Tsuki – Extra 19: A certain day at Asora 3

Plain in Asora.

A herd of cows and sheeps were eating grass.

Even with two spread out herds, there was still plenty remaining space in this vast land.

“This place is so big.”


“There has been talk about whether we can use Liz as sheep herding dogs.”

“Liz huh. They might actually be fit for the job.”

Beautiful girls, that would be described as being way too beautiful to be shepherds, were having a heartwarming conversation at a slightly separated location from the herd of sheeps.


Not long ago, they had sealed their ability to see and were living a constrained life at the wasteland. A race of solely girls.

They were presented the possibility to migrate to a dreamlike place like Asora and, after the interview, they all decided to migrate, and thus, brings it to what is seen now.

Their role here is to raise the animals that would seem as if they would be of use as livestock, and there is also their original specialty that is sewing to make clothes.

The girls said that they would do anything, so Ema had given them their respective jobs.

It is a race with a decent number, and their ‘fighting ability’ is high. That’s the reason why they were given the job of raising the animals of the wild.

In reality, the crazy talk about making a Liz as a herding dog the girls were speaking of, it isn’t that strange of a thing.

They are strong.

Even the cows and sheeps are strong.

When thinking about the present livelihood of Asora, it does sound weird, but the animals that live originally in Asora are abnormally strong.

To the point that the fighting race that are the Mist Lizards sometimes get injured in their hunts.

They don’t hold special abilities, but they have strong raw power and speed.

The wasteland mamonos that Tomoe brought on a whim in the past have long been exterminated by them.

The ram of a cornered sheep is strong enough to give fatal wounds, so the mamonos that were thrown in were the pitiful ones.

There was an instance when a herd of cows had panicked and the mamonos were stamped to death by their charge. May they rest in peace.

“I heard that there were Liz here in the past though?”

“Tomoe-sama had thrown in a whole pack of them in here before and they had survived for a decent while, but I heard that they got involved with the wolves and got slaughtered~.”

“Ah, wolves… I have never seen them, but they are apparently crazy strong. Looks like, rather than having the Mist Lizards defeat them, there was a proposal of letting them live in isolation and Waka-sama approved of it.”

“If it is Waka-sama, no matter how strong the other party is, wouldn’t he be able to do something about it?”

“Apparently, he said that it can’t be helped if it is the wolves. I sometimes don’t understand what that personage thinks.”

“He has not invited anyone after all.”

“A girl had invited him before, but he distracted her by giving her a hair catalog.”

“Ah, that. It was definitely a nice present.”

“Fashion sure is fun.”

Different from the cow group, the sheep group girls were able to take it relatively easy.

Gorgons have slightly different circumstances to other races.

Their sense of sight was basically nonexistent in the past, so there were naturally inconveniences with it. There’s also the point that there’s the need of men of other races in order to maintain their race.

With their sight being freed now, their interests have been spreading greedily. There’s been some that enjoy cooking, ones that learn to dress up, and ones that awaken to making clothes and ornaments to wear; a lot of things that were making them pass their days busily.

There’s also been a good amount that have shown interest in pottery that has been a craze in Asora.

Regarding the latter part about requiring men to procreate, the orcs were the present candidates, but because their mating seasons didn’t match and the morals of the Highland Orcs were abnormally high, it was a pretty difficult situation.

The ruler of this Asora, Misumi Makoto, is also a target of the Gorgons -or more like, it is their highest objective. However, this hasn’t been fulfilled.

For the Gorgons, that already have a good percent in heat, this is a pressing matter they have to resolve. They need to secure partners as soon as possible.

This matter had been slightly addressed in the interview they had with Makoto. There are a few hyumans who wander into Asora, so there are a good percent of them who have had relations with the Gorgons.

But this isn’t only unstable, the numbers are also not enough.

Currently, there’s a negotiation of having Makoto get involved with the hyuman settlements.

The girls think that, if that negotiation goes well, the situation will be completely resolved.

“Now that I think about it, I heard that they are having quite the difficulty in the talk about us going out to this town called Tsige.”

“Ah, it apparently has progressed. It seems like Waka-sama had been troubled for a while, but lately, his attitude has changed.”

“Hm~. Well, we may be hyuman-shaped, but we are not even demi-humans but mamonos. Of course Waka-sama would be discreet with us.”

“Ah, this wavy hair looks quite nice.”

“Ah?! You got a sketch of it?! I want to see too!!”

“This long one looks good. It feels like it might be a hit for the boys. I am already at the time where I would like to have a baby.”

“Regardless of time, you are a girl that’s in default wanting men though.”

“Now that I think about it, I haven’t seen Lime-san lately.”

“The only one who is available at all seasons was him after all. We all may have ended up relying on him a bit too much. Being in heat all the year is impressive, isn’t it. In a sense, that’s even more than us, don’t you think?”

“Ahaha. Could it be that Lime-san had given up and asked Waka-sama to have him go to Tsige?”

“No way~.”


A quite the radical conversation that doesn’t fit the heartwarming atmosphere continued in the plains.

The animals were uncaring about this and were playing around or munching on grass.

They don’t know that about this ‘no way’.

The unexpected hyuman that can enter and leave Asora, Lime Latte. He is still a young and healthy man. He of course also loves women.

In the past, it was on the level where you could say he has played around with enough women to fill up a town.

That’s why his relationship with the Gorgons felt like a part of his work.

Able to play around without any need for future trouble. Or rather, that was what the other party wishes.

For the men whose main objective is to play around with women, those are dreamlike conditions.

And the Gorgons would, in a sense, do it with one partner after the other without any ulterior motive.

At first, that’s what Lime thought as well as he was elated.

‘The paradise of men is right here!’, is what he thought as he tasted a cycle of being invited.

Without giving a specific number, whenever Lime was there, he would do his best for up to two digits, so you could say he was peerless.

But there’s a limit to everything.

In time, the fun became putting effort, and his feet felt distant.

Even with that, when Lime was in Asora, they would search for him and be taken away.

Lime struggled by thinking this is something he originally wished for, but he, in the end, prostrated to Makoto.

Having a worn-out Lime suddenly prostrate before him, Makoto was obviously confused, but as he heard the situation, his face got strained and he understood.

There’s always several tens of partners.

It is not something that Lime alone can do his best to resolve.

Lime spoke in tears to Makoto that he wanted to beat up his past self that thought of monopolizing this.

After this confession, Makoto began to consider in a positive light to help in the creation of a store for the Gorgons in Tsige.

That’s why the harmless talk of the Gorgons was actually true, even if the persons themselves don’t know.

“Eh? Hey, isn’t the one flying over there, Shona-san?”

“Ah, true. Does she have some business with our chief?”

“They migrated at the same period as us, so there’s a sense of closeness to them, the winged-kin.”

“It would be nice if we could enjoy ourselves with them as well in the near future.”

“In the end, I think the problem is marriage. We are going to be living here, so don’t you think we have to study in that aspect as well?”

“You are just repeating what the Chief said.”  

“Ah, was I busted?”

“Ah, the cow group Ane-sans are coming over. Crap. Did we get way too lax?”

“But the sheeps are truly docile and easy to manage after all. Of course you would get lax~.”

When they caught their eyes on the winged-kin that was flying overhead, Shona, who is in essence the number two of the higher ups of the winged-kin, their conversation was switched to her.

And from there, their conversation topic was once again switched to another unexpected direction as their day passed.


“The milk and wool is quite popular. I have said this before but, please let us cooperate.”

“Thank you very much. When we actually began, we noticed that this is actually a job that requires a good amount of people, so if we were to increase the scale, there would be worries with only us. Waka-sama had already told me beforehand that: ‘The winged-kin can fly, so we would be able to put that in use and, if it is possible, you should work together’.”

The chief of the Gorgons was facing a female winged-kin with a desk in between them as they have a talk with smiles in their faces.

“It looks like raising the cows and sheeps has succeeded until now, but if we are going to do this together, would it be better to have each side take care of the cows and the other of sheeps?” (Shona)

“No. In regards to the cows and sheeps, let us do it ourselves for now. We are still listing a number of animals that can be used as livestock after all. So let’s decide after that’s settled.”

“I see. Taking care of the new ones huh.” (Shona)

The winged-kin girl Shona falls silent.

If it comes to keeping new animals, she was thinking that this would be quite the difficult job.

Of course, when they are actually going to begin, they will be taking out a certain amount of knowledge from Makoto, and they can also get advice from the Gorgons that have actual experience in raising livestock.

The individual problems arising from these are a different matter, but it will definitely serve as a big help.

They will most likely have an easier time than if they were to start animal raising from zero.

“Yes. The first recommended livestock would be the goats. They have a smaller build than cows and, in terms of personality, they are decently manageable. They are not affected by slopes and like high places. Since you have the ability to fly, I think you guys are more suited.”  

“I see. The Gorgons would like to concentrate on the cows and sheeps, right?” (Shona)

“If I had to be specific, it would be the cows. They certainly do provide delicious milf and, on top of that, their meat is also an incredible delicacy, but their nature is so violent to the point that it sometimes makes us question if they are truly fit to be livestock. Waka-sama was also surprised by this, but he wanted to focus on domesticating them for a while. Next, there’s the small birds called chickens which we are also thinking of breeding.”

“Chickens huh.” (Shona)

“If your race doesn’t have evasiveness towards other races with wings, it would help us a lot if you were to take that job as well.”

“Thanks for the consideration. There’s most likely no problem of that nature but, just in case, can you please show me the real thing?” (Shona)


“But…I thought that cows were docile in nature. To think you were facing those kind of problems.” (Shona)

Shona returns the conversation to the cows.

The serious expression of the Gorgon chief left an impression in her and she ended up returning to them.

“There have been a number of injured. Taking care of the cows is a job that you can’t lower your guard. Waka-sama said they are docile and easy to domesticate, so we thought at first that the sheeps were the cows. Unbelievable.”

The sheeps were actually easy to domesticate and there haven’t been any glaring problems occurring.

The people taking care of them don’t have to pay constant attention to them.

But the cows are a series of tribulations.

Even within the Gorgons, taking care of the cows is treated as a job that only the elite can do.

But well, even if it is the elites, they simply petrify them whenever a problem occurs and have the Arkes or Shiki undo it, and there are even times when even Makoto has to take care of it.

In the case of cows, there’s also the need of high physical and combat prowess.

When all options run out, they can use petrification and, at times, they would evade; there’s no doubt that’s part of the reason they were left with the job of raising the animals.

And in reality, there have been a number of cases where they required the petrification, and one time where Makoto had to come personally to deal with it.

“Waka-sama is out of standards in a lot of things after all. Our strength hasn’t been acknowledged yet either, so the patriarchs are doing their best in training everyday.” (Shona)

“I think you have plenty enough strength though. Must be the battle affinities.”  

“Really. That part is truly difficult. We are originally good at dealing with archers, but that person is on a whole different level. At any rate, if we can get involved with the raising of animals, the teams of mixed races that mostly go out hunting will have to explore and pioneer areas as well. In that chance, we winged-kins will have Waka-sama acknowledge us so that our elites can also join them.” (Shona)

“That spirit is great. We have to learn from you people—”

“Onee-chaaan! I was told that it has been finished!! They are calling you to the workshop~~!!”


The loud voice that came from outdoors made the Gorgon chief make a troubled expression as she looked at her winged guest.

“My little sister is like that… I have shown you an embarrassing sight. But to think it is already done… I am thankful, but the timing is bad.”

The chief apologizes to Shona.

“Don’t worry about it. She is quite the lively one. It looks like it is an important business, so I don’t really mind. Well then, I will be taking my leave for today.” (Shona)

“I am sorry that I can’t guide you in the end. I will soon call for someone to show you the chickens, so please forgive me. I will be taking my leave now.”

Shona sees off the chief.

The winged-kin is left alone in the room.

(That is the Gorgon race. The race that has the invincible petrifying ability that turns you into stone no questions asked. But even that is powerless in face of Waka-sama. Even his strength that was difficult to control has been made possible to control thanks to the help of his equipment. Seriously, this is a place where common sense doesn’t work. We had confidence in our fighting style that ruled over the skies, and yet, with the Highland Orcs, with our advantage of the skyl, it would be an even match, however, if the limitations to magic are taken out, we would be inferior; with the Mist Lizards, as long as we are in the sky, it is fine, but we are always hit when we are in need to resupply in our base, so we always lose. The harsh part is that our attacks aren’t really effective. If it is due to lacking training drills in Asora, it would be a lost case though. But most of all, it is Waka-sama…) (Shona)

Shona sinks into comparing their combat strength to the other races.

The winged-kin are by no means weak.

If they were to participate in enough training drills of Asora, they will in time be able to stand side by side with the Orcs and Lizards.

They might not be able to match them in their variety of spells or in one on one fights, but they have the overwhelming advantage that is the sky.

But that sky has become a big bottleneck against the ruler of this Asora, Makoto.

“Shona-sama, sorry for the wait. Regarding the chickens and the goats, I will be guiding you to the place where I can show them to you. Would you like to check out the cows and sheeps as well?”

“Ah, sorry for the trouble. Right. Can you show them all in one run? I think they can serve as good reference.” (Shona)

“Understood. I am not that knowledgeable about sheeps, but let’s have that part be explained by the sheep group girls at the location in question. Regarding the cows and the others, I will be doing the explaining.”

“Thanks, I will be counting on you.” (Shona)

While having a good impression of the guide girl that was progressing the conversation promptly, she follows after her with the mindset that she must learn about the new job of the winged-kin; raising livestock.

Forgetting for now their most troubling point that is their combat strength -no, the training drills to win against Makoto, she had decided that, rather than worrying about something that has no way of resolving in the near future, it would be more beneficial to learn about the livestock at the Gorgon village.

Shona thought that this was a job worth doing and unconsciously smiled. She was secretly thinking that maybe she should specialize in this field.

The new jobs in Asora were progressing decently.

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