DK – Chapter 86-87: I carry the sword of Hades in my hands

——Funerals were held in Barrow Gawick. 

The people that were cremated and had become sparks in the night sky spoke.

The last words of the deceased were red and hot.

They were saying: edge it in your hearts, don’t forget about us.

——The now gone lives were mixing with the fire and became words.

It was burning red in the darkness of the night.

Dancing in the wind of this chilling ice world, they slowly became their last words.

Goodbye, if fate in the afterlife brings us together, let’s meet then…

——Drinking, singing, celebrating victory.

Great Demon Lord, Solje Strauss.

Ruthless and peerless Banjar Mercenaries that have even killed an Evil God.

Their names were offered to the night sky along with the names of the deceased.


After the victory celebration and the ceremony to see off the deceased was over and the people were moving around cleaning up, I was called by the father of Loroka, Gilliam Sharnel. 

“Thanks for coming by, Solje Strauss. I believe this is the first time we will be having a proper conversation, so allow me to introduce myself again, I am the chieftain of the Diaros, Gilliam Sharnel. Well, it would be easier to say that I am the father of Loroka.” (Gilliam)

“Yeah, it has been pretty packed night after all. I am Solje Strauss, fourth son of the Strauss and captain of the Banjar Mercenaries.” (Solje)

Gilliam Sharnel stretches out his hand and I happily take it to exchange a strong handshake. 

His clothes are currently baggy, most likely because those are special clothes used in order to mourn the deceased, but I could tell that he has a well-built body. Even though he has a calm aura to him, his experiences in battle could be felt clearly through my hand.

If it had been a battle of raw power between him and the Zeruaga Aggraias, I think he would have put up a pretty good fight.

After this handshake ends, Gilliam takes one step back, and with a serious expression on his face, he lowers his head with his right arm on his chest.

“Solje Strauss, on behalf of my tribe, I thank you and your crew for your help in vanquishing the Zeruaga that tormented and made a mockery of us!” (Gilliam)

“There’s no need to thank us. Loroka was the one who did most of the fighting against the Zeruaga and finished her, also it is natural to help out the homeland of one of our comrades.” (Solje)

“You say that, but I heard that you played a pivotal part in it?” (Gilliam)

Gilliam raised his head and poked at my words. 

He most likely heard about it from Loroka in the victory celebration banquet. They do have a lot of catching up to do, but hearing about the Zeruaga situation is obviously an important thing. 

“It was a team effort, but ultimately, a decision that was brought by Loroka.” (Solje)

Short words to close out this matter. I like some appreciation every now and then, but having being showered so much of it tonight, it does make me a bit itchy. 

“Haha, I see. To think my little Loroka would get such reliable comrades, moreover, defeating a Zeruaga that even we couldn’t defeat.” (Gilliam)

Gilliam looks at the plaza where the people around were cleaning things up. 

There, I could see Mia, being pampered by the Diaros women, and being petted and given food that she is gladly enjoying. 

Riel who is being thanked by the people she nursed and also checking their wounds once more. 

Jean is playing with the children in his wolf form and they seem to be having fun.

And Loroka is speaking with the people she has missed in this long frame of time. They have a lot to talk to each other about, and it was definitely a heartwarming sight to take.

The Diaros may be a secluded race and don’t take kindly to outsiders, but once you are accepted by them, they are kind, have a lot of curiosity, and really treasure their own people.

Thinking that this kind of scene could have been a lot more beautiful if only the Zeruaga hadn’t appeared, it really makes me burn.

“It may be hard to speak about, but could you tell me about what happened?” (Solje)

The face of Gilliam turns a darker shade, one of sadness and mortification, yet, he spoke.

“It happened all so suddenly. Coming out of seemingly nowhere, she began to sing. It was a song that carried well into the area. Guards began to gather in order to fight off this intruder, but they were stopped by our own people. It was a state of complete confusion where one after the other people were being brainwashed.” (Gilliam)

It certainly must have been a chaotic situation. 

The thing about her appearing out of nowhere is what bothers me. Was it truly out of nowhere? Or did she simply pass the lookouts by brainwashing them as well, giving her easy entrance? 

Judging from her power, Gilliam most likely wasn’t present at that time so most of it is word of mouth, and the ones who were witness to it personally didn’t survive.

“I received a report about this while I was working in my office. It took me by surprise, but judging from the information given and how it was most likely a Zeruaga, we couldn’t just charge straight onto the enemy unknowing of what was her ability. It would simply be a repeat of what was happening, having our path blocked by our own and brainwashed.” (Gilliam)

Gilliam made a slight pause there, his face showing further pain.

“…So I decided to take the people that were still safe from the brainwash, rode our unicorns, and escaped in order to reorganize…leaving our people behind…!” (Gilliam)

It must have been a painful decision to make.  

Regardless of whether it was the right decision or not, it would still feel as if you are abandoning your own while running away. 

The fact that he managed to round up the people and convince them to follow him shows just how much trust and leadership this man has.

Hesitation in taking this decision would have led to even further casualties. 

“It must have been a difficult decision to make… But you returned. Does that mean you found a way to defeat her?” (Solje)

From all I have heard just now, I can tell that Gilliam is someone that is fast in taking action and can take harsh decisions. 

I don’t think a man like that would come rushing back with his remaining people without a plan. It would simply be a repeat of before.

“That…I can’t tell.” (Gilliam)

“I see. It’s okay. Thanks for telling me this much despite it being such a painful matter.” (Solje)

Gilliam shakes his head and looks back at me with a sharp gaze.

“We are truly grateful for your help. We definitely won’t forget this debt… It is great that a chance to repay it has already been prepared for us.” (Gilliam)

Joining forces with Zakuroa and Ludo Kingdom to fight against the Empire. This had already been discussed and they readily accepted it. 

Even though their own situation isn’t that good yet, they willingly accepted to join this war that may or may not affect them.

“I am sorry that it looks as if we are utilizing the defeat of the Zeruaga as a means for your cooperation.” (Solje)

“Hahaha!” (Gilliam)

I lower my head in apology, but Gilliam laughed loudly. 

“Don’t worry about it! It is the request of my little Loroka, I would have agreed regardless of Zeruaga!! Though she would have to do a lot of convincing to the others. But seeing that she defeated a Zeruaga and has grown this much, I would say it wouldn’t have been hard at all!!” (Gilliam)

The moment he began speaking of Loroka, energy was brought back to Gilliam’s voice. 

Seeing a daughter return after a long journey and witnessing her growth brings joy to any parent. Gilliam was no exception.

But I see, it would have been a settled matter regardless, huh. That does ease my mind a bit more.

Gilliam spoke for a while more about Loroka and how much she changed.

Then, when that was over, his happy face was gone, and the strong face of a warrior shows. 

“That’s why, I am not…we are not participating in this war for Zakuroa or Ludo, we are doing this for Solje Strauss, Loroka, and the Banjar Mercenaries; our gratitude runs deep, and we repay them in kind.” (Gilliam)

Gilliam once again stretches out his hand, but this time around, the handshake we exchanged was that of comrades, of warriors that will be standing in the same battlefield.

——The stars move and everyone was finally asleep.

Inside the dream of Jean, he was facing against a nightmare. 

He wasn’t scared anymore, but he wanted to understand this fear and concentrates on the dream. 

Who are you? Who was the one who was by my side?

——Jean waited while eating the friends he had grown together with.

The one who came at that time…the man that saw him and shouted.

A lone man that was entranced by the Evil God.

That must be…the person that is expecting something from Captain…

——Jean looks at the dark shadow.

He looked at it and tried to do something about it.

It is a man…and holds a sword?

…Without being able to see his face…the dream slowly crumbled…


“…You seem to be in quite the good humor, Solje Strauss.” 

The woman that’s aiming to be my legal wife, Riel-chan, is looking down at my grinning face. We are in my private room. 

It is a hella big room!! VIP treatment! Loroka’s father, the chieftain of the Diaros, Gilliam Sharnel, welcomed us greatly. 

“Being given such a nice place to sleep feels great, right? …Also, there’s the chance that you will sleep together with me?” (Solje)

“…I-It is not the day to say something like that. You have wounds all over. Take a good rest for tonight.” (Riel)

“…I can’t act tough saying that these wounds are nothing…” (Solje)

Rather than the wounds made by the controlled Loroka…the wounds made by Mistral the night before were worse.

Clashing blades with two master level opponents two nights in a row, even my body that has the blessing of a dragon and the medicine of elves still accumulates damage.

That’s the reason why Riel has stayed so late into the night giving me careful treatment. Changing the bandages to new ones, and with those slender fingers of hers, she is rubbing the medicine onto my body.


“Ah, sorry. Did it hurt?” (RIel)

“It is fine. I welcome the pain that your fingers bring.” (Solje)

“What’s that? An attempt at flirting?” (Riel)

“I wonder. Though there’s no doubt I am drunk.” (Solje)

“Right, you are reeking of alcohol more than normal. If it hurts, say it, okay? You don’t have to hold it.” (Riel)

“Yeah, thanks…” (Solje)

Making a truly serious face. My Riel-chan must be concentrating really seriously in nursing me.

That’s why I can’t even harass her right now. The love I feel from the devoted nursing of Riel felt like a holy act that must not be tainted. Oh well, I should just receive the treatment properly for tonight.

I drank a lot, so I don’t think I would be able to move well after all.

“…You are filled in scars everywhere, you know?” (Riel)

“Those are medals of honor for mercenaries… But it is true that it has been rough with so many consecutive battles.” (Solje)

“It is unusual for you to be so wounded.” (Riel)

“Yeah, it was a problematic opponent.” (Solje)

Loroka-sensei’s spearmanship is the top of the top after all.

“A Zeruaga huh… She was able to gain total control of a whole city on their own.” (Riel)

“…The enemy was simply too incompatible for Chieftain Gilliam and his people.” (Solje)

With their Crystal Horns and how it interacted with her ability, you could even say the Zeruaga Aggraias was their natural enemy. No matter how strong and brave they are, they couldn’t escape from her sound. 

Those horns must pick up sound really well. Rather than calling it sense of touch, it might be more like something that picks up vibrations. 

At any rate, the Diaros must have been completely powerless against Aggraias.

The reason why Loroka was able to deal with her was because we noticed the trick behind her authority. But in a place filled with only Diaros, even if you notice the sound of Aggraias, they wouldn’t have been able to do anything about it.


Because using a high level spell like placing a barrier around their horns that protects them against sound like Loroka did isn’t something that anyone can do.

If some managed to, it would fall into the pattern of having a large amount of their own comrades used as hostages and being attacked by them. It would have been difficult for the Diaros to resolve this on their own.

“…In the end, what was her objective?” (Riel)

“She acted like an artist, you know? …Using the blood of the Diaros as a substitute for paint, she wanted to dye this city in red.” (Solje)

“There’s no way someone would have such a stupid reason.” (Riel)

“I agree with you. But that’s what she said herself.” (Solje)

“Good grief, the Zeruaga are really a pain!!” (Riel)

“Yeah, it means that invaders are a pain, no matter if they are people or Gods.” (Solje)

Aggraias apparently appeared three days ago. 

That monster that came suddenly out of nowhere sang in the city, and brainwashed the citizens in the blink of an eye.

After that, it is as I imagined, they wounded themselves, and dyed the city red like Aggraias wanted. They were the paint of Aggraias as well as her brushes.

She really deserved death. I am glad Loroka brought her to an end with her own hands.

“…We have been meeting with problematic opponents in this time’s journey a whole lot.” (Riel)

“That comes naturally in our line of work as mercenaries, but…this time around, I am apparently cursed by a familiar of a Zeruaga.” (Solje)

Yeah, if we believe the words of Mistral, that is.

That someone in Zakuroa is most likely a contractor of that ‘elder sister’ of Aggraias. This person worships that elder sister and borrows power from her…and that power is something even we cannot detect. 

For the sake of what?

That’s what I don’t know at all.

The information is way too little.

“…You…aren’t you feeling okay?” (Riel)

“Hm? Are you worried about me?” (Solje)

“O-Of course I am.” (Riel)

Yeah, you would obviously be worried about the health of your husband after all.

“O-Oi, what are you grinning for?!” (Riel)

“It’s nothing. Ah, my body is also fine as well.” (Solje)

“T-That’s a relief.” (Riel)

“According to Mistral, that person doesn’t really hate me. They were testing me…apparently.” (Solje)

Who could it be? 

My reputation has been rising up lately, so there should be an increase in people who have expectations for me.

“…I can’t tell at all which things that happened in this journey were just coincidences and which were set ups.” (Solje)

“…Yeah, it is vexing that the only thing we understand is that we don’t understand.” (Riel)

“True, but her little sister was killed. So the elder sister might be making a move.” (Solje)

“Fufufu, a second Zeruaga, huh. This time, bring me along, okay?” (Riel)

That’s the mercenary Riel for you. She is really brave and reliable. Let’s kill a God together this time around…is what I want to say, but…

“…The one who has a score to settle with her is Jean. I want him to kill her with his own hands.” (Solje)

The elder sister is the one who awakened his blood. She instigated the slaughter in the orphanage. I think Jean should be the one dealing with it.

But the expression of Riel was not a bright one.

“I do understand the feeling, but do you think it is an opponent Jean can win against?” (Riel)

…That’s a girl for you. She doesn’t dream as much as men.

“Depends on the situation.” (Solje)

“You can put your hopes on him as much as you want. It is true that he has excellent physical ability, but there’s still a lot of things he lacks as a warrior.” (Riel)

What a strict evaluation, but it is the truth. With only high potential, you may be able to manage against a person, but against a Zeruaga that you don’t know what they could pull, it might be difficult. But…

“…Even with that, I want to believe in his strength.” (Solje)

“…If it is the order of Captain, I will obey. I will support it.” (Riel)

“Thanks.” (Solje)

“You’re welcome. Now, this time it is the wounds at your back—” (Riel)

Just when I was about to turn over my body on top of the bed at the words of Riel…a shout reached our ears.

“ENEMYYYYYYY!! Thieves entered the house of the Chieftain!!” 

Hearing that, I hurriedly jumped out from the bed.

“Here, your coat and dragon longsword!!” (Riel)

She promptly passes them to me. Nice, our thoughts align. We have good partnership there, Riel Harveld.

“Yeah, let’s go! The enemy must be there!!” (Solje)

Now then, who is it? Who are these people lacking manners by entering the house of someone this late in the night?! 

  • Chapter 87

Riel and I rushed out from the guest house fast. Because we weren’t wearing armor.

The location of the enemy?

I can tell where it is. Maybe they are fighting the guards of the Chieftain, I could hear the shouts and the clash of blades from the chieftain’s house. It should be fine just heading there. The location of an incident is normally noisy. 

Even so, this night we are getting attacked too? Is this also because of my curse? …But if that’s the case, they should have aimed at me.

“…So that’s tonight’s enemy, huh.” (Solje)

“Skeletons?! The undead attack still continues?!” (Riel)

Riel shot an arrow at the skeleton rampaging at the garden of the chieftain’s house. It splendidly hit the head of the skeleton, but it resisted it.

“What?!” (Riel) 

“…Look well, Riel. That’s not a normal skeleton.” (Solje)

Ares’s magic eye is telling me that this one is not just a bastard made up of thin bones. 

Has the same human bones like a normal skeleton, but…it has ice in the openings between its bones. Making its defensive power higher. 

It also increases their weight to an extent.

It looks like the Diaros spear users are also having trouble with their toughness. Even when hit with spears, their skulls don’t get destroyed in a single hit like normal skeletons.

Moreover, these skeletons are armed with things like spears and swords. They are not fast, but they look tough. They did endure an arrow of Riel after all.

These Ice Skeletons here and there are in the middle of fighting the Diaros. It is quite the hellscape… It is bothering me.

“…Ice and bones, huh. That sounds familiar.” (Solje)

“Yeah, because we saw that last night.” (Riel)

“Coincidence?” (Solje)

“I think not.” (Riel)

Riel stops in place. Looks like she plans on fixing her stance rather than shooting while running. Since they are resilient after all… Riel is…ooh, she bit off the feather part of the arrow?

And then, she took a stance with that arrow and shoots!!


The arrow of Riel that pierces the wind bursts the frozen head of a skeleton!! This time around, his skull was destroyed.

“Great job!! You added rotation to your arrow?!” (Solje)

“That’s right.” (Riel)

The feather of an arrow is not placed there without a reason. It is to control the amount of rotations an arrow does. The more the rotation, the lower the accuracy and distance.

Riel purposely bit it off and made it unstable.

By adding rotation to it, she sacrifices distance to increase destructive power. The moment it hit the skull of the skeleton, it twisted and broke through the ice. 

Well, we are talking about the genius archer Riel-chan here, so she must have used some archery techniques she usually doesn’t into it as well that I can’t tell. That’s my woman.

“…Umu, this should work. But I can’t shoot while running! Go ahead without me!” (Riel)

“Got it! Protect the Diaros spearmen! They are our comrades!! It would be terrible to have their numbers reduced in a place like this!!” (Solje)

“Understood, Captain!!” (Riel)

Riel once again releases a destructive arrow. She defeated a skeleton that the Diaros were fighting with. Nice.

Now then, let’s rampage!!

“Uoooooh!!” (Solje)

I hit an Ice Skeleton with full force!!

My slashes clad in destructive power are like a natural enemy for these guys! The skeleton holding a katana had his skull along with a part of his body destroyed, and it stopped moving. 

“Hmph, it is stronger than the dogs from yesterday, but…is that all you’ve got, Mistral?!” (Solje)

Are you mocking us?! 

There’s no way these weaklings can kill me, can kill us Banjar Mercenaries!!

I feel like our pride was hurt. In order to relieve myself from this anger, I went around destroying the skeletons that were close by. Venting my anger. This is the fastest way to deal with it.

“T-Thank you very much, Sir Strauss!!” 

A young warrior thanks me cause it turned out into helping him out. Nice, I feel admiration from him. That’s why I will give you some advice as an experienced senior.

“There’s no need to suddenly aim for the head or the body. Aim to destroy their weapons or arms first!!” (Solje)

There’s a lot of teaching material here. An Ice Skeleton tried to attack me, but I destroyed the arm that it raised.


“You can deal the finishing blow after taking away its fighting power!!” (Solje)

I swing my dragon longsword and sever the head of the skeleton.

“Got it? You have a lot of comrades, so there’s no need to hurry it. Finish them off one by one, with certainty.” (Solje)

“Sir yes sir!!” 

“See ya, don’t go dying.” (Solje)

And then, I become a storm in the battlefield. 

I jump into the group of enemies and swing my dragon longsword wildly!!

“What unbelievable strength!!” 

“Ooh, how reliable!!” 

“As expected of Husband-dono!!” 

…Hm? Husband-dono? …I could tell with my magic eye that Riel twitched there. Right, Ares, I should just put that aside for now and head to the main wing of the house!!

I head towards the specially big building while destroying the skeletons in the way. At that place, there weren’t only skeletons, but also the Ice Wolves of yesterday.

I am even more sure now. Just what did you come here to do, Mistral? You should at least know from the curse that that’s not my room.

He attacked there even when aware of that?

He aimed for this time when the guards were exhausted and the city is weakened?

Does the Zeruaga that you are affiliated with have some sort of vendetta against the Diaros or something?

Or is she wary about something?

Not only your little sister, but you as well? 

What kind of inconvenient thing do the Diaros have? 

“…Whatever it is, it is faster to hear from them directly!! Come, Zephyr!!” (Solje)


The song of a dragon resonates, and Zephyr descends from the sky. Zephyr was showing bare fighting spirit as he entered the battlefield and charges into the group of enemies.

Whether it is Skeletons or Ice Wolves, they don’t have the toughness to endure the charge of a dragon.

Tens of monsters were crushed by Zephyr’s charge.

“The path is open, Doje!” (Zephyr)

“Yeah. Next, defeat them one by one!! Don’t drag your allies into your attacks, okay?! Don’t attack the ones who look like Loroka no matter what!” (Solje)

“Understood! I will be careful!!” (Zephyr)

He responds to me while hitting a wolf with his tail. Good boy, Zephyr. Be careful. Teach the Diaros warriors that you are an ally!!

“C-Captain, sorry for being late!!” (Jean)

The wolf mode Jean caught up to me. 

Yeah, this guy must be tired because of the long journey. It is rare for him to be late in detecting the enemy. He must have been deep asleep… Now that I think about it, he was running like crazy on his own legs contrary to everyone else… What am I doing? Am I a fiend?

“I am sorry to make you do this when you are tired. Counting on you tonight as well.” (Solje)

“Y-Yes!! Leave it to me! I won’t let Captain’s f-father-in-law die!!” (Jean)

“…O-Okay…” (Solje)

Second wife, are you the type that begins by covering up the outer moats?

The reason why you kissed me in front of him was in order to change Jean, who has a loyal dog characteristic, into a supporter of yours? Considering your brains, that might be possible.

A chill ran my back for a bit. But well, fine!! I will marry both you and Riel and make sure to make you both happy!!

“We are breaking through, Jean!!” (Solje)


Slashes and the high speed of a wolf were smashing the Ice monsters!! 

That’s right, gain experience, Jean!! You are still green, but that makes it so that you will grow a whole lot as you fight!! Don’t get pessimistic because of your cursed power; depending on how you use it, you can protect others with it!!

“Nice, Jean!! You have plenty enough destructive power. That’s why, lower the strength of your steps to cut down the unnecessary power, in order to increase the number of attacks!! Think about efficiency when acting!” (Solje)

“Yes, understood!!” (Jean)

Jean acts on my advice. 

By increasing the pitch of his steps and lowering the speed of his attacks, even though the charging speed is slower than before, it still has plenty enough destructive power to defeat them.

That’s right, unnecessary acceleration is a waste of stamina and time.

You have a whole lot of power, that’s why learn to adjust it to a necessary point and conserve your stamina. By doing that, your already bottomless stamina will become an even bigger advantage of yours, and it will be a weapon in the battlefield!

“Keep it up!! This time I will be the one charging! I leave my back to you!!” (Solje)


Entrusting my back to the wolf, I cut down the enemies as I charge!!


Fighting really is fun. It really makes my blood boil!!

While feeling the happiness of battle, Jean and I finally arrive at the chieftain’s house.

There, Mia and Loroka were fighting!

With who? Of course, that bastard!! If not, there’s no way both Loroka and Mia wouldn’t be able to defeat them instantly!!

“Oi, Mistral!!” (Solje)

My voice puts a stop to the movements of the battlefield. Mia and Loroka also stop, and he slowly turns around. 

His figure that looks like bones and armor  meshed together. His meatless face and blue burning fire in his eye sockets. A monster that has a greatsword as big as my dragon longsword.

There’s no way a guy with these many special traits as him is some other person. It is the Skeleton bastard I met just yesterday!!

“…Hoh, you are late.” (Mistral)

“It is because you brought your damn small fry army with you.” (Solje)

“Umu, I have pulled a surprise attack on you once again. But this is also because of my job, don’t think badly of it.” (Mistral)

“Weren’t you testing me?” (Solje)

“It is unrelated to that one.” (Mistral)

“What?” (Solje)

“I also have my circumstances. I am kind of a busy person.” (Mistral)

“That’s what I want to say. Yesterday, you; today a Zeruaga. Just what the hell is going on?” (Solje)

“A strong light calls strong darkness. You are the heaven-sent child of war.” (Mistral)

“That sounds like a nice title for a mercenary… Now, isn’t it about time you tell me your business here?” (Solje)

“What do you want to hear? Depending on what it is, I don’t mind answering.” (Mistral)

“Quite obedient there. Did you finish the request from this ‘other matter’?” (Solje)

“Of course. That’s why I am accompanying you in this needless chatter.” (Mistral)

What did he do? 

I direct my gaze at Loroka for an instant. She must know what’s going on. Since it seems like she was in the scene at that time.

“…Captain, he stole the Possession Crystal, Aqua Aura, from my father!!” (Mistral)

“Is your father okay?” (Solje)

“Yes! He did get injured, but there’s no threat to his life!” (Loroka)

I am relieved after hearing that. But the Possession Crystal…. If I remember correctly, it is the treasure of the Diaros that the Bandit King was aiming for.

It apparently has the ability to seal a Zeruaga, and it is an alchemy item that’s supposed to be in the Diaros’s sacred ground.

I see, it falls into expectations. Since they were attacked by Aggraias, they must have went to get that Possession Crystal to fight against her.

But by the time they returned, we already defeated her.

I see, it is because it is a treasure of the tribe that they couldn’t even tell me that it was currently here. That’s fine and all, since it is their own issue. The problem is…

“What are you planning on doing with that, Mistral? Are you gonna offer it to the elder sister of Aggraias?” (Solje)

“That’s right, it is a request from Arianrhod-sama.” (Mistral)

“Arianrhod…is that the Zeruaga that you serve?” (Solje)

“Yes.” (Mistral)

…I feel a bit better now. I may not know her identity itself, but thanks to having her name now, it will be easier to get our thoughts arranged. 

“So, what does this Arianrhod plan on doing with the Possession Crystal?” (Solje)

“Destroy it. That was the only order.” (Mistral)

“…She went as far as using her little sister as bait to destroy that?” (Solje)

“Who knows. I don’t know about the actions of Aggraias-sama.” (Mistral)

“I see.” (Solje)

“You accept that?” (Mistral)

“You don’t lie, right? You may be keeping silent about the important bits though.” (Solje)

“Right.” (Mistral)

Easily saying it, huh. He really is a guy I can’t bring myself to hate.

But Arianrhod wished to destroy the Possession Crystal even if she had to use her little sister as bait. Are you saying that it was that much of a threat for them? I would really like to get my hands on it.

“…Can’t have an important item like that taken.” (Solje)

“Hoh, what will you do?” (Mistral)

“Of course, kill you and retrieve it.” (Solje)

“I see, it is an answer I can get behind with. But…as I said, you are late.” (Mistral)

“What?” (Solje)

“Onii-chan.” (Mia)

Mia calls me.

“What’s the matter, Mia?” (Solje)

“That guy…he ate the whatchamacallit crystal.” (Mia)


“Oi, Mia, what did you say just now?” (Solje)

“I said, that guy ate the crystal. He stole it from Papa Loroka and immediately ate it. Isn’t that right, Loroka?” (Mia)

“Yeah, sadly to say…” (Loroka)

Loroka had her head down and said this mortified.

“I-I see…” (Solje)

“Too bad. It has already been digested.” (Mistral)

“…I thought it would serve as a trump card against Arianrhod though…” (Solje)

I would hate being involved with Zeruagas that we can’t even understand their objectives after all. If there’s a chance to kill them, I would do so without hesitation…

“Right. Listen well here, Solje Strauss. ‘This crystal could crush even that personage’s spell’…” (Mistral)

What a weird way of putting it. Fumu…

“Jean, do you feel the presence of Arianrhod closeby?” (Solje)

You should be able to tell. Since it is the Zeruaga that messed up your life.

“Eh? Are you talking about Mother?” (Jean)

“Oi, Jean, are you okay?” (Solje)

T-This guy nonchalantly said that. He called a Zeruaga his mother? 

Having his power awakened in his childhood by Arianrhod, she was something of a motherlike figure? That’s a scary thought you have there, Jean. Calling someone like that your mother is weird.

“A-Ah!! S-Sorry… That person’s presence… I can feel it slightly. It was hidden with Mistral and the undead, so I couldn’t tell right away.” (Jean)

I see, so this so called Arianrhod is a Goddess that smells like the undead, huh. Quite the unpleasant one.

“But right now…this is more like her remains. Mother is already gone.” (Jean)

He is naturally calling her mother. 

The girls are being pulled back by that, you know? Well, I am also slightly pulled back by this though.

…But I am beginning to understand a little bit now…

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