Tsuki – Extra 36: Manga SS – Doing their best in the request

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The wasteland called the World’s Border.

It is the most dangerous area in this world, and there’s only one proper way to enter it —through the gate of the remote town of Tsige.

In order to obtain a permission to cross it, there’s the need to fulfill a variety of requirements depending on your profession.

Of course, they are all strict.

But in regards to the adventurers, there’s only one simple requirement; to have a higher level than the specified one.

“This place is disastrous as always.” (Toa)

At a glance, it looks like a peaceful sight where it is filled with green and the sound of a small stream can be heard. In this place, the female adventurer Toa spoke with a bitter laugh.

She had a strange expression that showed weariness and pity in it.

“…I can’t say much of others, but I agree.” (Luisa)

One of the members of Toa’s party, the elf archer Luisa, responded to Toa with slight difficulty.

The place they are in has a distance that would take half a day from Tsige.

Toa, Luisa, Ranina, and Hazal; these four were in Tsige for the sake of investigating.

“This is unexpected. To think that you were in the same opinion of this ‘graveyard for illegal trespassers’.” (Ranina)

The small woman, Ranina, that lightly shouldered a big axe that contrasted her small size, looked up at Luisa.

Just like she said, contrary to the looks of the place, it is secretly known by the adventurers as one of the graveyards.

Specially the people that entered the wasteland even when they lack in level and are overconfident of their own strength, going even through the lengths of entering through illegal means; they end up being hunted by the sly mamonos of the wasteland.

“…’Levels are simply numbers’. I was against the guild because they assumed my power from something like that. Now that I think about it, I can say that I was incredibly stupid and arrogant.” (Luisa)

Luisa is also one of the people that entered the wasteland illegally.

She may still be alive, but the difference between the people that died in this place and her is simply a bit better luck, and the current her knows it and accepts it. The reality that it is by no means because she is a chosen one or anything like that.

Leaving aside whether Ranina caught onto that thought of Luisa, she nodded lightly a number of times, and was hearing her out.

“Toa, there’s a reaction from over there.” (Hazal)

From slightly further back from the three, the alchemist hyuman, Hazal, was holding an object similar to that of a compass, and called Toa.

“Ok. Then, let’s cut it a bit. [Breeze Razor].” (Toa)

Toa swings her dagger at the same time as she said the skill name.

At the area where Hazal had pointed out, the place where grass that reached all the way to the knees was being cut down.

It is one of the dagger skills of the thief class.

In the time when she had just learned it, it was a weak skill that could only be used to pickpocket, but when she reached to dark thief, adventurers on that level can use their skills deftly to achieve a variety of things more. Well, rather than calling it a battle skill, it still more of a life convenience skill.

“…Oh, bones —and equipment huh.” (Toa)

From the reddish ground that had been laid bare, there was quite the number of bones from many people.

Also, there was a type of equipment there that could be said to be their trademark.

“At a glance, this looks like a place that is suited for camping at night after all. If they had properly gathered information beforehand, there’s dangers that you can avoid…” (Toa)

Toa mutters this while rummaging the equipment.

“The despicable part about this place is that it looks as if it would be the best location to catch a break. Mamonos don’t approach much at noon after all.” (Luisa)

Following after Toa, Luisa also took an article of the area that had the grass cut off, and then, lets out a small sigh.

“The reality is that this is a trap that troublesome mamonos, who love human flesh, use to lure them here. When night hits, mamonos that are two steps stronger than the usual mamonos would come out to devour the adventurers that have lowered their guard camping at night.” (Ranina)

“It is a good example of mamonos being able to use their brain too. Well, most of the guys that end up like this don’t know about such things, and by the time they do notice, it is already unavoidable death.” (Hazal)

Ranina and Hazal’s task is to be on guard of the surroundings.

“Toa, what should we do with the equipment aside from the guild cards?” (Luisa)

“All things aside from our target…let’s gather them on a level that’s not pushing it. I have a certain degree of knowledge in swords and daggers so: Hazal, you are in charge of items like amulets; Luisa, magic power endowed items; Ranina, you check if there’s any items that are related to Spirits. But first, let’s gather it all.” (Toa)

After thinking for a bit, Toa gives out the orders.

They don’t think of taking the articles of the dead adventurers as an evil deed.

Specially for the things that are found in the wasteland. They are side-benefits, and it is thought of as providing strength to the successive adventurers.

In regards to the guild card, there’s a few mamonos and demi-humans that like to gather things like that, but normally, most just search if there’s anything to eat and everything else is left alone together with their bones.

If you bring back the card of a dead one to the guild, you can get a reward that’s not small.

You get to bulk up in items, you can get gratitude, and moreover, you get rewarded.

If a wasteland adventurer finds bones, the first thing they search for is their guild card.

But there are times when the family of the dead adventurers wish for their articles as mementos of them.

The request that Toa and her party are doing is one of them.

A request of an adventurer’s parents that had been hinted to them that she would be going to the wasteland, and then, disappeared right after.

They wanted news of their daughter, and if she is dead, they wanted them to search for some sort of memento.

By the stage of investigating at the town, all four of Toa’s party had already reached the same conclusion —that person is dead.

Entering the wasteland illegally, and in the end, hunted by mamonos.

In the wasteland, mamonos are not simply existences that serve to be hunted by people, they are also existences that hunt people; this is a reality that these four know all too well.

And then, after entering the wasteland, Hazal used the hair of the girl to guide him, and they got general idea of her location.

“I am also somewhat knowledgeable about weapons. I will help out.” (Ranina)

“Thanks, Ranina…… Hm, everyone, sadly to say, I have found it. Dana Yuel, level 81, Axe Guard; it matches with her day of disappearance.” (Toa)

Toa holds up a guild card in her hand.

“…Then, next would be the article listed—” (Hazal)

“I have found that too. A blue jeweled earring. It matches the design in the list completely.” (Toa)

“Even though this place is way too fast for even a level 90… That Dana, talk about living fast and recklessly.” (Ranina)

Before Hazal could take out the list of the articles, Toa showed a pair of earrings with two small blue jewels on her opposite hand.

Ranina spoke of Dana adding a sigh to it.

“We have finished the request then. Okay, let’s finish the retrieval of the items and leave this place while the sun is still up. We still have the next collection request.” (Toa)

“…Right. Avenging their deaths is not part of our job. It wouldn’t leave a good taste if we had to go that far after all.” (Luisa)

Luisa nods at Toa’s words.

“Now that I think about it, the matter of the Ruby Eye, what do you think of it?” (Ranina)

“Ah, that. Lime Latte is apparently involved in it. He wasn’t supposed to be the villainous type though…… Well, I don’t want to get involved.” (Toa)

After the sudden topic Ranina threw out, Toa placed a hand on her mouth as if trying to remember something recent.

“Hmm, I handed over those eyes to Kuzunoha-san before I got a warning from them. In other words, we were still unrelated to it at that time.” (Luisa)

Luisa nods several times as if agreeing with Toa.

“If we were to join their side as fellow adventurers…we would be facing Kuzunoha-san. No way. It is the best choice to just be docile and fulfill the requests.” (Hazal)

Looks like Hazal also agreed with the policy of the party.

“We recently started working again, and we have a crazy big debt with Kuzunoha-san. Just like they say, let’s stay unrelated to it.” (Toa)


‘If you don’t want to get involved in trouble, don’t approach the Ruby Eye request of the Rembrandt Company’, this warning that had the influential adventurers of Tsige involved had soon been told to Toa and the others who had just returned to Tsige.

The four obediently nodded at this, but the reason was heavily different from what they think.

The reason why they decided not to be related.

The time the name Kuzunoha will be known in the town of Tsige will be in a slightly further future.

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