DK – Chapter 82-83: That Metropolis Silently Dyes Red III

“A mere human did?” 

“Yeah, I understand quite a bit of it now. The core of your spell is sound. Pour sound onto something and control it. The heart of people, of things; ain’t that right?” (Solje)


“I don’t hate honest women.” (Solje)

“What will you do knowing that? There’s nothing a person can do against the speed of sound.” 

“Covering your ears…won’t do much. This is something that enters the skin and horns after all.” (Solje)


She really is easy to understand.

“But it is not all-powerful. Once the time is over, even a dying old lady can get out of it… Even though, for you, a Diaros with their Crystal Horn are easy to control.” (Solje)


The face of the Witch distorts. 

Fear is effective in everyone. She even forgot to order Loroka-sensei. Scared that her own spell had been exposed…she listened to it all. The more fear you have, the more interested you are about it.

That ability of hers is truly scary, but it is not like she is a first-class warrior. 

She could have attacked me at once if she knew that it would be bad to allow me to think.

“…Moreover, there seems to be types you find hard to control. Seeing that Jean cannot get up even with that degree of damage, you must have cast the spell on him too, right?” (Solje)

Silence again.

She is glaring at me with those golden eyes of hers without saying anything. She is interested in how much has been discovered, making her unable to take action. What a second-class warrior. Not worthy of entering a mercenary group.

“You couldn’t brainwash Jean. You are simply making him stay in place… It makes me see the limits of your ability.” (Solje)

“It is simply that wolf being abnormal. He is covered in the power of my elder sister. That is getting in the way of my authority.” 

Now she is turning deviant. 

I see, a bit better than a second-class warrior. Warriors that accept their weak points are enemies that are decently dangerous.

And it looks like Loroka-sensei was completely right. They are Twin Gods. Might be siblings, but both are the same. I am beginning to see the composition of the Wicked Gods force.

“Also…even if you understand the trick to it, you can’t do anything about it, right?” 

“No, I think we can.” (Solje)

“Empty words!!” 

“The reason why you chose this place as your dwelling was because it is tough and…most likely, because it is easy for your song to echo.” (Solje)

“…That’s right, and what about it?” 

“Must be to amplify your ability. But it can be used against you.” (Solje)

“Against me?” 

“Right, for example, sing in a loud voice?” (Solje)

“…Hahahahahahahahaha!! Try it if you want. Do you really think the throat of a person can bring out a voice that can destroy my spell?!” 

“No, I don’t.” (Solje)

I am confident in how loud I can be, but I don’t think I would be able to bring out such unbelievably loud voice. I could try, but it would be embarrassing if it doesn’t work, and it would be tiring.

“…What are you plotting?” 

“You can control the hearts of people, but you don’t understand them. That’s also a sad part of yours, God.” (Solje)

“Mocking me?” 

“I am not mocking you. I don’t like to belittle someone I am about to kill.” (Solje)

“Woman, skewer this insolent man with your spear!!” 

“Haaaaaaaah!!” (Loroka)



The wall of the Life Temple explodes, and Zephyr pokes his face into this space.

“I am here, Doje.” (Zephyr)

“Yeah! SIIIIING!!” (Solje)


The song of a dragon resonates inside the Life Temple of Barrow Gawick. 

A hella high volume there. Not only my eardrums, I feel like even the inside of my lungs are trembling!! The sound is echoing, and because of that, it is several times louder!! 

“Guh!! My ears!!” 

The Witch is in pain. And Loroka is…


Stopped in place and showing a pained expression. Her hands let go of her spear. Her eyes below her glasses are going back from crimson to blue…

It is a nice sign.

If she is being controlled by sound, rewrite it with a louder sound. It is the thought of an idiot, but it looks like it worked.

“Zephyr, it is okay now! Return to your assigned spot!!” (Solje)

“Understood!!” (Zephyr)

Zephyr pulls his head back and returns to the sky. 

It is the obvious choice. If that Witch were to control Zephyr with sound, we would be wiped out. He could cremate the whole city from above after all.

Now then, rather than heading to the Witch, I go to Loroka’s side. I held Loroka who was about to fall. 

Yeah, looks like she will somehow manage.

About Jean…maybe because his ears are too good, he was caught by the spell as well, but the sound this time around made his arms and legs twitch. Quite the double-edged ability he has there. 

Why is it that his high potential has the worst rolls possible?

Riel said it before, Jean has bad luck… Maybe I should buy him some good luck charms?

But even if I gift him something like that, I feel like he would say ‘thank you very much, I have two of those!!’, and would turn into a tearjerker.

“Okay.” (Solje)

I let Loroka lie there.

She looks fine.


I face the Witch.

But she moved quite fast. She stood by my side in an instant. And then, she grabbed both sides of my head with her hands. Her golden eyes were looking at me.

“…You are not flustered by this.” 

“Yeah, because I knew you were approaching.” (Solje)


“Use it, use your power. Concentrate it in me only, got it?” (Solje)

“Of course I will, but why? Why do you wish for it?” 

“…I am buying a bit of time here. Putting my body on the line for my subordinates is also the job of the captain. I am not the one to defeat you, it is Loroka Sharnel.” (Solje)

“Interesting, brat. Taste my sound…Sleep.” 

It is indeed worthy of being called the authority of a Zeruaga. With just those words alone, my consciousness escapes me, and I am dropped into a nightmare.

My body drops right then and there.

As I drop, I look at Loroka and Jean. Yeah, their bodies will move. My magic eye told me that…their magic power is boiling. Nice…

…What’s left is whether I can endure the spell of this woman. 


I was in Garuna by the time I noticed. Fumu, an illusion? Quite the common psychic power, but this is quite realistic. It is the village that’s in the mountains where my house is. See, that’s my nostalgic home.

This is truly perfectly replicated. The scenery as well. The windmills and the lines of fields. The mountains of the Garuna mountain range that can be seen from afar…

This is a world I know. It is too well made. Even though she is a God that can’t read the minds of people? 

In other words, once ordered, the heart of the people move on their own. Because I was told to remember, she was able to recreate a situation she doesn’t know about.

“Well, fine. What are you going to do? …There aren’t many patterns to the act of shaking the heart of a person, though.” (Solje)

Of course I know. You plan on digging into the trauma of the person, right?

That’s why I take a deep breath and calm my heart.

And then…

“Now then, time to face Trauma-chan.” (Solje)

I moved my legs and turn my head in order to look there. 

Where, you ask? …Obviously, at the church of my village.

“…See?” (Solje)

It is burning. 

That church is burning. 

Everyone from the village was pushed into that small place by the Barmoan and Faris soldiers, and set on fire. 

The screams rise.

The cries of agony from people I knew in my childhood. It burns, help, it hurts, dragons, dragon knights, please save us…

I grind my teeth. To the point that it could break them. I could tell I am shaken. And then…I heard the voice I was expecting.

“Onii-samaaaaaa!! Onii-samaaaaa!! It buuurns!! Onii-samaaaa!!” 

My Cecil…my little sister is being burned in the flames, calling my name…till the very end…! I…! You damn Zeruaga…!!

My face distorts in anger and sadness, and tears were coming out.

I knew it was coming, I expected it would happen, and yet…! I fall on my knees right there.

And then…

By the time I noticed, it was raining.

It was an incredibly cold light rain. The light rain of 9 years ago.

I look at what’s in both of my hands.

The bones of Cecil I found with the power of Ares.

The remains of the 7 years old Cecil that had been burned into a size I could place on top of both of my hands. It was still hot…and these bones that were supposed to be white, still had traces of red.

My palms were burning.

I didn’t pay any mind to the pain.

I embrace her everything while crying. While raising a cry in this raining sky, I held the bones of Cecil tightly…

After crying a whole lot, shouting loudly…by the time I noticed…

I was once again standing in front of my house.

And then…the burning smell entered my nose again, and I hear the screams.

…I see, I see what the rules are. She is doing quite the dirty thing. An endless loop of this trauma…!

“…Fufu, how easy it is to break the heart of a person. I just have to order it. By repeating the most painful memory of theirs…even a brave warrior like this will brea—” 

“……Not really.” (Solje)


I returned from the nightmare.

The Witch jumps and distances herself from me.

That’s why my dragon longsword missed… Right, I can’t go killing her. She is not my prey.

“…W-What?! What’s going on?!” 

“…Is it strange that my heart is not breaking?” (Solje)

“That’s right. People can’t endure the biggest suffering they have experienced. If they are shown that scene endlessly, and more so if it was something experienced recently…your heart should break!!” 

“…You are misunderstanding something.” (Solje)


“My heart is not breaking? …Fool, it has been broken since 9 years ago.” (Solje)

That’s why it can’t be broken any further, you damn Witch.

“W-What’s going on?! W-What are you?! What the hell are you?!” 

“The scariest motherfucker out there.” (Solje)


“I am the new Demon Lord of this world…Solje Strauss.” 

I could tell my mouth warped as I said that. Yeah, I am smiling. Right, gotta thank this Zeruaga.

“…D-Demon Lord, Solje Strauss…?!” 

“That’s right, don’t run, I won’t kill you. More like, I would like to thank you.” (Solje)


“Yeah, thanks. Thanks to you, I could hear the voice of my little sister a whole lot.” (Solje)

That’s right, the voice of Cecil…

“…How can you smile then…?!” 

“Mercenaries know pain too well. Their own, and others. Having survived many wars, we know many different tastes of despair.” (Solje)

“Why are you still standing then?!” 

“We change despair into nourishment.” (Solje)


“Don’t you know? We taste despair, eat the despair, and continue walking every time. That’s why we are strong. Despair isn’t gonna bring us down.” (Solje)

“People are not supposed to be that strong.” 

“We are mercenaries before we are people.” (Solje)


“Yeah, even when tasting endless despair, we continue struggling to become stronger, so we became mercenaries. We are the strongest and most brutal warriors.” (Solje)

The Witch draws back…with an expression of fear. 

I am truly happy that an Evil God, a Zeruaga, is fearing me.

“I-I don’t know…I don’t know about people like you!!” 

“Then remember this. It will serve as a lesson. We are mercenaries; we are the Banjar Mercenaries. And I am their captain…I will say it once again, my name is Solje Strauss, the new Demon Lord of this world.” (Solje)

“D-Don’t joke around!!” 

The Witch snaps her fingers and summons a giant scythe. And then, she swings that scythe down at me. An angel holding a reaper’s scythe?

Nice, it certainly fits the Evil God look. 

But too bad. That attack won’t work on me anymore. No, it won’t even reach.

“Disappear from my sight, Demon Lord!! Solje Strauss!!” 

“[Tiger Form]!!” 

That’s right, I have comrades.

Loroka Sharnel runs to my side and shows her spear technique with everything she has. Speeding up with her legs, accelerating even when twisting her body, and at the end, tilting her head and inclining forward, using her back muscles to thrust her spear!!

I see, Tiger Form. A splendid thrust that doesn’t lose to its name!



That Witch, she reacted and stopped the thrust of Loroka. 

But that’s not good enough. The power is too different. The current Loroka Sharnel is three times stronger than normal. Having her homeland destroyed, her brethrens killed, and on top of that, being controlled by someone like you, she was thrown into shame.

Of course she has snapped.

“…Wicked God, don’t think you can stop my spear.” (Loroka)

A blue and calm anger. Releasing that aura from her whole body, she increases the power of her thrust.


The Witch holds on, but she is already at her limit. The scythe that received the tip of her spear breaks, but the moment it broke, she managed to deflect the spear of Loroka?

…No, Loroka was dancing. 

See, the spear is moving it is going to hit your head from the side.



Being hit by Loroka’s spear, the winged Witch was sent flying. Loroka adjusted her stance and speaks.

“The spear of a Diaros flows freely and changes endlessly. Stopping it once and thinking that’s all it takes…is insulting.” (Loroka)

My beloved adjutant is completely pissed and ready for battle!! She is ultra scary in the good meaning!!

  • Chapter 83

“I am also okay now!!” (Jean)

Jean said.

Yeah, sorry, but right now it is not your turn. 

The recovered wolf showed its teeth threateningly for a while, but seeing that Loroka-sensei and I showed no reaction to it, he understood.

He groaned slightly.

“…I will be on standby.” (Jean)

That’s right, this is currently the spotlight of Loroka-sensei. Good boy, Jean, sit there and wait. Your turn will be at a later time. Let’s be the supports together this time around, okay? 

“…Now then, you won’t be dying with just that, right? You are a Zeruaga after all.” (Loroka)

Loroka-sensei said calmly, and approaches the Witch that she hit all the way to the wall. Brainwash? Aah, it is okay. She is an intelligent girl, she must have made countermeasures already.

“…You got out of my brainwash? …A Diaros did?” 

“…Showing me a terrible dream, you poked at an opening in my heart. It looks like you aimed for that, but…it is okay now.” (Loroka)

“What did you do?” 

I am also a bit interested in that.

“Casted a barrier to my Crystal Horns. Your sound won’t be hitting my horns anymore.” (Loroka)

I see, so she was still conscious even when brainwashed. She heard the conversation I had with the Witch. And then made a countermeasure for it. Yeah, being fast at dealing with things is a strength of Loroka.

Gandalla is the type of adjutant that would predict in advance and prepare for it. He takes his time in gathering and analyzing the information. If the plan works, that’s awesome, but on the other hand, he is weak against unexpected situations.

Loroka only gathers the minimum amount of information necessary, and cuts off unnecessary information. Because the time for preparation is low, the completeness of the plan is low, but the time it takes to make a plan is short as well, and she gives us plans that have high flexibility… Even in unexpected situations, the selling point is that she can deal with situations in a flexible manner. 

Gandalla is the type that gives out aggressive plans, while Loroka-sensei gives defensive ones. 

They are different types, but they are both the best partners.

“Why? The other Diaros couldn’t do that.”  

“That woman is the trusted adjutant of our Banjar Mercenaries, Loroka Sharnel-sama. Even if others can’t, she is a woman that can do it.” (Solje)

“Y-Yes, I-I am a woman that can do it!!” (Loroka)

Hm, her tone is kinda off though.

“…Hmph, every single one of you, breaking out from my authority…!” 

“It was quite the show. As expected of a God from the Spirit World. But I won’t be forgiving any further chaos… I will slay you down tonight.” (Loroka)

“Mere mortals…!” 

“Speak your name, Zeruaga. With no name to be known for, you won’t even remain in writings.” (Loroka)

“You are just insects!! I have no name to give to the likes of you mortals!!” 

The Winged Witch shouts and releases sounds from her body.


A disgusting sound overflows from her, and her body begins to swell uglily. 

“…How unsightly.” (Loroka)

“S-She is transforming?! Captain, she is getting big, as big as a bear!” (Jean)

“Yeah, you are right. How about it, Loroka?” (Solje)

“…Not yet. Please let me do this on my own still.” (Loroka)

Fumu, for the sake of exacting revenge for your people, huh. Right, after being shown the nightmare of Cecil not that long ago, I cannot stop her!! Deliver revenge for your people properly, Loroka Sharnel!!

“Okay, I leave it to you!! Bring her down!! Offer the head of that Wicked Invading God to me!!” (Solje)

“Yes, Captain Strauss!!” (Loroka)

Loroka smiles aggressively and shouts that.

Nice, the wildness that you sometimes show that contrasts your usual calmness really hits deep!! Show it to me, Loroka Sharnel!!

Your revenge epic!!

“Deyaaaaaaaaaahhh!!” (Loroka)

Loroka releases fighting spirit and magic power, and charges at the Zeruaga like that -at the Zeruaga that has become two times bigger and has turned into an ugly mass. 

There’s no way she would falter, she is a great Diaros. She is the Loroka Sharnel-sama of Barrow Gawick!!

“Don’t underestimate a God, Horned Woman!!” 

Magic power? …No, sound. I see, the fist of the Zeruaga that’s clad with vibrations clashed with the spear of Loroka. A straight clash. 

The impact of both attacks became waves and sped through their surroundings.

“…Strong. Even with this much magic power gathered, I still can’t pierce you?” (Loroka)

“As if the spear of an insect can work on me!!” 

The Zeruaga tries to punch Loroka with her other arm. 

Loroka’s expression stayed calm. That’s right, no matter how much power you have in that punch, with that much wind-up, there’s no way you would be able to hit our Loroka.

Loroka dances. 

At the same time as she evades, she does a counter with her spear. Her technique is perfect. The bottom of the spear slams her chin. A person would have their brain shaken, lose consciousness, and the bones of their chin would be pulverized.

……But that’s a Zeruaga for you, she managed to endure.

“Hihihihi!! T-That was quite the hit, but—” 

“It wasn’t only one hit.” (Loroka)

Her cold anger became words. 

Right after, the head of the spear that was raised overhead had cut the Zeruaga. 

A scream was raised, but Loroka continues her revenge with a calm expression. Of course, that’s the face of a mercenary.

“Haaaah!!” (Loroka)

With a voice filled with fighting spirit, a spear of destructive power hit the head of the Zeruaga.


Spinning even more, she once again hit the chin of the Zeruaga with the bottom. She then hit the top of her head with a lethal strike in succession, so it looks like even a Zeruaga-sama can have their brain shaken.


“I won’t give you the joy of falling!! Byakuya!!” (Loroka)




A blunt sound was made as the big body of the Zeruaga was sent flying away. 

The Unicorn Byakuya seems to be pissed off as well. The front kick of the sacred horse sent the Zeruaga flying. 

Or more like, she is falling. Where?

Of course, directly towards the head of Loroka’s spear.


“Taste the wrath of our people.” (Loroka)


The Phalgionium spear had pierced the stomach of the Zeruaga.

“T-This is impossible!!” 

“Uoooooh!!” (Loroka)

The spearmanship of Loroka explodes. 

After violently taking out her spear, she does a rush of several tens of thrusts. The Zeruaga desperately strengthens her guard, but her spear was accurately entering the openings of her defense, and was piercing the Wicked God’s body full of holes.

“Woooow!!” (Jean)

“I will finish you off just like this!!” (Loroka)

“You idiot, don’t be impatient!!” (Solje)

Seriously, bad feelings really do hit on the mark often. 

Loroka was hasty and tried to finish the battle quickly, but at the moment when she swung her spear to deal a smiting blow, the fist clad in sound of the Zeruaga was headed straight to Loroka!!

“Guuuuh!!” (Loroka)

Loroka takes that fatal attack with the handle of her spear, but the handle is blown to smithereens in an instant, and a hit lands on Loroka.

“Kyaaa!!” (Loroka)

Loroka’s body is sent flying. 

I obviously catch her.

“…Are you okay, Loroka?” (Solje)

“Y-Yes, I am sorry…! I messed up…” (Loroka)

“It’s okay. More importantly, good job avoiding it.” (Solje)

Yeah, right before it hit, she jumped back. That’s why the destructive power that was enough to even break a spear had been mitigated by more than half. 

“If you didn’t, you would have died. Well done.” (Solje)

“…I am way too incompetent. Even though you told me to offer you her head…!” (Loroka)

“It is fine. She is already at her limits. You’ve done well.” (Solje)


The Zeruaga was puking blood. Her body is full of holes and her bleeding won’t stop anymore. Her stomach has been twisted into a mess. She will be dying soon enough.

“…Something like this…even though I am a God…!” 

“…What were you trying to do, Nameless Zeruaga?” (Solje)

“Fufufufu…I…was simply making art… Ah, right. I wanted to decorate…this white and frozen snowy world…with the blood in the entrails and flesh of mortals…!” 

“You are crazy. Something that troubles others isn’t art. It is just a worthless bother.” (Solje)

“A mere banal…mortal…” 

“Wait there, I will finish you off. You are still a woman, so it would go against the knight’s code to pointlessly make you suffer.” (Solje)

I crack my knuckles and show my killing intent. I plan on cutting off the head of that piece of shit. Even a God should die after having their head cut off, right?

The Evil God on death’s door must have seen its own demise already, she tries to retreat…but the fingers of Loroka pull my clothes.

“…Captain, me too.” (Loroka)

“But your spear is already…” (Solje)

“I have one. An especially good one… Byakuya!! Please!” (Loroka)

Loroka Sharnel asks her beloved steed Byakuya.

Answering that wish of hers, Byakuya neighs and changes her body into light. The white and dazzling light advances towards Loroka and I.

And then, the light takes shape.

“…A light spear…!” (Jean)

Our wolf speaks exactly what’s seen. 

That’s right, Byakuya had transformed into a spear right before our eyes. One more mystery of the Diaros was shining here.

“This is incredible.” (Solje)

“Yes, a special of ours… The Soul Spear, Byakuya. This is her one other form.” (Loroka)

“Uugh…S-Stop it!!” 

The Evil God tries to retreat…but having her insides destroyed, her legs were not responding well, and her scared eyes were staring at Byakuya.

Hahaha, she cannot take her eyes off the weapon that is about to kill her. She is going to be devoured by fear. That’s right, Gods and mortals, in the end, our instincts are on the same level.

“Captain, please lend me a hand. This spear is really heavy. And Jean, you too.” (Loroka)

“Y-Yes!” (Jean)

“Okay. The finishing move is that one?” (Solje)

“Yes, it is.” (Loroka)

Loroka and I hold the Spirit Spear Byakuya. It is warm. I see, this is…the warmth of Byakuya’s life, huh.

“Let’s go!!” (Loroka)

“Alright!!” (Solje)

“S-Stop it, stay awaaaaay!!” 

“Deyaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!” (Loroka)

“Uoooooooooooh!!” (Solje)

Loroka and I take a stance with the spear and run. Right, this is the pride of the Diaros cavalry!! Charge right from the front!! There’s no more fitting technique to finish off the slaughterer of the Diaros as this one!!



The chest of the Evil God was drilled open.

“Awooooo!” (Jean)

Then, Jean came and slammed the back of the spear, giving an extra punch to it. The Soul Spear Byakuya pierces and destroys the heart deep inside. 

The moment her heart was pierced, Byakuya neighs and releases a shockwave!!



The shockwave released by the spear destroyed the Evil God’s body even further.

The Evil God stumbles around with her body that’s breaking apart, and took out the spear from her own body.

Her eyes only had slight signs of life. I will give you your last mercy.

“…Oi, self-proclaimed artist, are you going to die nameless?” (Solje)


“I see, bye!! Loroka, we are taking her head!!” (Solje)

“Yes, Solje!!” (Loroka)

We swung down the Soul Spear and cut off the head of the Zeruaga Aggraias. 

A massive amount of blood was released from the Evil God’s body… She must be satisfied too.

She is dyeing this place so flashily in her favorite color, and her big head is rolling in that puddle of blood after all.

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