WR – Afterword of author and also me

Author Afterword:

World Reformation activities of the Dark God.

With this, we have reached to the end.

Thank you very much everyone who has been accompanying me till this point. I am truly thankful for your reading this story.

This story that had begun in 2016, I have managed to finish writing it in the short period of one year.

This was my first attempt at publishing a story in ‘shousetsuka ni narou’ <webnovel page>. There were a lot of things I was worried about, but I think it was an important experience.

Gods incarnating as humans, Gods and humans, and also, resolving problems with monsters.

I think I was able to portray the different senses of value that occur between each other that was at times serious and at times funny.

The characters appearing there as well. The protagonist Haine, and of course, the heroines Karen, Yorishiro, Mirack, Celestis, Sasae-chan, and Hyue; many went moving about on their own, and I myself as an author was able to enjoy it as well.

The story of Haine and his group is now over, but I am thinking of putting out a new story in the future.

Well then, to the people that have read this together with me.

Thank you very much!

Let’s meet at a new story!


Translator Afterword:

Hey guys, Reigokai here!

Oh boy, so we have finally managed to finish one journey. I am not really sure how to express my feelings right now, but I do have one thing I can say: it was truly fun.

First, I would like to talk about my opinions on this story. I will be blunt here, this was by no means a masterpiece. There was a definite lack of body language descriptions in this story, the political implications that could occur between the many nations, the common populace had low to almost no participation focusing heavily on the main cast, and I could go on for a good while, but you get the idea.

So I say it again, a masterpiece? No. But, an enjoyable story? Heck yeah!

It may not have the most deep political structure, but it sure in hell nailed the main cast and things that surrounded them. The nations had some really defined traits between each other which you could easily tell; the Gods, humans, and even the Demon Lords were filled with personality; how the author handled the Demon Lords was probably my favorite part of the story itself.

Now, I said my favorite part of the story was the Demon Lords. The story in itself was pretty normal to me before they appeared. The characters were quirky and fun, but I felt like the author was going to continue the formula of beat up big monsters for each nation; and then, with the Mother Monsters, he would repeat that formula. But I was pleasantly surprised that he took that and turned it around before they battled them out —they were basically a meal for the Demon Lords. Then, he went a step above and spinned it around. He sanctified the Demon Lords in ways, I am pleased to say, I actually enjoyed how they all changed. Sorry heroes, I like all Demon Lords more (except for Celestis).

Okay okay, I said my favorite part of the story itself is when the Demon Lords appeared. But that’s in the narrative view. In terms of the story as a whole, what truly shone the best was definitely the characters. Their personalities were truly defined to a T. There were times where the author didn’t properly specify who it is that was speaking, but I could tell clearly who it was. That’s how defined it was. I could probably line out a situation, and easily imagine how every character would react differently from that one situation.

As I said, the character I liked the most is Celestis. She is the one who takes the cake, and she would probably eat it in front of me with a wide grin. She reminds me of Aqua from Konosuba, but with a bigger brain. Her witty funny comments poking fun at tropes is what I loved the most, and also the quirkiness of the water nation she showed was simply the best.
A close second would definitely be Michael. His battle was most likely the battle that heated me up the most in this story. It was a true show of humans working together to defeat one big threat. And it ended with one of the things I like the most: a raw fist fight. And the end was the cherry on the top, when he said: ‘Let there be hot-bloodedness’, as he left. I have to admit, that one hit me greatly in both awesomeness and how much he had grown from that battle. At that moment, we all knew how the author would handle the Demon Lords, and I had a good smile when I learned that. ——-My only gripe with Michael is that I was totally shipping him with Mirack. Come on author! This was supposed to be humans and demons coexisting! Make babies! I don’t care what anyone says, I believe that in that blank space of time, they both married and lived happily ever after with their pet cow!


Anyways, let me address the true driving force that pushed me to continue this story when it was clearly not popular for many who were most likely coming from a heavy political and moral conflicting story like Tsuki.
The readers that actually stayed with me through the whole journey.

Just reading how you guys reacted to the story as it went on and knowing that you were all staying for reasons similar to mine truly made me happy.

Let’s be honest, we all knew the faults of the story, but I am sure you all managed to overlook those flaws and say ‘hell, this is a story, and I enjoy it for what it is!’. No nitpicking there.

I have to say, I am truly thankful for that.

It let me enjoy the story fully knowing there were others who enjoyed the journey together with me.

As you guys can already tell, it was a joy to translate this story and share it.

This story may have ended already, and with Tsuki only having a few extras remaining, it is obvious what comes next.

This is an end and also a beginning, but I digress. This is a World Reformation afterword after all.

I would like to say one last thanks to everyone who stuck to this journey together with me and shared their joys and displeasures in it.

Thank you very much!

Let’s meet at the next world!


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64 thoughts on “WR – Afterword of author and also me

  1. Yeah…This story had its ups and downs, but overall, I think I enjoyed it. I’ll take my time to construct a more thorough retrospective of the story later, but Reigokai’s sentiments are pretty much on point for me as well.
    It’s not a masterpiece and there are certain suspensions of disbelief that hold it back, but what it did do was done well and quite fun.

    Thanks for all the chapters, Reigokai! …I guess now we take a look at what comes next.

  2. Thanks for translating this web novel and as you said it may not be a masterpiece but it was an enjoyable one.Can’t wait to see what you translate next

  3. Personally, I enjoyed this story from start to finish. There were times where I felt like it was lacking, bit I decided I would just enjoy it anyways. Sometimes it’s nice to read something that isn’t really packed with details; so long as it’s funny of course, and boy did this story make me laugh. Also, in most of the Web novels I read it’s difficult to find a story with such a great main cast. Aside from Haine, I never felt any character was overshadowed by another. Haine was always kind of in the background, but that was just his role I guess and it felt right for the story as a whole. In the end I loved reading this too. My question now is: what’s next?

    1. Yeah. Haine might actually be my least favorite character in the entire story.

      I even liked the hate sink that is Ates more, because that sort of mad love was fascinating in a yandere kind of way.

      It would’ve worked out a lot better if Haine was proactive more, I think. Stuff like being direct and sincere with his responses to the girls, roasting the corrupt members of the church more, and maybe if he had a tsukkomi-worthy quirk of his own that he insisted on.

      Ah. Wait. There was that commander whatever guy I liked less than Haine. So hes better than that.

      1. Yeah, I kind of got the feeling at times that the story was supposed to be from Haine’s perspective as a God who saw all things happening in the world, but that didn’t seem like that was the case at most times. That or maybe that’s just my imagination. I kinda feel more like I’m just trying to push that impression upon myself, but I felt it was one perspective to consider. That the story is not about Haine/Entropy, but what he sees around himself and the world as a whole.

  4. Thanks for the ride, Reigo-senpai.

    I remember the complainers who whined about WR and demanded more Tsuki. And you having to tell them that you couldn’t do Tsuki because you were caught up. I personally like both. Both WR and Tsuki have their individual charms. Would I call WR a masterpiece? Like you, no. Would I call it a classic? Another no. A damn good story? I completely agree.

    My only regret was the Yoshiro side of Inflation not going yandere. I wanted inflation to go yandere, but not like that. Still, we got a happy ending for both Yoshiro and Karin. To be honest, I can’t wait for the author’s next work. But until then, I’m looking forward to your next translation.

    1. I agree. It wouldn’t have been that hard to fit in either.

      During the Light church purge, we could have an official sneak-attack Haine with Light and manage to hurt him because of that.

      Then comes Yorishiro with the most serene, calm face ever and everyone is absolutely terrified before we cut to the next scene and barely reference it again.

  5. One final scene :

    As the story ends, the readers look forward towards the setting sun.
    The sky is orange and red and the horizon resembles gold.

    *Orca walks in front and suddenly stop.*
    *Turns around facing you.*

    “Let there be hot bloodedness.” (Orca)

    1. I know I’m a few months late on replying to this… but as long as it’s not Truck-kun popping up and saying it, I’m okay.

      *shivers from memories of being possessed by Spoiler-san*

  6. Real nice words there. WR was a really enjoyable story, even if the world building was kinda lacking.

    I’m kinda sad Doraha didn’t end up becoming a God too – she did survive ages as a mass of shadow power.

  7. of course there’s minus and plus in this novel,
    no novel with perfect story…
    there’s novel with “enjoyable” story or “meh” story…
    and this is without doubt a “Enjoyable” story for me to read…

    thank you and let’s go to the next world!

  8. Otsukaresama! Thanks for your hard work, Reigokai-san!
    I’m glad you can finish this novel until end. \o/

    I’ll looking forward for your next project. 😉

  9. What’s important to me is that the story is enjoyable. Better if it has a proper ending.
    Of course, what people enjoy differs between person. Like how many that I know enjoy Overlord, but me, not so much. A bit too dark for my taste.
    The tone of World Reformation is just right for me, and the characters are great. Thanks for translating it to the end!

    1. You see, I liked Overlord at the start, but then i missed a few updates, some spoilers showed it went way darker than I might be comfortable with, and my attention span timed out before i could decide if I would pick it back up….

      1. Overlord is a good story, if you enjoy dark stories. Sure it has some comedy, but still too dark overall for my taste. You were introduced to a character, follow their story for a while, then WHAM, they’re dead, often in a very cruel way, and perpetrated by the MC or his subordinates in one way or another. There are also those that didn’t die, but except for a few characters, most are either crazy, being tortured in one way or another, or completely broken.
        Outright war story with multiple deaths is much preferable than that for me.

        1. Yeah, I couldn’t get that into Overlord because of that.

          How do I put this? I like caring about characters.
          If too many characters that I like in a story are killed, I stop being willing to get invested. And Overlord actively tries to get me invested despite that, which kinda makes it sadistic towards the readers themselves.

    2. I feel like too many stories feature a grim world where humans are terrible creatures, gods are even worse, and any good ones suffer and are called naive.

      World Reformation was a refreshing dose of “Humanity is great! God can be loving!”

  10. Otsukaresamadeshita ‘ w ‘ )7
    welp indeed i share the same kind opinion with you, the story may be not so great but it is an enjoyable kind of story
    especially the tormented Celestis

  11. I don’t know…on the one hand Mirack could have a few fire-winged babies, but she could also end up somehow giving birth to some wrestling minotaurs…on the other hand…Steam Demon Lord….

    1. I feel like the Demon Lords wouldn’t even have the proper equipment, but I guess if Juo and Shiva can give Raphael a Henshin Feature, they can give Demon Lords baby-making features.

      1. The Demon Lords are pure divine power, they can grow or retract their body parts at will. It’s most obvious when you look at Raphael and Uriel, though. I think they just need to get hot-blooded enough.

  12. Thank for your hard work.
    I still new for WR, I think I hold it in mother monster arc.

    Well, I wait for your next one.

  13. I found myself heavily disliking many gags and cliches progressing through the story.At the beginning I did fully enjoy it though(always waiting for the big reveal,MC is a god,the strongest one at that!).But for me pretty much all of them had too many flaws and predictable reactions.I must say that even at the end of the story the characters are a bit too bland,for my tastes at least.Haine loves humans because,Karen is positive because,Mirack at the beginning was fine(as she was almost a counter to karen’s overly positive character) but then she just remembers she loved karen and turns positive and clingy.I feel as if celes was a glorification of the idol culture and never made me laugh.Not in the idol bits,perhaps I chuckled once or twice when she played the straight (wo)man.Sasae was pretty much a stubborn child who spoke like a redneck.The redneck part isn’t that bad,bad the the stubborn child part was unbearable(for me).To me what makes tsuki above isn’t the political talk or the fights,but the characters:all of the characters were believable and they all evolved,especially makoto who starts as an happy naive kid who progressively gets coarser and coarser after the battle with the dragon slayer,so much that some of the readers questioned whether it was the goddess doing or what.In the end,while I was certainly entertained for a while I can’t just ignore all those flaws.Heck,I like double edge hero more than this,and it has less than 30 chapters.Since I saw how many actually went “who cares about the flaws” I just wanted to say mine

  14. World Reformation is definitely no masterpiece, but I’m not sure I would call the places it’s lacking “flaws” either. WR is a “simplistic” story, and it was written exactly how it was meant to be.

    It’s chock full of clichés, but they were all executed well. For instance, you could define any main character in 3 or 4 words and you’d able to sum them up pretty well with that. For example, “Wise Entropy Fanatic”, “Muscle-Headed Lesbian”, “Silly Witty Idol”, and “Coward Tree Person”. Despite that, every single interaction was very well-written and endeared you to said characters.

    Personally, I think the simplicity worked in its favor, since it meant each release was a lighter and more relaxed read compared to Tsuki, where I feel like I need to really set time aside to properly take in every detail, since Azumi Kei loves glossing over events.

    1. Regarding the plot, there were a few times that had me feeling like it was changed halfway, but it ultimately ended up flowing well enough despite that.
      And actually, Reigokai, the author did end up reusing the same formula plenty of times. But they did so in a way that felt more like the narrative was “rhyming” instead of being rehashed out of a lack of creativeness.

      Let’s review: We start with corruption within the church as the main problem, with Karen converting the other Heroes as the solution. Along the way, the gods turn out to be the real antagonists behind the Heroes.

      1. At the end of this arc, the final antagonist Quasar turns out to actually love humans and we’re suddenly introduced to Demon Lords a the new big threat.
      We tie up the loose ends of the previous arc with a final purge of corruption within the church and conversion of the Former Heroes in the process. Along the way, Ates is revealed to be the real antagonist behind the corruption.

      2. In the next arc, the God Heroes fight the Demon Lords and gradually convert them (Also, Let There Be Hot-Bloodedness hype). As we do this, we tie up the loose ends two arcs prior by completing character development for all the gods as well. Along the way, Ates is revealed to be the real antagonist behind the Demon Lords.
      At the end of this arc, the final antagonist Raphael reveals a more human side to his issues and, with his death,
      we’re suddenly introduced to Lucifer as the new big threat.

      3. In the final arc, we wrap up the loose ends regarding the mysteries of the Underworld Country and complete the character development of the Demon Lords as they grieve over Raphael’s death. Along the way, Ates is revealed to be the real antagonist behind the gods throughout history.
      At the end of this arc, we achieve victory by converting Lucifer and tie up loose ends with Ates’s plan completely failing.

      That was slightly more complicated than I expected, but you get the idea. There’s a formula, but it helps the story “rhyme”, not “rehash”.

  15. Even though I read this story pretty much solely on NovelPlanet (say what you like, I am just lazy and will forget about most stories if I had to check many different translators websites), I felt I needed to come here and make a comment.
    This was one of the few stories in which I have actively checked for updates every few days, for almost a year. The translation was done really well.
    Like was stated, the novel was nothing perfect, we all know there was a flaw or two. But does that mean it was ever bad? No. Will it probably ever become one of the most well know novels? Also, No.

    Thank you for translating it though fully.
    Since a lot of translators seem to lose interest halfway though, lately. Or other obstacles come up.

  16. Thanks for all your work and agree I enjoyed this novel it wasnt a masterpiece but i liked that it was something different from Tsuki ot didnt have the weight which was good as I don’t want dense novel after dense novel variety is king.

  17. I… probably should start leaving comments and not just leech the reads, huh. I usually just read your posts straight from the mail notification from my phone for convenience, wich is why I usually don’t comment, but… that’s disrespectful to you who puts in all this work in translating the stories.

    Indeed, I too stuck with and enjoyed this story for similar reasons as the ones you describe. If I had to cite a difference, is that the resolution of the Raphael battle left a deeper impression than Michael’s… though not by too wide a margin!

  18. I honestly thought this was bad…like, really fucking bad. It’s so bad that it would probably take me several pages’ worth of paragraphs just so I can express how terrible the writing is. This series is chock-full of negative traits yet despite all that, it was fun. I actually enjoyed it.

    Now, I’ve expressed my criticisms of the story quite early on, in the course of its translation. I’ve stated the negative things which I have observed from the first few chapters translated back then, describing the writing as “rushed by the author so that he/she can get to the better parts of his/her story” or something along those lines. I was actually wrong in that regard since throughout the whole story, the writing quality didn’t change much and it was actually just that bad. Despite my misgivings, however, there are several things that worked for this story and its author’s favor that perhaps allowed me and numerous others to sit through the whole thing.

    First is each chapter’s length. Each chapter is so short, it wouldn’t even take you ten minutes to read through 3 of them at once. It was short enough that you wouldn’t have to think too hard or invest much time to take it all in. They’re written in such a way that readers will easily be able to digest them and move on with whatever they’re doing right after. It also helps that Reigokai released the translations in such a way that you can easily read through in one sitting, yet with enough plot in them to keep the readers somewhat engaged, instead of a bulk release format where readers may find it tedious to plow through or the kind where the readers would essentially be blue-balled by the rather short chapters.

    Second is it’s simple writing. Sure, the overall quality of the story is preeetty low compared to other WNs out there. like TsukiMichi for example, but it actually worked in its favor. The simple writing of this story allowed for easier digestion of events and an overall “light” feeling when reading. It’s essentially an oasis in the desert of web novels with complicated plot or jargon and the writing styles to match. You can literally skim through 5 chapters straight and still retain enough information from them to keep the plot coherent in your head.

    Third, and the last I am going to discuss, is the author and, by extension, the translator. Now, read through all those 420 chapters and tell me the author wasn’t having fun writing it. You can easily tell that the author was having fun with this little world he made and that he/she definitely loves it. How can I tell all this from just reading it? It’s simple. I wouldn’t be having any fun if the author wasn’t when he/she wrote the story. Heck, I wouldn’t be having fun if Reigokai himself didn’t when translating it. Those things can easily show through one’s writing, one way or another. It’s that simple. There’s this “energy” that permeates the whole piece. It basically tells you that “Hey, this story is short. This story is simple. This story is fun. Come, take a break from all that hard, cold, reality stuff, and bask in this simplistic fantasy world.” As I have said before, this story felt like an oasis. Now, I don’t really know the author’s motivation in writing this story, but this isn’t something you would write if you solely wanted a source of income. This is the kind of story one would write because they wanted to write–because it’s their hobby, and that writing it is tantamount to a break from their cold reality. The author had fun writing it, the translator did too when he was reading and translating, and I, as a simple reader, also had fun from reading through it.

    Now that I have let all of that out, I would like to thank Reigokai for translating this story which I initially hated, and the author for writing it.

    1. I honestly don’t see where the quality issues you mention are, but absolutely agree regarding the simplicity and passion.
      Most every chapter has its own sort of fun with itself in a infectious sort of way, and that’s enough for a story.

      In my opinion, a good fantasy either tells a narrative that can somehow connect with reality despite being about a different world, or creates a real-feeling fantastic world that pulls the reader out of their own reality.

      TsukiMichi does both, but is inclined towards the latter while World Reformation’s world runs on some conceits (as in suspensions of disbelief) that forego the latter for the most part and heavily invests in the former.

  19. it was more interesting than I initially thought, with the premise I imagined another OP MC that would steamroll everything on his way,
    but the focus was more on the other characters to solve problems
    I disliked a few things in the story, but it was still fun to read

  20. Thank you for translating this novel Reigokai ^^ Yeah I agree with u that this is by no means a masterpiece but it sure is enjoyable to read. I especially enjoyed the bokes and tsukkomis made by Yoshihiro, the heroes and Haine. Can’t wait for your next novel ^^
    By the way, is it just a coincidence that the MC from the novel you’re intending to translate also has the same name “Makoto” like the MC from “Tsuki ga Michibiku”?

  21. Thanks a lot for translating this novel! I know I am late but hey, I started this novel much later than when you had finished translating it. Regardless of that, this was an enjoyable read. Time to start Dragon Knight now!

  22. Reading this novel let me know that I can also enjoy the simple novels as well as the more complex ones too. At first, I didn’t really like it that much since I haven’t read novels like this before, but after coming to understand the good parts about one of these simpler, “feel good” even, novels, I was hooked and finished it after reading it with regular breaks in around 5 days or so.
    Thank you Reigokai for translating this novel and I love your translation quality.

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