Maou – Chapter 21-22: Merciless Invasion

(I feel like we are getting closer to the city…) (Maou)

I was thinking this while carefreely looking at the scenery.

The closer we got to the Holy Capital, the less dried earth there is and more green plants were entering my sight.

The path also got wider, and there were times when carriages would pass by. The amount of people walking on the path were increasing, and there were quite a good amount of villages along the way.

…But only that village was different.

A big fence was surrounding the whole village, but there was practically no sight of people, and there was a special kind of abnormal atmosphere wafting from it.

Would this be called a ghost village?

The scale of the village is somewhat big,  so it made the decline of it even more prominent.

“Luna, what’s with that village? It is lacking quite a lot of vigor.” (Maou)

“……That’s my village.” (Luna)

“Huh?” (Maou)

“As I said! It is my territory!” (Luna)

Oi oi, isn’t a Holy Maiden supposed to be a high standing in the country? This declining ghost village is your territory, you say…?

“It looks quite run down though. Is that okay?” (Maou)

“I am not interested in territory management. Also, the church has dispatched a person of their side to manage it, so there’s no room for me to step in.” (Luna)

Well, I do think Luna can’t do something like manage a territory.

She would just place a crazy high tax on them and end up creating an insurrection. I can easily imagine her being tied up a cross with her ass being whipped.

From what I see, she does have strong magic, but I think she is simply like a decoration.

They do show her off well, but they are properly putting her away from the sweet interests and the land that would have good prospects.

The person herself seems to not be interested in those kind of things, so you could say she is the perfect marionette.

Thinking I should speak about what I have thought, I send a [Whisper] to Yuu.

<<That’s how I think. What’s your take on it?>> (Maou)

<<I think the same way. She is most likely being used by the nobles and higher-ups of the church. She has probably been given a problematic land.>> (Yuu)

<<Fumu. Then, there shouldn’t be any problems in us picking up this land that has been thrown away.>> (Maou)

<<Are you going to use this village?>> (Yuu)

<<This is supposed to be the land of a Holy Maiden, so there won’t be much interference. That’s convenient.>> (Maou)

I am giving out a reasonable sounding excuse, but the number one reason is because I don’t have money.

It looks like the big gold has quite the worth, but I don’t think it goes to the point that I can buy land with it. The Holy Capital seems to be the core city, so they will most likely place an even higher price because of it.

I can place a base in an instant anyways, so if it doesn’t work, we can just work in some other place.

“Luna, I want you to lend me a part of this village.” (Maou)

“Eh?” (Luna)

■■ □□ ■■ □□  

When I entered the village, I see people with interesting looks.

People that have rabbit ears on their heads. I at first thought that maybe they are wearing costumes, but Luna says they are a race called ‘Bunnies’.

“They are the very definition of rabbit humans…” (Maou)

“They are apparently a race that were loved by Cherubim-sama in the past. That’s why, even if their numbers are few, they have gathered here and are living here.” (Luna)

“Love, huh… It looks like they are being isolated here though?” (Maou)

“The Holy Light Kingdom in foundation…hates other races aside from the humans.” (Luna)

The face of Luna seemed to have a bit of sadness mixed in it, but this is not the time to be asking about it.

We will build a hospital in the Holy Maiden’s village, and if we treat many people, our reputation will get better.

We will be using the name of Luna and her standing to the utmost.

“Maou-sama, what are we going to do here?” (Aku)

Aku trudges her way to me. When I see that look of hers, a hard to explain happiness welled up in me.

Aku is already able to walk on her own.

I felt like Daddy-Long-Legs here. <A novel of the same name where a girl in an orphanage was helped by an unknown benefactor to go to college.>

“I am just thinking about playing doctor here.” (Maou)

“Ah, Yuu-sama, right?! If Yuu-sama becomes a doctor, I think people from all around the country will come here!” (Aku)

People gathering also means they will be ‘dropping money’. Should I go ahead and make a hot spring inn close to the hospital, too?

Most of the patients of a hospital are old people, so they most likely also love hot springs.

Looking at how Aku acted, water and baths seem to be quite the luxury.

“Chief, how about around here?” (Yuu)

“It is a bit cramped. I was thinking about making a hot spring inn beside it.” (Maou)

“Hot spring, huh. That sounds great.” (Yuu)

That’s right, most women also like hot springs.

It would be better to aim for the creation of both the hospital and hot spring. If we make a package deal where we sell the soap as well, wouldn’t we be able to expect good sales?

The reputation of Luna and I will get better, and the ones who use it will also be happy. It is a perfect plan where no one losses.

“L-Luna-sama…it is great to see you have come. What brings you here tod—?!!! T-That person, the one from the portrait…!”


“That’s right, the Demon Lord. He is currently a collaborator of mine.” (Luna)

Luna puffs out her nonexistent chest and says this haughtily. Being a collaborator of hers is a desperate measure.

Looks like my appearance has already circulated all the way to the Holy Capital. More accurately speaking, ‘the man that calls himself the Demon Lord’…

(I have to somehow change the direction of the rumor…) (Maou)

Something like: ‘He has power like that of a Demon Lord, but he is in reality a kind person’, or ‘He is the Demon Lord, but is a good person’.

And in the end, I will be spoken of as an extremely rich person that owns a hot spring and a hospital.

(I do think it is a bit too much of a push though…) (Maou)

But we do have the tools to make a hospital and a hot spring.

If we pile up one truth after the other, in time, the misunderstanding of the people will be gone, and I will become a Demon Lord that thousands of people will welcome…Wait, I am not a Demon Lord.

By the way, a <<Hospital>> is a base that can increase the recovery speed of health just by being there, and the <<Hot Spring Inn>> can increase the vitality recovery speed.

There’s no doubt both of them will become peerless places in this world.

I go ahead and begin negotiations with the person sent here by the church in order to secure a place. If possible, I want to drive the people of the church out of here. Leaving aside Luna, I don’t think the church will become an ally of mine.

It would be way too much of a pain if they were to demand me to give them a certain percentage of the sales.

“Are you someone sent from the church? From now on, Luna and I will be looking after this village. Return to this so called church and tell them that message.” (Maou)

At first speak as if in a superior position…

“But…I have to consult about this…with the higher-ups…”

“Higher-ups, huh. That doesn’t make sense. The feudal lord of this place, Luna, is saying that she herself will be taking control. Are you saying you and the higher-ups of the church are going to complain to the actual feudal lord of this village?” (Maou)

And just like that, push all at once.

“N-No! That’s not the case… This village is Luna-sama’s…”

“Fumu, looks like the answer has come out from your mouth just now. Then, act accordingly at once.” (Maou)

The man hurriedly enters a house, gets on a horse, and rides off. Or more like, he ran away.

Damn it…is my face that scary…?

Well, the hindrance is now gone. With this, I can proceed with my plan as I wish.

Luna, who saw the exchange from beginning to end, mutters with an amazed expression.

“In moments like this, your mouth really is pointlessly eloquent.” (Luna)

“Don’t worry. If you leave it to me, I will make sure that this village will grow.” (Maou)

“…Will my allowance increase?” (Luna)

“Of course, I promise it will.” (Maou)

I used the carrot of flickering the possibility of an increase in allowance to Luna.

If I do something without any backing, there would be many hindrances and harassments, but they can’t eliminate what they are showcasing to everyone as the Holy Maiden.

“Now then, I would like to speak to the people of this village…the Bunnies, about a variety of things.” (Maou)

“That’s okay, but…don’t go erecting something weird, okay?” (Luna)

I didn’t answer that and just lightly hit the butt of Luna.

A nice sound reverberated into the sky.

“Hiyan! W-W-What are you doing?!” (Luna)

“Fumu, there’s no real meaning. A kind of business payment of sorts.” (Maou)

“You pervert!!!! You just wanted to touch my butt all this time, right?! Isn’t that right?! Say it is so!” (Luna)

“Keep the sleep-talk to—ouch ouch! Don’t yank my hair, idiot!” (Maou)


The village that the poor bunnies live in with shoulders huddled together, Rabi.

With the arrival of the Demon Lord to this land…the village will have a drastic change of destiny.

  • Chapter 22: Invasion with no compassion

—Holy Light Kingdom: Rabi Village

The Bunnies were going to the fields and harvesting carrots.

It is rough soil, so what can be harvested is low, but because there’s practically no farmers who can cultivate carrots in this country, it was monopolized by the Bunnies.

The special race skill they have is the cultivation of carrots which is helping them out greatly.

But it has been raining less in recent years, and even the Bunnies were reaching a state where they don’t know what to do.

“Kyon, how’s the carrots over there?”

“No good… They are thin, so the price will drop. What about you, Momo-chan?” (Kyon)


“It isn’t good over here too. We have to go buy water crystals again…” (Momo)

“They have been increasing in price lately…the earth crystals as well.” (Kyon)

The two Bunnies had badly grown carrots in their hands, and their faces were grim.

They were able to sell carrots at a high price in this country…because only Bunnies can cultivate them. However, if the use of magic crystals grows more intense, the profit will obviously decrease. Each year the livelihood of the Bunnies gets more painful and worse.

Lately, there’s been many who have left the village and headed to the Beastkin country.

But these two have a strong attachment to this village they were born and raised in, so they have somehow stood their ground and lived in this land —while feeling the imminent fall that will someday come.

At that kind of place, the Demon Lord and the Holy Maiden appeared.

“As I thought, aside from the fact that they have animal ears, they are not different from humans.” (Maou)

“In the northern countries, the Bunnies are apparently incredibly popular because they are cute.” (Luna)

“No matter the world, there will always be furries, huh.” (Maou)

“‘Furries’? You sometimes use weird words.” (Luna)

At that moment, the ‘imminent fall’ escaped from fear of the Demon Lord.

  ■■ □□ ■■ □□  

“I see, so you are troubled because there’s no water…” (Maou)

I listened to the side of the Bunnies while looking at the fields.

Honestly speaking, I don’t have the slightest knowledge of agriculture.

But if I am simply asked for water, I can bring out as much as needed. In the game, there were water plastic bottles that recovered health, but in the areas where there’s a water well, you could use an item called <<Pulley>> to get a massive amount of water.

With the special logic of the game, it was designed in a way so that it was unusable water until placed inside a plastic bottle.

No matter if the well is dried or whatever, it is an item that creates the result of ‘drawing water’, so it should be possible to use it in this world as well.

“At any rate, the residents here are this troubled, and yet, you are not lending a hand at all… Quite the Holy Maiden-sama we have, huh?” (Maou)

I say this in a sarcastic tone. This is for yanking my hair.

It is irritating how the barrier didn’t activate because it probably didn’t judge it as an attack.

“I-I had no choice… I was always taught not to get involved in those worldly matters…!” (Luna)

As I thought, she really is a convenient decoration.

They do use her in the times when they have to bring down enemies, but everything aside from that, don’t poke your head, huh.

Kept at a respectful distance, and not allowing her to speak when in matters of money.

It is an usual story no matter the world.

“Uh, you said your name’s Kyon, right? Is there a well in this village?” (Maou)

“T-There is…-pyon.” (Kyon) <rabbit jumping onomatopoeia.>  

“…Just asking but…what’s with that way of ending your sentences as if added as an afterthought?” (Maou)

“H-Humans told us that there’s many who would get disappointed if we don’t add this…-pyon.” (Kyon)

“Sorry, but please talk normally.” (Maou)

What’s with ‘-pyon’, that’s way too cliched.

Who was the first one who proposed that?

“You over there, you said your name’s Momo, right? Speak normally too.” (Maou)

“Understood-usa.” (Momo)

“You don’t understand!” (Maou)

Damn it…what’s with these people?!

I unconsciously forgot my character and retorted! Are these people saying it as a joke, or are they doing this unironically?!

“The well is over here…-pyon.” (Kyon)

“Ah geez, just lead me there fast.” (Maou)

We move inside the village while I endure my urge to pull those ears of theirs.

The well that we were guided to, as expected, was completely dried. Not only agriculture, this would trouble anyone even for drinking water if they don’t have that so called magic crystal.

(Now then, the pulley…is treated as a low rank item, so 5P, huh.) (Maou)

Because it would serve no purpose without a plastic bottle, it was set low.

For me, that’s incredibly convenient -my remaining SP is 265.

Even if we deduct the hospital and the hot spring, I would still have left.

(We can make food and drinks directly, but…obviously, it would be gone in time.) (Maou)

Even if they were categorized on a whole as food, in the game, there were many varieties.

If we talk about things that can be found in all areas, it would be things like cookies, rice cakes, and bread. For things like canned food there would be an unnecessary amount of detail to them, so there were many tastes like cherry, peach, orange, pineapple, and many others.

For high nutrition value there’s the herbal rice porridge; the steamed bun of many colors that can be enjoyed for their appearance; and there were also things like mammoth meat, manga meat which are things that don’t exist in reality.

What taste does manga meat have…I feel like eating it…

For drinks, there’s not only water, but ice packs to cool the beverage, sport drinks, beer, whisky, brandy, japanese alcohol, wheat liquor, rice liquor, energy drinks; it is quite the abundant line-up.

On top of that, there’s sweet potato, potatoes, onions, garlic, melon, strawberry, orange, apple, kiwi, litchi, mango.

If I were to make every single one of them, no amount of SP would be enough, but if I were to bring them out as samples, there might be ones we could make later. There’s around 1901 kinds of items spread around in the venues of the game, and there’s also ones that can only be found with skills.

If we were to put the total of them all, it would easily go over 2,000 kinds of items.

“As I thought, there’s nothing impossible for the Grand Empir—hm?” (Maou)

I notice that everyone is looking at me with questioning eyes.

Looks like I have been in thought for quite a while.

No good, no good, when I think about the game, I unintentionally end up falling in thought.

“Now then, let’s begin. [Low grade item creation: Pulley].” (Maou)


Using my Admin Right, I create a pulley.

It was a lot more realistic than I thought it would be.

So this is how it turns out when I bring it out in real life, huh.

“Y-You…just where are you taking stuff out the whole time?! What’s that?!” (Luna)

“Lets just say it is ‘a fragment of my wisdom’.” (Maou)

I say whatever and avoid it.

I have no way of explaining it either after all.

That crazy Throne pulled me here with game abilities and all, but even if I am asked to explain it scientifically, it is impossible. That’s something you should be asking those angels you say you worship.

“Now then, let’s set it up at once.” (Maou)

“U-Uhm, that well has been dried since quite a long time ago…-pyon.” (Kyon)

“My pulley creates the result of drawing water. The state of the well doesn’t matter.” (Maou)

“I don’t understand what you are saying at all-usa.” (Momo)

“What I don’t understand is that way you end your sentences…” (Maou)

I install the pulley, and after lowering it all the way to the bottom, I pull up the bucket. It has a wheel, so even people who don’t have strength can easily pull it up.

Just as I thought, there’s plenty water inside the bucket pulled up.

“W-Wait! What’s going on here, Maou?!” (Luna)

Seeing this, Luna shakes my body.

I understand that you are agitated, but don’t shake me! The water will spill!

“Momo-chan, look! There’s that much water inside!” (Kyon)

“No way…what’s this?!” (Momo)

You girls can speak normally…Please stay like that…

I put a finger in the well water, and move it to my mouth. Just as expected, it is plain water.

If this were the water that recovers 20 health, I would have to rethink this, but if it is just plain water, there’s no problem. Even so, with water crystals being a business, it wouldn’t be good to make this public. For the people outside, it would be better to just have them know that the dried well has recovered.

“This is a Magic Pulley from my country. Just as you see, it can create water even from dried up wells. You people should understand just how much value this magic tool has, right? This is something that could even stir up wars.” (Maou)

I say this all grandly, but it is only 5P, so it feels weird…

The difference between what I am saying and the evaluation of the system is way too intense. Even so, the Bunnies and Luna could understand what I am saying.

“We will keep this a secret among our village…-pyon!” (Kyon)

We will keep this secret

“Thank you very much! With this, we will be able to make lively carrots-usa!” (Momo)

These girls are actually doing this on purpose, right? I won’t retort to this anymore.

Anyways, if we are going to be cultivating things, having only water would not be enough.

“[Mid-grade Item Creation: Fertilizer].” (Maou)

I create one more item.

I pull out big vinyl sacks filled with fertilizer from the pitch black space. Its name may be fertilizer, but in the game, it is actually a synthesis item that’s used to make explosives.

To think it would be of use here…

“Go ahead and use this fertilizer. I will leave how it will be used to you people.” (Maou)

Things like how much fertilizer is used and in which season to be used; there’s no way I would know. Those kind of things, I should just leave them to the pros.

Just like the pulley, it should create the result of providing nutrients to the earth.

Something that’s used to make explosives that kill people is being used to cultivate things, it does sound weird…

“Momo-chan, this is amazing fertilizer! I can feel ‘the power of earth’ from it!” (Kyon)

“I-Incredible… It is overflowing with the ‘power of abundance’!” (Momo)

I don’t know what the hell they are saying, but it sounds like it will be of use, so fine.

With this, life should be brought back to this village to some degree. No matter how good of an establishment there is, people wouldn’t gather to a land where the atmosphere is grim after all.

After that, I gave some detailed warnings to the Bunnies, and then left the place.

“E-Even you…have a few nice points, huh…” (Luna)

“Don’t be stupid. I am not a saint or anything like that, you know. There’s reasons for being nice.” (Maou)

“What reason? C-Could it be to do lewd things to the Bunnies?!” (Luna)

“Idiot. Whether it be making a hospital or a hot spring, there will be the need of hands. I am planning on having them work in that.” (Maou)

Bunnies have a cute appearance, so they should be suited for customer service.

Even in modern times, there’s places like bars and Las Vegas where they would be wearing fishnet tights and animal ears… It is old book, but the fact that it hasn’t died out is proof that it is still popular.

“Now then, the minimum preparations have been made. About the establishments, we will begin after we return from the Holy Capital.” (Maou)

“Treat me a lot there, okay? I will be checking out things like clothes too!” (Luna)

“Why do I have to tag along with your shopping…” (Maou)

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