Maou – Chapter 9: Young Lady of Evil

<TLN: Title is a play in words with Aku meaning Evil.>

—Popular clothing store: Fashion Check.

The shopkeeper directed a sharp gaze at the two that entered the store, and checks them in an instant from top down.

Black hair and unfamiliar clothes; he was completely someone from an outside country.

Even so, this city is incredibly open to foreigners. It is a city that prospers from commerce, so this was natural. In terms of character, this city is a bright one.

But the shopkeeper furrowed his brows…at the child that is at his back.

He is dressed in shabby clothes that are one step to being that of a beggar’s. Compared to the man at the front, the unbalance was incredibly hard to ignore.

(A slave?)

Even if he is a foreigner, a slave is bad.

Normally, the minimum required rule is that they would be made to standby at the outside of the city, be entrusted to someone else, or make it so that it is not obvious.

The attire of this customer is outstandingly good, but maybe he doesn’t know about the tacit agreement in that part?

“Welcome. What are you searching for today?”

The man speaks with a bright business smile.

There’s no choice but to get that information within conversation and point it out to him if that’s the case. It would be problematic if the sparks of this were to fly his way too after all.

“Sorry for the trouble, but please prepare clothes that would look good on this child.” (Maou)

“There’s no mistake they are for this sl—I mean, customer-sama?”

“Yeah? That’s right.” (Maou)

Prepare clothes for a slave?

Maybe he enjoys those kind of plays? Buy nice clothes and then tear them off forcefully…No, there’s no need to think that deeply about it.

Business is business. If he is going to pay money, there’s no need to stick on that. Next would be to confirm that this child is not a slave.

“I am bad at choosing clothes, you see. I will leave it to you pros.” (Maou)

Saying this, the man takes out a leather bag.

From the looks of it, it seems to be pretty heavy. He unconsciously gulps.

Could this customer possibly be able to pay 1 gold? That kind of dirty feeling welled up in him.

“This one is the biggest one. Bring me this much.” (Maou)

The shopkeeper was amazed by what the man took out without hesitation.

Just by bringing it out, the shininess of it was enough to brighten the inside of the store…a big gold coin.

“Wa?! C-Customer-sama, a-are you telling me to choose with that cost in mind?”

“Yeah? Is it not enough?” (Maou)

“In no way! I will prepare it in an instant, right in a moment!”

Thinking that he must escort this high class young lady that was looking around in curiosity, he calls for all the employees. Just in case, he gave orders to call the personnel that are on their day off too, and at the same time, ordered to prepare drinks.

This might be the most his brain has turned its gears in his life.

“Also, I would like to take a smoke, can you get me an ashtray?” (Maou)

“This hand! Please use this hand as your ashtray!”

“That’s scary! I am not asking for that. Bring me a normal ashtray and something I can sit on.” (Maou)

“This back! Please sit on this back of mine!!!”

“That’s scary! What’s with this store?!” (Maou)

In the time the two were repeating that infinite loop, Aku was escorted by the clerks, and was surrounded by a lot of clothes she had never seen before.

■ □□ ■■ □□   

The store was filled with unbelievable liveliness.

Bringing out even the personnel that were on their day off, five assistants were hurriedly running around.

They were stuck to Aku, making her wear many things like clothes, accessories, hats, and it was turning into a big ruckus.

It couldn’t be helped…since Maou had brought out a big gold coin.

Excluding the Lambda holy coin that the Cherub left and there’s a limited number of them, the big gold coin is the highest one. A big gold coin is something that can’t be seen unless it is from a person of a big company that represents a country.

The shopkeeper was splurging here, saying that he would be giving 1 silver coin of bonus to the person that brings clothes that Aku likes. Fire was blazing in the eyes of the clerks.

Not knowing about any of this, Maou was looking outside the window, and his cheeks loosened at the view of the lively road and main street.

Looks like he doesn’t hate liveliness.

It was the figure of someone that was earnestly feeling the fact that he had come to another world. After a while, the closed curtain at his back opened, and Aku showed up.


“U-Uhm…does it suit me?” (Aku)

“Y-Yeah…” (Maou)

Maou gulps a breath at the figure of Aku in a white dress.

Maou, who half-asses in the weirdest of areas, entered a random store without even knowing the gender of Aku.

And what came out was a…small princess.

“How is it, customer-sama? If it doesn’t catch your eye, we can bring something else.”

“R-Right… I will get everything that suits her.” (Maou)

The flustered Maou was dropping the ash on the floor, but the agitation of the shopkeeper was bigger.

“E-E-Everything, Customer-sama?”

It seemed like Aku wanted to say something about that, but the shopkeeper was far faster than her.

“Everyone! Quickly bring the best clothes for this young lady!!!”


And in this way, an uncountable amount of things like clothes, underwear, and shoes were being purchased one after the other. Because no matter what Maou saw, he said: ‘it looks good’.

It is true that no matter what Aku wore, it looked quite well.

Not only is she cute, but the boyish clothes also went incredibly well with her, so you could say she has a pretty advantageous face.

What was bought was being sent to the inn one after the other, and it made even the innkeeper direct his eyes at it.

But we are talking about a VIP that is staying at the highest class of rooms. He nodded at it without any issues and pumped his fist reflexively at the appearance of a great customer.

And in this way, Maou and Aku were in an instant rumoured to be ‘royalty of a foreign country’, or an ‘incredibly wealthy person of the north’, and their surroundings became even noisier.

If Maou were to hear about it, he would laugh out loud; if Aku were to hear about it, she would lose consciousness.

■■ □□ ■■ □□  

Finishing their shopping, the two appeared at the restaurant in the inn Google It.

Maou was not in his usual suit; he is wearing a white shirt on top of a black tuxedo. He has a handkerchief in his chest pocket, and he looked like quite the dandy man. Aku is wearing the white dress she wore at first, and had become a beautiful girl that steals the gazes of people.

The guests of the inn were looking at those two on a degree that they are not dirty gazes, and were their topic of conversation.

“That’s not an attire that is usually seen. Is that the fashion sense of the north?”

“I have seen similar clothes from the army of the city-state.”

“Are those two father and child?”

“No, it doesn’t feel that way.”

“Rumors say that they are royalty of some small country.”

“An unbelievable wealthy person has appeared. Is this maybe him checking out the area and preparing the groundwork for business?”

“I heard that he used a big gold coin just to buy clothes for that girl.”

“Looks like he really dotes on her.”

Within this atmosphere where each of them were saying whatever they pleased, the two reached the table, and open the menu.

Maou halfheartedly orders whatever, and told the waiter to bring him the best wine he has. An attitude that cared no shits about being reserved.

Seeing that figure of his, the misunderstanding proceeded even further, and the person himself didn’t even care to know about this atmosphere and was truly going at his own pace.

“The first thing he does is order the best wine, huh.”

“He might be the owner of a mine instead of a merchant.”

With those voices in the background, Maou lights up a tobacco slowly.

In this world, things like cigars are true to the word trade goods, and they are high class goods that would get quite the price for just one.

The tobacco he has is one that they haven’t seen before, and that alone was enough to gather eyes.

In this space where everyone was secretly paying them attention, he takes a sip of the wine that was brought, and said one word: ‘Not good’. Just what in the world does he normally drink?

Moreover, not understanding what he was thinking, he ordered once again but this time the cheapest ale, and when he drinks it, he made a smile.

“Yeah, as expected, this is what goes for a salaryman. The first drink gotta be this.” (Maou)

Salaryman is a word they haven’t heard before, but it must be a word from his area; is what the guests were interpreting in their head on their own accord.

After all, there’s around 10 countries at the north that are in rivalry and holding their ground, and there’s even a city-state army at the northeast.

For the Holy Light Kingdom, the foreign countries are still uncivilized and in turbulent times.

■■ □□ ■■ □□  

(Acting cool doesn’t bring about anything good…)

I drink the ale again, cut the meat that was brought, and put it in my mouth. This one is pretty nice meat. It is different from the meat I ate in the day.

I actually wanted to eat and drink things that were made in the Grand Empire of the game, but I have to avoid utilizing SP as much as possible.

“This is truly like a dream…” (Aku)

“…Hm?” (Maou)

Looking straight, I saw that Aku hasn’t put a hand on the food.

Pure white dress, and a tiara on her head; she looked like the princess of some country.

“Thank you very much. Doing this much, for someone like me…” (Aku)

“Don’t mind it. More importantly, eat while it is still hot.” (Maou)

“I will mind it.” (Aku)

The strong gaze of Aku made me stop my hand.  

Her eyes that differ in color, red and blue, had awed me. Just looking at them made me feel an air of mystery and made me avert my gaze.

“Why…are you being so kind to me?” (Aku)

“…My intentions were not to be kind though.” (Maou)

And in reality, those weren’t my intentions.

What I did was to kill a monster, became an arsonist, and stole money from the Holy Maiden after spanking her; lining them up like this, it looks terrible.

Just looking back at the things I have done made me want to spout out my ale. Even if it was righteous self-defense, it wouldn’t be helped if I were called a brute.

“I don’t know how to return this debt of gratitude.” (Aku)

“There’s no need to. In the first place, I am not putting any debts on you.” (Maou)

Saying this, I eat the meat one bite after the other.

Cold meat and lukewarm beer are the things I hate the most -especially lukewarm beer. Being able to transform my beloved drinks into the most disgusting of tastes is enough to even make me feel how unpredictable life can be.

“Maou-sama, please ask me of anything. I will do anything in my power.” (Aku)

“Hm? Just now, you said you would do anything, right?” (Maou)

At the same time as those words were said, a big voice resounded at the entrance of the restaurant. Not only that, the door was kicked open.

“—I have found you!! Demon Lord!”

Found ya!

The one standing there was the Holy Maiden -who I spanked just the other day- with a bright red face. Her breathing was rough, and it seems she was excited.

Thus, I only had one thing to say back to her.

“You again? I don’t remember ordering a stalker though.” (Maou)

The curtains rise for the second great battle against the Holy Maiden…

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