DK – Chapter 119-121: Undead King of Zakuroa III

—–-That’s right, this is also a plan of Solje’s side.

The experience and order of the 5th division reacted to the unicorns that appeared at their back.

Half of the rear army slowed down, to prepare themselves for the unicorns.

Caution that comes from an army that has polished their defense.

——They’ve gotten us, they are utilizing my prided order in their advantage.

The reason why Claine hates scheming is because he doesn’t want his own rules to seep into the organization.

Because by placing exceptions to the rules, the philosophy of the organization loses its purity, so that’s why he doesn’t employ scheming.

If there’s ‘disorder’ put in the equation…this army that lacks in attack power to begin with is actually weak.

——An army that was created, not to win, but to not lose.

It is their strength, and also their weakness.

In order to make an army like this formed from weak soldiers survive, that was the only choice.

Everyone moves under an ironclad regulation in an instant, and moves to protect the organization.

——It is true that this philosophy is a strength, but right now it is being used by Loroka.

Even if it is a ‘mass that they don’t have to be on guard for’, it still tickled their defensive reflexes heavily.

What does that mean, you ask? …Yeah, those are not unicorns.

What’s stopping the feet of 15,000 people of the 5th division…is something to laugh about.

——They were horses and donkeys with scarecrows riding on their back.

At their forehead, they have a fake horn fastened by a leather belt.

Things like carrots, or scraped off chair legs.

From afar, they look like unicorns.

——The philosophy made to not be controlled by schemes, was turning in the weak point that makes them drawn in their schemes.

Being able to prepare this many clever schemes, just how many battlefields have they experienced at such a young age?

Claine was in awe, at the bloodstained history of the Demon Lord and his Queen.

The Banjar Mercenaries, an insignificant crew that crawled their way in troubled times are bringing upon victory?

——No, sadly to say, Claine is an old man.

The bitterness he has tasted might surpass ours. 

He is a guardian, a scary man that grows stronger by the amount of lives he couldn’t protect.

This army that was raised by tenacity and great paternity, even when formed by weak soldiers, they had iron stubbornness.

——The philosophy instilled in the imperial soldiers was raising their stamina.

Front and rear switched, and they hid their injured deep in their lines.

Soldiers with fresh stamina to the front lines, and the injured move to support.

This is something that occurred all at once from all units, and it wasn’t a plan set by Claine, but their philosophy working.

 ——Clever schemes won’t shake their deeply rooted philosophy. 

It was a miracle, as if the stamina of the soldiers had recovered, and the harsh battle of the Freedom Alliance continues.

The longer this restless battle continues, the more the Freedom Alliance crumbles to the numbers.

….So, they couldn’t let this chance escape.

——-The way to deal against the more stamina filled soldiers that have switched players?

To utilize the forces that they have been reserving.

Aiming for the border of the 5th division that has been divided in all sides, sacred horses flowed out from the northern forest.

500 unicorns come out from the forest, and charge into the battlefield.

——The battle of shooting arrows into and from the shield of many trees was taking place. 

Even a large army has a limit to how many arrows one can carry.

The arrows of the 5th division archers in the north side were already running out.

The archer giants have an infinite resource of arrows hidden in the forest.

——The 500 unicorn cavalry that suddenly appeared without a sound.

Just that alone was impossible to chop the 30,000 army.

Yeah, but that’s okay, they are not alone.

The knights that Vashiri Nova raised are together with them.

——Even Diaros will break their rules when it comes to wars.

There’s times when their halves that are the unicorns will allow other nameless warriors to ride their backs.

Leave them at the center of the 30,000 army. 

The unicorns didn’t hate the 500 brave warriors that requested this.

——Even when having two riding on their backs, they still run faster than a regular horse?!

Claine could only shocked by this, surpassing quantity with quality.

That is the philosophy of us Banjar Mercenaries.

That’s right, Claine, just like you have your philosophy, we have ours.

——Crush numbers with strength.

There’s no other choice but that, so we became stronger.

Don’t underestimate the amount of life and death battles, and the intensity of them.

You see, we need the strength to destroy the world, for the sake of the future!!

——The brave warriors at the back of the unicorns were shooting arrows in the many.

There’s no need to aim, they just have to shoot and it will drill into the armor of an enemy soldier, there’s a lot of enemies around after all.

Shoot all they can, and in time, together with the reckless Diaros cavalry…

They take up positions as if splitting the 30,000 army.

——Being foolhardy warriors isn’t something exclusive of the Strauss.

The young ones that put their lives on the line to protect the freedom of Zakuroa are also one of those.

The Diaros who appeared at that place in order to repay Sir Strauss who saved their homeland also fell in that category.

The imperial army had been split with their lives.

——But this won’t last long.

Claine was thinking the obvious, the next plan of Loroka.

Of course they would want to maintain it!

I see, so that’s the reason why you are there, Solje Strauss!!

——The old veteran reads the plan.

But he is not the only one here.

The fake unicorns at the back and the 2,000 unicorns at the south were strong.

There were a lot invading the northern forest, but all soldiers that challenged it have not returned, and the reason was still in hiding.

——And now, 500 foolhardy unicorn cavalry and 500 brave warriors were splitting them.

The north, south, and east were scary, and…at the west frontlines, there’s the Dragon and Demon Lord rampaging.

The fear that Loroka is drawing…is slowly reaching its completed state.

The 5th division had been completely ‘surrounded’ by the Freedom Alliance.

——Only Claine could tell.

They are making him realize it by purposely leaving pack horses there.

‘We will allow you to run away from the back’.

But…if he were to let them go now…it would bring about a bigger war, right?

——Because you are being pushed to the corner, even you yourself must not have noticed.

Your actions are inflating their hopes…it accelerates their feelings to go against the Empire.

If you win this war…

The peace brought by the regulations of the Empire will crumble.

——Of course, that peace is shit.

Solje-kun, the children you want to protect, the children that Loroka-kun will give birth to.

They would only be able to play in the paradise-like forest that the merciful Goddess created.

That is certainly strange.

——But humans are cruel.

They won’t be able to accept demi-humans unless they had a heart as free as yours.

…But if you were to win here…

If you show the strength to crush even me, you will become…the Demon Lord.

 ——Being enticed by that dream of yours, demi-human fighters will gather.

When that happens, it wouldn’t just be the Garuna army, it would be the birth of a new Demon Lord army!!

The humans, the Empire, won’t allow such an army.

They will challenge you with their everything…a full on war will begin with the continent on the line!

——When that happens, just how many will die?!

There may be worth in doing so for you people, but…I don’t see it.

Am I a coward? That may be the case.

But I must stop your ‘justice’ here, it is true that many will die if I don’t!!

——Surpassing quantity with quality, by looking at the general situation, it is impossible.

But you guys are going to create a reckless war for the sake of a future that will not be happening?

The end result of all this, I can only see a pointless strife, and a mountain of skeletons.

…The power to create the future is impossible to achieve by mortals…

——The only ones who still believe in the worth of freedom in this continent are the brave warriors.

Reckless and foolish warriors that cling to dreams, pitiful young ones.

That is the reality, and that’s why Claine cannot accept Solje.

He believes from the bottom of his heart, in the ‘justice’ of Solje.

——But, at this moment…Claine is still the guardian of the world.

That’s why, in order to protect the world, in order to reduce the amount of lives eaten by this war…

He unsheathes his sword and sings!

Charge!! Leave it to your power and numbers! Crush their ‘strength’!!

——It is time for your trial, Solje.

You have to prove just what is a Demon Lord.

For the sake of the future you want to create, for the sake of the answer you obtained in the Forest of Freedom.

Is your strength enough to destroy this vast world?

…Now, you need to prove it upfront! Your strength that surpasses numbers!!

  • Chapter 120

“Kukuku!! That Claine-jiisama!! He is coming to crush us!” (Solje)

“Rather than us, it is more like you-ssu, Captain.” (Gindo)

Gindo was opening the lid of a canteen and drinking from it on the back of Jean who is tearing an enemy soldier to death. Alcohol, maybe?

…Because of Jean, Zephyr, and I, the surroundings are a mess of innards, blood, and scraps of meat, but it looks like that doesn’t take away the appetite of this guy.

“…You talking about me?” (Solje)

“That’s right-ssu yo. You are the one the enemy commander fears the most in this battlefield.” (Gindo)

“That’s an honor!” (Solje)


I break the spear I stopped with my dragon longsword by brute force, and then smash open the head of the soldier. Thanks to Jean and Gindo’s support, we managed to cut a whole lot, but even with that, there’s still a lot of enemies.

I can hear the sound of a trumpet, and from the corner of my eyes, I can see the approaching march that stomps onto the snow with heat enough to melt it. It is on the level that it covers my whole vision. 

“And so, there’s a whole lot coming in order to kill you. What are you gonna do-ssu ka?” (Gindo)

“Ain’t that obvious? Even that’s just half! Thanks to 10,000 comrades doing their very best!! Let’s go!! We are gathering with them! We will also rampage in the middle of the battlefield!” (Solje)

“Of course, that’s how Captain should be!” (Jean)

“Haah, even though you have arrows pierced here and there in your body, and you are riddled in wounds… You guys really love wars.” (Gindo)

Gindo says this while getting off Jean’s back. Right, Jean went through the trouble of having you on his back because you have shitty stamina, which allowed you to maintain a decent amount of energy.

Loroka-sensei’s core for this time’s war is…the preservation of forces.

We are higher in terms of quality. That’s why the Empire guys are using a rotation to let their soldiers rest as they fight, and this is something that Loroka already knew would happen. That’s the way to utilize their numbers to the best of their advantage after all.

That’s why…we also have to create a countermeasure for that.

The reason why Zephyr and I didn’t act as the vanguard, and the unicorn cavalry entered the battlefield in stages, was because we want to preserve our stamina.

In our case, it would be this ‘great magician’ that has a lot of weak points, Gindo-kun. By minimizing our forces, we are enduring the numbers of the opponent.

It is rough, but it does have some decent effect.

“Jean, how many have died?” (Solje)

“U-Uhm, 2,000 of our side, and around 6,000 on theirs.” (Jean)

His fearsome sense of smell gets even sharper when in Fenrir mode. That Arianrhod, did she do a little extra for her ‘son’?

If it is that mama, it wouldn’t be strange if she has. 

Are you watching, Arianrhod? Your son is killing a whole lot in this battlefield too.

“…That’s great. If we have managed to kill that many, we just need one more push… Oi, Zephyr! We are sending a message!! The last plan we can do!” (Solje)

After gulping down the upper half of an enemy soldier, Zephyr faces here. He nods with his big head. Aren’t dragons the cutest?

“Okay, got it, Doje!” (Zephyr)

“A big order that will take place in the whole battlefield! Go for a big one, Zephyr… SIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!!” (Solje)

Even at times like this, my Strauss side pokes its head out.

…I just love challenges. I can’t let out a voice as big as the giant body of a dragon, but I didn’t want to lose, so I shouted in a loud voice like this!

That’s why my Zephyr opens up his big wings, making a grand appeal, and sucks as much air as possible. After swelling up from getting as much air as possible, he sings!!


That was the symbol of absolute power.

Not only my eardrums, even my inner ear was being shaken by this crazy volume!! 

The 5th division that was supposed to be charging us staggered at the fear that this song instilled.

Sane people wouldn’t want to approach at all, right?

Approach this black dragon that is filled with a killing aura! 

And so, this song had a hidden meaning. This song that shakes even the sky tells its will to all the comrades in the battlefield. It gives them courage. Right now, we are going to explode the courage that rests in our hearts, and we are going to be one in heart.

Now then…

Share the resolve of your seniors that protected the freedom, okay?

…The time to die has come! 

I raise the dragon longsword high in the sky, and shout!!

“Alliance Army!! All forces, CHAAAAAAARGEEEEEEE!!” (Solje)

As if resonating with my song, roars were being offered to the sky from every place of the battlefield!


“Kill the imperial army!!” 

“Zakuroa is our laaaand!!” 

“Don’t let the invaders go alive!!” 


The song of the Fenrir, and even the neighing of the normally silent unicorns!! Many warriors were resonating with our courage!! 

Isn’t this fun, Zephyr?! 

Your mouth -stained by the blood of imperial pigs- was warping so much, and showing your silver fangs. Our crew is most likely smiling in the same way. 

“LET’S GOOOO, ZEPHYYYYR!! The front rows are seats reserved just for uuuuss!” (Solje)


It really makes you overflow with energy! With a dragon singing and a Strauss swordsman together, there’s no place with more of a blissful time in this world! 

With my dragon longsword still on my shoulder, I charge onto the around 10,000!! Zephyr also kicks about the corpses of the soldiers and rushes on!

Gindo and Jean were also following from behind. I can tell even without using my dragon eye. I am used to this kind of thing after all. 

We are comrades. 

We are the Banjar Mercenaries!! 

There’s already no need for the dragon eye to confirm our connection.


“W-With only two, a dragon…and a dog?!” 

“W-What are you bastards thinking?!” 

“Hahahahaha!! There’s no medicine to cure a mercenary!!” (Solje)

I announce this while cutting in two an imperial soldier that was stiffened in fear.

That’s right, we are idiots till death! …No, that’s not it. We are idiots even in death!! When I die, I will probably become an idiot like that Mistral!

I will love wars even in death!

I want to become that kind of guy, but…I won against you, Mistral!! I have to achieve what you couldn’t or it wouldn’t make sense, right?!

I will prove it to you.

We will break the battlefield with our strength!! 

…I will show you…our strength after melting all into one!!



“The animals are loud! Here, eat my magic!! This is for my arm…and my mother, you damn imperialists!!” (Gindo)

If it is in instantaneous power, Gindo’s massive magic power rivals that of Riel, and that magic power turns into a rain of lightning that burn the enemy soldiers!!

Nice, I like way too idiotic people, Gindo!!

“Let’s go, mercenaries!! We are making a festival with their blood!!” (Solje)

“Okay!!” (Zephyr)

“Got it!!” (Jean)

“Leave it to me, Sir Strauss!!” (Gindo)

——This is the song of 13 mercenaries and one black dragon.

These unparalleled warriors rush onto the battlefield.

The fire of the dragon burns the enemy soldiers along with the ground.

The claws of the Mad Wolf cutting their armor along with the soldier.

——The half-elf lifts the ban of not using his full strength, and releases magic as his crazy heart dictates!!

A storm of lightning!! His heart remembers that night when his arm was cut off!!

Remembers that lightning was ringing at that time!!

The fact that he saw with his own eyes how his mother was violated by the imperial soldiers and had her head cut off right after!!

—–His anger and desire for revenge turned into magic, and swallows the army.

The Demon Lord lines up together with this mage that laughs with a hihihi and a smile that seems to be broken somewhere.

A sword storm that has no equal cuts down the imperial soldiers, and the magic sword clad in fire makes them explode.

Courage crumbles in the face of the Demon Lord…no, courage itself is impossible to have.

——Solje Strauss, the strongest Captain of our Banjar Mercenaries.

Who can win against him? 

Against the Captain that we crew of monsters acknowledge we can never win against?

That’s right, Solje! Make them acknowledge it! Make Claine acknowledge your strength!!

——The battlefield is moving, the legs of the 5th division stagger at the synchronized charge from all directions. 

Claine didn’t get disturbed by this madness.

It is something he had predicted beforehand, and so, he made them advance.

Their cowering legs may reduce their speed, but they won’t fall.

——We can endure it, we are supposed to…I controlled it in a way that it would be like that.

We can pin their strength with numbers!

The problem is the last 500 unicorns.

I already know where they are coming from!!

——Claine glares only at the front.

The ramparts of Zakuroa…their old gates were open.

From there…

The remaining 500 unicorns appear, their last replenishment of forces!!

——The unicorn cavalry heads to the center of the battlefield. 

Ignoring the heavy armored cavalry that Loroka and the others were stopping!!

They are running through the path that Solje and the others cut open!!

Everyone to the enemy center, all to bring about destruction!! To stand by the side of the Demon Lord!!

——Now then, we should be going as well.

Loroka jumps onto the arriving Byakuya and says this.

The black haired war maiden that was fighting Loroka evenly just a moment ago rages!!

Don’t mess around, where are you going and abandoning this city?! What about our duel?! 

——This city has no people.

The citizens have taken refuge north.

We are not protecting the land and the houses, but the souls of Zakuroa.

…The war maiden asks Loroka what she meant.

——We are fighting together with the ones we love.

It is okay to be together with the one you love, isn’t that what’s freedom? 

Maybe she was thrown a riddle, Shirley Kaien didn’t understand her.

But the sky eyes of Loroka were not looking at Shirley.

——Now, let’s go, Byakuya!!

To the place where our beloved is!

To the side of Solje Strauss!! 

The unicorn neighs and runs fast like the wind in response!!

——Riel had stolen a horse from an imperial soldier she killed.

Mia was riding its back.

This pair of mercenaries are scary, and they run to the side of their beloved Demon Lord!!

That’s right, the battlefield is the place of the mercenaries, the dwelling of us where even love resides.

  • Chapter 121

 “Captain! The unicorn cavalry!! The last forces are coming!!” (Jean)

Jean comes to report to me while crushing the enemy soldiers with his weight. 

I see, I was so focused on the war that I was on the verge of forgetting.

I have also shed way too much blood after all—woah!!


“Hmph, when you are attacking from the back, don’t put so much power into your step. The sound of the sinking ground can alert some.” (Solje) 


I split his body as payment for my teachings, and now the man that has learned the 101 of surprise attacks dies. 

“Now then, next one, next!!” (Solje)

I run together with my comrades as we kill the enemy soldiers. The battlefield is filled with the sound of clashing blades and the scent of blood.

For us, who lose in numbers, this melee that has destroyed even formations is the type that we can kill the most. 

Of course, the best scenario…is to corner Claine-jiisan into retreating. But if that’s not possible…

I have understood this after fighting. The soldiers of the 5th division are not powerful. Their strength is average, or maybe even lower. They are compensating it with the organization’s philosophy that Claine instilled in them.

It is splendid. 

Even with their formation crumbled this much, they are always creating small units, and are desperately working to survive as long as possible. That creates endurance, and it strengthens their number advantage.

It is completely opposite to the Strauss offensiveness that doesn’t fear death.

We are really standing on opposites here, Zack Claine.

But for some mysterious reason, I feel no disgust towards you. 

No, not only that, I can nod and say that it is not a bad way of thinking.

Seriously, if you weren’t that strong, we would have long since devoured this 30,000.

You are strong. Even within the generals that I know, in terms of pulling out the most power of your troops, you are the best tactician. Honestly speaking, I would like you to teach us your tricks.

I feel like I could become a better leader with your teachings.

You must be full of life lessons, with that muddy life of yours you had.

It really is a shame we don’t have much time—hmph! This isn’t the time to have damp emotions!! We have to do one more push here!!

“Captain!! The unicorns are arriving!!” (Jean)

“Alright, got it!! Zephyr, let me get on!!” (Solje)

“Okay, Doje!! Come!!” (Zephyr)

“We will cover for you, Captain!! Gindo-san!!” (Jean)

“Alright alright! Here, burn and die with lightning!!” (Gindo)

The lightning magic of Gindo burns the enemy and the fangs of the charging Jean were sealing the movements of the enemy.

I will take advantage of this opening. 

I sheathe the dragon longsword into the scabbard at my back, use something as a jumping vault, and jump onto the back of Zephyr who had his head lowered.

“…Now then, unicorns, we will become your shields!! We are using that, understood?!” (Solje)

“Yeah!! The Dragon Flame, right?!” (Zephyr)

You really understand me, my Zephyr!

Zephyr slowly opens his legs to both sides…he is lowering his center of gravity. He is imitating me. When using a big move, yeah, you grab the ground with your toes. Lower your stance and make it so that you stand your ground.

Now then, let’s have our first experience, shall we? 

I put both of my palms on the root of Zephyr’s neck. We synchronize our breathing and our mana… Kukuku, I can feel the sun-like heat of Zephyr that moves inside of him. This is Zephyr’s…a dragon’s mana.

I will be using Dragon Flame <composite enhancement magic> into this mana of his. 

That’s right, I am doping the mana of a dragon. Quite daring, right? By using the dragon knight’s special technique [Dragon Flame]. Zephyr cannot use it properly yet on his own.

This magic is a bit too complex after all.

But it is exactly for times like this that a Strauss swordsman is by the side of their dragon.

The concept of my plan is pretty easy to understand, right? It is simple. Enhance Zephyr, and charge on.

Well, that’s how it is, but…the chances of success are pretty low…

“Zephyr, concentrate. Even at best, it is a 50% chance.” (Solje)

“…Yes, I will do my best.” (Zephyr)

Do my best, huh.

…Yeah, in the end, no matter if a person or a dragon, being able to do things on decisive moments requires those kind of small things. As a dragon maniac, this really calms down my heart.

You are a good boy, Zephyr. If we die, let’s go swim in the sea of stars. If we survive, let’s go to the hot springs together with Riel, Loroka, and Mia. I feel like I can arrive at that Shangri-La if it is with you.

“Captain, hurry!!” (Gindo)

“Hurry i-if possible!! L-Like a lot!! The resistance of the enemy is intense!!” (Jean)

“Umu, then, here I go!! Free your mana, Zephyr!! Leave the control to me!!” (Solje)

 “Yes!! …Haaaaaaaahhh!!” (Zephyr)

Trust takes shape. 

Volcano-like energy was erupting from the body of Zephyr. I thought I knew, but…this is more power than I imagined.

Zephyr, you really are an Endurance Egg Child, a Dragon Eater. Born to prepare for the preservation of the race, holding a body that has its attack capabilities raised, a Brethren Killer. Eating even dragons, that survival instinct of yours was melting into my body and mana.

I can feel a nosebleed coming out from me.

It is because of the mana. For someone like me who has a lot of mana, this is practically an impossibility. That’s just how special the mana of Zephyr is, just how awesome it is.

If I had to compare it to something, it would be like gulping burning hot soup with meat that might melt at any moment down at once. It really feels like I am burning, or if I am not careful, I might even die.

In other words, this is the best.

Zephyr is telling me that he is letting me use that Dragon Eater power after all.

It is as if I was given a gift by the creator of this world. Like: ‘Solje Strauss, I allow you to be together with the best living creature in the entire world’.

I grin.

This smile that was filled with bliss of course showed its fangs like Zephyr. The eyes of Zephyr that were synchronizing with me were shining golden, and my left eye’s golden was also overflowing with mana.

I rip off the mythril eyepatch covering my left eye and shout!!

“Let’s go!! [DRAGON FLAAAAME]!!” (Solje)

…This is a mixture of the three elements that people are allowed to utilize.

The first element, wind; giving the blessing of the gale to the legs of Zephyr, it gives speed that won’t lose to a unicorn.

Second element, lightning; the divine protection of the lightning god is added to the jaw and tail of Zephyr, and it enforces their strength and destructive power.

And the third element, fire; the fangs and wings of Zephyr have fire and heat reside in them, giving them cutting power, and allowing them to destroy even boulders easily.

“…Power is welling up…!” (Zephyr)

“That’s right, don’t let it go out of control. Don’t fear that power, stay together with it.” (Solje)

“Yes…this power…will melt together with me into one!!” (Zephyr)

Zephyr and I were being covered in a golden mana light. 

It is comfortable, and it gives me a sense of superiority. Being able to fight together with this god-like power is the highest of honors.

“…Incredible, a high level spell like that can be used by a dragon-ssu ka?” (Gindo)

“Even I who can’t use magic can tell… This is incredible…to a dangerous extent.” (Jean)

That’s right, Jean.

Watch!! This is the ultimate technique of Zephyr and I!!



Golden eyes and a mana aura that covers his whole body released a golden wind in the area!! Zephyr had become a God of Destruction!!

“Uuh!! I have to…use my power…in a more…efficient…way!!” (Zephyr)

“Oi oi, could it be that…this is…!!” (Solje)

At that moment, Zephyr’s wings showed an abnormality!

My eyes opened wide, desperately trying to witness a mystery of the dragon race.

Dragons are incredibly efficient beings. They are kind of like birds. When birds are going to make a long long journey for migration, right before they do, they change their bodies, right?

First they make their organs bigger, and store a massive amount of food in their body; that’s the first transformation. It is a form for the sake of eating. And then, after eating a body full, they sleep. They drop the feathers in their wings as they sleep. In the time they are sleeping, they get bigger for the sake of migration, and grow big feathers specialized for migration.

By the time they wake up, because their fattened body had expended the energy by changing into long distance flying, they are now thinned to an ideal weight. They finish their diet and changes in their body while sleeping. Aren’t birds really efficient beings?

But the transformation of Zephyr is even more efficient. 

His wings warp…his bones go crack crack, and were transforming its very shape. That’s right, he judged that there was no need for wings in this battlefield.

What he wants in this moment is a weapon that mows down its enemies.

That’s why…

He expands the muscles in his legs and tail. And then, he changes his wings…into arms. Muscular arms of three fingers and claws!!

“Hahahaha!! When the Dragon Flame mixes into a Dragon Eater, this is what happens?!” (Solje)

“Zephyr has transformed, Gindo-san!” (Jean)

“Y-Yeah, i-incredible… He can change his body to adapt to the current situation-ssu ka? What an efficient living creature…!” (Gindo)

“…Hm, something like this?” (Zephyr)

Zephyr opens and closes those giant fingers, and confirms how to use them. Even his shoulder bones are closer to that of a person. He was doing a punching practice of one-two.

“…Doje!! With this, the enemies…!!” (Zephyr)

“You can punch and tear them apart!! Go!! Zephyyyyyyr!!” (Solje)


Zephyr’s charge begins!!

With nice timing, the unicorn cavalry was also sweeping away the enemy and beginning to catch up to us.

“Diaros!! We are breaking through together!!” (Solje)

“Yes, Sir Strauss!!” 

“If we can run by your side, falling to hell isn’t so bad!!” 

“Yeah, let’s die together, friends!!” (Solje)

“Slaughter them aaaaaalll!!” (Zephyr)

Zephyr swings his first arms.

These sinful arms killed 5 people with one single swing and changed them into scraps of flesh. 

Looks like he likes them. 

Zephyr jumps into the mass of enemies and with a combination of punches and clawings from both sides, he is making a blood fest out of the faristian pigs!! 

It is overwhelming!!

The unicorn cavalry follows after the hole Zephyr opens and brings bloodshed from the enemies!! 

The excited Zephyr roars, and shoots out 3 fireballs in quick succession!!

The enemy lines were being burned down!!

Strong! It is making me excited as well!! You are way too strong, Zephyr!! The remaining time is short, but…after doing this much, you can say with pride that you did your all!!

Even if the future of this charge has…strange dark clouds forming…


I have noticed. 

They are not dark clouds…it is black smoke.

Because I am riding Zephyr, I can see far. There’s something strange happening at the place we are heading. The lone force of 1,000 were still desperately fighting, but…right at their back, there’s so much black smoke rising that I can’t see.

Because we use that often, I can tell. That’s a smokescreen.

There’s something.

It seems Claine has a plan… But I have almost no mana left to control the practically berserk Zephyr right now.

Sadly to say, I can’t stop him. 

Then, we have no choice but to go as far as we can.

Destroy as much as we can…and then…Zack Claine, the schemes of a scheme-hating person like you…let me bear witness to it…

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