Tsuki – Extra 37: Manga SS – Her a little later


“…What’s with that pretentious sneeze? This is our house though. There’s only Onee-chan and I, you know?”

“I heard that this was supposed to have incredible effects in healing nature. But it didn’t work at all…”

“There’s no way you will get an effect like that from someone of your same gender, moreover, your little sister.”

The girl that had both hands placed on her waist and opening both her legs widely, had her anger waning, and weariness took place, making her shoulders droop a bit.

In front of her, there’s her sister that is showing a sight she rarely shows outside, doing a seiza.

The one who made a supposedly cute sneeze was the elder sister.

“Rinon~, someone must have been talking about me at this nice timing. How about forgiving me and leaving it at that~. Your Onee-chan is not good at seiza~.”

Her elder sister, Toa, was showing a bitter smile as she moved her paining legs.

It was a gesture that showed her legs were numbing.

“I am making you do that because you are not good at it!” (Rinon)

“Ehehe, the people talking about me must be talking about how it is a nice sign that a capable and generous adventurer has returned from the wasteland with materials” (Toa)

“…If that’s where you are taking it, it would be that there’s a capable and generous sucker. Right here!” (Rinon)

“Uwu… But an adventurer cannot compromise with their equipment and personal belongings. If there’s things there, and there’s money, there’s only one choice!” (Toa)

“I can understand that it can’t be helped since you are an adventurer. But everything at once is no good, you know? You have fulfilled a number of wasteland requests after returning, and yet, this amount of expenses is way too much!” (Rinon)

Toa was pushed the household expenses list on her face for who knows how many times, and she hung her head down at that.

“Why did Kuzunoha-san teach such detailed arithmetic to Rinon. It is amazing how Rinon managed to learn it, but I am not happy. The only thing I can tell with a look is that we still have money.” (Toa)

“Onee-chan! You can tell?!” (Rinon)

“Yes! I think we still have quite a bit of money left!” (Toa)

“We don’t! At this rate, in just a month, the money of the materials will be gone!” (Rinon)

“It is okay. I am not going to be using that much money anymore. We are going to be making even more money now after all.” (Toa)

Rinon’s older sister, the adventurer Toa, raised her head with an expression filled with confidence as if saying it is by no means an excuse.

And in reality, after returning to Tsige, they have been finishing wasteland requests at a pretty fast pace.

Coincidentally, there was an employee of the Merchant Guild that called Toa and the others ‘capable and generous adventurers’.

Well, sadly to say, at a number of stores she went to, she is being called a ‘capable and generous sucker’.

They need to enter the wasteland, and yet, they avoid the requests that require travelling far or need several days to complete. Currently, in terms of work, Toa and her party are showing efficiency that surpasses their rank.

“Please do so, Onee-chan. From now on, I will have you gain at least this much money every month, okay?!” (Rinon)

“Eeh?!” (Toa)

“Of course, for a while, don’t do reckless things like travelling far!” (Rinon)

“No way, that’s unreasonable…” (Toa)

“You managed to have your life saved, so this time, be more careful, and be precise.” (Rinon)

Rinon changes gears into being purely worried about her sister.

She cannot forget the fact that she was close to dying at the inside of the wasteland because her ability was not enough.

But, even with that, her little sister knew that her sister has no intentions of stopping as an adventurer. Rinon knows that there’s an objective her sister cannot give up on that’s hidden inside of her after all.

That’s why, at the very least, she wants her to gain strength in a reliable manner, and aim for the deep parts of the wasteland after having prepared plenty enough.

That’s how Rinon thinks.

“Rinon…” (Toa)

“Onee-chan…” (Rinon)

“With that income threshold, I would only be able to take one break a week. Only having one day to rest when I am doing my very best is way too rough on—” (Toa)

“Looks like we can increase our savings.” (Rinon)

“Hih! Has Rinon been infected by the numbers?! In the first place, what will you do by saving that much money? Even if equipment requires money, there’s no need to prepare to that extent! Are you thinking of buying a house? I will be aiming for a bit of an extravagant house, you know?!” (Toa)

“…That’s right.” (Rinon)

“Eh?” (Toa)

“We will definitely be staying in this town for long. Maybe we will be spending our lives here. That’s why, let’s not stay at inns like this and buy a house.” (Rinon)

“…Rinon-chan? Hello?” (Toa)

The sudden joke of Toa was answered with a straight agreement from her sister, catching Toa off-guard.

“Also, let’s make it a big house. A house that can become the home for Onee-chan and I, and also everyone from the party.” (Rinon)

“Wa.” (Toa)

“With a place to return to, with comrades that you have a deep enough trust to be able to live together with, you would be a bit less reckless, right?” (Rinon)

“As I said, the savings…” (Toa)

“I know that Onee-chan still has lingering attachments in the wasteland, and that there’s something left you have to do. But if after we were saved by Kuzunoha-san, we were to continue doing things like we have before, one day, we will definitely trip. I don’t want Onee-chan to end up like that.” (Rinon)

“…Yeah, I get it.” (Toa)

“Of course, I will be working as well. I asked the people of the Adventurer Guild and they allowed me to draw portraits of others in front of the guild, at the main street. And I am in the middle of checking if I can do some sort of job with the arithmetic that Kuzunoha-san taught me.” (Rinon)

“If it is that much, Onee-chan will try even harder. You have gotten this good at numbers after only being taught a bit by Kuzunoha-san. For the sake of the future, I would like Rinon to study somewhere—” (Toa)

“There’s practically no place in Tsige that’s focused in teaching. If there’s one, it is not that different from being the apprentice of a company. This is the town of adventurers and merchants after all. In that case, it is better to work in front of the guild where I can wait for the return of Onee-chan. Also, I might be able to obtain connections with some company with my arithmetic knowledge. In the first place, the house is for me as well, so it is a matter of course that I should be working as well.” (Rinon)

“You have grown, Rinon.” (Toa)

“With that kind of experience, of course I would. We seriously managed to survive by a hair’s breadth.” (Rinon)

Rinon was looking at the ceiling with distant eyes.

She was looking back at the experience she had in the base inside the wasteland where they experienced the very definition of being at the edge of their life, and also, their miraculous encounter.

“I really am reflecting about it.” (Toa)

“I think Onee-chan already understands but, the meeting with Kuzunoha-san was truly a miracle, okay? There’s no big turnabout like this a second time, okay?” (Rinon)

“That’s something I and everyone else understand pretty well.” (Toa)

“Then, work. Also, confirm. Don’t get involved with matters of the Kuzunoha Company and the Rembrandt Company, and also, the places where disappearances are frequent.” (Rinon)

“I am following that devotely. With those in consideration, I will increase my rank, and aim to become a regular adventurer that can stably finish requests in the highest of lists.” (Toa)

“In that case, I will forgive you for this time’s absurd expense. BUT! I will be properly keeping tabs of the monthly income and expenses, okay?!” (Rinon)

Kuzunoha-san managed to teach Rinon in a short amount of time the technique to efficiently supervise the income and expenses as well as a mysteriously high level of arithmetic.

Toa has incredible gratitude towards him.

She does, but just in this one point alone, she can’t help but resent him.

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