Maou – Chapter 23-25: The Sacred Country

—Holy Light Country: Holy Castle

The Holy Light Country is the country where the three Holy Maidens are the ones standing at the top.

Below them there’s the Holy Church and the Holy Knight Order, but they are lined up at the same standing, and against foreign enemies, they would stand together to protect the country.

Under the Church there’s from orphans to even big nobles; if you have the aptitude for magic, they will accept anyone, that’s the kind of wide front door of an organization they are.

The knight order works the same way. They are an organization that accepts anyone if you have the talent for fighting.

Of course, they both have strict exams, and it is necessary to pass them, but even with that, they don’t close their doors to many kind of people.

This could be said to be a rare case from the many countries.

But lately the rise of the nobles has gotten more remarkable, and the enclosure of the Holy Knight Order was proceeding. At times land, fame, money; flickering a variety of things, they would bring the knights in as proteges.

That’s because the selection of a Holy Maiden weighs heavily on the Holy Knight Order’s opinion as well.

On the other hand, it is difficult to bribe the people of the Church.

Not only do they have talent for magic, they serve the Angel-samas which is something that must be heavily considered, so they are expected to have severe amounts of honesty.

Bribing them and bringing them to their side was impossible even for nobles. Therefore, they set their aims for the Holy Knight Order, and they would select the Holy Maidens they found most convenient for them, and over a long time, they are now slowly eating into the sacred precincts.

And so, in the present…they have succeeded in selecting what could be said to be the ideal Holy Maidens.

Luna Elegant has talent in magic, but doesn’t have any interest in politics or money; Killer Queen, she is ideal in terms of battle, but doesn’t have any interest in politics or money.

The tops of the country not having interest in politics or money at all was ideal.

Putting it bluntly, they could do whatever they want.

In that kind of state…at the round table of the Holy Light Country where there’s two nobles that represent the country and the third Holy Maiden, a meeting was taking place.

“Well well, looks like Luna-sama is showing self-awareness of her position as Holy Maiden…”

The man shakes his fat body and loosens his oily expression.

The name of this man is *Dona Dona*. <A japanese song about a calf being led to the slaughter.>

He is the biggest noble in the Holy Light Country that brings together many nobles. He is weak to money and young women; the classic noble. On the other hand, he possesses genius levels of ability in dealing with nobles, and his leading ability is something that can’t be underestimated.

Aside from that, he also has many mines in his territory, so he would raise the prices of the magic crystals every year, and it could be said that this man controlled the economy.

“…It is something to celebrate.”

Sitting opposite of Dona, the one who said this short statement was Martial Arts.

He has a well-build body unthinkable from that of a noble, and he was even wearing armor. A warrior of many battles would be a fast way to describe him. His age surpasses the sixties, but his grey hair is tied to his back, and his eyes are sharp.

He is the other leader that brings together the military nobles.

“However, this is worrying… I am wondering if she is being fooled by this man that calls himself the Demon Lord.”


Sitting at the seat of honor of the round table is the last Holy Maiden with pink hair swaying.

Angel White.

Her hair, eyes, lips; they all have a light pink color, and even the aura that covers her body feels divine. That beauty of hers is one that’s hard to believe it is from this world.

Dona Dona who is looking at her gulped.

It was blatantly clear that he was thinking of something disgusting. He was trying to make this Holy Maiden his eventually.

“Don’t worry. If that man is of concern to you, I can bring judgment to him…” (Dona)

Dona Dona directed that sticky gaze of his to the breasts of the Holy Maiden. He most likely was fondling those two big bulges inside his mind. Even his hands below the round table were moving.

Their topic of conversation was the Holy Maiden Luna.

She surprisingly said that she herself will be taking the lead of her territory that she had been leaving complete control of to the Church. ‘Should this be seen as some sort of change or a small growth?’, that’s what was bothering White.

White had fallen silent, and the two nobles clash.

“…Luna-sama is someone that’s trusted. This isn’t something we should interfere in.” (Arts)

“Hmph, there’s already a drawn poster of him going around the city!” (Dona)

“…Dona, has that man brought any sort of harm? Are you saying you will be bringing judgment to someone that Luna-sama trusts in with only rumors to back you up?” (Arts)

“Blitz of the remote region reported that he burned down a village! In the first place, he even sent the bodyguards of Luna-sama flying!” (Dona)

The two were glaring at each other without hiding their hostility.

They stand at two different fronts of the country, but even before all that, they were like oil and water.

“…From the information that has reached me, he simply burned down a single farmer’s house though? It is most likely just Blitz blowing up the matter.” (Arts)

“Arts! Are you doubting the words of a noble?!” (Dona)

“…Not only the standing, but there’s also the need to judge whether the words come from a trustworthy person. At the very least, I place more trust in the report of my own subordinate than that of Blitz.” (Arts)

The glaring of the two wasn’t stopping.

Because the summit of the economic and militaristic nobles were divided, the Holy Light Country still can’t escape from their long stagnation.

“It is rare for her to say something for herself in regards to these matters… I am thinking about watching how things go for a while.” (White)

“If Holy Maiden-sama says so…” (Dona)

“…As you command.” (Arts)

Dona was showing his displeasure while nodding, and Arts silently closed his eyes.

After the two nobles left the room, Queen violently opened the door as if exchanging places with them and takes a seat while making loud noises.

As if saying the seat is too low, she places her legs on top of the round table. It is an appearance that doesn’t have a shred of manners or respect.

“Looks like the other day was tough… I am glad to see you are okay.” (White)

Even though White spoke to her, Queen seemed to be spacing out.

No, it really might not have entered her ears.

“…I am in love.” (Queen)

“Eh?” (White)

“I fell in love…with that man. Even when I think back on it now, he is still extremely cool.” (Queen)

“W-Wait…Wait a moment. What are you saying?” (White)

White and Queen have known each other for a long time. She understands plenty well that the way of speaking of Queen is outside norms, but the words that entered her ears were something she doubted she heard right.

She thought that Queen was the person that was the furthest away from matters of love.

“Could it be…the rumored Dragonewt? Queen, think about this properly. There’s no way there would be a Dragonewt…” (White)

“Sis hasn’t seen him, that’s why you can say something as carefree as that! That fist! That figure! That gallant face! Those cool lines!” (Queen)


“C-Calm down…” (White)

“I have to find Zero fast… Haaah… I want to bury my face in those clothes…” (Queen)

“Why…just why in the world…have my two little sisters turned weird?!” (White)


Angel White, the only normal Holy Maiden.

And, naturally, the one with the most hardships.

There’s no doubt these hardships will be continuing for a long time.


A few days after…

“So this is the Holy Capital, huh. Quite big.”

I was surprised by my first big city in a fantasy world.

What surprised me the most was the incredibly big moat that was surrounding the city, and there’s water fully filling it.

It should be effective as a defense, but it looks like the worth of the water here is different.

“T-This is incredible, isn’t it?! This is also my first time seeing the Holy Capital!” (Aku)

“Fufun. Aku, that Holy Castle you see over there is my house.” (Luna)

“That big castle is your house?! As I thought, Holy Maiden-samas are amazing!” (Aku)

“That’s right. I am the best Holy Maiden. In time, I will be ruling this country!” (Luna)

Is this girl an idiot?

The day Luna becomes the helmsman of a country, it will either face a financial fall by the third day, or a coup d’etat will happen.

If there’s a stat for politics, this girl would be at 1 or 2.

I myself might be a 5 though…

<<Chief, it looks like there’s some sort of inspection being performed at the entrance.>> (Yuu)

<<I see. So they at least have measures for crime prevention.>> (Maou)

Even in Japan, they would have strict checks at places like airports. If it is about foreign countries, it would get even stricter. They would compare the data of criminals around the world, and it would take quite a lot of time to enter the country.

In my case, it seems like a portrait of me has been going around, so there might be trouble.

“Luna, I am counting on you to do just as we arranged, okay?” (Maou)

“Yeah, I will have them let you in as my servant.” (Luna)

“Collaborator. Is your brain inferior to a chicken?” (Maou)

I thought that something might work if we were to use the name and face of the Holy Maiden, but it looks like the gatekeepers were already given a prior notification of some sort, we were able to enter so easily that it felt like the pain was a waste.

I don’t think they are welcoming us with open arms, but they didn’t even charge us for entering. Thinking about the fact that I sent flying all the bodyguards of Luna, this treatment of theirs was strange.

<<Maybe a Holy Maiden, a noble, or a high official wants to make contact with us?>> (Yuu)

<<I was thinking the same. Now then, is it gonna be an ogre or a snake.>> (Maou)

And in this way, Maou has stepped into the Holy Capital.

It didn’t feel like it will be going the route of peacefully investigate and then return…

  • Chapter 24: Dinner Gathering

—Holy Capital: Night.

(Now then, we managed to secure the inn.) (Maou)

I used a big gold I had and secured a lodge in the Holy Capital.

It is apparently quite the popular and high class inn.

If we consider the lack of money in possession right now, a cheap inn would have worked, but thinking about how we will be advertising the hot spring and hospital, it would be better to push the image of being a highly wealthy person.

The words of a poor person and a rich person have different levels of persuasion even if the same words are used.

“And so, the establishment is called Artemis, right?” (Maou)

The place that Luna introduced us to had quite the decent name considering the country. That I am counting the name of the place being decent as a surprise is already quite the sad thing though.

“Yeah, it is a nice place that’s worthy of being visited by a high class person like me.” (Luna)

“High class, huh… More importantly, why is it that you are also staying at the inn?” (Maou)

“I-Isn’t it okay? …It is my own business where I stay!” (Luna)

It is not your own business! I am the one paying the stay!

I wanted to twist that mouth of hers, but I can’t gather strange attention in the middle of the city. I am already gathering attention as it is after all.

A Holy Maiden, a man that calls himself the Demon Lord, a lab coat beauty, and a white dress princess; no matter the place, we would stir it up just by walking there.

<<Chief, it is nostalgic, isn’t it? …This atmosphere.>> (Yuu)

<<…Indeed.>> (Maou)

No, sorry. I don’t know what you are talking about at all.

<<They look exactly the same as the pitiful masses in the occupied districts that prostrated to our military might. I can still remember as if it were yesterday the day when a child had thrown a pebble at us and was turned into a pile of meat.>> (Yuu)

<<H-Haha…>> (Maou)

Now that I think about it, I did write something like that in the brief background story of the game…

So for the close-aides, that is also a reality, huh. Shizuka has a lot of stories like this, so I feel like she will become quite the dangerous character.

She was like a little joke made to show the mercilessness of the Grand Empire, but when it turns into reality, it makes me tremble to the pit of my stomach.

“Maou-sama… Is it okay for someone like me to enter an amazing store like that?” (Aku)

“There’s no need to worry. You look like a princess right now.” (Maou)

“A p-princess, you say…” (Aku)

I calm myself after seeing Aku’s face redden and getting embarrassed.

Isn’t this girl slowly becoming the medicine that stabilizes my mind?

(At any rate, this is a dreamlike city…) (Maou)

Street lights that were releasing a variety of lights were standing here and there in the city as if colouring the night.

There’s also a water fountain at the main street, and I could even see many couples flirting around it.

(The attire of the people walking around is also completely different.) (Maou)

They are obviously clean clothes, but there’s also many clothes that are centered in being stylish. It seems like they are even picky with their hairstyle, I could feel like they have put their own style to them in it.

I didn’t feel it that much in the morning, but it feels as if, when night comes, it turns into something like Shibuya.

There were a variety of signs that use magic crystals lined up on the path, and the dressed-up women that are standing at the bars were calling out the people that were passing by.

With how things look, I feel like there’s a red-light district somewhere.

(In the day it is the Holy Capital, and at night it is a different face, huh…) (Maou)

Interesting, is how I thought.

Looks like it isn’t trying to pass off as being a city solely of purity.

I don’t hate the tranquil feeling that a temple gives, but I by no means hate a lively and flashy city like this.

“Luna, this is an interesting city.” (Maou)

“I-Is that so? It is rare of you to praise something.” (Luna)

Luna was making a shocked expression, maybe because it was unexpected.

It was no sarcasm. I felt like I understood something here.

“This is a lot easier to understand than being told stuff like angels and the like. The desires of people are showing as they are… So this place is the core of the country.” (Maou)

Doing their best, polishing themselves, and finally obtaining money and power.

This is the place that welcomes those kind of people.

This is a lot more realistic than being told shady stuff like ‘you will be happy in the life after death’.

“Desires, you say… You… We are here. This is Artemis.” (Luna)

“Fumu, well then, let’s go.” (Maou)


Entering the establishment, it was like this was a different world.

I could soon tell from the quality of the customers.

People in expensive-looking clothes were sipping on wine and eating meat as they elegantly chat. It was like a social gathering.

“Luna-sama, we are glad for your visit.”

“Yeah, counting on you for something good today as well, okay?” (Luna)

When we got to our seats, a person that looked like the owner of the place came to greet us. As expected of someone carrying the title of Holy Maiden.

Looks like this title of hers will be of great use to me in the future as well.

“Now then, let’s celebrate grandly for the healed leg of Aku.” (Maou)

The dishes that were brought to the table one after the other were making Aku open her eyes wide, but my heart was also beating fast. However, maybe because the body of Kunai Hakuto is familiar with table manners, it was showing polished conduct as if I was a noble since birth.

“Aku, no need to mind things like manners. Eat in any way you wish.” (Maou)

“Y-Yes!” (Aku)

It might be a good idea to not only come to high class restaurants like this, but a restaurant where we can eat more at ease.

I would like to relax my shoulders and eat comfortably too after all.

<<It is quite something, but compared to our world, it is lacking a lot.>> (Yuu)

<<Well, it can’t be helped.>> (Maou)

The food that was prepared in the game was mainly things that were found in modern Japan. If we were to replace them for the ones in real life, then of course they would be delicious.

Japan is the kind of country that would get ingredients from the other side of the world to make even things like fast food.

Freezing techniques, manufacturing techniques, cooking techniques; this world is far lower in terms of those areas, so it would be harsh to compare the dishes of this world to our own.

(Now then, when talking about celebrations, we talk about cakes.) (Maou)

In the game, there’s obviously cakes as well, but it is an item that can’t be obtained directly. There’s the need for an <<Ingredient>> in order to make the item.

With the use of that ingredient, it is possible to make four types of recovery items.

<<Breakfast Set: Recovers 50 health.>>

<<Vegetable Soup: Recovers 25 heath.>>

<<Strawberry Tart: Recovers 50 vitality.>>

<<Cheese Cake: Recovers 25 vitality.>>

On top of that, the people that have the Survival Skill [Cooking] can increase their options further, and additional effects will show.

<<Five Grains Feast: Recovers 50 health.>>

<<Nourishing Soup: Recovers 50 vitality.>>

<<Hot Pot Set: Recovers 100 vitality.>>

Is how it would go.

Sadly to say, Kunai doesn’t have the cooking skill. In regards to this part, it would be either getting back the Skill Acquisition Right, or calling a close-aide with the skill.

“[High Grade Item Creation: Ingredient].” (Maou)

I create the ingredients below the table.

I say ingredient, but it is actually a beautiful white ball. There’s no knowing for what it will be changed into, so it must have taken this form.

Should I put on a bit of airs in this place?

“[Item Manufacture: Strawberry Tart].” (Maou)


I thought it was a bit pretentious of me, but I snapped my left hand fingers and acted as if it were magic.

The ingredient began to visibly change and a strawberry tart was made within the light.

From an outsider’s perspective, this would look exactly like magic…

“Waah! Maou-sama, is that a pastry?!” (Aku)

“W-What is that?! It is incredibly cute!” (Luna)

As I thought, girls like cakes no matter the world. It was worth using 20 SP.

It is not as if I myself was the one who made it, but I could feel as if I had become a first-class patissiere.

“Aku, this is my present for you. Yuu, slice it please.” (Maou)

“Yes, Chief.” (Yuu)

It recovers vitality by 50, so the exhaustion from the long journey will be blown away. Two birds with one stone.

The cut tart was placed on the plates of each of us, and they slowly brought it into their mouths.

I do have confidence in the taste, but I don’t really like sweet things that much…

“Sweet! Delicious! Cute!” (Aku)

“Uaaaah! Delicioooous! I feel like my cheeks will melt! You, what magic did you use?!” (Luna)


“This really brings happiness inside one’s mouth, Chief… Fuuuh…!” (Yuu)

“I-I see… That’s great.” (Maou)

Aren’t these girls making way too much of a ruckus?

I do understand liking sweet things, but…to think even Yuu would act like that…

“You seem to be having quite a lot of fun there…Luna-chan.”

“Feh, Madam?!” (Luna)


When I look at the place, I see a Madam in a blue dress who’s clear to the eye that she is wealthy. In those fingers of hers, there’s rings that could be said to be exaggeratedly big. Moreover, one for each of her 10 fingers.

She is most likely an acquaintance of Luna, she was acting quite familiar with her. On the other hand, Luna seemed to not be good at dealing with her, it is rare to see her eyes swimming around.

(What’s with this super rich person…? Her whole body is shining.) (Maou)

Thinking I should learn about who this Madam is, I silently try to collect info on her.

I will be beginning a business soon, so I can’t stumble in weird places.

I stand up from my seat and bow elegantly.

“Madame, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. My name’s Kunai Hakuto.” (Maou)

“Ara, I am late in my introductions. I am Ebifry Butterfly.” (Butterfly) <Ebifry = Fried Prawn. Butterfly is pronounced butterfry.>

(Are you a one-liner comedian?!) (Maou)

Rather than laughing, that name made anger well up in me.

What was running in the mind of her parents when they named her?!

<<Luna, who is this Madam?>> (Maou)

<<Feh?! The lewd voice of Maou is resounding in my head?!>> (Luna)

<<The lewd part was unnecessary. Answer already.>> (Maou)

<<She is a central figure of the wive nobles… She is widely-known within the nobles, and her influence is also big, so she is a scary person…>> (Luna)

So she is the Queen of the Madams that have way too much free time in their hands, huh.

If I can win her over well, I might be able to see unexpected results. This is a society with no internet, so the word of mouth from a person with strong influence will be big.

“Madam, would you like to have a seat with us?” (Maou)

“W-Wait, Maou!” (Luna)

“Ara, to think I would receive an invitation from the ‘rumored Maou-sama’… This is quite stimulating.” (Butterfly)

This is a hard to deal with woman.

She knew about me, and yet, she approached us with a face as if there was nothing.

I can see how she is the center of the wive nobles that are most likely naggy. She is probably over 50 years old, but I can’t tell anything concrete.

Looking at her, she has a big body like that of a small mountain, and I can see that she doesn’t exercise much.

(Are we getting closer to the root of her aim? But mind you, I will be the one doing the devouring.) (Maou)

And in this way, what seems to be a peaceful casual talk had begun.

At the same time, in the shadows, the Satanists were blending into the darkness and were silently waiting for the signal to ring.

□ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □□ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □

A part of the data is now available.

There’s other manufacturing items as well. <<Weapon Materials>> and <<Unlawful Goods>> are the most prominent ones.
When the former is used, it can create an item that will have a +2 effect on the weapon’s attack power, and the latter can grant a Status Up.

Because both items could break the balance of the game, there’s the need for skills like [Prodigy] and [Unlawful Goods] which are difficult to get.

Aside from those, there’s also the <<Change Item>> that, when used, it can change the effect and details at random.

Things like <<Fortune Slips>> and <<Fortune-Telling Magazines>> can show good or bad results, and there’s the chance for the Status to decrease, so there’s the need for plenty enough caution.

Things like <<Lucky-dip Bag>>, <<Small Treasure Chest>>, <<Piggy Bank>>, and <<Santa’s Bag>> can grant many valuable items, but there’s times when trash-like items appear, and there were many players who would get discouraged by this.

  • Chapter 25: Signs of Chaos

The restaurant Artemis was gathering a bit of attention.

There were numerous musical instruments creating an elegant tune inside the establishment, entertaining the ears of the customers, but their eyes were directed at a single table.

The Holy Maiden and the man that calls himself the Demon Lord, on top of that, Madam Butterfly.

Even when they are nobles, there’s many of those men nobles that are at the mercy of their wives. The big boss of those scary wives is Butterfly.

That influence of hers is unmeasurable, and it is to the point that the people she hates would be shut out from social gatherings. The customers who have nothing to do in their matters were the ones who were nervous as they watched the passing of events.

“At any rate, Madam is incredibly beautiful. Thinking about how much you have spend in beauty makes me want to lower my head in admiration.” (Maou)

“Ara ara, are you seducing this old lady?” (Butterfly)

The casual talk of Maou and Butterfly began, but their eyes were not smiling at all.

That figure of them both trying to figure out the other party was like that of two drawn swords facing each other.

“Hey, in your eyes, ‘Maou-sama’, how does this city look to you?” (Butterfly)

“It is great. It is incredibly honest and incredibly easy to understand.” (Maou)

“…There’s many foreigners that come here and get shocked. Because of how much difference there is in the quality of life between the poor and the rich; it is not rare for them to say things like ‘it is like heaven and hell’.” (Butterfly)

“I see, I do consider it strange. But there’s one way to resolve it.” (Maou)

Saying this much, Maou cuts his words.

Even though he said that he had a plan to solve it, he carefreely lighted up a tobacco, and without trying to continue his words, he enjoyed puffing out smoke.

As if getting impatient, Madam was the one who pushed her body onto the table.

“I would like to hear it -the wisdom of ‘Maou-sama’.” (Butterfly)

“It is simple. If you make everything heaven there won’t be any problem. See, extremely simple.” (Maou)

“E-Everyt…T-That’s quite the grandiose thing to say.” (Butterfly)

“—If I were to stand at the top of the country, I would make it possible in a few years.” (Maou)

In a few years.PNG

The words of Maou made Madam speechless.

This was not on the level of bragging, it was practically on the level of questioning his sanity.

Until now, there have been many who have said big stuff in order to get into the good side of Madam or lined up flattery, but this is the first time that she has met a person who would say something as big as this.

There’s no way this man had a plan that could make everything into heaven.

If he could do something like that, he would have been an actual politician.

(Uhaha! It doesn’t cost me anything to say whatever.) (Maou)

He was kind of turning deviant here, and it was also kind of a gamble act at trying to give the impression that he is an ‘unconventional person’.

But from what Madam sees, the beauty at his side was silently agreeing with that. As if saying that the utterance just now was not him showing off.

“However, before talking about something boring like the country, I would like to provide a different kind of heaven to you, Madam.” (Maou)

“Interesting… Just what ‘heaven’ is it?” (Butterfly)

Maou wraps up in beautiful paper the thing that he created below the table, and gives it to the Madam.

The <<Soap>> that is super popular with women.

But the Madam who was given this had a complicated expression. She was wondering what this man that says unconventional remarks had given her, and it was a soap.

Soaps are luxury items that are sold at 1-5 silver in this country, but for Madam, it was nothing out of the ordinary, and it isn’t anything to be grateful about.

“T-That soap is incredible!” (Luna)

“Ara, is it a product that Luna-chan recommends?” (Madam)

“All dirt falls off as if it were magic. The skin ends up all sparkly!” (Luna)

“Oh my… Sparkly, huh…” (Madam)

(Nice assist, Luna!) (Maou)

The unexpected cover fire made Maou internally pump his fist.

In reality, the word ‘magic’ that Luna said was heavy.

For Madam, Luna is still a child, and she was simply entertaining her innocence. However, her talent in magic is no doubt the real thing.

Luna has strong pride in her own magic, and Madam knows that all of her self-esteem is placed there, so the word ‘magic’ from Luna is heavy.

“Indeed, the skin of the ladies here are shiny.” (Butterfly)

Madam looks at the girls that are around the table, and slight jealousy shows. They are young and don’t have any wrinkle in that skin of theirs. On top of that, they are all beauties.

“Please do test it tonight. I think you will be able to tell the difference in effectivity.” (Maou)

“Right… I thank you, Maou-sama, for this lovely present.” (Butterfly)

Madam was unconsciously sending a heated gaze at the soap in her hand.

No matter the age, women worry about their skin. Doesn’t matter how much money one has, aging is something that they can’t do anything about, and you could say that ‘beauty’ is the only point where Madam, who is said to have an iron defense, is weak against.

“No no, there’s no need to thank me for something of this extent. I was thinking about making a hot spring at the Rabi village in the near future. It will literally revive your skin and whole body.” (Maou)

“Revive. You really do say quite the big things…” (Butterfly)

“I don’t place a single bit of exaggeration at the things that I myself prepare. What comes out from my mouth are all reality, after all.” (Maou)

(Kuuuh! So cool, Chief!) (Yuu)

He was already saying whatever he wanted.

Reaching this level, he was already on a plane of his own.

“There’s not only regular hot springs, but also carbonic acid hot springs, jar springs, rock springs, bedrock baths, cold baths, electric baths, herbal baths, salted mist saunas, and many other varieties that can be enjoyed. Not only will your exhaustion be washed away, it will also fix stiff shoulders, and there’s many that are highly effective towards people sensitive to cold. Of course, your skin after the bath will also rejuvenate.” (Maou)

“I-Is that so…” (Butterfly)

What Maou was saying didn’t register completely in the brain of Madam. However, it acutely transmitted to her that it is something unbelievable. Just listening about it was making her want to go there this instant.

And in reality, when he does make that place, it will turn into ‘reality’.

It was originally an establishment that increases the recovery speed of health, but the effects that are written about the hot spring will also be showing the results in reality as well.

“I am looking forward to it… When is it going to be made?” (Butterfly)

“Once we finish our investigation here, we will do so at once.” (Maou)

“I-I will be keeping tabs on it. Luna-chan, keep it a secret from Kakifry, okay?” (Butterfly)

(Fried Oyster?! Are you people all fried food?!) (Maou)

Maou was retorting inside his mind, but his expression was not showing even a beep of it. However, maybe because he is holding in his laugh, only the hand that’s holding his tobacco was slightly shaking.

“Understood. But Madam, you really don’t get along with your little sister as always.” (Luna)

“It is basically the same as your situation, Luna-chan. It is simply difficult for sisters to understand each other.” (Butterfly)

(Get along with each other as comrade fried food…) (Maou)

Maou was desperately resisting from laughing while exchanging a handshake with the smiling Madam.

This was an encounter that one would have to wonder for a moment what would happen, but it seems like it has safely finished.

After that, the group was enjoying a lively meal, but a ear-piercing scream echoed, and the place grew noisy.

What was coming from the outside were vibrations and screams.

Listening carefully, what was being shouted was only one thing.

““A Satanist attack!!!””

—The expression of Maou changed.

It was like that of a child finding a toy, and it also seemed as if he were restraining his welling up joy.

“Impecabble timing. Some nice buffoons have come as a side show for the dinner.” (Maou)

That figure of his made Madam gulp.

Because what was shown there was a completely different side of him, what was standing there was the authentic Demon Lord.

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