Maou – Chapter 19: God Hand

Finishing the self-introductions inside the base, we decide on beginning the treatment of Aku.

I believe in the ability of Yuu, but this is something that we won’t know until we try.

No…don’t falter.

Believe in the character you have created.

“Now then, Aku-chan…relax.” (Yuu)

“Y-Yes…” (Aku)

Yuu’s right hand was visibly changing, and her fingers were turning into things like a syringe, forceps, and tweezers.

God Hand

Her special ability, God Hand.

I was used to seeing it in the game, but when looking at it in the flesh, it is quite grotesque. Or more like, scary.

But this ability ‘can exterminate all kind of illnesses and cure wounds’, which cannot be described as anything but a cheat.

“U-Uhm…th-that hand…” (Aku)

As expected, Aku is also scared because of the grotesque appearance.

But maybe cause the setting of being a genius doctor is still alive, Yuu showed a gentle smile, and speaks in order to calm the patient.

I am so glad I properly wrote that setting in her as well.

“It is okay, Aku-chan… It will only be the tip, only the tip.” (Yuu)

“Wuu, your breathing is kind of rough and it is scary!” (Aku)

Ugh! What is this woman saying?!

It is true that Aku does look androgynous, but she is a girl, you know! She is not the shotas you like!

“Aku-chan, when the treatment is over, want to cross-dress? Hang out with Onee-san.” (Yuu)

“I-I would like to refuse that offer…!” (Aku)

“Yuu, stop playing around and be quick.” (Maou)

“My apologies.” (Yuu)

There’s no knowing what she will say if I leave her alone.

But I am the one who gave her the setting of loving shotas… I feel like I am the one at fault here.

“Well then, Chief. I will begin.” (Yuu)

“Okay, I am counting on you.” (Maou)

The right hand of Yuu that had changed into many tools touches Aku’s leg.

That right hand seemed as if it were palpitating, and a liquid began to fill the syringe, and that was injected into Aku’s leg.

Yuu can produce a variety of medicines inside her body and can inject that into someone. Of course, that applies to poisons as well.

“W-Wait…Maou! Is this really okay?!” (Luna)

“Don’t worry. Believe in me and my subordinate.” (Maou)

“I-I have not believed in you once…!” (Luna)

I responded to the words of Luna with a confident attitude, but I was internally praying.

This may be some kind of treatment method; Yuu’s fingers were changing one after the other and were touching the leg of Aku. Each time she does, a reddish tint in Aku’s leg grew more pronounced, as if a part that didn’t have blood flowing into it was now coming back to life.

(I am counting on you, Yuu…) (Maou)

“Now, with this we are done. I will be cleaning the wound too, okay? It is a girl’s leg after all.” (Yuu)

…Eh? It is already healed?!

The finger of Yuu changed into something like a brush, and whenever she brushed the surface of the wound with it, it was disappearing. Even when putting it moderately, it is an amazing sight.

I calm down my violently agitated emotions, and act as if it was only natural.

“Fumu, done, huh.” (Maou)

“Yes, Chief. There’s no problems.” (Yuu)

“Aku, can you stand? Even if it has been healed, you have to walk a bit to get used to it.” (Maou)

“Y-Yes!” (Aku)

Aku stands up and walks a few steps.

It was unsteady, but she didn’t drag her feet anymore.

“I-I can walk…! My leg is…!” (Aku)

“Good to see. Now then, try walking for a bit.” (Maou)

“U-Uhm…! Yuu-sama, thank you very much! I-I don’t know what to say, uhm…” (Aku)

“It is okay, give your thanks to Chief.” (Yuu)

Yuu said this and laughed. I didn’t do anything really.

Anyways, we should have her walk a bit to have her get accustomed to it. I don’t have knowledge in rehabilitation, but I can at least hold her hand and walk together with her.

“We will be going out for a bit. Stay inside.” (Maou)

I hold the hand of Aku and exit the base.

The sun welcomed us outside. In this kind of day worthy of celebration, a clear sky is the appropriate weather.

“M-Maou-sama! I can really walk… This is just way too amazing!” (Aku)


“I told you, didn’t I. There’s no impossible for the Grand Empire.” (Maou)

Without even saying a beep about how I was internally praying, I answer pompously. Or more like, with how long I have been acting, it is tiring me more and more. I can’t lower my act towards my close-aides, but when together with only Aku, I could give the act a break for a bit.

“It is truly like a dream… To think I would be able to walk like normal.” (Aku)

“It is not a dream. From now on, you can walk like normal, and lead your life like normal.” (Maou)

“M-Maou-sama…can you please pinch my cheek?” (Aku)

“Again with the cliched reacti—” (Maou)

I was about to laugh at that response of her, but I stop midway.

Because there were…tears flowing down her eyes.

Looking at that figure of hers, I couldn’t keep calm and avert my gaze. This is not good. I am not good at dealing with this kind of atmosphere…

“Well, you know…ain’t that great?” (Maou)

What’s with that response?!

Can’t I say something a bit more considerate?!

Even though I can blabber random stuff all the time, just in the important moments, my mouth acts in a way that makes me want to pinch it.

“…Maou-sama, is it okay to walk for a bit more?” (Aku)

Aku says this and holds my hand. It is not a scenery that can be called a walk, but for some reason I don’t hate taking walks in this parallel world.

Dried and cracked earth could be seen here and there, and the blazing sun was mercilessly bringing down the heat.

But why is it…that I feel like my life right now is more enriching than that in my original world?

(It might be because she is here.) (Maou)

At first I grieved at why I was in this parallel world, but just being able to cure the leg of Aku made me feel like there was worth in coming to this world.

If I think of it as this being the reason why I was brought here, I could somewhat accept this unreasonableness.

“I won’t be able to get piggybacks from Maou-sama anymore, huh…” (Aku)

“I can carry you anytime you are tired, you know.” (Maou)

I feel like the expression of Aku has matured quite a lot and I unconsciously light a tobacco.

They do say that girls mature fast, but that might really be the case.

Sadly, I am a bachelor, so I don’t have much knowledge in that area. While I was thinking that, Aku strengthened the grip of her hand that was holding mine.

“Maou-sama, please stay with me forever, okay?” (Aku)

“…Say that kind of thing to the man you will be loving in the future.” (Maou)


That would mean living in this world.

Throwing away everything about my original world.

I am trying to investigate about the Seraph from hereon, so I can’t do something as irresponsible as agreeing.

“I have already decided on the person…” (Aku)

“Hey there…” (Maou)

What is a 13 year old child saying…

Now that I think back, in my middle school days, I had a time when I fell in love with a teacher. Is it that kind of thing?

“Now then, let’s return.” (Maou)

In the end, she didn’t let go of my hand till we returned to the base.

■■ □□ ■■ □□  

“Chief, you pay quite a lot of attention to that girl.” (Yuu)

I unconsciously let that out.

Since a long time ago, Chief would show a tolerant attitude towards people that have fulfilled certain requirements to the point that it feels as if he is a completely different person.

That’s towards the ‘Winners of the Game’.

To this great warriors that have overcome many tribulations and despairs, he would grant them a massive amount of wealth and fame, and promises them a bright future —that is one of the concepts of the Game.

In that sense, I also hold respect towards the winners as if natural.

But that girl is no ‘winner’.

(Does she have some sort of special power?) (Yuu)

Chief had an excellent ability in discovering talent. All the 8 close-aides protecting the Nightless Castle were people that Chief had scouted.

Within those, there weren’t few who were at an age that could be called children.

(I want to know…about the ‘humans’ of this world.) (Yuu)

In reality, I wanted to investigate this girl further, but I can’t do something rude to the guest that Chief has introduced to me.

Also, once the hospital is made…I will have as many chances as I want.

“To think you would be able to cure that injury… Not only the Demon Lord, anything goes even for his subordinates, huh.” (Luna)

The girl that was introduced to me as Luna muttered as if amazed.

In my eyes, people that can use something like magic are the ones who ‘anything goes’.

There’s a saying that humans seek for what they don’t have. Is it a similar feeling to that?

“However, I will give my thanks too. I can’t say it to him, but I am grateful to you.” (Luna)

Those words made a smile appear in my face.

The innocence of this girl, that part of hers that doesn’t know fear resembles Akane a little bit.

“I see. No wonder you would pique the interest of Chief.” (Yuu)

“H-HUH?! T-That’s only bothersome for me! It is a big pain in the ass!” (Luna)

See? Even the part of not being honest.

At any rate, this girl also has quite the cute face. Wouldn’t she also be able to rock a boy’s attire?

I wonder how she would look with her hair cut and shorts?

“W-We are back!” (Aku)

“Aku, how’s your leg? Did the perverted Maou do anything to you?” (Luna)

“You really don’t break character… In a sense, you impress me.” (Maou)

Chief approaches while saying this.

And then, he places his hand on my shoulder and pats it.

“Yuu, that was a splendid treatment. I am glad I called for you.” (Maou)

(Uuuh!) (Yuu)

Those words, that hand of his, sent a jolt in my body. On top of that, it was the kind of jolt that went from my head to the tip of my feet as if piercing me; a strange numbness and excitement.

(What’s…this?!) (Yuu)


A feeling of bliss to the point that, if I were to let my guard down, tears would flow.

My body, my heart, my cells, every single strand of my hair; all the parts of my body were trembling in happiness.

Why… It was as if ‘The Omniscient Creator of Everything’ himself was acknowledging my existence. That kind of overwhelming sense of bliss was enveloping me.

“N-No…I am glad that I was able to be of help.” (Yuu)

My breathing is rough.

Even though it is my own body, I can’t get a grip of myself.

I have been praised by Chief in the past, but I didn’t feel like this even once before. And yet…why now?

“Please aid me from hereon as well. I will be counting on you, okay?” (Maou)

“Y-Yes…!” (Yuu)

(Uuh…I can’t speak well…) (Yuu)

My heart was throbbing like crazy.

Strange. This is…strange!

Why is it that his praise and him counting on me…are making me feel this happy…? Unbelievable, tears were covering my eyes, and my vision grew hazy.

If this is what’s called happiness, the happiness that I have felt until now…was nothing but trash.

(Something’s different… It is not the usual Chief…?) (Yuu)

“Now then, Aku’s leg has healed, so let’s celebrate grandly once we return to the Holy Capital.” (Maou)

“Agree! But this time it is your treat!” (Luna)

“I-I am okay with bread…” (Aku)

“Rejected. Luna, when we arrive there, show us the best restaurant there is.” (Maou)

“I am fine with that, but…you really have the money, right…?” (Luna)

While listening to the conversation of the three, I put aside my thoughts for now.

The shoulder he touched was still hot even now.

I don’t feel like I will be able to think properly right now.

(First is the hospital. I wonder if Chief will praise me again…) (Yuu)

□ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □□ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □

The Survival Skill [Heroine] has been added to Aku.

Survival Skill: Heroine.
A rare skill in the game.
Its chance of activation is a low 3%, but it allows the skill owner to have Kunai nullify all kinds of attacks.
In the game, it could nullify all finishing attacks, and there were cases where the Heroine skill owners were able to make big turnarounds. The ones who have this skill would look at Kunai like a lifesaving God, and for the opponent, it would look like they were in the very depths of hell.

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