WR- Chapter 421-422: Wonderful World

“You are going to leave this world?” (Haine)

The sudden declaration of the four Base Elements had surprised me so much, I had to say it again.

“Why so suddenly? Why are you saying that?” (Haine)

“That’s right!” (Karen)

The newbie as a God -Karen- also raised her tone with a trembling voice.

“Every one of you guys have a variety of grudges towards each other. I am also aware of this. But after overcoming the trials and tribulations until now, humans and Gods should have been able to reconcile, right?!” (Karen)

At the far past, at the beginning of the world, Gods could only see humans as slaves that should obey them.

Aside from me.

But after a long long passing of time, humans have grown, developed, and that greatness has begun to be acknowledged by even the Gods.

The Gods that had looked down on the humans all the time are now accepting the humans.

“From now on, humans and Gods can finally advance together in a normal relationship. And yet, Gods are disappearing and leaving humans?!” (Karen)

“It is the contrary, new Light Goddess.” (Quasar)

Shiva…no, the Wind God Quasar spoke.

“Humans have grown in a strong and splendid manner. That’s why humans don’t need Gods anymore.” (Quasar)

“In reality, we should have done this sooner. The role of us Gods is to create a world, and the moment we did that, our role was over……keh.” (Coacervate)

(Slovenly living our time in a world where we have nothing to do; we Gods are simply troublemakers for the true protagonists of this world, the humans.) (Nova)

“I think so as well~” (Mantle)

The four Base Elements were all giving their own opinions.

“The humans already have enough strength to stand on their own two feet. The Demon Lord battle was the best example of it.” (Quasar)

“Humans bursted right through it and managed to overcome that battle splendidly. There was no need for us Gods to protect you, or save you……keh.” (Coacervate)

As if Karen-san couldn’t take it anymore, she intervened.

“But that was because you Gods provided us with the strength of a God Hero—!” (Karen)

(It doesn’t change the fact that you guys were the ones who personally fought.) (Nova)

That’s right. That was clearly the victory of humans.

For us Gods who created humans and believed in them, there’s no better pride.

“That’s why we are going to stop any extra interference, and decided on leaving the world. Before I incarnated to this body of Shiva, I have been living as a human many times, and each time I did, I was able to experience something new that I didn’t experience before.” (Quasar)

Quasar smiles.

“But it is time to put an end to it. I will be separating from always being in the care of a linked body and also the people of the Wind nation. They have to continue forward on their own strength. Looking at the child I had with Juo, I think about this more and more.” (Quasar)

“After leaving this world…” (Yorishiro)

Yorishiro joins.

As one of the highest within the Gods, she is in a standing that allows her to decide.

“What do you plan on doing?” (Yorishiro)

(Right, that’s what it is.) (Nova)

Nova says with rough breathing from his cow body.

(How about creating a new world?) (Nova)

A new world?

“The role of us Gods is to create worlds to begin with. You could say the people here have developed and this world is a great success. With that success in mind, how about challenging for the next one? Is what we are thinking…keh.” (Coacervate)

“I also think that~.” (Mantle)

Mantle is adding agreement here and there as it goes.

“But in the end, we four Base Elements can’t create worlds with just us. The foundation of the world -time and space- can only be created by the Light and Darkness Gods.” (Quasar)

(And so, how about leaving this world together with us and creating a new world?) (Nova)

“We have a lot of past grudges between us, but how about letting it be water under the bridge?…Keh.” (Coacervate)

“I think so too~.” (Mantle)

I was bewildered by this, and so, I looked at Yorishiro and Karen-san.

Their eyes had no hesitation.

“…Right. We are not the ones who have the answer.” (Haine)

The one who has the answer is this world itself.

This world has developed and evolved. If this world has arrived to the answer of not needing the protection of us Gods anymore…

—We Gods have to accept that.

“Humans believe in Gods; but more than that, Gods believe in humans. That’s what I felt the most in the passing of 1,600 years.” (Haine)

“…But, Haine-san…” (Yorishiro)

Yorishiro pulled my sleeve.

“We are currently not only Gods, but also humans.” (Yorishiro)

“That’s right. Right now, we are Haine-san, Yorishiro-sama, and Karen. We won’t leave this world until we fulfill that role as humans, right?” (Karen)

The two beauties are looking at me with uneasiness in their eyes.

…Of course.

“I will enjoy my life as Kuromiya Haine to the fullest. For us Gods, the whole life of a human is like the blink of an eye. Let’s live it to the utmost!” (Haine)

“Well, yeah. I have no intentions of leaving this world until I watch over Hyue marrying, my child splendidly growing up, and growing old together with Juo!” (Shiva)

(I gotta look after the pro-wrestling enterprise of Mirack for a little bit more.) (Phalaris)

“After we leave, I am thinking of leaving the supervision of things to the Demon Lord-sans. I am sure they will become splendid guardians of the world…keh.” (Coacervate)

“I think so too~.” (Mantle)

Mantle, at least try to say something for yourself at the end.

“Well then, it has been decided.” (Haine)

After living through our life to the fullest, we will aim for the next world.

Just like in this world.

Let’s make another wonderful world.

Karen-san, Mirack, Celestis, Sasae-chan, Hyue; and also the many people we have met until now…

This world is…truly a wonderful world.

  • 422: An endless story

After that, even more time passed on.

There’s not a single one left in that world that knows about that gathering.

Some had their soul leave their dying bodies, some were given new duties from the Gods as they left the world.

Even with that, the world continues uninterrupted.

The miracle that they had made possible in the past has now turned into a legend and has been passed down by many people.

As Kuromiya Haine, Yorishiro, and Kourin Karen; we who have finished our roles and had come out from our bodies, had now returned to being Gods, and were leaving on a journey to look for a new role.

Now then, next will be…

What kind of world shall we make?

—World Reformation activities of the Dark God, The End

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