Maou – Chapter 10: Golden Luna

“—I have found you, Maou!”

My own shout echoed in the restaurant.

This might have been bad… I didn’t tell my sisters that I would be subjugating the Demon Lord, and left on my own accord from the castle.

If a strange uproar is created from this, it might reach the Holy Capital. When that happens, who knows what kind of butting in will occur…

“Fumu, does this country have the etiquette of kicking open doors?” (Maou)

I felt like a vein would pop from my head when I heard the way of talking from Maou.

The two are wearing different attires compared to the other day, but those clothes are quite the high class ones. Don’t tell me…the reason why my money was missing is because…

“You…took my money!” (Luna)

“Not only are you making a ruckus at a dinner space, but you are also accusing me of being a thief? Well well, makes me question the morals of this country.” (Maou)

“Don’t joke around! That was the allowance I saved up!!” (Luna)

“Not money you gained from working a sweat? If the top of the country is like this, I can see why the public order is lacking the order part. How about listening to the voice of the masses for once?” (Maou)

This Demon Lord…he is trying to deviate the topic and trying to make vague the matter of taking my money!

That sly silver tongue…is making my tightened fists tremble.

And as proof, Maou is currently averting his gaze from me and looking nowhere.

“Give me back my money…! And, DIE!!” (Luna)

“After a false accusation, we enter verbal abuse? To think there’s such a scary Holy Maiden around.” (Maou)

“Shut up Shut up! Idiot! Pervert! Thief! DIE!” (Luna)

“Don’t shout so much. How about taking a seat. Aren’t you forgetting that this is a place to have a meal?” (Maou)

With those words from Maou, I could feel that the people around were agreeing with him.

Why… Why am I the one that is looking like the bad guy…?

This Demon Lord is trying to involve the surroundings and shutting me in!

“Who would listen to what you say—” (Luna)

“You…want to be disciplined again?” (Maou)

The sharp eyes of Maou engulf my whole body.


The moment his right hand was raised slightly, a shock ran in my butt, and an unknown throbbing rose from my heart.

(No way… What’s this…?)

My face turned red like an apple, and my breathing was getting rough.

I finally couldn’t stay up anymore and ended up weakly sitting.

“Great to see you understand. My apologies for disturbing everyone’s meal. —This may not be much, but please do accept this token of my apology.” (Maou)

Maou elegantly bows, and orders one bottle of wine for each table. That voice of his created happiness in the restaurant.

The wine here is by no means cheap.

Maou was making a gentle smile and waved his hand to answer the surroundings, and then, held me who was sitting on the floor, and returned with me to his table.

How? Why did things turn out this way…?

By the time I noticed, there’s the dishes that Maou had ordered lined up in front of me, and I was sharing a table with them.

“It is my treat. —Eat as much as you please.” (Maou)

“Idiot! This is actually MY treat, isn’t it?!” (Luna)

“Fumu, well…you could say that.” (Maou)

Maou laughs lightly, and to my dismay, that childish expression of his made my heart skip a beat.

This perverted Demon Lord, did he use some weird magic?!

■ □□ ■■ □□  

“Uhm, Holy Maiden-sama, I am sorry! Maou-sama is by no means a bad person!” (Aku)

“Are you an idiot? There’s no way there’s a good Demon Lord!” (Aku)

Luna was throwing into her mouth the meat and salad one after the other while shouting.

Looks like she was hungry.

Seeing this, I think again…

(Just what in the world is a ‘Holy Maiden’? What’s this about a Cherub?) (Maou)

Why can I use the things like skills, items, and admin rights of the game in this world?

There’s way too many things I don’t know.

Is it simply because it is ‘Kunai Hakuto’?

Or is it because I am the manager of the game? Thinking about the things to ask the Holy Maiden, I first make an item from under the table.

I put a hand into the pitch black space, and take out a small machine I made.

This is called [Privacy System], and for conversations that you don’t want others to hear, it masks the information and camouflages the sound.

In the game, it was a device that interfered with the Whispers of other Players, but with the evolution of the internet, Whisper grew obsolete, and in the end, it was finally removed from the functions used to conduct their meetings.

(In this environment…the <<No. 19: Family restaurant noise>> should work.) (Maou)

At the same time as the device was set, our voices blend into the noise of the surroundings, and a sound barrier was created around us. My cheeks loosen at the fact that the item is properly showing effect.

At any rate, preparations are done.

“You said your name was Luna, right? I want to ask a number of things in this occasion.” (Maou)

“W-What…?” (Luna)

Why is she so on guard? No, if I think about my own actions, it should be obvious, huh.

This was not planned, but it is a great chance to hear a variety of things from someone of the upper echelon of this country. I should make a lot of questions to her.

“Luna, have you heard about countries like Japan and America?” (Maou)

“Huh? What’s that? Or more like, don’t just go calling me without honorifics.” (Luna)

Her pink eyes glare at me and try to intimidate me.

She feels like a chihuahua with nice fur.

“Then, have you heard about words like: game, Grand Empire, and internet?” (Maou)

“What have you been saying for a while now? Are you stupid? Die this instant.” (Luna)

(Just how foulmouthed is this girl…?)

Aku seems to have finally calmed down, she is eating little by little the food and making a blissful expression.

She is so pure that I can’t even believe she is the same living being as the chihuahua in front of me.

“Depraved Pink, what is the Cherub?” (Maou)

“W-W-W-Who is depraved?! You, who do you think I am?!” (Luna)

“Chihuahua, answer already. Unlike you, my time is important.” (Maou)

“M-My time is also important! Also, what’s this about chihuahua?!” (Luna)

While calming down Luna, I question her little by little.

Regarding the Cherub, there’s not much difference from what I heard of Aku.

Just that, it looks like there’s two other angels as well.

The Cherub vanished after sealing the Devil King; and the other two are the Throne and the Seraph, but it has been a while since they have shown themselves.

(Three angels, huh… I see, I don’t understand.) (Maou)

I am totally in blank towards topics from the west, or like, topics of that field.

Should I ask about that statue too? There’s the chance she might know something.

“Do you know about the statue that was at the Shrine of Wishes?” (Maou)

This question made the face of Luna warp slightly.

Looks like she really does know something.

“There’s insolent people that say that is Throne-sama… There’s no doubt they will receive divine punishment in time.” (Luna)

“That was the Throne…?” (Maou)

It did indeed say that it originally had a white figure…

Even so, it couldn’t do anything about it. In other words, a fallen angel or something like that?

If it were an eroge, it would have a title like: <<Disgracing a Throne -Tainted by the meat rod>>.

“What are the teachings of the Cherub that you guys believe in?” (Maou)

“Ara, a Demon Lord is trying to learn about the teachings of Cherub-sama?” (Luna)

Luna showed a light smile, and speaks with a conceited look.

But well, the contents, rather than calling it religious, were more like a seminar. Work hard, get better by your own strength, and win against difficulties. The ones that work hard will receive the smile of the angels, and will receive big strength and blessings —the contents were the very definition of generic.

Oh well, what she is saying is not really weird though.

“In other words, it is natural for there to be a difference in the quality of life…in regards to the people and the land.” (Maou)

It changes depending on hard work.

Then, the ones that work hard will get the wealth, and the ones that don’t will stay in poverty. Looking at Aku, I feel like that’s not how it works though.

“If you call the quality of life as the difference in effort, then yeah. I have always been working hard after all.” (Luna)

“I-I know… The Holy Maiden-samas are people that were seen to have talent from the orphans…” (Aku)

“…That’s in the past.” (Luna)

The words that Aku interposed with interested me slightly.

If that’s true, she certainly did crawl up on her own strength. That’s probably why she admires that teaching. No, she luckily experienced for herself that the teaching was correct.

“I see. —So that’s why you are filled with ambition and thirst for achievement, huh.” (Maou)

“What’s with that tone as if you are implying something?” (Luna)

The pink straight stare was facing directly at me.

She tried to defeat someone that was being called the Demon Lord on her own. Without even bringing the other two Holy Maidens, and just bringing along a mere 20 or so guards.

That must be the characteristic trait of the people that rise in the world; their thirst for achievement and stealing the march.

“From what I can see, the other two feel like they are hindrances for you.” (Maou)

“Wa…?! W-What’s your basis for that?!” (Luna)

“…Don’t hide it. I can tell.” (Maou)

I said it full of confidence, but there’s no real meaning.

I just spitted out a random phrase that sounds ‘adult-like’ to put on some airs. And the target in question stumbled full power towards it.

This Holy Maiden…does she not have proper experience in having conversations with others?

Well, with this conceited attitude of hers and how foulmouthed she is, I don’t think she has any friends.

“…Loner.” (Maou)

“Ugh…! W-What are you suddenly saying…” (Luna)

“No, nothing. I was just thinking we have been staying longer than expected, so it may be about time to leave.” (Maou)

“R-R-Right… I am a busy person after all!” (Luna)

The eyes of the Holy Maiden were busily moving and she hurriedly stands up from her seat.

What an easy to understand girl.

“I am staying at the inn called Google It. If you have business with me, you can come.” (Maou)

“I have no business with you! Idiot!” (Luna)

The Holy Maiden -Luna- leaves the restaurant as if running away, and the surroundings returned to silence.

We too should return to our room already and rest.

Paying the bill, I leave the restaurant with Aku. What was supposed to be an elegant dinner ended up in an unexpected event, but I gained a lot of things.

“…Maou-sama, you have times when you are kind, and times when you are mean.” (Aku)

“I am always a gentleman. I simply choose who.” (Maou)

“The Holy Maiden-sama is incredibly important, you know? Maou-sama is—wa wa?!” (Aku)

Princess Carry

Only able to say that much, I lift Aku in a princess carry and return to the inn.

I can’t go giving her a piggyback or carry her on my shoulder with an elegant dress like that. The gazes of the surroundings were slightly painful, but let’s just say trips always come with embarrassment.

“A-As I thought….you really are kind.” (Aku)

“Hmm, looks like I will be able to sleep in a nice bed for the first time in a long while.” (Maou)

The two of us had smiles and the peaceful night—didn’t continue.

Right when we returned to our room, Luna violently knocked the door. When I opened the door, there’s Luna in tears.


“You idiot! Because of you, I don’t have money to stay anywhere!!” (Luna)

That figure of hers made me pity her a little, but I definitely don’t want a noisy person like this staying. This may be me assuming, but it feels as if she would be noisy even in her sleep.

“Sleep outdoors or something. While at it, catch a cold and get a fever.” (Maou)

“Don’t joke around! I am in this situation because of you!!” (Luna)

“M-Maou-sama…it would be terrible if a Holy Maiden-sama catches a cold.” (Aku)

“Can’t be helped. Here, I am returning you your money, so stay somewhere.” (Maou)

It would be a pain to be followed around so much by her, so I return her the leather bag filled with the money.

I will soon have to find a way to make my own money anyways. This is a good chance to, I suppose.


Even though I returned her the money, Luna was not showing any signs of moving from in front of the door.

Not only that, her eyes were dampening more.

What? There’s still a lot of money remaining…

“I-I-It can’t be helped, so I will allow you to let me stay here!” (Luna)

“Huuuh? Is your head okay?” (Maou)

What is this girl saying?

I don’t understand any of this.

“Y-You are using my money to stay here, right?! Then, it is natural for me to stay here!” (Luna)

“…So this is what happens when you aggravate a loner.” (Maou)

“Who’s a loner?! Move aside! I will be using the best bed!!” (Luna)

And in this way, the strange grouping of Holy Maiden, Demon Lord, and Aku had been made.

Looks like the night will still be noisy.

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