Maou – Chapter 13-14: Satanist

Holy Light Kingdom, there may be a difference in the quality of life and opinions, but with the one point of worshipping the Cherub, this country is united.

However, there’s an organization that is heavily deviated from that path. It is not the kind like bandits or brigands; it is people that worship existences that are the complete opposite of the angels.

Devil worshippers, a group called Satanists.

They at first were making calm claims like requesting the wealthy to distribute a bit of that wealth to the poor, but they in time were complaining about abolishing the noble system, and finally, they began to shout out that the Cherub was the origin of the difference in the quality of life.

It actually wasn’t the Cherub who created the quality of life difference or the nobles.

After the battle of the Devil King, the Cherub itself had disappeared after all.

Many of the people that fought together with the Cherub grasped political power and became nobles; it was the natural flow of events. However, the Satanists didn’t care at all about the history behind it or the truth.

The result that created the current state of affairs is everything.

At some point in time, a person had appeared in front of them calling himself Utopia, and their actions escalated more and more from that point on.

They ended up going against the Angels and worshipping the Devils. They would go around the country causing indiscriminate terrorist acts, and finally tried to call the Demon Lord.

Luna, come out!

The violent voice of Queen reverberated even into the back alleys. Hearing this, they chuckled. The summoning of the Demon Lord apparently failed, but…the Holy Maiden moved.

Then, that action of theirs wasn’t pointless.

They will be moving as planned, and began acting to assassinate the Holy Maiden.

“Let misery befall upon the Holy Maiden.”

““Let misery befall.””

The captain of the assassination squad, Walking, raised his voice, and disturbing voices echoed after.

If they manage to kill one of the Holy Maidens…is what they were thinking when they discovered the fortuitous event of having two instead.

(If we have ‘that’, our victory is assured…) (Walking)

Walking’s face warps in joy.

If they knew that there’s the ‘Demon Lord’ closeby, they would have went weak on their knees.

■ □□ ■■ □□  

(What an unbelievable woman… From what warring era did she come out from?) (Maou)

I heard the ruckus from the back alley and had slipped into the crowd at the main street.

What I saw was a woman sitting on a stupidly big chair, and a group of mohawks and skinheads.

At first I thought that they were bandits or a circus troupe, but I heard the word ‘Holy Maiden-sama’ from the hustle and bustle.

(Could it be that’s the sister of Luna…? No way!) (Maou)

It is the kind of woman that I wouldn’t find strange if she were to shout something like: ‘Ain’t no need for love!’. My image of Holy Maidens has gotten even more hazy in my mind.

“And while at it, if there’s the ‘Demon Lord’ here, come out~.” (Queen)

The mohawk group swung around sticks and shouted at the words of that crazy woman.

No matter how you think about it, there’s no line that can link her to a Holy Maiden. I feel like she could shout at any moment: ‘Bring me all your food and water!’.

“Is the Demon Lord a pussy…? Is he that scared of me?” (Queen)

(Don’t joke around, you idiot! Go to a post-apocalyptic world or something!) (Maou) <Ref. To Fist of the North Star>

I shout in my heart with all my power.

What idiot would go in front of this group and say: ‘Hello, I am the Demon Lord. Ehehe’.

At that instant, they would be lynched by those mohawks.

“N-Nee-sama…why are you here?!” (Luna)

Finally Luna came to the main street, and the ruckus grew even bigger.

Seeing this, I reflexively held my head.

There’s no doubt that this will get unnecessarily complicated…

“You shit… Secretly going out to play around, huh. You have gotten quite admirable.” (Queen)

“T-That’s not it! I heard that the Demon Lord appeared and…!” (Luna)

“You giant retard! What can you do on your own?! A shit should act like shit and stay at home!” (Queen)

Fuck you

The woman raised her middle finger and directed it at Luna.

That figure of hers was so befitting that it was the perfect picture of ‘fuck you’.

This woman…everything goes at this point.

“T-There’s no need to put it that way! This is something I have wanted to say before but, what’s with that weird chair?!” (Luna)

“Huuh? You, are you complaining about my Mobile Throne?” (Queen)

While listening to that exchange, I silently light up my tobacco.

This is not a conversation that can be heard with a regular mindset.

In the first place, is that really a woman? She does look beautiful, but ain’t that a monster of some sort?

“A-Anyways, I am going to be subjugating the Demon Lord! So Nee-sama, go home!” (Luna)

“Subjugating an existence that doesn’t exist? What a nice ability you got there, being able to sleep-talk while awake.” (Queen)

“It properly exists! That guy is enthralled with my butt after all!” (Luna)

“…Huh? Butt?” (Queen)

DAMN IIIIITT!! I did expect this to happen, but she went and one upped it, oi!

Why am I now a pervert that aims for her butt? Or more like, leave the butt matter already!

(W-Wait… I should use this ruckus to get Aku and leave this city.) (Maou)

What a nice idea.

Luna alone is already a pain, so if I get involved with that crazy woman on top of that, it would be nothing but a nightmare.

The moment I was about to head to the inn, an ear-piercing scream resonated —and fresh blood danced in the main street.

  ■■ □□ ■■ □□  

“Death to the lying angel, [Fire Bird]!”

“Let the Holy Maiden grief, [Ice Hammer]!”

(What’s this…)

Light…in red and there’s also a blue colored light as well.

Seeing this sight that’s far from reality, I could only give childish impressions. Finally, the heat and cold had advanced to the faraway place where I was, and my body was about to be blown away.

The spells that were casted one after the other were dragging the unrelated civilians, and a part of the city had been mercilessly been made to rain blood.

(Shit… Magic again huh!) (Maou)

Within this situation where screams and shouts were reverberating, I could hear even cheers…

A black clothed group appeared from who knows where, and were attacking the crazy woman and her troupe.

(Those clothes, I have seen them before…) (Maou)

Searching in my memory, I soon remember.

The corpses that were at the Shrine of Wishes. They have the same clothes as them. I didn’t know at all who were those guys, but they were a group that were against the Holy Maidens, huh.

“…You seem to be in good mood, Satanists.”

Metal Rod

Within the rising white smoke, the woman had taken out a crazy big metal rod, and mercilessly hits the black clothed guys with it.

Their skulls must have been crushed to pieces, the black clothed guys had fallen face-up with blood spraying.

The woman was swinging around the thorny metal rod, and was making blood spray from the black clothed guys one after the other.

She then lets out loud laughter as if she had finally gone crazy, and rushed into the black clothed group.

(What part of that is a Holy Maiden? That’s just a monster!) (Maou)

If you get hit by a metal rod like that, you would normally die.

Even now she is hitting the side of the opponent’s skull with the metal rod and sending them flying. There wasn’t a single sliver of guilt from killing people, and it felt as if she were doing some kind of sport.

“Idiots should die, [Gold Splash]!” (Luna)

Luna swings her staff, and a number of golden spears were shot to the front. In the blink of an eye, close to ten black clothed guys were dyed in red, and blood flowed even to the back alleys.

The mohawks raised their voice.

“Fumigation of Satanists!”

“Offer the blood to Anego!”

“When this battle is over, I will get Anego to abuse me…!”

The mohawks and skinheads were shouting while clashing with the black clothed group.

With things like this, I can’t even tell who is the aggressor.

The two crazy Holy Maidens were also in high mood.

“Ahahaha! Satanists, how does it feel to be dyed in crimson?!” (Queen)

“You bunch, be honored that you will be dying to my magic!” (Luna)

Good guys.

No matter how you look at it, they are the demons here.

Let’s use this ruckus to get Aku and leave this city. Or more like, I don’t want to get involved. Isn’t it strange that it turns into a bloodshed when the Holy Maidens show up?

When I was about to turn back, a man of different attire that looks like the captain brought out a big box, and opened the lid. What came out from inside…was a pitch black liquid.

This made a strange sound, and it spread to the main street.

Seeing this, the man made a smile as if he had won.

“It is invaluable ‘Darkness’, but if it is in exchange for two Holy Maidens, it should be forgivable.”

At that moment, an unknown feeling spread in my whole body.

The black liquid spread widely, and the mohawks that had their legs caught by it fell on their knees one after the other, and collapsed.

Seeing this weird development, the metal rod woman shouts with agitation in her voice.

“Luna, fall back! This is ‘Hell’!” (Queen)

“Eh? Wa…!” (Luna)

The liquid spread through the whole place faster than her words, and it catches the legs of the two. The two fell on their knees in an instant.

“Now…! Finish off the two!”

The captain shouts, and the pitch black liquid not only extended to the main street, but also to the back alleys.

The civilians that were caught by it were falling one after the other, and that ‘thing’ also reached to my feet as well.

(Poison?) (Maou)

If it is poison, I have a neutralizing agent from the game. When I thought that, the liquid spread away as if trying to avoid me.

What I felt from it was…caution. And it was a disturbing presence as if it were staring straight at me, observing me.

Is this not some simple liquid but a living being?

“Everyone, the divine protection of the angel is gone. Slay the Holy Maidens!”

At the same time as those words rang, the black clothed group all attacked at once.

The metal rod woman that was energetic just a few moments ago was breathing roughly and her knees were on the ground.

A big mountain-like man stood in front of her like a shield, but his face was pale, and he was practically standing upright only.

(Isn’t this bad?) (Maou)

Even so, if I were to jump out here, wouldn’t things get even more problematic? Especially that metal rod woman, her remembering my face could turn fatal.

I can erase my presence, but I can’t enter battle in Stealth Stance. I lose around 70% of combat power in that stance.

In a situation where I don’t know what the opponent might pull, I can’t go pulling a gamble of a battle like that.

(Should I just go and make the item <<Grenade>> and throw it at them?) (Maou)

When that broad idea came to my mind…a strange light was released from the ring, and a terrible dizziness and headache attacked me.

{That’s right, if you blow up everyone along with those women, everything will be resolved.}

You kidding me…! You again?!

If I kill that woman, this time I will be the one who will be in the wanted list!

I can’t just go killing whoever and whenever like in the game to resolve things.

{But…that woman, this country, is trying to kill the Demon Lord, you know?
That’s right, it is the ‘justified self-defense’ you love.}

{It is truly great. The justified reason of protecting yourself; that’s your favorite card.}

The dizziness got worse by the second, and finally my knees couldn’t keep straight.

Even the pitch black liquid seemed to be resonating with the voice of ‘Kunai Hakuto’. Its surface made ripples, and at times turned into weird shapes, and it was giving off an aura as if it would swallow me the moment I lose focus.

(Is there nothing…? Is there nothing I can use to escape this situation?!) (Maou)

With my trembling hand I open the admin functions, and what I saw was a command I haven’t seen before.

<<Character Change – Can’t control>>


□ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □□ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □

A part of the data is now available.

Killer Queen

Race: Human

Age: 17

Weapon: Conclusion of Bloodshed
A crazy heavy metal rod.
Its surface is closely packed in thorns, and its destructive power is high.
It is really difficult to break, so Queen takes a liking to it.

Weapon: God Hammer Sigma.
An historical weapon that has been blessed by the Cherub.
Not only does it have high attack power, it has the four basic elements inside of it. It uses vitality to shoot simple magic.

Armor: Sigma’s monastic clothes
Historical monastic clothes that have received the blessing of the Cherub…or at least that was how it was supposed to be, but because Queen has remodeled it in a variety of ways, there’s practically no semblance of its original shape.
There’s even a big slit at the leg area.

Level 18

Health ?
Vitality ?
Attack 28 (+12 or +20)
Defense (+15)
Speed 25
Magic Power 15
Magic Defense 5 (+15)

Second daughter of the three Holy Maidens.

As it can be seen from her status, rather than a Holy Maiden, she is more of a warrior that stands in the frontlines.

She has high skills and sense in close combat, so in this world she is top class.

Her way of acting is the very definition of a queen, and if she speaks, she would only spit out abuse.

Because there’s no man stronger than her, she has no interest at all in love, but…deep in her heart, she has the maiden thought that at some point in time her destined someone will appear.

  • Chapter 14: Dragonewt

When humans are drowning, it is said that they would even hold onto straws.

Even if they were to grab a straw, it would break the instant they held it. However, even if they know that happens, there’s times when they must grab it.

With a trembling hand, Maou selects the admin function command, and the voice ringing in his head soon disappeared. Not only that, his body was covered in a white light.

It was so dazzling that even the people at the main street fighting were shocked by it and stopped battle, staring at that light wondering what it is.

When the light calmed down, what was standing there was…a man that’s wearing white clothes.


Just seeing that, he looked like a warrior with light on his back, but those clothes of his had strange writings engraved that were so strange it even felt ominous.

“Peerless Under the Heavens.”

“First Class Fighter.”

“World’s Strongest.”

It was a line up of characters that would make people frown.

At the back of the clothes that had writings here and there, there’s a silver dragon drawn on it, and the person himself had his hair dyed in silver.

He is what’s close to extinction in the modern Japan, the wild delinquents.

“Where’s this place…”

The name of this man is Kirisame Zero.

A character that Oono Akira created to play around in the game.

Because of his setting as a wild delinquent, his eyes were sharp, and they were eyes as if they were made for the sake of cutting people with his glare.

“W-What’s with you…?!”

“…Huh?” (Zero)

One of the Satanists shouted, and Zero immediately glared at that person.

He doesn’t know what place this is, but it looks like he picks any fights that are thrown his way. Zero’s eyes were directed at the main street, and the moment he saw Queen and Luna crouched, his face changed.

“Tch, surrounding a brat and a woman. Are you picking on the weak?” (Zero)

“You bastard…are part of the Holy Maiden’s group, right?! Kill him!”

“Ooh, you guys…wanna fight?” (Zero)

——<<Enmity Mode>>——

The moment Zero muttered those words, his body had blue fire rise.

One of the black clothed guys swung his short sword towards Zero no questions asked. Zero wordlessly tilted his head, avoiding the short sword, and with his right fist, he punched at a terrifying speed.


An unbelievable sound rang, and the body of the man made a full turn.

The face of the pitiful man had been caved-in into a fist shape, his nasal bone was crushed, and most of his teeth had been smashed. After convulsing for a while, the eyes of the man went white, and he lost consciousness.

It was such a hit that the Satanists went silent.

“For trash like you guys, one punch is enough.” (Zero)

(STOP IIITTTT! What are you saying?!) (Akira)

It was such a period drama line that Oono Akira screams.

It had surpassed embarrassment, and it was already close to abuse.

However, his voice doesn’t reach anyone, and he can’t even move a single finger. It is not as if he has ‘logged in’, he did a ‘change’. Therefore, it moves as he likes in the setting he was given, saying whatever he pleases.

Saving the weak, crushing the strong. The very definition of a hard-line wild delinquent.

■ □□ ■■ □□  

(Who is…that?)

Queen’s attention was stolen by the man that suddenly appeared.

For a moment, she thought that an angel had descended, but what appeared there was a human that had a silver dragon at his back —an incredibly stylish guy.

(What’s with those tough-looking white clothes?! Ain’t that way too awesome?!) (Queen)

It was as if he had magic engravings around his whole body.

There’s definitely ways of directly engraving magic in your body, but that’s literally fighting while scraping off your own life.

It is not something that can be endured with regular spirit and body.

When one of the Satanists swung his short sword, she unconsciously let out a scream.

But as if blowing away those worries of hers, a ‘flash’ of an attack hit the Satanist and his body rotated in the air as he sunk to the ground.

“For trash like you guys, one punch is enough.”

(Oh no, he is so COOOOL!) (Queen)


Those words sent chills in her, and it even pierced her heart.

An excitement she had never felt before was welling up from the depths of her body.

What appeared in her mind was an old legend that she had snorted at in the past.

<<When the Demon Lord descents, an olden light will also descent.>>

(That legend was true?!) (Queen)

She ignored it as gibberish from the old women of the church, but it is incredible.

Right at this moment, she is in the presence of the ‘man of light that has a dragon on his back’!

“J-Just who are you?! What in the world are you?!”

The Satanists raised their voices in agitation, and it made her own ears perk up.

Just where did this stylish man come from?

“My name is not so cheap to be given to cowards that bully women.” (Zero)

(W-Woman…? Calling me…a woman…) (Queen)

Those words made blood flow to her face.

It even made her hands tremble.

Even though her strength was already being stolen from dipping into Hell…


(But no, I feel like this embarrassment is…! Kind of, not bad, I think!) (Queen)

“…There’s no doubt he is also part of the Holy Knight Order! Don’t falter—gah!”

Before he finished speaking, the black clothed man was making his rounds in the sky.

A kick…I think. His movement is so fast, I could only see an afterimage.

I looked at Luna to make sure that she isn’t missing this battle, but that shit is lying face up with chicks flying around her head.

A piece of shit without saving.

“Let’s go, you guys… —-<<First Skill: Kenpou>>” (Zero)

The moment that man muttered those words, it looked as if his body got a size bigger.

What came after was…a punch that was like a lightning. One of the Satanists was blown away flashily, and dragged a few others with him, rolling around like pins.

But the attack of the man didn’t stop, just like a storm.

“Dance grandly! —<<Second Skill: Close Combat>>” (Zero)

The man jumped into the group of people, and releases a powerful roundhouse kick!

Around 10 Satanists that were around were blown off as if they had been caught in a tornado, and finally, they had fallen into panic.

“Did you know? You can’t escape from a dragon —<<Third Skill: Dragon Descent>>!!” (Zero)

Next, the man dished out a combo of three punches, and in the end, he hits that fist on the ground!

Right after, a terrifying shockwave was released to the front, and around 30 Satanists were sent flying to the horizon.

By the time I noticed, all the Satanists were rolling on the ground, and the only one standing was the man with the dragon on his back.

After looking around, the man used both hands to brush his hair back, and he speaks words that sent chills in me.

“It is a thousand years too early for you to stand against a dragon.” (Zero)



I almost shouted it. If the knights weren’t around, I would have definitely crossed arms and raised my voice.

By the time I noticed, even the Hell that was covering all the area had disappeared somewhere. Did the Satanists retrieve it?

“At any rate, this is one place I haven’t seen…” (Zero)

Even though he rampaged so much, the man didn’t look tired in the slightest. Could it be that he actually has the blood of a dragon running in his veins?

When that sharp gaze of his was directed here, those black eyes of his grabbed ahold of my heart.

“The woman there, are you okay?” (Zero)

“Y-Yesh…” (Queen)

W-What’s ‘yesh’?!

I felt like twisting my own mouth, but I couldn’t raise my head. I was too scared of knowing what kind of face I was currently making.

“You are reckless, too. What’s a woman doing going against men with weapons?” (Zero)

(H-He is worried about me…) (Queen)

Just how long has it been since someone has worried about me?

Since the time I was a child…

I don’t know why, but something warm was expanding in my chest.

“Oh well, call me anytime you are being bullied by trash. I will come flying no matter where.” (Zero)

Aaaaah, I can’t anymore!

My heart is dying! I feel like I will die about 4 times!

I don’t think I will be able to show my usual self in front of this man… If I was seen, I would die!

Definitely die!

“U-Uhm…if possible, can you please tell me your name?” (Queen)

A voice that I can’t believe was mine, a sugary tone had come out from my throat.

Hearing this, Fuji who was by the side went ‘Pfft!’.

I am going to choke him later. Thoroughly.

“Hm? I am Zero. Kirisame Zero.”

“Zero-san… Uhm, I am sorry. Dragging you into something like this…” (Queen)

“I don’t mind. I am bearing the banner of ‘Peerless Under the Heavens’ here.” (Zero)

(I-I feel like I am gonna get a nosebleed!) (Queen)

Why is it that every single word this man speaks reaches my heart with pinpoint accuracy? My heart has been making sweet sounds for a while now.

There’s no need to question it, this might be what they call ‘destiny’.

“It looks like there’s many injured, so look after them. I will be going.” (Zero)

“Y-Yes…!” (Queen)


The silver dragon drawn at his back looked so dazzling in my eyes. Until that back of his disappeared from my sight, I couldn’t take my eyes off him not even once.

“I have found him… My destined person…” (Queen)

A wild delinquent from a period drama and a yankee woman —it was a destined meeting.

■ □□ ■■ □□  

“Damn monster… I managed to retrieve Hell which I should consider lucky.”

The leader of the group, Walking, was carrying a box and running in the roadless path.

He alone slipped out in the chaos and managed to escape. As expected of someone leading a group, escaping was no mistake.

“So that’s the rumoured Dragonewt, huh… To think there would be two!” (Walking)

Walking was turning the gears in his brain while running.

Abominable monster with the blood of a dragon…

“Damn beastkin country… You were hiding him, huh!” (Walking)

The one that rules over the beastkin country at the east, is none other than a dragonewt. However, it is a woman.

No matter where you look around the whole continent, there’s only one dragonewt confirmed. And the chances of one being born is even called a ‘miracle’.

“Those bastards… They are planning on intervening in the incidents of this country!” (Walking)

Not only the yankee woman, the Satanists were also having an intense misunderstanding, but just what was going on with the person himself?

  ■■ □□ ■■ □□  

“DAMN IIITTT!! Kill me, someone kill me…!”

Entering a back alley, Maou was holding his head and rolling around.

It looks like he finally returned to his previous appearance, but the wound in his heart didn’t disappear. It has surpassed the shame play and was already in the point where he was considering suicide.

“What’s with that Peerless Under the Heavens?! Are you an idiot?!” (Maou)

The curses of Maou were unending.

But this is something he must accept.

Because he is the very person that created this character in the game. An adult must wipe their own ass.

And in this way, not only rumors of the descent of the Demon Lord had begun to spread, but there’s also rumors about the Silver Dragonewt that hates evil.

Not knowing that they are both the exact same person…

This misunderstanding will bring big chaos to the Holy Light Kingdom in the future.

□ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □□ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □

A part of the data is now available.

Kirisame Zero

Race: Human

Age: ?

Weapon: Barehanded Battle
Plain fists.
Durability: Infinite.

Armor: Silver Dragon Battle Clothes
Battle clothes with a silver dragon on his back.
In the game it was a rare armor with special abilities, so its defensive capability is nonexistent.
The many characters engraved in the clothes can only be described with the single word: bizarre.
Durability: Infinite.

Item in Possession – 750RS (Z2)
The motorcycle that Zero rides.
It is far faster than a carriage and it can easily go far distances.
When moving in the game, you consume vitality, but this item has the effect of reducing the consumption.

Level 1

Health 165
Vitality 300
Attack 7 (+85)
Defense 7 (+73)
Speed 8 (+80)
Magic Power 0
Magic Defense 0 (+55)

Attribute Skills

First Skill – Kenpou
Second Skill – Close Combat
Third Skill – Dragon’s Descent

Battle Skill

Enmity, Hold Back, etc.

Survival Skill

Sewing, etc.

Decisive Battle Skills


Special Ability – Fury Dance

Only the team that has been set with Enmity will have all their stats increase explosively.
Everyone aside from that won’t see any effects.
The Enmity team that is the target of this has a limit of 3 charges per day.

Special Ability — ?

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    Note: in the previous release, the phrase “jet coaster” was used, would not “roller coaster” be more apt? I’ve never heard of a “jet coaster”, while “roller coasters” are those things at amusement parks where you go up and down and all around in a cart on rails.

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    I know it wouldn’t make sense for our MC’s “incognito mode” joke character to be as strong as a boss character, but I’m surprised at just how big the gap is.

    1. Huh…That’s interesting. I totally didn’t notice the difference in stats.

      Well, Zero is a player character, I suppose. Most of his strength is presumably derived from his equipment and skills. Actually, what’s interesting is that he actually has halfway decent Magic Defense compared to Kunai and Yuu.

      1. I think it’s cause Zero is only a “intermission” phase. Like it goes as you damage them Japanese dude > Zero > Kunai. As he is a PC, rather than a boss, Zero’s stats are probably lower but have large buffs due to equipment.

        Makes a nice transition to. Rather not fight but screw you if you cross me > Justice motherfucker, can you feel it? > Ok just die, Trash.

        Who thinks the eldest is going to manage to push to Kunai before getting her panties slayed by him.

    2. Heb boosts himself with his skills,since He only fights with his fists, he doesn’t need weaponary skills,imagine it like a monk class who Can boost himself over the Top…

  7. Special Ability: soul crushing chuuniness
    But I can also see the people shipping this as ultimate coolness… If character is in an isekai world. Rather then a character they made when 13 that they can never delete from the server. In thus case it’s both.

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