Maou – Chapter 44-45: Madam at the Hot Spring Inn

(This is also one building I haven’t seen before…)

Sambo left the village hurriedly, and with the guide of a male Bunny, she was now standing in front of the Hot Spring Inn. It was a hard to describe building.

Tree-like plants were growing tightly packed in the surroundings, and it gave off a peaceful atmosphere she has never felt before.

(From what I can see, it is a place for peace and quiet.) (Ebifry)

Different from her sister, Madam isn’t that interested in art. However, her eye for it is equally good like her sister’s.

It was to the point that just by looking at the hot spring inn she was able to see through its purpose. Just that, her interest is more directed at her own beauty and health, so even when they are sisters, the places they aim for are completely different.

(It kind of gives an air of elegance just by looking at it, how nice.) (Ebifry)

Separating from the noisy hustle and bustle, at a rustic village, passing a magic time. If you listen carefully, you could even hear the sound of a ringing bell.

(Fufu, so strange… I feel as if I have returned to my childhood days.) (Ebifry)

Why is it that Madam, who had never looked back on her past until now, was now remembering it herself? Just by taking a step forward and walking in an unknown city, it felt like it was a big adventure.

This doesn’t only apply to Madam, but everyone must have had a similar memory in their younger days.

Within the gentle ringing sound of the bell, Madam entered a long past memory of hers.

In her childhood days, she got along well with her sister, and the two would explore the house, and at times would secretly sneak out, leave to the city, and would get a big scolding.

They would smash the watermelons that were growing in the fields without permission, and both would eat them.

“What a great sound…” (Ebifry)

Why is it that the long past memories would come back after hearing this sound?

Madam couldn’t help but wonder.

“In my country, it is called a wind chime.”

“Wind chime…” (Ebifry)

Maou shows up answering that murmur of hers.

And then, he respectfully stretches his hand and guides Madam inside the inn.

“I once again welcome you, to my world.” (Maou)

There’s no doubt those were some kind of devilish words. Maybe it had powerful magic embedded in them, that phrase remained in her ears for a while.


““Welcome, Guest-sama!!””

Handsome tuxedo male bunnies lined up from both sides, and the two walked at the middle of them. The moment the two stood in front of the building, the transparent glass door opened automatically, and Madam gets startled.

Looking inside the building, what she saw were female bunnies with shocking sensational outfits.

Of course, the ones wearing the bunny suits are Kyon and Momo. The result of Tahara diligently teaching them was that ‘oh well, if it is just for a short amount of time, it should be okay’ and he gave the okay sign.

It was an ‘incredible outfit’ that made Madam herself blush just by looking at it.

(What’s with this contrast between the peaceful air of this place and this?) (Ebifry)

It was such a difference that Madam ends up in thought.

In the opinion of Madam, Maou wouldn’t pointlessly make these girls wear such outfits. In time, she reaches a conclusion with that wisdom of hers.

The words that Maou says time and time again: ‘Beauty’ and ‘Happiness’.

“Meaning that these two are the ‘symbol’ and ‘devotion’, right?” (Ebifry)

The bunny race has a lot of male and female beauties.

If they were to wear such sensational clothes, their charm would increase even further. You could say that the whole body is a woman’s weapon.

That’s why she thinks…that this is a symbol that if you are to come to this place, you can become as beautiful as these two. You could say they are a living example.

And so, every girl that comes here would be stirred by it and would come here regularly to reach that point.

That’s why he went through the trouble of making them wear those outfits and have them stand at the entrance.

“Fumu.” (Maou)

Maou kept a silence at the question of Madam that was by no means short.

In time, he speaks as if amazed.

“That’s troubling. Looks like I can’t hide anything from you.” (Maou)

Maou spreads both arms and makes a joking gesture.

Seeing this, Madam makes a satisfied smile. Most likely feeling that she has finally one upped this man once.

But what came after she took a step into the building was a storm of surprises.

(I see, so that’s why he told me to take off my shoes, huh…) (Madam)

The floor was wiped so well that it felt like it was a mirror. And in reality, the figure of Madam was reflected in it.

And then, what surprised her the most was the ‘door made of paper’.

“This is…you really think of uncommon things.” (Ebifry)

Just what kind of thinking created this kind of thing?

There was a painting so detailed that it was even scary to touch it. A crane, a turtle, and there were times when it would be a colorful butterfly.

They were all painted in fascinating colors.

In the eyes of Madam, that was not a door, but a painting. Moreover, one that has extreme charm and exoticness.

“To make an astounding painting like this into a door…When it comes to you, it really…” (Ebifry)

“This is called a ‘sliding door’, and well, it is my ‘taste’.” (Maou)

“Taste, you say…” (Ebifry)

Madam raised a voice of amazement.

Why make a door out of a painting like this that would fetch an immense sum of money?

Madam just couldn’t understand. If people touch it, it will certainly get dirty, and there’s times when it could even be torn.

When Madam thought that far, a jolt ran through her head.

“No matter how dirty it gets, beautiful things will still be beautiful…is what you are trying to say, right?” (Ebifry)

From Madam’s perspective, this was something that she could agree with immensely.

The women that are in their journey for beauty will all require painful hard work, and it is dirty work that men who see it would take one or two steps back.

But it is exactly because of that dirtiness that…women can shine for the first time.

You could call this the belief of Madam.

“To think you would show it in such a way instead of expressing it in words…Is this your kindness? Or is this your way of teasing women who don’t notice?” (Ebifry)

“Fumu…” (Maou)

Maou kept a silence at the question of Madam that was by no means short.

In time, he speaks as if amazed.

“For now, let’s just say it is ‘both’.” (Maou)

“Geez, you truly are a troubling person.” (Ebifry)

Madam laughs happily.

With this event, she has learned that this bold man holding mysterious power also has this kind of delicate and subtle part of his.

In the eyes of Madam, it was as if he were testing the ‘discernment’ of a woman, and at the same time, it also makes her feel the refinement of this man. It was a mysterious feeling.

Moving further into the corridor, the jars and plates that were placed here and there, the drawings hanging by a string (hanging scrolls) were entering her eyes. For Madam, every single one is an exquisite work of art.

“If my little sister were to see this, she would definitely go crazy. This artistic space…” (Ebifry)

“Haha, that’s an honor.” (Maou)

Madam arrives at the entrance of the hot springs with her eyes wide open in surprise, and Luna comes out from inside there hurriedly. Her face had a wide smile.

“Geez, Madam! You are late! Come on, hurry hurry!” (Luna)

“Oh my, you are in quite the good mood today.” (Ebifry)

Luna normally isn’t good at dealing with Madam who has a giant influence, but today’s different. That’s because she can brag all she wants to this person that’s considered an empress.

“Well then, I will be taking my leave here. Please take your time and enjoy.” (Maou)

With those words of Maou as the onset, Luna pulls the hand of Madam happily and brings her to where the hot springs are.

After the two left, a long silence took place in the corridor.

In time, Maou lets out a long sigh and mutters.

“I just tried matching whatever she said, but…it should be okay, right?” (Maou)

Maou heads to the lobby with tobacco in mouth looking as if he has finished his job.


“Now, Madam, let’s go!” (Luna)

“Fufu, today’s Luna-chan is energetic.” (Ebifry)

Taking off their clothes, they opened the door and…there was a sight there that Madam had never seen before spreading before her eyes.

First of all, it is a giant space that reaches further than her eye can see.

There’s a variety of bathtub-looking things and steam filled the place densely to the point that it covered the vision. The floor had beautifully ordered tiles and it was so elaborate it made her think this could have only been made possible with magic.

Faraway she could see something like a path that was made of flat stone, and what’s surprising is that the openings had small tightly packed white stones.

It truly was like a different world for Madam.

“Is this all hot water? What an unbelievable space…” (Ebifry)

“There’s also cold baths too.” (Luna)

‘No, that’s not what I am trying to say’, is what Madam thought, but she keeps silent for now.

She first needs Luna to guide and explain to her. There’s way too many things she doesn’t understand. When Luna pushes some kind of switch, water divided in very small portions was coming out and it shocked Madam.

“W-What’s this?! In what…kind of way are they using the magic crystals?!” (Ebifry)

“It is called a shower head. Now, let’s wash our bodies first.” (Luna)

“Let me wash your back-pyon♪” (Kyon)

Kyon had a soap and towel in her hands and washes the back of Madam with great skill. She has trained diligently for the sake of washing the back of Madam’s big body.

Thanks to that, Momo’s back ended up bright red, but the results of that training showed.

Madam is aware that her body is big, so she is used to having her back washed, but the soap here is special. In the game, it would be an expendable item that would be gone after throwing it once, but the high class soaps in the hot spring inn have a ‘different setting’ written in them.

“I feel like every single bit of dirt accumulated in my skin is being removed completely…” (Ebifry)

“Right~? I already cannot live without this.” (Luna)

Luna was also cleaning her own body and face with diligence.

The more you wash the more glossy your skin gets, so it can’t be helped.

Finally, Kyon washed Madam’s whole body with the shower head, and the bubbles were washed away. Madam felt as if a whole layer of skin had been taken off and a new one had taken its place.

Next one was Momo, who had the shampoo and hair condition in both hands respectively, standing at the back of Madam. While washing Madam’s hair clean, she was doing a scalp massage. This is also the result of diligent training with Kyon as her practice partner, and it was properly showing.

Thanks to this, even the hair of Kyon’s bunny ears were glossy.

The fingers of Momo move silently.

Tahara has told her ‘You, don’t talk’.

It was as if she were caressing her scalp, and at times, her fingers dance as if treasuring her hair.

What remained on her hair from the cloud of dust, the dirt that has accumulated in her scalp; they all felt as if they were being washed off, and this pleasant feeling made Madam moan unintentionally.

“Aaaah…” (Ebifry)

The women in this country are exposed to the sun and their skin and hair receive quite the damage.

This felt as if each part was regenerating slowly. And in reality, the shampoo removes the dirt and the hair conditioner has a damage care effect.

Finally, she is bathed with the shower head, and with everything of her all the way to the scalp feeling refreshed, Madam unconsciously lets out an ecstatic expression.

“I feel like this much has already satisfied me…” (Ebifry)

And Madam actually felt like she was fine paying several gold coins just for this much service, however, when Luna heard this, she raised a loud voice.

“Wait, Madam! What are you saying?! My bragging begins from here o—I mean, my guiding has not even begun, you know?!” (Luna)

“Luna-chan, you are a selfish and honest girl as always…” (Ebifry)

Madam let out a giggle, but in a sense, this was fresh.

For Madam, who has been living in the social gathering world with people that basically always have masks on their faces without ever showing their real selves, never allowing themselves to make any commitments, people like Luna could be considered commemorable airheads.

“Geez, Madam! Let’s go already!” (Luna)

“Yes yes…” (Ebifry)

  • Chapters 45: Madam roars

“First is this one, Madam. It is apparently called a carbonic acid spring.” (Luna)

“It is kind of a strange bath…” (Ebifry)

Seeing the water that had small bubbles coming out constantly, Madam furrows her brows slightly. But Luna showed no hesitation soaking her whole body, and she was showing a blissful expression. There’s no way that’s a fake expression.

Madam finally took one step into the bath, and then goes all the way in.

The temperature is by no means hot. If she had to pick one, it would be lukewarm, and it is the kind of bath that she would be able to stay for a long period of time.

“Madam, you must not move. The bubbles will stick.” (Luna)

Luna closes her eyes ecstatically and speaks to Madam at her side.

Madam was wondering what she meant by the bubbles sticking, but she soon understands the meaning of those words. The bubbles really did stick to her skin.

“This is…” (Ebifry)

The representative effect of carbonic acid springs is that it expands the blood vessels and betters the blood flow.

When you have things like high blood pressure, diabetes, or thrombus, this can relief their symptoms. If your blood flow gets better, it can affect the sensitivity to cold, stiff shoulders, lower back pains, and joint pains. For Madam who has thick meat, you could say this is perfect for her.

“So nice…It feels as if my body is being freed…” (Ebifry)

It is exactly because Madam has been pursuing the beauty of her own body that she is able to immediately tell the effects.

The money and time she has spent for her own body is not normal. It is already on the level you could say she has a special ability in regards to her own body.

In the first place, it is not as if she has a big body like this because she wants to.

It was hereditary, and her already deceased parents and her little sister all had mountain-like bodies.

In the time when she was still a child, she was laughed at because of this, looked down on, and would pass terrible experiences in the social gatherings. All these made Madam run into the path of beauty from a young age, and this made her little sister go the artistic path.

“Ah, by the way, Madam…this bath is incredibly good for the skin too.” (Luna)

Saying this, Luna splashes water on her face with a cute gesture.

What Luna said was not a lie. The carbonic acid spring also has the effect of cosmetic water, and has high effectiveness in defending against dry skin.

Hearing this, Madam hurriedly splashes the water on her face.

“This is…my rough skin is…” (Ebifry)

Of course, it is not as if the effect is instantaneous. It is a slow and small one.

But Madam can tell —that this water is bettering her skin.

“Now, Madam! Time to go to the next one!” (Luna)

“Eh?! W-Wait a bit, Luna-chan…” (Ebifry)

“Hurry hurry!” (Luna)

Luna mercilessly pulled Madam and brings her to the next hot spring.

In reality, Luna might have been the perfect guide for Madam. If left alone, she might have stayed in the carbonic acid spring for several hours.

Also, the only one who can be so nonchalant with Madam is Luna.

“The next one is the herb bath. It has a nice smell!” (Luna)

“Herb, huh…” (Ebifry)

At that place, there were 5 baths that even the body of Madam would easily be able to enter.

There were cute colorful baths, and there were even ones that would give off a strangely erotic feeling.

“I will go with this one of course!” (Luna)

Luna jumped into the bath that’s written as ‘Pink Gold’.

There’s also others like: Yellow Beam, Night Fever, Green Forest, Deep Blue. Madam enters the bath of the color she prefers to wear, the green bath.

Green Forest, a bath that gives off the image of a refreshing morning forest.

By the way, there’s 36 different types of herb(?) baths and they are changed daily. Since the rotation is completely random, no one can predict which bath will be showing up that day.

“This is the ‘forest’, huh…It has a refreshing scent.” (Ebifry)

This bath is made in a way so that you have to lean at the side to soak in it. There’s a metallic pillow-like thing that you can rest your head on, and because there’s cold water circulating in that pillow, it has the trait of making it difficult to get dizzy from the heat.

It was so comfortable you could even fall asleep.

“This scent seeps into the skin♪♪” (Luna)

Seeing Luna raising an cheerful voice at her side, Madam unwittingly smiled as well, thinking: this little Holy Maiden has changed quite a lot too.

She has been innocent since way back, but she gave the feeling of not allowing anyone to approach her, as if she would bare her fangs at anyone, that kind of dangerous feeling to her.

“I see…So you have learned of love, Luna-chan.” (Ebifry)

“H-Huuuuh?! What are you saying?!” (Luna)

“It is pointless to hide it from me. You like him, right? That Maou-sama.” (Ebifry)

“D-D-Don’t say something so stupid! Why would I like a guy like that?!” (Luna)

Seeing that reaction, Madam giggles.

This wasn’t on the level of love beginner, her attitude was truly so easy to understand, to the point that even the one looking would get embarrassed.

“Luna-chan, that person will be a formidable opponent… You must polish yourself as a woman to an extreme extent. He wouldn’t even give a glance to just any kind of woman.” (Ebifry)

From what Madam can see, no matter how she thinks about it, that Maou is not a normal being.

These facilities are included in that factor, but there’s that time when he suppressed the Satanist group in an instant, and she heard that he even blew up a Mid Devil while humming.

Even if she were told that he is not human, she wouldn’t be surprised. And even if that were the case, Madam wouldn’t mind at all.

(Maou-sama sees some kind of big worth in me…) (Ebifry)

If that weren’t the case, he wouldn’t be giving her such good treatment.

In that case, she just has to increase her worth even more. For a big noble like Madam, a relationship where they use one another is commonplace, rather, it is what she wishes.

There’s nothing as reassuring as benefiting each other.

“T-T-T-There’s no need to talk about that man! Let’s go to the next one!” (Luna)

“W-Wait, Luna-chan…At least let me soak in it for a bit more.” (Ebifry)

“No! I say no, so no!” (Luna)

A red faced Luna once again pulls the hand of Madam and guides her energetically saying ‘we are going to the next one!’.

The next place they arrived at was the sauna, moreover, a salt sauna.

For Madam, this facility will become a destined meeting.


“This one here is called a salt sauna.” (Luna)

“Salt, you say…” (Ebifry)

The Holy Light Country is surrounded by tall mountains from the south side, so they are not connected to the sea. Therefore, salt is an imported good and it is by no means cheap.

When Luna opens the door, a moderate heat came blowing out, but the inside of the room was unbelievable.

There’s several chairs and a long bench, and at the center of the room, there’s a heater of sorts.

To her surprise, even the floor was buried in salt reaching all the way to the ankle.

It truly was a fully white space, moreover, a white space created from salt.

“It looks like the snow that I saw a long time ago at the City-State…” (Ebifry)

Madam pulled out a long past memory, but that was something that poured from the sky no-charge; the meaning of this white is way too different.

“Now now, I will teach you, so sit.” (Luna)

“O-Okay…” (Ebifry)

Luna speaks as if she were boasting and was taking an attitude like that of a teacher.

Even though Luna as well was only taught about the baths just a few days ago, she was making a face as if she were a veteran of this path.

The way to enter the baths is not really such a difficult thing.

Entering and waiting to sweat, and when the sweat comes out, place salt on your skin and melt it, then rub it on your body as if caressing it. And then after a while, you wash it off at the shower.

It is simply a repeat of that.

But the effects of it are all things that would make women happy.

First, if you do that on your face, all the sebum and worn out components will slowly be emitted out, and it will be reborn to smooth skin. Overdoing it is out of the question, but by scrubbing, you can have the old keratin fall off, and it is said to even make the color of the skin brighter.

“When I did this yesterday, it had great effects.” (Luna)

“Is that so…” (Ebifry)

Luna felt like Madam was acting a bit strange, but she didn’t mind it and continued explaining.

The face is actually an extra so to speak, and the effect on the body is the main part of it.

By rubbing the salt on your body, it has the effect of bringing out the excess fat.

For Madam who is covered in thick fat, this was an unbearable pull. No matter the world, the fat that appears is pretty hard to get rid of.

Until now, no matter how much Madam exercised, how much she took care in her diet, how many ancient east and western magic tools she tested out, they were all useless.

But as Madam repeated the process of rubbing salt, sweating, and washing it off clean in the shower, her expression gradually changed.

The point of repeating this is to heavily increase bodily function renewal and burning the excess fat. On top of that, you can target areas you want.

If this were your regular salt, if this were your regular sauna, the results would vary depending on the person, and there wouldn’t be any drastic changes.

However, just like the pulley, this is something from the Game.

It creates the ‘result’ written in the setting. Just like how 1+1=2, it will revive the skin beautifully, and will splendidly burn the excess fat. It is made to be a fact —because that’s the setting written for this facility after all.

“See? The skin becomes beautiful too, and the meat on the thighs also…wait, Madam?” (Luna)

“Oooh…” (Ebifry)

“What’s the matter, Madam?” (Luna)

“Oh…Oooooooooooh!!” (Ebifry)

“Hiiih!” (Luna)

“This is iiiiiiiiiiiiiitttt!!!!!!” (Ebifry)

Madam roared.

It was a tremendous roar like the ones you would hear from veteran warriors in the battlefield.

It couldn’t be helped that she would roar. That’s because she had felt it with her very skin…no, she heard it…her own thick fat covering her raising a ‘cry’.

It was the kind of ‘dying cry’ that you would raise against an opponent you can’t go against.

This cry that she couldn’t make it do until now, had resounded in her ears just now to the point it felt like it could rip her eardrums!

“W-What?! What happened?! What didn’t you like…?” (Luna)

“Luna-chan, I have decided.” (Ebifry)

“W-What?” (Luna)

“From today on, I will live in this village.” (Ebifry)

“Eeeeeeeh?!” (Luna)


—That night at the hot spring inn, highest area.

Inside the room, there were two feather futons placed, and Luna was already sleeping.

Madam also lied down and was silently looking at the ceiling.

Even when entering the room, she was internally shocked continuously, but what surprised her the most was the floor that was knitted with a strange grass.

Of course, it is tatami, but in the eyes of Madam, it was truly strange.

However, once you get used to it, there’s a kind of nice feeling to it. Not only does it smell good, the fact that it was in a color she liked was a heavy point in favor.

(I feel like I will be able to sleep at this rate.) (Ebifry)

With the big body of Madam, the bed would always creak. No matter what kind of bed she lied down on, they would always make *creak*creak* noises that would never stop. Being annoyed by that, she has found it really hard to fall asleep.

It has worsened to a point that it is already ingrained in her, and she is a complete insomniac now.

But the feather futon made by the Grand Empire was easily accepting the body of Madam, and that softness and flexibility was instead easily raising Madam’s body.

It was as if it were saying ‘it is a thousand years too early for you to talk about heavy’ as it laughed at her. It even felt as if it were fearless.

(What a prideful and manly bed…) (Ebifry)

It was reassuring, and at the same time, it strangely pissed her off.

Being covered by that kind of strange feeling, Madam was freed from the creaking sounds that would haunt her nerves, and she felt as if she was finally going to be falling into a deep sleep that she hasn’t had for several decades now.

— “Living here, you say. There’s no way a person with a standing like Madam can move here!” (Luna)

While she was falling asleep, Madam thinks back on the conversation of a while ago.

“Right, people in a high standing are not allowed to move. If not managed well, they would assume there’s some sort of side influence involved, and it could be taken as a form of rebellion.” (Ebifry)

“T-That’s right…” (Luna)

“But you see, there’s actually one precedent…or more like, a loophole.” (Ebifry)

“Loophole?” (Luna)

“That’s right. ‘Medical treatment’.” (Ebifry)

And in reality, the old nobles that suffer incurable diseases normally move to lush rural areas. The people that have a short time ahead of them would say something like ‘I would like to pass my last moments with my friend’ and move into the house of a trusted friend, and they would live a short time period with them until their last moments.

Within those cases, there was one that moved in order to receive medical treatment from a skilled doctor, and it may have been a short period of time, but it is not as if there haven’t been people who have lived outside the country. The medical level of every country is pretty similar, so there’s no people who would expressly go through the trouble of going outside the country, and cases where they accept it are rare.

It may be an extreme case, but a precedent is a precedent.

Of course, Madam is quite healthy and doesn’t have any disease or anything.

(I don’t care if I go a bit reckless here…) (Ebifry)

Madam thinks this with unbreakable will.

Just how much ridicule has she faced because of her big body? Just remembering about fragments of the past would rekindle the pain in Madam’s heart. She has made those kind of people shut up with her growing power, but her feelings for beauty are still hard to throw away.

Madam closes her eyes with hardened resolve.

(I…I will go against fate!) (Ebifry)

Her resolve, her feelings as a woman…would far surpass the expectations of a certain Maou-sama and would shake the country.

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    1. Also I would like to recommend We live in dragons peak novel the mc there is a bit like the mc in danmachi. Hoping too see the development on the mc there.

  8. excuse me but i have a novel to indicate that is Kanzen Kaihi Healer no Kiseki, is very interesting .

  9. Why was I inform of this translation? I was reading the manga like 1 chp per months!

  10. Thank you for the quadruple release, uncle Reigokai ~
    As always, you outdid yourself.

    Oh hey, there are a lot of spoilerish comments above. People…. if only Truck-kun is still around, you won’t be safe after exposing Ebifry’s beautiful transformation that we have yet to see!
    Tsk, tsk, tsk…

    *Seinvolf is still no. 1 eh?

    1. It’s not really spoiling – as far as I’m aware – so much as it is reaching an obvious conclusion. I’m betting nearly everyone here has read the manga, and her appearance in that is clearly of the “Would be a drop-dead beauty (by societal standards) when slimmed down” variety.

  11. So I dug around my manga list to see if any of their WNs weren’t being translated and found this one. At least, I think it isn’t being translated. I’m not used to this, so apologies if it’s a dead end.

    I’m a Middle-Aged Man Who Got My Adventurer License Revoked

    By the way…is anyone else getting email alerts for new comment posts in separate threads? Usually my email stacks them all together.

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