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If you had to categorize them as mamonos or demi-humans, they would be demi-humans.

If Gorgons are mamonos close to being hyumans, the winged-kin would be hyumans close to being mamonos.

It is a quite strong race that has mastered the air superiority and utilizes both attack and defense expertly. This power is obviously also shown in Asora, and they are able to obtain pretty decent results in the mixed races training.

The Winged-kin evaluate themselves as being unable to match the Orcs and Lizards, but in reality, in terms of getting used to the equipment the Elder Dwarfs made and the training drills of Asora, in other words, taking advantage of the strong parts of the previous residents of Asora, you could say they are working pretty well.

The Lizards and Orcs are feeling the reliableness of their new comrades that rule the skies and felt the need of more training.

In other words, they were evaluated pretty highly.

…There’s just one thing; excluding the ruler of Asora, Misumi Makoto.

“…How was today?”

“The first group was one minute, sir!”  

“It hasn’t changed much since last time…”

While organizing the results of the training that day, one of the Winged-kin leaders knitted his eyebrows.

There’s a variety of races in Asora, but they respect and coexist with each other.

The strong and weak get their jobs and put efforts in the management of the central land and there’s also the pioneering of new land.

The Winged-kin have high ability in business, and the document work that the Highland Orcs were basically monopolizing, was now being done together with them.

With views to the future, they are thinking of sending people to the armed forces and the pioneering. At the same time, there was talk about them working together with the Gorgons on animals centered mostly in pasturage.

Their numbers are high, so they are rookies that others hold high expectations for.

But there’s one area that’s not going well for the Winged-kin.

The joining to the armed force and pioneering has been postponed for the future and their cooperation to dangerous places as well.

Whether one can participate in these kind of things or not is normally decided by Makoto, and his followers, Tomoe and Shiki, would further that process by deciding on the formation of the groups.

And so, they are stuck at the Makoto part.

It is a matter that doesn’t proceed at all without the permission of Makoto.

“Shona-sama has received talk from Shiki-sama regarding the breeding of animals so, wouldn’t Waka-sama know of our battle prowess?”

One of the winged-kin at the meeting room made a complicated expression as he gives his opinion to the Patriarch.

“Yeah, Shiki-sama did say something to that effect. But the decision was apparently affected heavily by the advantage that we can fly. He probably hasn’t acknowledged us in terms of pure battle prowess.” (Patriarch)

“We have never lost in such a clean manner before after all.”

A man older than the Patriarch showed a bitter smile.

Being at a higher altitude from your opponent creates an overwhelming advantage.

There’s the option of attacking in the sky, and there’s also tactics for attack and defense in the air in this world as well.

The Winged-kin faced Makoto’s training with the same tactic as the one they used on the other mock battles with the other races, but the result was an utter defeat.

In less than three minutes, the elites of the Winged-kins were all shot down and were all send back.

The bow and the fire and water magic are Makoto’s weapons.

The days where Makoto uses only magic to instant wipe the units that have gone out separately continued.

It was the source of the Patriarch’s headache.

“To think we would be shot down by a bow and magic.”

“Until now, those kind of people would all fall prey to us though.”

Sighs were being let out here and there.

The advantage of the Winged-kin is that they can fly in the sky, however, their weak point is also the sky.

The sky normally doesn’t have any obstructions. It is easy to target with ranged weapons and magic.

That’s why they dealt with that weak point immediately.

They gained high understanding of the wind element and increased their resistances. The number one most suited sniping spell towards the sky and viceversa are the wind element spells, and they had thoroughly mastered it.

Also, in order to get away from the spells and arrows, they increased their altitude even more and trained their elites.

Thinking about it normally, having high wind element strength is superior to having anti-air attacks against flying opponents, so it meant that the Winged-kin could one-sidedly attack the other party.

From an altitude that’s outside the range of the opponent, they can shoot with attacks that are within their range after all.

The enhanced arrows would lose strength the higher the distance, and in most cases, even the wind barrier of the normal soldiers of the Winged-kin could deflect them.

The establishment of this style was also connected to the social standing based on the wing colors.

The white winged ones that can fly at high speed and at high altitudes are called *Alkators*. Them having a high social standing might have been an inevitability. Their physical strength itself isn’t that high, but in terms of magic power, they were top class as well. They are treated as born elites. <アルカトル>

There’s also the black winged ones known as *Pages*. They are not suited for high speed flying, but they can bring out high altitudes. Their flying ability in battle is low, but they possess strong physical strength and their magic power is comparable to that of the Alkators. <ペイジ>

Because they divided the roles and authority by fighting prowess in order to reduce the casualties, it brought the current social structure they have.

They live at the top part of cliffs, so there was practically no need to do defensive battles which most likely served as a heavy influential factor as well.

Since the circumstances vary in Asora, the Patriarch that is the family head was doing his best while losing sleep daily.

“Should we increase the altitude even more so that Waka-sama can’t grasp our location?”

“If we do that, we wouldn’t be able to grasp Waka-sama’s location either, so wouldn’t it be pointless?”

“How about we have the attackers go to the very limits of their attack range and have a spotter tell the attacker the place where he should shoot it?”

“In that case, we would need a way to precisely tell the location on the ground that must be attacked. It might be good to adopt the use of coordinates that’s applied when separating maps.”

“There would be the need of coordination, so several spotters would be required. Who knows how many sacrifices would be made to grasp the location of Waka-sama.”

“It might have been a fluke, but in the past, a Page managed to deflect the Bridd of Waka-sama, even if only a bit. If it is them, there’s a few in the advanced attack groups that can use thought transmission. Wouldn’t they be suited for the job?”

“That’s a tactic that uses the Pages as sacrificial pawns. We are currently planning a strategy in order to decrease the sacrifices as much as possible, so thinking in a completely contrary path is a bit questionable.”

“But pray say, how are we going to make that person acknowledge us with the current fighting style we have? Even when we fly on top of the clouds, not only do we have no chance to do attack spells, we are shot down in the middle of deploying our defensive magic!”

The place was tense.

With the Patriarch simply bringing out the proposal of increasing the altitude, the Winged-kins in charge of strategy that were participating in this meeting began to exchange opinions.

Sadly to say, it looks like they were unable to reach an effective way yet.

The Patriarch in question had simply brought out this as one idea.

They didn’t predict there would be an opponent that would be able to target them at distances that not even their most competent snipers would think of doing so and hit them with attacks that are impossible to evade.

Rendering ranged weapons useless, the Winged-kin make one-sided attacks. The thorough success in that kind of fighting style was the reason why they were able to keep such a scale in their tribe even when in the wasteland, so it can’t be helped they wouldn’t be able to predict this.


When the discussion had reduced in heat, a single Page had raised his hand.

In this place, the representatives of all four kinds of wings were present. Of course, the lowest standing that is the black winged ones were also no exception.

Only the winged ones of their respective colors would know well about themselves.

That’s why this system was in place.

But even with that, he must have been aware of how low his standing is, the boy raised his hand and was showing nervousness in his frail-looking face.

“Hm? What is it?”

The Patriarch silenced the place first before waiting for his words.

“There was an opinion about us deflecting the attack of Waka-sama even if only a bit.”

“Yeah.” (Patriarch)

“That is the truth. It is something that I proposed and we managed to achieve.”

“…Hoh.” (Patriarch)

“The spells of Waka-sama are accurate to a fearsome level. Once he has targeted you, it would be a despairing situation where not even the Alkators would be able to evade. Moreover, the strength of the attack is apparently held back by quite a bit, but it wouldn’t be a mistake to take it as an instant kill.”

“…Continue.” (Patriarch)

The Patriarch stopped the other three colored wings that were about to object to what the Page boy was saying and urged him to continue.

“But if we were to face him using our control in barrier to its maximum output and with our physical strength, we might be able to deflect one or maybe even two attacks as we endure.”


“…That’s why, I think that if we were to grasp the coordinates and keep the contact frequent, it would be possible to attack Waka-sama from an even higher altitude.”

At the end, the boy showed as much confidence he could muster in his frail face as he proposes this to the Patriarch.

This was simply an agreement to an already given proposal, but since it was rare for the Page to be aggressive in joining the discussion, it gathered the attention of the surroundings.

“It is true that if you can certainly escape the attacks of Waka-sama, there would be no report as great as that.”

“T-Thank y—”

“But, that’s too naive.”

“Uh, eh?”

“There’s no assurance that the sniping of Waka-sama would miss in a higher altitude after all. The plan that you agreed to would require quite the amount of training time, and it would be on the assumption that Waka-sama’s sniping range is lower than the altitude we can go.” (Patriarch)

Even though the Patriarch himself brought this topic, he was holding doubts as to whether they would be able to escape the aim of Makoto by flying higher.

“That’s…just as you say.”

“There’s no need to feel down. Because you have taught us one certain thing after all.” (Patriarch)

“A certain thing?”

“That’s right. You Pages can block the attack of Waka-sama, right?” (Patriarch)

“If it is one of our soldiers, then at least one attack can be certainly blocked…… Of course, that is if the attack power stays as it currently is though.”

At the last part, he showed weakness, but the boy nods at what the Patriarch says.

For the Patriarch, these were words that brought joy.

That’s because he heard from Tomoe and Makoto himself that there won’t be changes in the attack power for a while.

They didn’t have the leeway to feel ashamed by the announcement that they are going easy on them.

“This is splendid. Oi, we will be extending the meeting. Listen well, in the mock battle with Waka-sama three days from now, we will be taking victory. If we let that chance escape, because of things like attending the Academy Festival and all that, the next chance will be in more than one month. Let’s show that person that our strength not only lies in flying!” (Patriarch)

The words of strong resolve from the Patriarch made heat run in the place as if it were before a war, even when it was a strategy meeting.

Because their affinity against Makoto was bad, the Winged-kin were not judged fairly. Without knowing this, they increased their strength.

Their growth moved the other races and this created a sudden increase in the fighting power of Asora as a whole.

Makoto wasn’t aware yet of this ripple effect that had been created.

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