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Luna and Aku were sitting on the room’s bed and were having a fun conversation.

Aku is wearing the pajama that was bought a while ago, but it is weird that even Luna has brought her pajama.

This girl totally intended to stay here from the very beginning.

“Admin Right: [Item File].” (Maou)

As for me, I was storing the massive amount of clothes we bought. But well, it is not as if I am putting them in drawers, I am putting them in the item file.

In the game, you could only hold 10 items at max, but since the Item File is one of the Admin Rights, it is possible to store without limitations.

<<Pure White Dress>>

<<Silver Crown>>

The stored items were shown as a line of letters. I tried testing it a few times, and it seems I am able to store and take whenever.

Storing and taking items out made me feel like that iconic blue racoon anime character. <Doraemon!>

“Listen, Aku. Call me Luna-neesama.” (Luna)

“Is it okay to call a Holy Maiden-sama in that way?” (Aku)

“I am telling you it is okay, so it is. I am the law.” (Luna)

Luna was placing her fingers on her chest and spitting out whatever she pleased.

‘I am the law’, she says…

That high pride of hers is on the level that I am questioning if it ain’t actually a disease. Or more like, she is just here because she is lonely for not having friends, ain’t she?

“Because of my age, I ended up being the youngest child, but in reality, I am the most distinguished of the Holy Maidens!” (Luna)

“Really?!” (Aku)

Liar. If you were the better one, this country would have long fallen to ruin.

Maybe she is at the age where she wants to act like a big sister. Calling a noisy one like her big sister would make my stomach churn.

A big sister is more tolerant and graceful.

If I leave her be, Aku might end up believing some half-assed lie of hers. It is about time I intervene.

“And so, girl-who-cried-wolf, are you going to the Holy Capital, too?” (Maou)

“Wolf…what’s that? It sounds kind of cool.” (Luna)

Luna looked over here in happiness.

Sadly to say, there’s no good meaning in how I called you.

“It means lying woman. —Fits you like a glove, don’t you think?” (Maou)

“I don’t want to hear that from you! You perverted Demon Lord! Cut your hair, you idiot!” (Luna)

What does this have to do with hair…?

This girl must have been chosen for her foulmouth. That’s the only possibility I can think.

“In the first place, the Holy Castle at the Holy Capital is my house, you know?” (Luna)

“Fumu, then we are going to a different place.” (Maou)

“W-Why?!” (Luna)

“Just thinking about travelling with you makes my head hurt. It would just be torture.” (Maou)

“T-There was no need to say that much…” (Luna)


Why is she getting depressed…? Your mood swings are way too intense. Are you a jet coaster or something like that?

“Maou-sama, putting it in that way is too much, poor Holy Maiden-sama… Let’s go together, okay?” (Aku)

“Aku really is a good girl. So different from this pervert!” (Luna)

Luna hugs Aku in happiness and rubs her cheeks against hers.

This girl really must have been lacking friends. Seeing her like this, I am beginning to pity her.

“Holy Maiden-sama, Maou-sama is also kind, you know…?” (Aku)

“What part of him is kind?! His hair is long and he looks at my butt the whole time! There’s no doubt that even now he is still aiming for my peach-like butt to spank it!!” (Luna)

I take back what I said. There’s no pity for her.

What kind of charm do you think I will find in your childish butt? By the way, your chest is also like a cutting board, basically an airplane runway. Even if a typhoon happened, the runway would be so perfectly even that you would still be able to land safely.

(Anyways, Holy Capital, huh…) (Maou)

If I am going to be investigating about the angels, I should be going to this place that’s considered the capital.

There’s only one thing I want to know aside from the recovery of my admin rights.

“Peach Butt, is it possible to investigate about the Seraph in the Holy Capital?” (Maou)

“A-A-As I thought, you really are aiming for my butt! Butt Demon Lord!” (Luna)

“You were the one who said it…” (Maou)

Luna stands up from the bed while holding her butt. That face of hers is bright red… Is this girl a masochist? No, right now her butt is of no importance.

From what I saw, I feel like that statue really was the Throne.

Thinking about it normally, it wouldn’t be possible to be transferred to a parallel world without an existence on the level of a god. And that god level existence…had turned into sand and disappeared.

The only lead I have to return to my original world is the guy called Seraph.

“You, what are you planning on doing by investigating Seraph-sama…? If you are thinking about doing evil in the Holy Capital, I won’t forgive you.” (Luna)

“Suddenly shooting magic to someone is not called evil?” (Maou)

“The Holy Maiden has the right to punish evildoers!” (Luna)

I almost spouted out laughing when I heard what she said.

‘Right’ here as well, huh.

Now that I think about it, since there’s the chance, I should ask her about magic as well.

“Luna, can you tell me about magic?” (Maou)

“W-What? Don’t suddenly call me by my name…idiot!” (Luna)

Kuuuh! This girl is an incredible pain in the ass.

Please do that tsundere act to teenagers!

Not good, when I am dealing with this girl, I feel how old I am and it makes me want to die… You know, in the past, I was also the kind of guy that liked tsunderes.

But with the years piling up, I began thinking it is nothing but a pain!


■ □□ ■■ □□  

“Holy Maiden-sama, this cleanser that I received from Maou-sama is incredible!” (Aku)

“Cleanser, you say… Aku, that’s quite the childish way of calling it. Soap is the lady’s way of calling it.” (Luna)

I lose strength at the voices that I could hear from the bath. Or more like, the walls seem to be thin, I can’t not hear it.

I tried asking her about magic, but just trying to converse with Luna was difficult.

She adds tsundere-like parts here and there, and each time she does, my spirit gets scraped off. It was practically torture.

The two are currently taking a cold bath in good mood.

This country is in basis hot, so it is apparently a luxury to be able to soak in water.  

In my opinion, it is impossible for me to soak in cold water. Even if it is in the middle of summer, I can’t imagine a life where I don’t take a bath in hot water.

(At any rate, there’s a lot of things to think about…) (Maou)

About the money from here on, and a countermeasure for magic.

“See? It is making amazingly small bubbles, and the skin becomes smooth.” (Aku)

“Aku, there’s no way a mere soap can—aanngh! What is this?!” (Luna)

SO NOISY! I can’t even think.

Lets just leave to the terrace and think there.

“It cleans the dirt incredibly well, and the smell is also good.” (Aku)

“Kuh, that perverted Demon Lord… I am not going to fall with this!” (Luna)

What is that girl fighting with…

With the ruckus of the two as background noise, I look at the nightscape. There’s torch-like things placed here and there, but at the big avenue, there’s also something that looks like a streetlight.

That’s apparently some kind of magic that uses the so called ‘Light Silk’.

Magic not only can be used in the moment, but also be used by putting inside the magic into a so called Magic Crystal.

(Society’s infrastructure, huh…) (Maou)

In the first place, Luna told me that the ones that can use magic don’t have any problems of food in their whole life, and after seeing this, I can somewhat understand.

In an era where there’s no science, things like fire and water have many uses.

In Japan, just by pressing a button you can get fire, and if you were to turn the faucet, you can get water.

Here, the magic crystals with magic in them must be serving as their substitute. A fantasy world to the bone.

(I have to earn money someway too.) (Maou)

Honestly speaking, I am not really that worried about that part. If I sell the items of the game, I would be able to get a decent amount.

If I were to put it simply, it is ‘water’.

Water is apparently going for a decent amount of money in this country, but…the problem is that the water used in the game was an item that <<recovers 20 health>>.

(If I were to sell it, I feel like it might turn into trouble… Is there any other option?) (Maou)

Thinking about how this is said to be a hot country, there’s also the <<Fortune Popsicle>>. After you finish eating it, the fortune written in the stick would change your statuses. If you get an Excellent Luck, you would get all your health restored. Quite the item.

…That ain’t good, oi. It would definitely turn into a ruckus, oi.

(It really does have to be the soap, huh…) (Maou)

Western liquor set, foreign pastries, manjuu, preserved cheese, salted meat, canned food for use as emergency rations, manga meat; a variety of items appear in my mind, but every one of them recovers hp or recovers vitality.

Of course, weapons and armor are out of question.

(How about bowls and teacups? …I also have things like buddha statues.) (Maou)

This might be good.

I am completely being treated as a foreigner from a faraway country. Maybe I should just go and be a faraway country art seller? If it doesn’t work, I can go full soap salesman.

Also, it goes without saying but, the rice bowls and teacups are trash items that have attack +1. But the buddha statues are pretty strong, with being a +18 blunt attribute weapon. There’s no way a person would use a buddha statues as a weapon…right? It is an artistic object after all.

(Okay, let’s first try to sell the bowls as <<teaware>>…) (Maou)

In this way, the noisy night passed.

But at the same time, a single ‘calamity’ was approaching the city of Yahoo.

  • Chapter 12: Killer Queen

A single big thing was creating a ruckus in the highway.

That something is a giant chair that is being dragged by around ten horses. Below the chair there’s giant wheels, and it is approaching the Yahoo city at tremendous speeds while crushing the pebbles in the way.

Around it there are people sent by the Holy Knight Order; 108 highly capable elites, and there’s an atmosphere as if they are heading to war.

The knights were wearing armors that seemed sacred, but many had haircuts like shaved heads and mohawks, and they don’t look like a group that worships an angel.

The military force that’s led by the Holy Maiden, Killer Queen.

To the people that don’t know, they would only look like bandits from the warring era. However, the military force that she leads is the one that is being relied on the most in this country, and they have the love and respect of the people.

The reason is quite simple: they have the motto of crushing evil the moment they see it.

No matter how evil the target, no matter if they have political influence, the places she passes through don’t leave a single remain.

It is an easy to understand justice…and violence.

In the times that other countries invade, they would show their violence without restraint. Once she appears in the battlefield, that alone would be enough to agitate the enemies, and there are even cases where they would run away.

“Anego <Big Sis in a yankee way. Yankees are like japanese delinquents>, we will be arriving at the city in a bit more.”

A big man that you would only compare it to a big rock spoke with respect to his lord. The name of the man is Mount Fuji. They were originally bandits that laid waste to their neighbouring areas, but right now, they would not hesitate to jump into the fire if it is for the sake of their lord.

They were mostly beaten into submission and were finally reformed, and they are now splendid knights that work for the Holy Knight Order.

The mother of the big man broke into tears of happiness when she learned about this and gave her gratitude to the Holy Maiden.

She has had many impressive tales like this, and she is a rare case where even her merciless violence is seen as righteous.

“That piece of shit…placing more work on me.” (Queen)

Killer Queen

Crossing her legs on top of the giant seat, Killer Queen gulps down her wine.

Even though they are currently on the road, her seat is not even shaking. It is using ludicrous amounts of wind and earth magic crystals, and it is made in a way so that it doesn’t bring discomfort to her.

“Trying to subjugate the Demon Lord, isn’t that a manly thing to do? As expected of the little sister of Anego, the others are also impressed by it.”

“You plank head, that shit only wants to stand out. In the first place, there’s no way there’s a Demon Lord, you retard.” (Queen)

Both sisters have a foulmouth.

It is to the point that it is hard to understand what even is a Holy Maiden, but the burning spirit of the knights is all offered to her alone.

She may be foulmouthed, but her beauty is a different kind from that of her younger sister.

Long straight blonde hair, her body trained from battle is thin and well-build, and the big slit in her monastic clothes shows legs that are terribly charming. Her eyes alone are the same pink color as the younger sister, but the sharpness cannot even be compared. No matter the villain, there’s even some that would pee themselves and plead for their life when being exposed to them.

The hood of her monastic clothes was swaying with the wind, and that appearance of hers was practically that of a god of destruction, but that beautiful appearance of hers was all considered righteous.

Good grief, all things done by a beauty are forgiven.

“But there’s talk that the Devil King was killed.”

The words of the big man made Queen’s face warp.

The grave situation of the revival of the Devil King was information that didn’t reach her. The information was manipulated from the shadows and was done so that it wouldn’t reach her.

(What is Big Sis doing?) (Queen)

Thinking about the person that made it so the information didn’t reach her ears, Queen clicks her tongue.

That’s because she had a vague idea of what that person was thinking.

(Did she think I would lose? Damn it.) (Queen)

And in reality, she wouldn’t have been able to win.

No matter how weak it is, there’s despairingly low amount of people who would be able to deal damage to that monster.

(Demon Lord, huh…) (Queen)

That vague thing appeared in Queen’s head.

Its existence was simply sung in legends and folklores. Even if you look back in history, there’s not a single person who has seen it. Thinking about it normally, an existence like that should be completely made-up and a product of fantasy.

“Fuji, do you believe in it? In that so called Demon Lord.” (Queen)

That voice of Queen made Fuji open his eyes in surprise.

When she is talking to someone, she would mainly call them shit, plank-heads, retards, or fools; and she rarely called them by name.

That’s how serious the question must be.

“I have no opinion. What Anego believes is what I believe.” (Fuji)

“You plank-head, is even your brain filled with muscle? You maggot.” (Queen)

Fuji was poured with insults, but he laughed happily. Seeing this, the knights around were showing expressions of jealousy.

For them, the insults of Queen were among the best rewards they could receive.

Rather than master and servant, it would be more accurate to call their relationship as Queen and her slaves.

■ □□ ■■ □□  

On the other hand, the Demon Lord in question…

“So this is an article that has come from further than the City-State, at the other side of the sea, huh…”

“Yeah, an historical <<teaware>>. In my country, in the moments when you are doing things like diplomatic negotiations, they would not only offer land and money, but also teawares.” (Maou)

He had become a total swindler against a merchant.

The name of the merchant is Eternal History. An art dealer of a major company that has been dealing with artistic goods in this city for a long time.

“Not only land and money, but also this container is treated as a reward, you say?” (History)

“The refined men would seek excelling teawares over land. Gold and silver can’t fill the stomach, and don’t you think it sounds classy to be able to wet your throats with utensils that are comparable to your big territory?” (Maou)

Maou spreads both arms and speaks fluently.

This man, rather than calling him a Demon Lord, he might be more of a transferred swindler. However, this man is not lying.

It is true that in the warring eras, teawares were sought for more than money and land.

It is not that everything is a lie. But it is exactly because there’s truth mixed in it that this man can be so upfront in speaking about it.

“I-I see…” (History)

And in reality, that forward attitude of Maou and his posture, as well as his popularity as a really wealthy person which was serving as background for him, created weight in his words. On top of that, he has the extra of being in close with a Holy Maiden.

With these many things backing him, there’s no person who would think the things this person brings out are trash.

“This is the first transaction, so I will sell it for one big gold.” (Maou)

“B-Big gold, you say?!” (History)

Maou unreservedly asked for a big gold.

In truth, Maou not only doesn’t know well about the big gold, but the worth of the currency of this country in general. He simply spoke out the biggest coin the Holy Maiden had. His ignorance and bullshit courage mixed and had created a miraculous harmony.

“A fine product increases in radiance with the price. Isn’t that something you yourself should know plenty well?” (Maou)

“That’s true. That’s exactly right.” (History)

The words of Maou made History nod deeply.

He also had a store in this commerce city and has many artistic articles in his possession. He must have found something he could agree with in those words.

And in reality, he has never seen or heard about this article called <<teawares>>.

A product of someone that is really close to the Holy Maiden, and was brought from the other side of the sea; there must be many who would want it.

“However, when selling it to others, I want you to place the price of 5 big gold coins. If you can’t, just forget this talk happened.” (Maou)

“5 b-big gold coins…?” (History)

Those words were brimming with overwhelming confidence towards his article. He is saying he won’t allow a lower price than the one he states.

That confidence of his finally made History resolve himself.

“Understood. I will surely keep that condition of yours.” (History)

“I am glad you are quick on the uptake. As service, I will also bring out this.” (Maou)

What Maou placed on the table was an item from the game, <<Honey>>.

It is a great item that recovers 60 health and vitality, and it expended 20 sp to create. Maybe his lack of conscience is what made him bring this out.

In the game, it was an expendable item that would disappear once used, but in this world, it recovers both health and vitality; this effect that would be said to be groundbreaking would be hard to explain in words.

In theory, it would be something close to that of the thing called Elixir which is said to be the tears of God. The adventurers in the whole world and many nobles would desire this miraculous item till death.

“Is this…honey?” (History)

“In the Grand Empi—I mean, in my country, it is special, you see. It is for the people that have a weakened body.” (Maou)

“That’s a thankful thing. My wife has been ill for a long time now.” (History)

“Is that so. Then, by all means give this to your wife.” (Maou)

Maou and History exchanged a handshake, and the negotiation safely finished.

Maou profited greatly from this transaction, but the teaware was also a rare thing that people haven’t seen before and was soon bought which made History profit greatly as well.

He simply was an intermediate from one hand to the other, and yet, he made a giant profit of 4 big gold coins. On top of that, his wife that he gave the honey to drink immediately got better, and her skin also felt as if it had rejuvenated.

With this, History trusted even more the articles that Maou brought.

■ □□ ■■ □□  

“Ahahaha! I can do it if I try!” (Maou)

Moving to an unpopulated street, Maou laughed out loud.

Hiding his internal fear, he was acting in a forward attitude. And that feeling of freedom from it was an intense one.

“Now then, we got money, so what to do next?” (Maou)

Maou made a smile and looks at the sky.

The mix shaped clouds were flowing by slowly, and it was quite the peaceful sight.

“It really won’t rain, right?” (Maou)

This man hates rain.

In that point, the natural features of this country fit him well. However, for the people that live here, this kind of climate created several problems.

There are times when the sun can even dry up the heart of the people after all.

Luna, come out!!

The peaceful moment was broken by that voice.

In this country, it rarely rains. However, a massive rain of blood will be falling in this city today…

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