon knight, Solje Strauss!!” 

“If we can at least kill him, there won’t be anyone to fear!!” 

Hehehe, my name is really selling well. But, Imperial Army, there’s a whole lot of people here that are scary, you know?

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