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“Have to change the plans. Gotta expand the division there too…”

In the night, Tahara was walking around the village with a notepad in hand.

There’s practically nothing that could be considered a light source, but this man is a highly skilled sniper, so he could see in the dark abnormally well.

He was writing in his notepad as if he were in daylight.

“Should we just erase this mountain?” (Tahara)

At times he would say outrageous things, but he would most likely be able to achieve them.

Tahara’s abilities are most suited to attack from all directions, but if it were to be directed at one direction, not only would it be able to destroy a tank, there’s no doubt it would be able to destroy a mountain as well.

“Quite diligent, aren’t you.”

Tahara looks back, and there, he sees Yuu with a strange smile.


Her figure illuminated by the moonlight was extraordinarily beautiful, but if a Player were to meet her in the dead of the night, they would jump, pleading: please at least let me die in a bright place.

“Well, with how much Chief-dono is expecting of me…” (Tahara)

Tahara had a dubious expression, as if he didn’t agree with it.

That’s right, he is a man that lacks energy and loves to slack off and be lazy. He wouldn’t actively move on his own volition or work because he wanted to even if by mistake.

“You as well, aren’t you quite docile? If it were the usual you, the population around here decreasing would only be natural.” (Tahara)

“What a terrible way of putting it. I am always acting with the will of the Chief in mind.” (Yuu)

‘That’s right, that’s it’, is what Tahara thought.

The one who has been the closest to that so called ‘will’ was Yuu. Even when she is crazy, she has an incredibly sharp mind.

She wouldn’t do pointless killing and wouldn’t commit crimes that would easily pull the rug under her legs. She wouldn’t do something hasty and thoughtless like killing everyone she meets.

She would silently and deeply observe…and by the time you notice, a hellish picture that cannot be reversed had been made. That was the pattern. She is the problematic killer type that, by the time she comes out to the surface, it is already too late.

“And so, what is Chief-dono thinking? We are talking about you here, so you should have a few ideas already, right?” (Tahara)

Not frugal about any sort of preparation, at times using large sums of money, she would turn her gears to the utmost limit, and finally, she would surely make her objective reality —no matter how much blood and cries she is smeared with.

In that kind of category, Tahara feels as if Kunai Hakuto and Yuu are extremely similar.

Regarding this, Tahara doesn’t really holds any ill feelings towards it or disgust. If he did, he wouldn’t be able to live in that kind of world.

Trick your opponents, and at times kill them; if you don’t, you would be the one falling.

Tahara has also been walking that kind of life.

“Honestly speaking, I haven’t grasped everything yet.” (Yuu)

“Heeh…this is unexpected.” (Tahara)

Tahara lights up his tobacco and casually checks the expression of Yuu.

She isn’t lying, is how Tahara sees.

He doesn’t have any proof or anything, but Tahara has a type of sixth sense, and he trusts that sense strongly.

“Chief-dono said he is going to be walking a different path from the Grand Empire.” (Tahara)

“Right, he said that it would have been boring otherwise.” (Yuu)

“Yuu, are you okay with that?” (Tahara)

Tahara was thinking that this path would instead be boring for her.

If it were the usual Yuu, her wish should be to walk a path where the world is filled with ‘guinea pigs’, and she would trample them down and make them kneel.

“…You see, Tahara, I have caught a glimpse of the ‘world’s discrepancy’.” (Yuu)

“You are saying weird stuff again.” (Tahara)

Tahara scratches his hair and puffs out smoke.

Yuu would sometimes say things that are hard to understand. As usual from Divine People scientists, they would say weird terminologies and speak philosophy.

“Also, I feel the existence of God in Chief.” (Yuu)


“Dahaha! What the hell’s that. Is it that again? The mysteries of the body, its evolution, and that stuff you always talk about?” (Tahara)

“No, it is not. As time passes, that feeling gets thicker.” (Yuu)

…’You also have a slight idea of it, don’t you?’, Yuu only says this and then leaves to where the hospital is.

Her black hair swaying in this hard to see darkness with her lab coat doing the same.

Tahara was looking at her absentmindedly, but in time he pressed the tobacco in his portable ashtray, and once again walks around the village.

{I feel the existence of God in Chief.}

While thinking about those words that were strangely sticking in his head.

On the other hand, Maou who was being called a god…


“Well, of course the TV wouldn’t work…”


He was staying in the most luxurious room of the hot spring inn, and while lying on the feather futon, he was playing with the remote control.

If you just look at that figure of his, you would think of a salaryman lying about in a business trip.

It is by no means the figure of a man that would be a called a god.

“There’s no steamed bun in the room either… So food related stuff are not accounted too.” (Maou)

In the original setting, not only the cafeteria, but also the rooms would have pastries, but he couldn’t find them anywhere.

The dried bread in the base must have been an exception.

“The consumables get resupplied on their own, so it isn’t all bad.” (Maou)

Since then, Maou has been experimenting a variety of things. The soap and shampoo is resupplied in the same way as the bathwater, and he has confirmed that they go through a rotation.

With this, there’s no need to worry about running out and managing it. If there’s the need to make them again every time they are used up, SP wouldn’t be enough no matter how much he had.

“Maou-sama, hot springs are really incredible! The bath, the steam, the water—!” (Aku)

“Calm down, Aku.” (Maou)

The sliding door opened with a loud sound, and Aku in a yellow yukata slid energetically into his futon.

Looks like she is planning on sleeping together with him as if it were a given.

“Today I entered one called herb bath!” (Aku)

“Hmm…you do have the nice smell of herbs.” (Maou)

“Really? Ehehe.” (Aku)

“Are you really going to sleep together with me again?” (Maou)

Maou says this, but doesn’t drive her away. He may say all that, but he is soft on Aku.

Maou used the remote control to turn the lights off, and when he was about to go to sleep, he heard a rowdy noise from the corridor.

“Aku! I told you to be my body pillow today, didn’t I?!” (Luna)

Luna was wearing a pink yukata. Probably Yuu was the one who made her wear it.

“If you are talking about Aku, she is sleeping by my side.” (Maou)

“P-P-Pervert! What do you plan on doing with Aku?!” (Luna)

“I don’t know what you are imagining, but it looks like even the inside of your brain is pink.” (Maou)

Maybe because Aku was in the hot spring, the already fast sleeper Aku was specially fast this time and was already asleep.

Seeing this, Luna falls silent.

“C-Can’t be helped… Then I will also give you the honor of having me sleep here today.” (Luna)

“No, you sleep in your own room.” (Maou)

“Shut up… I am the landlord of this village!” (Luna)

Saying this, Luna goes to the opposite side of Aku and enters the futon.

A young girl and a flat board girl were sandwiching him. However, the expression of Maou only showed the emotion of ‘what a pain’.


“This is just a pain though…” (Maou)

He finally said it out loud.

Luna was Luna and had an unhindered attitude.

“I am the landlord… I am the highest position here, you know…” (Luna)

Feather futon of the highest class; that comfiness made Luna close her eyes.

She may be the Holy Maiden, but she probably hasn’t experienced a bed(?) as soft as this one. This is also one of the highest quality articles that the Grand Empire has made.

The comfiness and the softness of it had been pushed to the very limits.

“What’s with this softness…Unbelievable…” (Luna)

Luna enjoyed the softness by rolling around, and her butt lightly touches the right hand of Maou. Luna raised a scream in an instant.

“Y-You! You touched my butt just now, didn’t you?!” (Luna)

“Just how many false accusations do you spread around?” (Maou)

“E-Excuses won’t work…! I will be taking care of this evil hand!” (Luna)

“Oi oi…” (Maou)

Luna grabbed the right hand of Maou and uses it as a pillow.

Who knows if she wanted to do so from the very beginning…

“Q-Quite hard…The v-veins are pulsing…” (Luna)

“Every single one of you says things in such weird ways!” (Maou)

The strange quarrel continued in the bedroom for a while.

A few days after…

Finally, the center of the social gatherings, Madam Ebifry had arrived at the village.

  • Chapter 43: Madam’s visit

An extravagant carriage stops at the Rabi Village.

That carriage had the crest of the Butterfly household, and normally, it wouldn’t stop at such a rundown place like this one.

Servants were coming out one after the other, and they open the door of the carriage elegantly.

The one who came down from inside the carriage with swaying body is Ebifry Butterfly.

The center of the social gatherings, having the heated support of the wife nobles, she is the one who gathers them as one.

If she were to say it is white, no matter what it is, it would be white.

Even that Dona Dona wouldn’t be able to do anything against that strong monolith she has created, and has become an influential power that cannot be ignored.

Currently in the Holy Light Country, the influential powers are divided in an extremely defined manner.

It doesn’t change the fact that the three Holy Maidens are the center of the whole country though.

Below them there’s the Holy Church and the Holy Knight Order, however, the church is not only an organization that assigns who will be the Holy Maiden, but also a ‘school’ that gathers the people that have talent in magic into one place. They are not a political organization.

And then, there’s the group that Dona Dona leads.

Because his territory is suited to get water magic stones, his capital is one of the highests.

He has spread his money to certain parts of Holy Knight Order and is increasing his influence even further.

The next one is the group led by Martial Arts.

He brings together the military side of the nobles that are close to the national borders. His capital is meagre, but he has a characteristic bond with the people that he has fought back to back with in the battlefield. There’s many in the Holy Knight Order that are in his side, and could be said to be the number one in terms of military might.

The one which is low in numbers but is by no means one who can be ignored is the artistic group centered by Kakifry Butterfly. She possesses many masterpieces that any noble would want. Many are art households, and it is a group that gathers respect and admiration.

They are considered the nobles among nobles and there’s few fools who would fight them in public. It would be like publicizing that you are uncivilized after all.

And last, there’s the group of Ebifry Butterfly.

The wife nobles all have incredibly high self-esteem and their political influence is strong too. To the point that the husband that marries into the wife’s family is unable to do anything against her.

It wasn’t on the level of being whipped, they literally can’t raise their heads to them.

In reality, there’s many who, if their wife were to end up hating them, they would be driven out.

Below that, there’s the common populace and the lower class.

Even lower than that there’s  the Satanists who are moving around.

At a glance, it looks like a country that moves under a single religion, but the reality is that it is heavily divided.

““Welcome, Madam.””

Maou and Tahara in tuxedos had their hand on their chest bowing elegantly. The two are quite the actors.

Madam looks at the two and smiles.

She is incredibly strict when judging people, and contrary to her appearance, Madam is fussy about the little details, but the appearance of the two was a 10/10 for her.

(A nice man as always.) (Ebifry)

In the eyes of Madam, Maou is an incredibly attractive man. Moreover, he has kind of characteristic allure that a high class evil man would have. For the women that can tell that, he is an irresistible man.

The thrill of not knowing what kind of danger you would face if you approach him, it is something that’s hard to describe in words.

The man by his side, Tahara, was also an incredibly ‘dangerous man’.

He may be acting respectfully, but those sagacious eyes of his were stirring the depths of Madam’s heart, and it felt as if he were able to see every single detail of hers.

Without flinching in killing whoever, he would step away as if nothing had happened. In the mind of Madam, that kind of scene was showing up.

“This village has quite the good atmosphere. It is very different from what I have heard.” (Ebifry)

Madam looked around and let out a low gasp of surprise.

The fences surrounding the village were all changed into new ones, and the fields and houses changed locations in a way that it wouldn’t destroy the scenery.

It wasn’t a rundown village anymore, but more of a rustic village now.

For Madam who is used to the noisy cityscape, this was strangely fresh.

“No no, we have just begun work on it. In around one month, it should turn into a better shape. This land will become heaven for you ladies.” (Maou)

“Right. You are not a man of only words like the many I have met until now. The words that come out of your mouth and the articles that you bring out, all have a ‘reality’ to it.” (Ebifry)

Hearing this, Maou thinks ‘the soap must have worked’.

And in reality, filth would be cleaned to a surprising extent and felt refreshing. Especially when this country has a lot of dust clouds. There’s many times when you would be covered in dust just by being outside for a single day.

“This is an honor. But the facility that you will be seeing will create even more surprise and will bring about happiness in your life, Madam. That, I assure you.” (Maou)

“Oh my, I look forward to it.” (Ebifry)

Contrary to the smile of those two, there was a slight tension in the atmosphere, however, one other person came out from the carriage at that time. An old man had come out while staggering around.

“Hooh, so this is the village that Madam was speaking of.”

“Wait, Jii-san <old man>, I told you to wait until I call you, didn’t I?” (Ebifry)

“Fufu! Old men are impatient, you see…”

It was an old noble who had a splendid sword at his waist.

However, his eyes were covered with a blue cloth, and he was giving out a strange aura. Maou saw the posture of the old man and showed slight caution towards him.

“Madam, who would that gentleman be?” (Maou)

“Sorry for the abruptness. This old man is Command Sambo, and as you can see, he has a problem with his eyes. He has a short life ahead of him, so at the very least, I wanted him to have a good memory to go with.” (Ebifry)

“Madam, you have a bad mouth as always. How about a bit of respect for your elders!” (Sambo)

“Silence, Geezer!” (Ebifry)

Madam introduces Sambo with a light tone in a way that is hard to tell if they get along or not.

He was the previous leader of the group that is now led by Martial Arts, and was apparently a daring person. He was injured in a fight against a demonic beast that appeared in the area a few years ago, and has lost most of his eyesight.

Hearing this, Maou and Tahara made a pained expression.

The gaze of the two lock for a second and agreed on dealing with the irregular without exchanging words.

“That’s quite the terrible incident. However, I have a subordinate that is an incredibly skilled doctor. About that gentleman’s injury…it is possible that it can be cured without any problems.” (Maou)

“O-Oi…that voice just now! Is that true?!” (Sambo)

Sambo extended both hands and pushes at the direction where the voice came from.

Tahara grabs that hand of his and speaks in a respectful manner.

“Guest-sama, if it is okay with you, could I guide you there?” (Tahara)

“Y-Yeah, I am counting on you! I am! If there’s even a little bit of possibility, I…!” (Sambo)

“Good grief, what a problematic old man… I am really sorry. Looks like I increased the troubles for you.” (Ebifry)

“There’s no problem at all. Well then, Tahara, I leave the guiding to you.” (Maou)

Maou showed a smile, and Tahara guides both to the field hospital.

Seeing that back of theirs, Maou sends some sort of transmission.  


“This is…”

“Go ahead.” (Tahara)

Madam saw the field hospital and was directing her eyes at that, but Tahara escorted them skillfully inside.

Entering the building, what Madam felt first was what could be considered an exquisite cold.

The Holy Light Country is a hot country, and Madam is at a standing where she can utilize ice stones and wind stones to regulate the temperature, but the scope that magic crystals can affect is small.

If you tried to cool a whole building, it would be quite the wasteful expense.

Madam, because of her figure, is incredibly sensitive to heat, and there’s no knowing how many times she has worried about how to deal with her sweat.

But the moment she entered the building, she felt as if her sweat was going away in an instant.

“It is quite refreshing in here. How many magic stones are being used here?” (Ebifry)

“My master, Kunai, is a person that comes up with a variety of things, you see.” (Tahara)

Madam speaks at the back of Tahara, but his answer was like a smokescreen.

Normally it would be an answer that would bring about displeasure, but Madam didn’t think that way. Rather, it increased the mystery of that man.

For a person in a high standing like Madam, there’s practically nothing she ‘doesn’t know’.

(I have never seen or heard about a building like this either…) (Ebifry)

Madam at times would endure screaming out while she walked.

This world’s unusual things, riches, arts, and lively social life; Madam, who has experienced a variety of things, has never walked inside a ‘modern time building’ like this.

This over here is the medical examination room. Go ahead.” (Tahara)

Tahara opens the door in an elegant manner that would be impossible to imagine with how he usually acts, and escorts the two.

“Welcome, Madam, and also Sambo-sama.” (Yuu)

Inside there’s Yuu with a cheerful smile welcoming them.

That room has a variety of tools, medicines, and a simplistic bed. There are things to measure blood pressure, ones to measure weight, and an anatomical model of a human.

(It is as if we have wandered into a different world…) (Ebifry)

Madam thought honestly. With how far it has gone, she already felt like laughing.

She pushed the back of Sambo with strength and had him take a seat.

“Now, Jii-san, have her check you already!” (Ebifry)

“What an unbelievable woman… No wonder men run away from you!” (Sambo)

“Shut up, you senile man!” (Ebifry)

Yuu was looking at the exchange of the two with a smile, but she stretched her hand slowly, and takes off the cloth that was covering his eyes.

What was there were muddy white eyes and a red inflamed scar.

“Sorry, young lady, showing you such an ugly thing. I was hit by the poison of the red spotted snake, Kagashi.” (Sambo)

“I see.” (Yuu)

“Right now, I can only see the hazy outline of people at most. I would be grateful if it got a bit better.” (Sambo)

“Don’t worry. In our country, there’s already a ‘liquid medicine’ for this condition.” (Yuu)

Yuu answers with a strong voice like that of someone reassuring a patient.

Sambo was doubtful about it, but raised a happy response. No matter how many doctors he went to until now, they would all throw the towel after all.

It is difficult to treat the powerful poison the red spotted snake produces even with magic. More so if it is to restore a complex organ like the eye, stating that something like that is impossible.

“Well then, over here.” (Yuu)

Yuu had Sambo lie on the bed and she takes a small bottle of medicine from the medicine shelf.

It was simply eyedrops to refresh the eye.

As Yuu opened the shelf, she remembers the instructions she was told moments ago.

<<Heal him in a way as if you had used medicine. I feel like it would be a bit too stimulating for Madam if you were to show your God Hand.>>

When Yuu squeezed a drop from the eyedrop, Sambo raised a strange cry.

That’s a given.

There was a refreshing feeling as if his tired eyes were being soaked, and there’s no such medicine in this world with this kind of effect.

The thumb of Yuu touched his eyelid and she moves it gently as if rubbing the medicine around. The next instant, her thumb changed into a scalpel and was thrusted deeply into his eyeballs.

Sambo groaned for a moment, but the instant that finger separated from him, there was a drastic change in his field of vision.

“Ooh…Ooooh…!! OOOOOOOOH!!!” (Sambo)

Sambo looks at both sides, looks at the ceiling, and then once again moves his head to both sides.

The twisted, hazy, and lost sight had returned.

“I-I can see! I can see! My…My eyes have returned!!” (Sambo)

“Jii-san, is that true?!” (Ebifry)

“Ooh, Madam…you have gotten a lot fatter again! What do you eat to get such a body?!” (Sambo)

“Shut up, you walking skeleton!” (Ebifry)

Madam hits the head of Sambo with all her strength, and his body rolls out from the bed. But Sambo, who was now rolling at the floor instead, was still smiling.

Laughing with hands pressed against his stomach. After a while, that laugh changed into a wail.

“My…My eyes…can see. I can see…” (Sambo)

Seeing that figure of his, Madam had a complicated expression.

Sambo and Madam have known each other for a long time, and yet, this is the first time she has seen him crying.

In time, Sambo had tears coming out from his eyes, and then, he takes out the sword from his waist.

“Young lady, you are my benefactor. Please accept this sword.” (Sambo)

The sword that Sambo offered didn’t have any unnecessary ornaments, and it was solely created in a practical way. You could say it is a part of his soul that has been together with him for a long time.

But when Madam saw this, she raised a voice of shock.

“You idiot! As if a young beautiful lady like her would be happy receiving something like that! Are you even a noble?!” (Ebifry)

“What do mean by ‘something like that’?! This sword is a heirloom passed down in the Sambo household—” (Sambo)

“Shut up! You there, throw this old geezer into the carriage!” (Ebifry)

Tahara was puzzled for a second.

“…Have him return to Arts at once. That old man would definitely be happy about it too.” (Ebifry)

“R-Right! Arts-dono…I, Sambo, will be returning!” (Sambo)

Sambo suddenly ran outside and Tahara runs after him.

After the two left, only the long sigh of Madam was left.

“Sorry about the noisiness. I will pay in his stead.” (Ebifry)

“Is that…okay?” (Yuu)

What Madam took out from her pocket was a small box, and what was inside was a single Lambda Holy Coin. It depends on the market, but it at the very least would be around 100 big gold coins.

Even Yuu, who had never seen a Holy Coin before, felt an air of mystery from it.

This could be said to be quite extraordinary for a medical treatment.

“It is okay. Thanks to you, two stubborn dudes owe me a big one after all. That’s something that is worth several tens of times more than that Lambda Holy Coin.” (Ebifry)

Madam laughs charmingly.

And in reality, it is exactly because she thought no matter how much money she paid it would still be worth it that she decided on taking that out.

There’s no doubt she will have a benefit that surpasses money.

“Then, allow me to accept it. I feel like I will be able to have a really great relationship with you, Madam.” (Yuu)

“Ara, what a coincidence, I feel the same way.” (Ebifry)

The two had a smile in their face and they look at each other.

They were incredibly scary women that resembled each other in some way.


A part of the data is now available.

Madam (Ebifry Butterfly)

Race: Human

Age: Unknown

The Empress that controls the central social gatherings.

She has overwhelming support from the wife nobles and has created a giant faction.

In the Holy Light Country, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the fashion can be influenced by a few words of her.

She possesses several mines of earth stones, and her wealth has already reached the point where it could be considered bottomless.

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