Maou – Chapter 17-18: Demon Army Activated

—Holy Light Kingdom: On the way to the Holy Capital.

“Ahahaha! The time has finally co—gefugoho!”

On the way to it, the carriage was stopped and Maou got down of it for a break, but the moment he opened the admin window, he raised a crazed-sounding laughter. On top of that, he laughed so much that he choked.

It was quite the stupid sight.

“That guy is actually an idiot, isn’t he?”  

“M-Maou-sama is a playful person!”   

Aku tried to cover for him, but Luna’s straight stare wasn’t changing. Rather, it was growing steeper.

“That face…is the face of when he has thought of something lewd.” (Luna)

“I-Is it…the butt…?” (Aku)

Aku’s face reddens and she touches her own butt.

It looks like she has been poisoned by Luna in the everyday travel. However, it seems like Maou was not paying attention to them, he hurriedly speaks.

“You two, I will be pondering for a while. Just in case, enter the base.” (Maou)

Maou said this in a strangely haughty manner while setting the base that he had created the other day.

It was truly an instant.

Without even taking a second, a strong construction had appeared. If this is to be called magic, it would be the magic of the century.

“Ah, this magic house! I wanted to try entering it once!” (Luna)

“Holy Maiden-sama, inside here there’s a drum bath!” (Aku)

“Drum? What’s that?” (Luna)

The two were making a ruckus while entering the base, and Maou also speaks to the coachman. In this kind of points, he is strangely diligent.

It might be simply because of his japanese nature though.

“If you want to, go ahead inside too.” (Maou)

“B-By no means…! I will be feeding the horses here.”

The coachman lowers his head as if being honored by the offer, and Maou lowers his head back at him. This part of him is truly japanese.

“Then at the very least take one. It will help you with fatigue.” (Maou)

Maou puts a Mild Heaven <Tobacco> in the coachman’s mouth and lights it up.

The coachman’s face went pale and felt like he was about to cry, but he resolved himself and breathes in.

He must have thought that if he were to refuse, he would be burned to cinders in place.

In the eyes of the coachman, Maou is the monster that managed to defeat the Holy Maiden-sama and the knight squad on his own, and even the Sand Wolves were not a challenge to him at all. He was the very ‘Demon Lord’.

“E-Eh?…S-Somehow the fatigue in my shoulders is going a…way…”

Because of the nature of the coachman’s work, he has to use both arms and shoulders for a long time.

He is a veteran working in the Holy Church, and the fatigue in his shoulders must have accumulated with the long years. And that has now come out and a refreshing feeling took its place.

The tobacco that Maou gave to him has the effect of recovering 40 vitality.

The highest of the first-class warriors of this world have around 50 vitality, so for a regular person, recovering 40 is practically making your whole body as good as new.

“T-Thank you very much…”

“Don’t mind it. It is incredibly important to have a break in work.” (Maou)

Those words of Maou made the coachman let out a strained laugh.

Even if his fatigue has been blown away, the color of his face was turning paler. He was way too scared to imagine just what in the world he has given him.

‘Will he demand my soul later? Or have I been afflicted by a curse that will kill me a few days later?’, the coachman was being attacked by a fear that was out of the mark.

(Okay okay… I managed to play the ‘understanding man’.) (Maou)

Maou was doing pointless acting here, but of course, it was fruitless.

He most likely doesn’t understand clearly how he looks like to others. Even if he were to show a smile, it has a tint of weirdness to it, and it wasn’t one that would make someone open their hearts to him.

Aku and Luna are getting along with him, but at first that wasn’t the case.

(Now then, I should begin thinking…) (Maou)

Maou finally begins to ponder about the main topic.

The moment he opened the admin window, a surprising message and command appeared.

<<Congratulations! SP is over 1,000!
The [Close-aide Summon] has been unlocked.
[Final Judgement] has been unlocked.>>

(The time has finally come…) (Maou)

Maou also lights up the tobacco held in his mouth, and that sharp gaze of him was directed to empty space.

  ■■ □□ ■■ □□  

(The massive amount of SP must have been from the battle before…) (Maou)

It has been a while since I have fully turned the gears in my brain.

The result of destroying the monster army of what’s called Sand Wolves was a whopping increase of 1,200 SP

I felt as if I had won the lottery.

(Close-aide Summon uses 1,000 SP, huh.) (Maou)

Thinking about it normally, that’s an unbelievable cost. But there’s plenty worth in doing it.

They are under the command of Kunai Hakuto, and they are the close-aides that were set to protect the Nightless Castle. They can all be considered a one-man army.

In the sense of protection or widening our scope of action, the close-aides will definitely be necessary.

(Now…the problem is who to call…) (Maou)

Kunai Hakuto had an army of around 2,000 that had present-day like equipment on them, but in the game they were all mobs with no face or names.

That’s why…only 8 can be called proper close-aides. Four women and four men; and it is a group that is distinctly divided in young group and senior group.

(Think… Who is the first one that’s needed?) (Maou)

There might not be another chance for me to get this much SP. This could be considered a decision of a lifetime.

I carefully think back on the settings that I myself created for my close-aides.

The first one that appeared in my head was Miyaouji Ren. The best close-aide that could be said to be the one that has all my ideals packed together.

Appearance, grace, brains, fame, all kinds of martial arts; no matter what high-class lady you search for, there’s no way you would be able to find a 16 year old girl like that.

She has less health than Kunai Hakuto, but it is scary how in every other status, she surpasses Kunai Hakuto. It is practically as if two last bosses existed, and in a lot of meanings she was an existence that made many cry.

By the way, she is also the most popular character in the game for the players. Even though she should be a hated enemy, she is loved. That’s how much of a person she is.

She gives the impression of being calm and cold like ice, but her heart is that of an incredibly kind person, and she must have felt adverse feelings at the ruthless Game that was being promoted by the Grand Empire.

(Choosing Ren would be failsafe…) (Maou)

Even in the part of loyalty.

She feels strongly indebted to Kunai, and because of this, there’s no need to worry about being attacked suddenly.

Judging from what I saw of the berserking bastard a few days ago, the game characters have their own will, and move on their own volition. It might be a good idea to call this ‘setting’.

If I call a dangerous one, there’s the possibility of endangering my own life.

From the young group as well, Fujisaki Akane.

She is of the same age as Ren, but she is completely opposite of Ren who is calm and composed; she is like a sun.

Putting it bluntly, she is an idiot that doesn’t think.

Her setting is that she likes anime, manga, and games; a severe case of otaku. If she were to learn that she is in a parallel world, there’s no doubt she would be the one who would get the happiest.

In terms of battle style, she is close combat. For some reason she wears a chinese dress and uses tonfas to fight. Her speed is the best even within the close-aides.

(If I were to call someone like that, it would get even noisier! Hell no!) (Maou)

Next one is from the senior group, Kirino Yuu.

She is a prodigy doctor and a scientist. She has a sadistic personality and the hobby of ‘clarifying the mysteries of the body’, as well as spitting out philosophy, and repeatedly doing many human experiments.

In the end, she has led more than 800 patients to their death, and is the type of woman that would be sentenced to death if she were to be placed in a court of ethic. A 22 years old woman with artistic-like beauty that wears a lab coat.

If a person like this were to have a will of their own and act, just what would happen? Will they properly obey my orders?

(But Yuu can cure any disease or wound.) (Maou)

She most likely would be able to cure even the leg of Aku.

In this world, I have experienced many of the abilities that pertain the game, so there’s no doubt.

The last close-aide, Matoba Shizuka.

She is the same age as Yuu, and she is worse of a lunatic than Yuu.

She repeatedly killed indiscriminately in the Grand Empire, and she was even called a Walking Calamity. No matter if young, old, boy, or girl; she killed everyone she encountered, and she is a murder weapon that brought panic to the Imperial Capital.

She felt sexual pleasure in dismembering bodies, and was an inherent weirdo. Her attack power rivals that of Ren, and could be considered a berserker.

(No way no way! I would get killed!) (Maou)

The other four men…let’s put them aside in this time’s choice. Their special abilities are way too inclined for battle.

Right now I am still plenty enough for raw battles, so I should call for someone that can deal with things I wouldn’t be able to.

(…Yuu, then.) (Maou)

I don’t think this body can get sick, but I should consider it a possibility.

She is a scientist, and there’s the possibility that she could make something that can oppose magic.

The problem would be that dangerous thought pattern of hers, and her way too sharp brain.

She kills people without any remorse, and even dissects them. On top of that, she likes shotas <cute little boys>. Honestly speaking, she is someone I don’t know what would happen if I call her.

(Damn it, why did I create a plate full of weirdos!) (Maou)

Create more proper characters, past me!

Thanks to that, the present me is having trouble!

(Aah, let’s just resolve myself here…! Also, even if Yuu were to attack me, I would be able to deal with it.) (Maou)

Suddenly the three NPCs that are not within my command surface in my mind.

If they were to show up, I don’t know if even I would be able to control them. I pat my chest seeing that their names are not in the list.

“[Admin Right: Close-Aide Summon]” (Maou)

I said it. It has begun.

There’s no turning back now.

“Yuu, appear before me.” (Maou)

  • Chapter 18: Kirino Yuu

“Yuu, show yourself before me.” (Maou)

With those words, a giant light of black and white appeared in front of me, and when it merged…it became the shape of a single woman.


The one who appeared was a beautiful woman wearing a lab coat.

Long straight black hair and great proportions; it could be said that she is the ideal figure of a woman.

“Have you called for me, summoner?” (Yuu)

That tune was nostalgic in my ears.

In the Grand Empire, the official title of Kunai Hakuto is chief of the Happy Citizens Committee. I respond to her with an attitude that’s fitting for that title.

Let’s do this while slowly and carefully checking the other party’s behaviour.

“Umu, you have done well in coming.” (Maou)

“If it is the call of Chief, anytime is okay… Is this…a new stage for the Game?” (Yuu)

Yuu looked at the unfamiliar scenery and shows confusion.

A cold like ice woman making a confused expression was strangely cute, but I am currently internally burning from nervousness here.

(She is talking. So she really does have her own will.) (Maou)

There’s a lot to think about regarding a character I myself created moving in front of my very eyes, but there’s no time to be drowning in emotion.

Just how much should I reveal to her?

(But well…she is an unbelievable beauty.) (Maou)

She got popularity from a number of masochistic players in the game, but I feel like I am beginning to somewhat understand why.

By the way, Yuu and Shizuka  were abnormally popular with female players.

Are strong women attractive in the eyes of girls?

“Now then, where should I begin explaining from… First, this is not the Grand Empire. Even so, it is not another country either.” (Maou)

My close-aides probably don’t think of the Grand Empire as a virtual space. That world is their Earth, and their reality.

Even if I were to tell them that their own world was created by me, they wouldn’t believe it.

Carefully choosing my words, I explain to her the things that have happened until now.

That I was suddenly in a big forest, was attacked by something like a Devil, that a fallen angel might be involved in this time’s situation, and that we are currently on our way to the Holy Capital.

No matter how carefully I line up my words, it still stinks of fishy.

But Yuu was listening really seriously, and at times she would make an expression as if in thought while she continued to listen.

“According to this story, I think it is most likely a forced movement technique, but…I see, this sight is certainly different from that of our world.” (Yuu)

“It is great that you take in things fast. And so, about the plans from hereon…” (Maou)

I tell her about investigating the Seraph and that the Rights can be unlocked by obtaining SP.

Hearing this, Yuu placed a hand on her chin for a moment, but she soon gave a response back.

“Chief, no matter the details, I think there’s the need for the Nightless Castle.” (Yuu)

“…Right.” (Maou)

I responded in a way as if I understood what she meant, but in reality, I don’t think it is necessary.

In terms of living place, the base is plenty enough, and if we were to go to a town, there’s inns. If we were to build a big fortress like that of modern times, it would definitely be called the Demon Lord’s Castle.

I did think once about building it, but that was on the heat of the moment, and I am currently putting it aside.

(I feel like that would raise the flag of being defeated by a ‘hero’ in the end…) (Maou)

Of course, even if an existence like that were to show up, I have no intentions at all of being killed. And in reality, even when the Holy Maiden showed up, I dealt with her by dishing out a spanking. If a legendary hero or a light something were to appear, I have no choice but to deal with it in a similar fashion.

“Chief, is this not a ‘teleport’?” (Yuu)

“Fumu…I do think it is also ‘teleport’.” (Maou)

“I knew it, so that’s the case.” (Yuu)

Yuu made a bewitching smile, and it made my heart skip a beat.

This woman is definitely an old man killer. No, she was popular with girls too, so maybe a devilish woman?

“I am beginning to see what we should be doing in this land.” (Yuu)

“It is still too soon to reach that. The path to the summit is done one step at a time.” (Maou)

This is bad, I am beginning to lose track of what she is saying.

I tried to discreetly imply ‘don’t hurry, properly explain’, but Yuu made an even brighter smile and her expression becomes that of joy.

“As expected of Chief. Even in this kind of situation, you are having fun, aren’t you?” (Yuu)

“…Everything must be enjoyed. That’s how I think.” (Maou)

Well, if I think of this as a trip, there’s no trip as luxurious as this one.

That I am able to use the many things from the game that I myself created and played with would normally be impossible.

“Well then, Chief. What should we do about our ‘first step’?” (Yuu)

“I am thinking of first evolving our base and making a field hospital.” (Maou)

“…! Chief, you are always granting my wishes.” (Yuu)

“Of course. The wish of my cute subordinate is also my wish.” (Maou)

I am spouting unbelievably random words.

In any case, I have summoned Yuu, so first let’s make a hospital and blow away the rumors that I am the Demon Lord.

If we do treatments for cheap, the evil rumors should naturally disappear.

The medical level of this world seems to be low, and I heard there’s only a few who can use magic. If we do it well, it might rain big money.

“Of course, killing them is prohibited. We first have to learn.” (Maou)

Obviously don’t forget to properly caution her.

The Seraph, this country, the society’s system, magic, adventurers, monsters, devils; there’s still a lot of things we must learn about.

If the rumors of a murderous hospital were to be raised, it would all go down the drain.

“Yeah, learning is nothing to be ashamed of. Learning is of highest priority.” (Yuu)

Yuu nods firmly, and seeing that look of hers, I was relieved.

At the very least it seems like there’s no disjunction in this part and she is properly listening to my orders. At this rate, there might be no issues in calling other close-aides.

Increasing the numbers and widening the action scope, we will be able to obtain even more information.

“Well then, I will tell you the information I currently know of.” (Maou)

Thinking I should give her more information regarding this world, I tell her a variety of things. Appropriate to that brain of hers, she was absorbing everything like a sponge to water, and showed responses quickly.

There’s no doubt she is more intelligent than me. Her science and medical talk all sound like gibberish to me, so I should act properly so that I don’t mess up.

If Yuu were to learn that I am not Kunai Hakuto, just what would she do?

“Now, Yuu, I will be introducing you to our travelling companions. Get along with them, okay?” (Maou)

“Yes, Chief.” (Yuu)

“Before that, we are currently ‘people that came from a distant land’. From hereon, act and speak with that in mind.” (Maou)

“Understood.” (Yuu)

And in this way, I introduced Yuu to the two, but they obviously made a big ruckus.

Well, can’t be helped.

A person suddenly showed up, so that in itself would be magic.

“S-She is incredibly beautiful…!” (Aku)

Is what Aku shouted, and…

“C-Could it be a lover?! Where did you call her from?!” (Luna)

Is what Luna shouted…

“I summoned a subordinate of mine. Get along, okay?” (Maou)

■■ □□ ■■ □□  

(Things have gotten interesting…)

Yuu was listening to the talk of Kunai and internally dancing in joy.

The power they were given was big, but that was only inside the venues.

The upper echelon of the Grand Empire is a storm of conflicts, so if they were to take one step outside, it would break the balance.

(Here, there’s no need to be restraint by the upper echelon. We can use all in our arsenal.) (Yuu)

They were in a situation where if a single mistake was made, it wouldn’t be strange for the head of everyone to be cut off.

It was the kind of world where it wouldn’t be strange for the ally of yesterday to direct a gun at you the next day.

She honestly didn’t care at all just what kind of world this is.

The fact that she has been freed from the Grand Empire that was her very world…that in itself might be the true meaning of ‘living’ for them.

(Also, there’s humans that are different from the ones in our world, on top of that, there’s magic?!) (Yuu)

She must learn.

She must thoroughly learn about it.

The humans of this world. Their meat, skin, viscera, the inside of their head, their heart, cells, dna; she must gather a variety of information and clarify it.

She actually wanted to do that right this instant.

She held back her hastening heart, and earnestly fixes her breathing.

(At any rate, Chief is as scary as always.) (Yuu)

Even in this kind of abnormal situation, he seemed to be enjoying it greatly.

Even the fact about coming to this parallel world with ‘teleportation’.

She had that exact same opinion.

It was as if something was telling her that ‘you guys must create an Empire of your own’.

A country of our own that’s cut off from the troublesome elderly of the upper echelon, that would be the ideal country. For the Chief, and for her.

This may be too much of an honor, but for me, the Chief is a superior, as well as a comrade.

I have only killed a mere number of 800, but Chief has killed more than 4,000,000. He was the Demon Lord since birth after all.

In this world, if I were to stand by the side of Chief, and aid Chief, just what…just how much…


I can’t. I don’t think I can’t hold the laughter that’s welling up.

I want to shout to the top of my lungs towards the world…’We have been released!’….

□ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □□ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □

A part of the data is now available.

Kirino Yuu

Race: Human

Age: 22

Weapon: Grenade
It deals explosion damage in a wide range.
Because of how the skill works, when she uses this, it creates frightening results.
Number of uses: Infinite.

Armor: Lab Coat for Women
It looks like thin cloth, but its effectiveness is high.
It also has the effect of blocking all types of abnormal status effects.
Durability: Infinite.

Level 1

Health 6,000/6,000
Vitality: 600/600
Attack: 40(+50)
Defense: 40(+25)
Speed: 40
Magic Power: 0
Magic Defense: 0(+20)

Attribute Skill

First Skill: Bomb Knowledge
Second Skill: Scatter
Third Skill: Chain Explosion

Battle Skill

Bullseye; Instinct; Pleasure in Battle; Hunter; Merciless; Iron Woman; Prudent; Foresight; Revenge.

Limit Break; Forced Breakthrough.

Survival Skill

Information Manipulation; Recovery; Sadistic Charm; Two-Faced; Prodigy; Studious; Medical Science; Cause and Effect; Record Alteration.

Special Ability

God Hand



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