DK – Chapter 84-85: That Metropolis Silently Dyes Red IV

I retrieved the head of the Zeruaga Aggraias and was planning on stuffing it and placing it in our base as a commemoration, you know. 

In bad taste? I am fine with that. A mercenary group being feared is exactly what we want.

…But sadly, that woman’s head became bubbles inside the puddle of blood and disappeared. She fucking vanished. 

Did she return to the Spirit World? Or maybe, since they are not originally from this world, once they lose the strength, they can’t maintain their existence in this side?

…Probably no one knows the answer to that. That’s why I decide to not mind it. It is important to give up when necessary. It is the same as when you end up with a broken heart.

“…We did it, Captain.” (Loroka)

Loroka said this in a low voice within my arms. She had shown a grand battle. She must be tired. She did chase me around one-sidedly in that battle after all…no doubt she is tired. Her stomach received a hit too, so it should still be hurting.

I place my hand on her stomach out of care for her. Yeah, there’s a thin and light armor below her clothes. Is it Phalgionium armor?

Because of that, I couldn’t feel her body with my hand, and she doesn’t feel my hand either. But the intent should have transmitted.

“Yeah, you did well, Loroka.” (Solje)

“…I messed up a bit, but I was controlled…and even injured Captain…!” (Loroka)

“Something like that is trivial. Your courage and the worth of the victory won’t be dampened by that. This night, you are the world’s most competent person.” (Solje)

Loroka looks up at me with those sky blue eyes. Yeah, her eyes are really beautiful. That color of freedom really does suit you.

“…Thank you. I offer this victory to my people…and you.” (Loroka)

And then, Loroka stole my lips.

I was surprised. 

It was so sudden that I was shocked in place, but I couldn’t go against it. Because that kiss finished as quickly as it came after all.

“…What was the meaning of that kiss?” (Solje)

“U-Uhm…you see…just think of it as a spur of the moment.” (Loroka)

“Okay, if you say so.” (Solje)

“I won’t tell Riel, so this is a secret between the two of us.” (Loroka)

“…Okay, a secret between us two.” (Solje)

…I say that, but the werewolf whose presence is thin was close by and was shocked.

Loroka-chan seemed to be burning in love and hasn’t noticed, but he was looking. I will talk to him later and have him keep it a secret too.

But he really does have it rough…

…It is because of me, but it isn’t my fault. Cause you know, being rejected is the fault of the person themself. 

He should be fine. My rejection record has reached the three digits, and I am still okay after all. It is simply one more page in the sad chronicles of life. 

Right now, Loroka seemed to be in a worse state though.

She placed her face on my chest.

Is she showing affection? No, that’s not it. She is crying. 

“…I-I should have returned faster…! If I had, I could have saved more people… I am always so slow…!” (Loroka)

“…It is true that lost lives won’t return, but you did the biggest job as the one who is still alive. Avenging their deaths has a lot of meaning.” (Solje)

I can tell. After cutting off the head of Klauri who killed Cecil and my mother, I was now able to look towards the future…

I do have some regrets on my back, but I am sure Cecil will forgive me for moving forward.

That’s why I was able to endure the nightmare that Aggraias showed me. Since the night I took the head of Klauri, the only thing that has been showing in my dreams has been Cecil calling me Onii-sama with a smile oh her face after all.

“Live on for the share of the dead, Loroka.” (Solje)

Doesn’t sound like a mercenary thing to say? …No, that’s not true. Living on till the very end is what a mercenary is. We put our lives in danger on the daily. That’s how a warrior lives, and we take pride in that.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t treasure our lives. Fighting for the sake of our pride is our way of showing we are alive. Always living to the fullest. 

And that won’t be changing even in the future.

“…Yes, I will…!” (Loroka)

Loroka had finished a big job, and she was now showing a slight smile between her tears. 

—-–Sacred Spear Maiden coming from a far away snowy country. 

Returning to her homeland, she slayed the Zeruaga Aggraias.

Merciful heart and vast knowledge.

She vindicated her people and becomes a song that resonates in the northern sky. 


The Soul Spear returns to being light. And then, it goes back to her Unicorn form. Byakuya was unusually out of breath.

I don’t understand well, but it seems like changing to a spear is quite tiring. Should I ask Jean about it later? 

It looked to me as if he went back and forth from wolf to human without any issues, but I feel like he might be able to give me a few points about it. 

Anyways, I should congratulate her as well.

“Good girl, Byakuya!” (Solje)


Byakuya answered me with uncharacteristic emotion. Looks like we are now closer. Next time we fight a powerful enemy again, show me the power of the magic spear once more.

“…Okay, we have won!!” (Solje)

I call Zephyr with my magic eye.

(…Zephyr, we are celebrating our victory, sing!!) (Solje)


The song of Zephyr resounds from the other side of the broken wall of the Life Temple. That song echoed with a nice volume inside the Life Temple this time around.

“What a nice song. There’s a strength that feels as if it were seeing off the souls of the deceased.” (Loroka)

“Yeah.” (Solje)

(Doje, Doje.) (Zephyr)

“Hm? …What’s the matter, Zephyr?” (Solje)

(There’s a whole lot of Unicorns coming here.) (Zephyr)

“What?” (Solje)

“Eh? What’s the matter?” (Loroka)

“Looks like Unicorns are coming here. A whole lot.” (Solje)

“C-Could it be…! Please ask Zephyr whether they are holding a red flag!!” (Loroka)

I contact Zephyr to do as Loroka asked for.

(A lot of red flags.) (Zephyr)

“There’s apparently a lot of red flags.” (Solje)

“W-What a relief!! Right…Jean-kun!!” (Loroka)

“Eh? Ah, y-yes! What is it, Loroka-neesan?!” (Jean)

Jean was spacing out after that sad episode of his life. Yeah, no one is at fault here, but I feel like this simply isn’t his chapter.

“Please ring that bell, following the signal of my fingers!!” (Loroka)

“U-Understood!” (Jean)

Jean followed the orders of Loroka-sensei as always. He kicks the walls and goes up, and then bites onto the rope of the temple bell. 

Looks like he is completely prepared. He waves his tail as a signal.

…I wonder how he is feeling right now? 

Being made to do something like this right after having a heartbreak…

“Now, Jean-kun, go side to side, side to side!!” (Loroka)

*Gon Gon Gon!!*

“Please keep doing that!!” (Loroka)

Jean was waving his tail with tears in his eyes. Aah, it is the pain of the soul…

I have had my heart broken plenty of times before, but never had an experience as bizarre as this right after it.

It brings tears to my eyes as well. I am gonna buy an expensive drink for him later. If I don’t give him a good time, it would be way too sad.

“Okay, one more time!!” (Loroka)

*Gon gon gon!!*

“…Is this also a tradition of the Diaros? I feel it is a bit early for a wedding.” (Solje)

“Awooo…” (Jean)

Ah, sorry Jean. I was just trying to tease her there. 

Loroka-sensei’s face went bright red. Most likely the aftereffects of the kiss.

“T-That’s not it! T-This is, uhm…! It is a signal for my comrades. It is the bell of victory, of victory!!” (Loroka)

“Haha, I get it, I get it.” (Solje)

“G-Geez!! Please don’t tease me!!” (Loroka)

“Hahaha, sorry. Popularity eludes me, so when I get chances like this, I get a bit ahead of myself, you see.” (Solje)

So please forgive me for this. I seriously am not popular with girls. There were seriously not any women aside from Riel that have shown me any signs of love until now…

“…Eh? Captain, you are pretty popular, you know?” (Loroka)

“…When, where? Who?” (Solje)

It was a serious question. I had no idea.

Did I bite a bit too hard there? The sage Loroka that holds the holy secrets of the world was making a bitter smile. This is most likely one part of why I wasn’t popular with the ladies.

“I-I can’t be too specific here, but…I know four that…uhm, like you, Solje-san…!” (Loroka)

“…No way. That many? Where?” (Solje)

“O-One of them is right in front of you…” (Loroka)

Loroka-san confesses to me with a bright red face. 

Uoooh!! I am popular!!! 

“Seriously?! B-But I feel like Riel would kill me…!!” (Solje)

“Ah, it is okay. I am aiming to be the second wife.” (Loroka)

“Eh?” (Solje)

“Riel is aiming to be the legal wife. That’s why the three of us can be happy.” (Loroka)

“What’s with that system? Haven’t heard of it.” (Solje)

“Uhm, the forest elves are poligamous, you know?” (Loroka)

That’s a first! 

“You really know a lot.” (Solje)

“It is hard for forest elves to give birth to men, and there were many who died in battle, so…so it is okay. We are not cheating.” (Loroka)

“…What a system… But then what about the times when she got jealous?” (Solje)

“That’s simply her checking out the girls. It is like how a dad does a screening whenever his daughter brings a boyfriend home.” (Loroka)

That’s surprisingly easy to understand, and I can see Riel being like that.

“What a relief. Thanks, forest elves!! I will participate in that system too!!” (Solje)

 Yahoo!! A harem!! I might be able to have a harem. The Strauss household can recover faster!! 

“…But don’t go flirting in front of everyone, okay?” (Loroka)

“Y-Yeah…of course. I will keep it in moderation, second wife. I am the type that knows how to live a steady life after all.” (Solje)

“…Aren’t you getting it on your head already?” (Loroka)

“Then, if that’s the case, there’s no need to keep that spur of the moment a secret. I would like to be upfront with Riel about it.” (Solje)

“Yes!” (Loroka)

Aah, I wonder what’s going on. Did my luck with women get better after defeating a Zeruaga? 

Hey, mother in the skies, please listen! According to the sage-sama, there’s four women in this wide world who would be fine with a man like me. 

“Loroka, about this matter—” (Solje)


Mia shouts as she jumps right onto my face. 

What jumping strength! Onii-chan is proud of your physical prowess, but I am a bit surprised here, you know!

  • Chapter 85

“W-What the matter, Mia?!” (Solje)

“Onii-chan meter, in the middle of charging.” (Mia)

She looks like a cicada sticking to a tree in summer. Mia had her legs wrapped around me and gave me a kiss on the forehead. That part was hit by Loroka’s spear not that long ago, so it hurts a bit. 

Ah, I see. She might be trying to heal it with that kiss. Being excited by the wounds of a warrior, Mia has become quite mercenary-like.

That’s fine and all, but…

“I-I see. If you cling so much to me, it is gonna get hard to breath.” (Solje)

“Just endure it. Onii-chan can challenge not breathing plenty well.” (Mia)

…T-That might be true, but I don’t see a reason to do that tonight at all though. 

 Also, I feel like if I resist breathing, the wounds around my whole body are gonna flow out faster. I can tell that this is definitely not healthy.

“Okay okay, Mia, release him already.” (Riel)

Riel takes Mia off. 

You’ve saved me. Because of the dream just now, I couldn’t bring myself to reject my little sister more than usual.

There’s no doubt, even if I were to lose consciousness from lack of oxygen, I wouldn’t have been able to take Mia off me. 

Yeah, this must be a lingering effect of the dream world battle with the Zeruaga. My siscon got even worse. What if my siscon that has been enhanced by the power of a God doesn’t heal ever?

I don’t feel like letting Mia marry at all… Is there a man who would dare touch Mia on my watch?

Oh shit, this is the Zeruaga disease.

Having been separated from me, Mia puffed her cute round cheeks. 

“Muuh… the Onii-chan meter hasn’t finished charging~!” (Mia)

“Right?” (Solje)

Hug me as much as you want. Onii-chan can die a hundred times for your sake. Mia and I stretch our hands as if fighting against the strengths of the world that were separating us…!

“Yeah yeah, leave that for later. Solje, a visitor came to the treatment facility…to that auditorium.” (Riel)

“Visitor? Was it such an important guest that you had to come here in a hurry riding Zephyr?” (Solje)

It is not like I don’t have a guess of who it is, but…if you are going to appear at this timing, my job will be easier…

Yeah, the reason we came to this damn cold land up north is because Loroka had a plan to obtain the strength to fight against the Empire in this northern region. That’s right, those words were literal.

We are going to rely on the Diaros.

The warriors that possess the strongest mounts, the Unicorns.

Involving them in the battle against the Faris Empire… This is an alliance that has little benefit for them, but…we did slay the Zeruaga that attacked them.

We could use this achievement.

It may not be the most respectable action to take, and it is unknown how much they are willing to sacrifice here…

But this has political worth. 

The men from the ends of the north, the Diaros cavalry will be lending us a hand. This would definitely place pressure to the Faris Empire one way or another.

Because, you know, these valiant warriors that the Empire haven’t been able to invade will be participating in this war.

The area that the Empire army has to defend will increase…and due to spreading their forces and resources, it would increase their burden. It is a good hit.

For the greedy pigs of Faris, rather than having more enemies to be cautious of, having their economical burden increased is more effective of a hit on them. The Emperor of the pigs, Yuandart, uses that greed to plan invasions after all.

There’s no doubt the people around him are dirtier than him in their greed for coin. Attacking the enemy’s finance holds true meaning.

Also…the Unicorn cavalry will serve as a factor to convince Julian Laichi.

…With that…we will be able to make a military alliance between Zakuroa and Ludo Kingdom. It will be a decisive battle against the Rock Fortress, General Claine’s fifth division. 

We can win.

With the unicorn cavalry… 

Of course, it would still come with big sacrifices…

Will I…continue being considered a Death Reaper? 

Garf Cortez, I am trying to copy your way of speaking and your way of thinking. But my hatred doesn’t disappear. It is a fatal difference from you who didn’t hate anyone…


Even with that, I will fulfill my promise with Ares.

I don’t need honor. I don’t mind losing everything in the end of my path for revenge.

I will continue forth on this sinful path at whatever cost it takes.

And I will protect that Ludo which has the same wind as Garuna. 

…I will one day create it. A world where a place like my homeland won’t ever be burned…I will entrust my children a world where all races can live together.

——The Diaros praised to heavens the Demon Lord’s group that came from the south. 

They answered the brave Demon Lord.

The chieftain, Gilliam Sharnel, the father of Loroka.

He was not giving their power to Claris, but Solje Strauss.

——The Demon Lord finally obtained an army. 

A unicorn cavalry of 3,000.

Rather than numbers, it was about quality. 

It was difficult to doubt their spot as the strongest cavalry in the continent.

——A dragon’s wings and 13 mercenaries.

And if the 3,000 of the best cavalry join the Ludo forces led by Gandalla…

It might be possible to defeat the 30,500 of the Rock Fortress Claine.

The future Demon Lord thought this…but his instincts held doubt.

—–Loroka was thinking as well, this is not a battle of people only. 

The twin Zeruagas that are moving in the shadows of this northern lands. 

The little sister and elder sister gods may be working together, but…

Mistral and his employer, what is their plan? 

——There’s times when Agarms go against a Zeruaga.

Slyly making a contract with a God to obtain their power, and live freely. 

Zeruaga are whimsical, and there were some who have allowed it.

There’s someone planning in the shadows, pulling a low on the Invading Gods and controlling the undead, Zakuroa’s Undead Lord. 

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