Maou – Chapter 15-16: Setting off

The injured were being transported from the city’s main street and the reconstruction was being hurriedly done.

However, Queen, who normally stands in the battlefield raising her voice, was sitting on a chair and spacing out.

She didn’t feel like taking command of the work.

It was a feeble appearance, but Fuji was looking at that appearance of hers and smiling gently. Not a single man in this country was able to pique her interest.

He was worried that, at this rate, his respected Anego would end up being a mourning woman.

(Anyways, that was a daring man…) (Fuji)

Even in the face of Satanists, he didn’t falter at all. In the eyes of Fuji, even the Hell looked like it was avoiding that man.

The thing called ‘Hell’. It doesn’t only refer to the liquid, but the giant hole that exists at the center of the continent.

Burying a person takes time, takes land, and the costs can’t be scoffed at.

In the end, each nation was frugal about this job and decided on throwing everything into the giant hole that’s said to be connected to the depths of the earth.

Darkness to the darkness.

At times, a disturbing liquid would come out of that hole and attack people.

Within those, there’s a ‘black liquid’ that’s said to come out from it with a once in a hundred years chance. It steals away holy power and it is the nemesis of the ones that are affiliated with the Angels.

(That man was not someone affiliated with the Angel-samas.) (Fuji)

That’s what Fuji thinks, and it isn’t wrong.

If he had holy powers or were to possess powers that were related to Angels, it would have been stolen by the Hell.

Rather than an Angel, he was simply a berserk —in the side that throws into chaos the law and order.

(At any rate, we have to invite that man to our country.) (Fuji)

Fuji proposed this, but…

That man is the Demon Lord…two sides of the same coin.

■ □□ ■■ □□  

— Holy Light Kingdom: Inside a carriage in the path to the Holy Capital.

“And so, when that Dragonewt punched the ground, people flew about! Like bwaaang!”

“Heeh, that’s amazing!”

After that, one day had passed since they left Yahoo city, but Luna was proudly talking about yesterday’s battle as if she had seen it.

She in reality was unconscious at that time, but the innocent Aku doesn’t suspect that.

Of course, Maou who was listening to this had a strained face the whole time.

(What’s that about Dragonewt? That was just a crazy guy going wild!) (Maou)

It was so embarrassing that if there were a hole, he would crawl inside it. Even though he couldn’t move his body, he still was conscious which must have made it even worse.

“Maou, your ass might be kicked by that Dragonewt too! Serves you right!” (Luna)

“Yeah yeah…” (Maou)

Maou gives a half-hearted answer to Luna.

That’s impossible.

Both can’t be in the same place at the same time after all.

“More importantly, Luna, what happened to the knights that you brought along?” (Maou)

“Hm? I didn’t need them, so I had them go back.” (Luna)

“You…” (Maou)

A person that’s supposed to be one of the tops of the country is moving alone.

In the understanding of Maou, that shouldn’t happen. And in reality, a terrorist attack and an assassination attempt occurred just yesterday.

“What do you plan on doing if something happens?” (Maou)

“…T-There’s you.” (Luna)

“Huh? Since when am I your bodyguard?” (Maou)

“Shut up! Even though you are actually happy to be by my side! You pervert!” (Luna)

Hearing this, a vein popped in Maou’s forehead, but Aku who was sitting between the two raised a laugh.

“It is so lively, it is fun! I always wanted to experience a journey like this!” (Aku)

“Seriously…?” (Maou)

“See? Aku is also saying it, so you will be working for my sake!” (Luna)

Luna thrusted a finger all high-and-mighty, and Maou sighed.

Maou was silent for a while, but he must have gotten hungry, he began to make an item.

“We have a carriage, so it should be fine till we arrive at the Holy Capital, but…that outfit of yours stands out too much. I will have you change your clothes.” (Maou)

“C-Change my clothes, you say… You are trying to make me wear lewd clothes, aren’t you?!” (Luna)

“Are you an idiot? Wear this.” (Maou)

“What’s…this? Or more like, where did you take that out from?” (Luna)

What Maou brought out was a <<Blazer>>.

Maou has walked in the city, so he chose clothes that wouldn’t be so out of place. There’s also sailor uniforms, maid clothes, and many other armors, but in the day he takes out those, he won’t be able to escape the pervert slander.

Even if he were to make her change clothes, he must have felt like normal clothes would be unreliable in terms of defense.

Looks like he resolved himself on spending SP.

“A defense power of 10 might not be high, but right now the priority is to hide that you are a Holy Maiden.” (Maou)

“10…? You sometimes say weird things.” (Luna)

Maou didn’t answer that and creates another item. A <<Mitarashi Dango>>.

In the game it is a consumable item that recovers 50, but in this world, it is on the level that could be considered a miracle medicine.

“Aku, you are tired from having travelled in a transportation method that you are not used to, right? You can eat this and rest for a bit. It is a sweet of my country.” (Maou)

“Waah… It is an incredibly cute pastry! And this sweet scent… Maou-sama, thank you very much!” (Aku)

“T-That looks delicious… I want to eat some too!” (Luna)

“I have 6, so go ahead and eat. I will be taking a nap outside for a while, so in that time, change your clothes, okay?” (Maou)

Maou leaves the already stopped carriage, and the sky was showing a fine weather.

Below this blue sky, he begins to smoke as usual.

(I have to gain SP somewhere…) (Maou)

He already only had 60 and that didn’t bring him peace of mind. He may say whatever he wants, but being soft with Aku and Luna was one of the reasons for his expenses.

(Just like in the game, when I fight, I can get SP…) (Maou)

The very first thing that showed in the head of Maou was what could be considered a classic in a fantasy world, an adventurer.

And in reality, adventurers do exist in this world, and they fulfill a variety of requests, subjugate monsters, and there’s also ones that are treasure hunters.

There’s a war ongoing at the north, so in the times when the people can’t eat, many would become mercenaries.

(I don’t care if I am labelled as a Demon Lord for real, so should I just get a legitimate job?) (Maou)

Oono Akira was a salaryman to the root, so he had that kind of thought.

On the other hand, he also leaked out a sad mutter of ‘Am I going to be working even in a parallel world?’, and he was currently feeling conflicted.

“Holy Maiden-sama, this pastry is incredibly sweet!” (Aku)

“Aku, you are still a child, huh. A first-class lady wouldn’t have favori—deliciooous!!” (Luna)

“I feel as if even my fatigue is being blown away!” (Aku)

“That pervert…is trying to feed us and then he is going to lewd things to us, isn’t he?! It is vexing, but I am still going to eat!” (Luna)

The ruckus he could hear from the carriage made Maou go ‘are you doing a skit?’, but his high hearing sense catches another sound too.

The rough voice of people, and the clanging of metal. When he strained his eyes, there were two women who were being chased by wolves.

(Can’t ask for a better opportunity…) (Maou)

The corners of his mouth go up. It was truly a face befitting a Demon Lord.

  • Chapter 16: To the Holy Capital

“Yukikaze <Snow Wind>, are you ready?”

Saying this, the woman unsheathes the sword at her back. A long sword that a regular man would find hard to lift up.

That sword had many magic crystals embedded in it, but they were not ones that decreased weight, rather, they were all crystals that increased the weight —for the sake of increasing the attack power.

Her body is covered by a big brown cloak, but her skin was a brown color fitting for a hot country. Maybe to make it easy to move around, she has a short hair style, and from her looks, she gives the impression that she is an energetic person.

Her hair and eyes are a burning red.

The name of the girl is Mikan. <Orange>

She has sharp eyes, but her looks are plenty enough to enter the beauty category.

She is such a well-known adventurer that there’s no one in the Holy Light Kingdom who wouldn’t know of her.

“…I can come at any moment. Or more like, I am coming too much.” (Yukikaze)

The charming mage called Yukikaze answers her back with strange words.

Fitting of that name of hers, her hair and eyes are white.

She is wearing a black cloak and the triangular hat that mages usually use, but her eyes looked as if she were somewhat sleepy.

“You…please do this seriously.” (Mikan)

“…I am always doing it seriously.” (Yukikaze)

“The nuance in your words is weird.” (Mikan)

“That’s not true. It is the problem of the receiver. Must be because the person is craving for it.” (Yukikaze)

The voice of Yukikaze was incredibly calm and seemingly sleepy, but it had a cute ring to it like that of a bell.

Her popularity in the Holy Light Kingdom is an overwhelming one, and it is practically on the level of an idol.

She is a young 15 years old, and that charming appearance of hers couldn’t stop grabbing the heart of men ———but he’s a guy. 


“I heard that there’s a Sand Wolf pack around here, but…” (Mikan)

“…It is hot, so it gets stuffy -around my breasts.” (Yukikaze)

“You don’t have breasts though… Agh, can’t even have a proper conversation!” (Mikan)

“Mikan, are your eyes even working? My breasts can only be seen by the pure of heart.” (Yukikaze)

Mikan scratches her head wildly and ignores those words of hers.

It is the usual exchange between the two.

By the way, the Sand Wolves are decently strong monsters even on their own, so when they group up, their numbers increase explosively, and become extremely dangerous.

If they finish eating everything around, they would become ferocious to the point that they would even attack walled settlements without restraint, and if an unprepared village were to be attacked by a pack, they would be done for in less than a single day.

That’s why a pack must be dealt with in the time when they are still ‘low in numbers’.

The moment they finally arrived at the place where it was reported that a pack had been seen, they froze.

What was reflected in their eyes wasn’t a pack, it was an army of Sand Wolves.

■ □□ ■■ □□   

“Impossible impossible! That’s just impossible to deal with!” (Mikan)

“…I can’t take in that many. I only have one body, and one hole.” (Yukikaze)

“What are you saying at a time like this?!” (Mikan)

I was looking at the two noisy ones and ended up laughing.

But seeing the number of wolves chasing after the two, my face steadily grows paler.

(What’s that?! Ain’t that too many?!) (Maou)

Cold sweat flowed down my face that was laughing just a moment ago.

Even the tobacco that I had in my mouth had fallen to the ground, and on top of that my body was trembling.

No matter how strong of a barrier I am being protected by, I couldn’t help but feel an instinctive fear at those numbers.

(Just how many hundreds are there? …Or more like, they are totally pulling the mobs to us!) (Maou)

This is something that’s sometimes seen in places like MMOs.

A tragic situation where you run away from the enemy, many enemies chase after you, and in the end, you drag even unrelated people into it. No matter if there’s malice in it or not, you can be considered a griefer for that.

“The person there, run away!”

“…The dandy old man over there, I leave the rest to you. I won’t pick up your bones.”

(Don’t joke around! You two, take responsibility and get eaten!) (Maou)

I was about to reflexively shout out loud, but I manage to barely resist.

If I were to run away here, I might bring danger to Aku. Luna…well, who cares what happens to her.

(I-It is okay… I can do it. I am someone that can do it if he tries after all!) (Maou)

He desperately chants in his head and encourages himself.

I have a barrier, so it will be fine. Fine fine…fine…right?

But in the game it only activated on human opponents…

No, I am seriously counting on you, okay?!

I take a deep breathe and calm down. Remembering the character of Kunai Hakuto in my memories, I try to perfectly trace it, and speak.

“Foolish. Why is there a need to run away from such beasts?” (Maou)

I look at the two who were running away, and say this as if I was telling it to myself.

Even if it is a lie, saying it out loud made courage well up in me. The body truly is something mysterious.

“Aku, Luna, don’t move from the carriage.” (Maou)

I stand in front of the army that’s approaching, and when the first one at the forefront jumped at me, I unintentionally closed my eyes and clenched my teeth…but before those fangs reached me, an electric sound rang, and the wolf in front of my eyes was blown away.

Happiness gradually expands in my whole body…

(I win… It is over!) (Maou)

I wanted to pump my fist, but without showing such feelings outside, I light up a tobacco with a nonchalant attitude.

The two might be watching from the carriage, so I wanted to act as cool as possible. It is a sad trait of men.

“You have bared your fangs at me. Even against beasts, I won’t be showing mercy.” (Maou)

This is a good chance. Lets use this guys as skill practice.

I haven’t had any chance to fight properly after all.

“Now, breath your last by my hand, [First Skill: Assault].” (Maou)

Knives were thrown with a swinging motion speed that the eye can’t even catch, and this pierced several wolves. At that instant, my body rushes forward at high speed.

(Amazing…!) (Maou)  

The scenery looked like it was flowing in slow motion, and it felt as if I was the only one moving in a stopped world.

My excitement was shooting up and I was totally into it.

“Your lowly eyes don’t have the qualification to reflect my figure! [Second Skill: Blind]!” (Maou)

My right hand moves like a falcon and draws a straight line.

The eyes of the wolves around were being cut off one after the other, moreover, my left hand spreads particles.

It is a Grand Empire sand type vision blind that lasts for a few tens of seconds. The wolves raised cries of confusion, and finally turn tail and run away.

Did you not know?

“You can’t escape from a Demon Lord. [Third Skill: Thunderclap].” (Maou)

The knife I was holding in my right hand released disordered sparks, and each time it passed by, it bisected an innumerable amount of wolves. The moment the last of the power was gathered in the knife and I threw it, the knife that was stabbed into the center of the pack created a shockwave blade, and at the same time, a giant fire blew violently.

Uncountable amounts of wolves were caught in the fire and were turned to cinders in an instant.

By the time I noticed, close to 300 hundred had disappeared, and the remaining 5 or so were trying to hide their fear, they were desperately raising cries.

“In the end, you are beasts. This wasn’t enough to work a sweat.” (Maou)

Puffing out the tobacco smoke, I spit out pompous words.

I was kind of into the roleplay of Demon Lord in the middle of it, but I feel like I managed to release my stress from yesterday’s berserking. I am refreshed now.

“Have you learned how small of an existence you are? Then, leave.” (Maou)

With those words, the wolves hurriedly run away.

I got refreshed quite a lot with this, so there’s no need to chase after them.

I don’t want to be called an animal abuser for killing too many.

■ □□ ■■ □□  

“That was the rumored Demon Lord?!” (Mikan)

Mikan had her whole body tremble at the one-sided slaughter unfolding before her.

That wasn’t a battle, it was no doubt a slaughter.

She doesn’t know why, but for some reason the fangs of the wolf didn’t even reach the Demon Lord as if it had been blocked by a wall. It was way too abnormal.

Moreover, he called himself ‘Demon Lord’!

“Oji-sama <Old Man>, so masculine… My butt is getting hot.” (Yukikaze)

Yukikaze was watching the one-sided slaughter unfolding before her and her butt was heating up from it.

That’s right, that’s no battle, it is rape.

The fangs of the Sand Wolf couldn’t reach Oji-sama as if it had been blocked by a wall, but I am going to show that I am able to overcome any walls.

Even if it is the gender wall.

“That’s a dangerous existence!” (Mikan)

“That’s true. He is indeed dangerous. I feel like my chastity will be pierced.” (Yukikaze)

“We have to go to the Holy Capital and tell them!” (Mikan)

“I have to go to the Holy Capital and clean up my body.” (Yukikaze)


The exchange of these two was not matching right, but that’s the usual.

On the other hand, Aku was also raising a voice of excitement as she looked at the battle.

“Maou-sama is incredible! My chest is beating hard.” (Aku)

Aku placed a hand on her chest and closes her eyes slowly.

If she had continued living in that way, she would have died. He was the person that saved her from this.

The person that is always protecting her.

Even if that person is an incredibly bad existence, she can’t leave that person’s side anymore.

Even if the whole world becomes their enemy.

“Were you two behaving well? Especially you, Luna.” (Maou)

Maou returned to the carriage and sits comfortably.

Luna had already changed into the blazer and her appearance was truly great. Only in looks alone, she is a high class lady.

Luna seems to be worried about her skirt, her face went red and she raised a high pitched voice.

“Y-You did quite well… Keep protecting me in that way.” (Luna)

“I wasn’t really protecting you though…” (Maou)

“M-More importantly, there’s something you have to say at times like this, right?!” (Luna)

Maou sighs in his mind at those words.

He is an adult.

He at least knows what he has to say to a woman when she is wearing new clothes.

“Well, I think it looks good on you. No, honestly speaking, it does look quite well.” (Maou)

“O-Of course… A lady of my level looks good in anything!” (Luna)

Luna says this happily while puffing out her nonexistent chest.

But the small ‘ehehe…I did it’ that she muttered didn’t escape the ears of Maou. His hearing sense is abnormally high, so there was no chance of him not hearing it.

He is a man that can’t do the deaf protagonist role properly.

■■ □□ ■■ □□  

“Aah, the doggies I took the trouble of gathering are now gone.”

Seeing the carriage that began moving, one girl mutters lowly.

Her head had animal ears, and her hands had cute tiger paws.

Beastkin, and quite the high leveled one.

“But I have found something more incredible than doggies.”

The face of the girl was even painted like that of a tiger, and her facial features are cute, but the strength of her body is totally that of a monster.

And in reality, on her back there’s a monster called a Shield Liger that a Sand Wolf wouldn’t even hope to compare to hanging its head low, obeying her.

With just this one running wild, the Holy Light Kingdom would be forced to bring out knight squads.

“Is that human really the Demon Lord? If that’s the case, is he the lord of the demon race? Why is he together with humans? Why is he together with a Holy Maiden?”

Her thoughts were leaking out of her mouth, fitting of her young looks.

But for her…no, for the beastkin, that’s something important. The Beastkin territory is adjacent to the Demon race territory, so they’ve been having a long long war.

“No matter the case, it would be bad if he were to go to the Demon territory.”

There was no stopping to her thoughts.

She specializes in moving her body and isn’t good at thinking.

“But that human might be able to win against them…”

The girl muttered, and then rides the back of the monster. The monster runs off with no need for orders, and in an instant their figures were now specks.

In a timespan that could be considered short or long, the group was finally approaching the Holy Capital.

New meetings and troubles will be waiting for them there too.

Maou, Aku, and the Holy Maiden; and also the silver Dragonewt whose rumors are inflating more and more, and the Satanists.

The turmoil that will cause Maou will finally reach the stage where it will shake the whole country.

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