WR – Chapter 338-340: Towards a new era

  • 338: Towards a new era

It had ended up in a result that I wouldn’t have even thought.

The behaviour of Mantle, that we Gods didn’t have the ability to correct, was corrected by the human Sasae-chan.

It was unbelievably impossible to manage with logic, but that’s probably why she managed to change that Mantle.

I may have been reminded of the greatness of humans.

Well, leaving that aside, we all were left in the plains after Sasae-chan, Mantle, and Uriel left, and had no choice but to space out.

“In the end, we didn’t do anything!” (Celestis)

“We just left Sasae to rampage as she wanted after all. She came like a storm and left like a storm!!” (Mirack)

Celestis and Mirack were definitely not characters of dim presence, and yet, Sasae-chan had completely taken the spotlight.

Sasae-chan’s fearsomeness gets even more fearsome the more I think about it.

“……Let’s return as well.” (Michael)

Is what Michael said.

“As we go by in the fights with the humans, it feels as if we destroy one wall at a time. The battle of Uriel also felt as if we had gone through another wall and had advanced a step forward.” (Michael)

“Right… Then, the next thing we should do is to progress onto what’s after that broken wall.” (Gabriel)

Gabriel says agreeing.

“Even if we are to learn from the humans and live together with them, we first have to check the thoughts of Lucifer-sama. And so, we will return to the castle.” (Michael)

“? You have a place that’s like the base of the Demon Lords?” (Haine)

I pursue the subject. The big hand of Michael that felt like a shield stopped me.

“I can’t tell you that. Just like how we abide to the moral code towards you people, we also have a moral code towards Lucifer-sama.” (Michael)

“If we were to let you people into Lucifer-sama’s place when he is still in his sleep without his permission, we won’t be able to regain his trust ever again. If you want to avoid battle, this outcome wouldn’t be desirable, right?” (Michael)

That’s true.

To think the Demon Lords would be reprimanding me for my manners!

“Let’s leave things to Michael-san and the others.” (Karen)

Looks like Karen also agrees with the Demon Lords.

“If we want to push the coexistence, we have to trust in the other party or nothing would begin. This is where we trust in the Demon Lords and wait. Just like how Sasae-chan did. Let’s try to straightforwardly trust!” (Karen)

“I think the ‘trust’ of Sasae-chi has pierced through being aggressive though!” (Celestis)

The opinion of Celestis has a point, but Karen-san’s opinion also has a point.

“…Understood. Demon Lords…” (Haine)

I face the tall Michael.

“The next time we meet, it will not be as enemies, but as friends.” (Haine)

“Understood.” (Michael)

The first time we saw each other, I didn’t think things would turn out like this.

What kind of conflicts occurred in my absence?

As I see off Michael and Gabriel who were flying off, we couldn’t help but feel happy at the future that was coming.


After that, it was all taking care of the aftermath.

The Muspelheim, Hydra Ville, and Ishtar Blaze incidents that were brought by the Demon Lords were all wrapped up as a series of events, but all of them ended with low damage, so the whole world sighed in relief.

The aforementioned cities will need to clean up after those incidents, but what’s important are the lives.

The material damages can be fixed as much as required. It looks like all cities were in high motivation.

Within all that, Karen-san, me, and the parties related to the Light Church decided on returning to Apollon City for now.

Sasae-chan had dragged Uriel to Ishtar Blaze and Mirack had returned to Muspelheim to reorganize the Fire Militant corps.

Since Celestis was already at Hydra Ville, she had resumed helping on the jobs that had stagnated.

The Light Church was the only one who didn’t get a direct attack from the Demon Lords, so we asked if there was anything to help in, but they told us that we had helped plenty enough and kindly refused.

“We can’t have the hero be absent for so long, so return to your homeland already”, is what they told us.

It is true that they are being considerate.

At any rate, my flying machine had ran through Ishtar Blaze all the way to Hydra Ville without any breaks and at full speed, so it required a complete overhaul at its manufacturer.

Doraha was finally in a state where she could stand from bed, but she wasn’t in perfect shape yet, so we decided on having a slow return by ethereal train.

Karen-san, Doraha, and I…


The scenery that can be seen outside the window of the train was a different flavour from that of the flying machine.

The regular method of transportation when moving from one country to another are these ethereal trains.  

It was finally possible for us to take it easy and use this regular method of transportation to return to the Light capital.

“Doraha-san, it looks like they are selling a variety of things in the train, so how about buying something to eat?” (Karen)

“Karen-sama, this refrigerated orange thing has captured my heart! Also, this celebratory key holder is worth of notice!” (Doraha)

“No, as I said, something to eat…!” (Karen)

I thought Doraha was slightly colder before, but right now, she is strangely hype, maybe because she is not used to a train, or it might be because she had received some sort of change in the time she was in Muspelheim and Hydra Ville.

Looks like all humans are showing growth in places the Gods don’t know of.Karen-san, Doraha, Mirack, Celestis, Sasae-chan, and even the Demon Lords.

That’s why humans are great, and that’s why I went so far as to fight the other Gods to protect that possibility.

And then, even those Gods had learned about the greatness of the humans with time- without the need of teaching them- and the world was beginning to gather into one.

This was brought by the strength of the humans, and they have grown to the point where they can overcome their problems by themselves.

It has reached a point where it might be unnecessary for Gods to help humans anymore.

“Isn’t this fun, Haine-san?” (Karen)

Karen-san offers me a refrigerated orange as she says this.

“It is nice to take it easy and be shook by the train like this.” (Karen)

“True.” (Haine)

The fight with the Demon Lords that had the fate of humanity at stake feels as if it might end up peacefully if it continues like this.

This factor made my heart even calmer.

“By the way, talking about fun…” (Karen)

“Hm?” (Haine)

“Your outing with Yorishiro-sama was fun as well?” (Karen)

Where did the calming trip go?

My mentality had gone from zero to code red.

“No well…you see, it is kind of like a top secret mission. It cannot be disclosed…!” (Haine)

“It is something you can’t even tell a hero? I am truly interested in that.” (Karen)

Karen-san stands up from her seat and sits by my side, making a heavy sound as she does.

The seats of the train were spacious enough for two people to sit in, and since I am at the window side and Karen-san is sitting by my side, I am now cornered?!

“There’s still a lot before reaching Apollon City. Let’s enjoy the view from the train as we take our time talking…!” (Karen)

“Karen-san! If you get so close to me, I will be crushed between Karen-san and the wall, or more like, your soft thigh and arm are pushing against me! At any rate, you are a bit too close for comfort!” (Haine)

I had no choice but to do my best in fixing the mood of Karen-san that had been neglected for a long time.

“Karen-sama! I want to try out this thing called train boxed lunch!” (Doraha)

“Right. Let’s try out the boxed lunch. Let’s buy all the types and eat them. Haine-san, money.” (Karen)

“Eh?!” (Haine)

  • 339: The two of us alone

After bringing a close to the incident at Ishtar Blaze and Hydra Ville, we were in the middle of returning to Apollon City.

I had met up with Karen-san due to various circumstances, fought together, and after overcoming that, we managed to return safely.

And so, we are currently at the shaking ethereal-powered train and enjoying our way back…or at least, that’s how it was supposed to be.

“And you see, Celestis-chan was terrible, you know?!” (Karen)

“I see…” (Haine)

“She said that I ‘think with my womb’, and I was also made to grab a slimy lizard and she didn’t save me from that! Ah, but when she faced the God Demon Lord, Celestis-chan was incredibly cool! I learned how incredible it was to love!” (Karen)

“I see…” (Haine)

“Mirack-chan was the first one to fight a Demon Lord-san, so it could be said that the one who opened up all possibilities was Mirack-chan! I could only be a spectator at the end of that battle, but the punching battle between her and Michael-san was truly awesome!!” (Karen)

“I see…..” (Haine)

And so, that’s how time passed with the nonstop talking of Karen-san.

Since the time I left Apollon City to bring back Mantle, we have been apart.

We haven’t been separated this long since we met.

It means that a lot has accumulated inside of Karen-san huh.

Because she couldn’t be together with me?

…That’s the reason why stress accumulated?

“Ah~, if Haine-san were together with us, you could have witnessed it all personally~. You could have witnessed these big events that would change history together with me. Ah~ ah~.” (Karen)

It really is not me being over-conscious.

Karen-san was clearly way too stressed after being separated from me.

“Uhm…Karen-san…” (Haine)

I said this while being incredibly careful.

“…I am sorry.” (Haine)

“Why? Why are you apologizing? Haine-san was absent from Apollon City because you had important business that had to do with saving the world, right? Alone with Yorishiro-sama.” (Karen)


“Alone…with Yorishiro-sama.” (Karen)

No, to put it more accurately, it was with Shiva as well, so it wasn’t as if I was alone with her, but saying that will only sound like a bad excuse and it might be like throwing oil to the fire.

In the first place, if I were to tell her that I went with Yorishiro and Shiva to revive the Mother Earth God, I would have to reveal my identity as the incarnation of the Dark God Entropy, so I can’t just speak about everything.

I still want to continue enjoying a normal human life, if that’s what my current life can be called.

What should I do to get her in a better mood?!

“Hah…It is fine.” (Karen)

Looking at me, Karen-san lets out a big sigh.

“If you make such a troubled face, I won’t be able to force it onto you anymore. I love Haine-san a lot and I don’t want to be hated by Haine-san after all.” (Karen)

“I see…” (Haine)

Karen-san had become a girl that can say things clearly like this.

“I have known since way back that Haine-san is riddled in mysteries, so there’s no point in pursuing it now. I love Haine-san, so I will trust in Haine-san even in the parts that I don’t know of. That’s all there is to it.” (Karen)

The decisiveness in Karen-san’s voice made even me feel overwhelmed by it.

We have been separated for quite a bit lately. There’s Mirack’s fierce battle, the big love of Celestis, and the foolishness of Sasae-chan; Karen-san must have had some sort of influence in all of those.

She herself has reached the God Hero form, and in the time I wasn’t with her, she has grown remarkably.

I could accept that open-heartedness of Karen-san.

“…I am truly sorry, Karen-san.” (Haine)

“Geez~.” (Karen)


“Those are not the words I want to hear from Haine-san. Please learn to pick up those kind of things.” (Karen)

Is what Karen-san says as she puffs her cheeks.

Rather than saying she is angry, it is more like she is sulking.

Okay, let’s say it.

“No matter what happens, I will never hate Karen-san.” (Haine)

“…Passing grade.” (Karen)

The expression of Karen-san has softened for a bit!

…No, she is blushing?!

“I actually wanted you to clearly say that you ‘loved’ me, but that modesty is also a charming point of Haine-san.” (Karen)

Saying this, Karen-san moved closer to me, her body sticking to mine.

Every soft part of hers was making contact with me!

“Ah…  I have become surprisingly bolder than before. But it can’t be helped. It is just the two of us here after all!!” (Karen)


Until now, we have normally been together with Mirack or Yorishiro, so being just the two of us is pretty unusual!

“But Haine-san was alone with Yorishiro-sama just recently, so it would be unfair if I didn’t have my quality time as well. It is a short while until we arrive at Apollon City, but I will be properly enjoying our alone time.” (Karen)

Shiva was with us at that time though…or more like, woah! Even her nice scent was close enough that I could pick it up!!

This is bad. My sanity will be melted away!

Train travelling is pretty nice. Alone time in the train!

“Karen-sama, Haine-sama.”

No, we are not alone.

Doraha was absent from her seat for a bit, but she had returned now.

“Welcome back, Doraha-san. Was there any boxed lunch that seemed good?” (Karen)

Maybe because a third party had arrived, Karen-san regained her sanity as well and a small space had opened between her and me.

A really small space.

“Yes! Buying inside the train within the time limit of when the train is still running made me excited. I was scared of taking time in choosing, so in the end, I bought one of everything!” (Doraha)

“That price is coming directly from my pocket though!” (Haine)

I am sending half of my pay to my family, so this is actually pretty painful!

“Train boxed lunches are pretty good, aren’t they! The ones I ate before were incredibly delicious, so I want to eat more train boxed lunches! I want boxed lunches!!” (Doraha)

“Right. You want boxed lunches, right! You rarely get the chance, so enjoy boxed lunches to your heart’s content!” (Karen) <Ekiben is a boxed lunch bought in trains, but it can also refer to a sex position.>

Stop it!

I don’t understand, but it feels as if you are saying a problematic statement there, so please stop!

“Eh? But Doraha-san, for someone who bought all the types, you took quite a bit of time. It took so long that I thought you had gotten lost.” (Karen)

“The buying itself finished quickly, but I was called out by someone after that. It was apparently from a member of a branch Light Church at the previous train stop.” (Doraha)

The train had already resumed movement and had left that train stop not that long ago.

“I received a message from that person. It is apparently an urgent order from Yorishiro-sama.” (Doraha)

  • 340: Train travel

Urgent order from Yorishiro?

What in the world happened?

Yorishiro is the Light Founder. She has plenty enough authority to order Karen-san and I who are affiliated to the Light Church.

But at this time, she is giving us an urgent order? I don’t know what situation would warrant being urgent.

While I was confused, the one at my side…

“Doraha-san, to think you not only were able to do an errand on your own, but could also properly respond to a stranger that called out to you…! I am moved!” (Karen)

For some reason, Karen-san is getting emotional?

Uhm…it is true that Doraha-san’s birthplace is special and, in the time she was brought back, she was basically a child mentally, but…

“She is not that young, you know. Aren’t you overblowing it with just shopping and responding to a stranger?” (Haine)

“Haine-san doesn’t know, that’s why you can say something like that!” (Karen)

“Wa?!” (Haine)

I was scolded?!

“Do you know how serious her dislike of strangers was?! …I am relieved with just the simple fact that she hasn’t high kicked someone to the ceiling! It makes me sigh in relief!” (Karen)

“I-Is that so?!” (Haine)

“In the first place, Haine-san, you are one of the people that found Doraha-san together with Yorishiro-sama and I! Your consideration is lacking! That’s why you end up missing the small growths of Doraha-san! Doraha-san is also growing everyday! Moreover, she is a girl, so you have to pay proper attention and praise her at the right times!” (Karen)

“I am sorry!!” (Haine)

For some reason, I have lately been getting scolded as if I were a father that doesn’t know how to raise a child?!

Moreover, by a different girl every time!

The conversation derailed!

What about the urgent message of Yorishiro?! Bring the train back in track!

“A person of the branch church had given me a telegram.” (Doraha)

Is what Doraha says as she gives me a single piece of paper.

I open these folded paper and, even though the paper itself was rough, the beautiful writing that showed the grace of Yorishiro could be seen in it.

The contents of it are…

‘Karen-sama, Haine-sama,

I have received notice of your achievements in the many nations. Having the name of two precious people of mine resonate through the nations is something that makes me incredibly proud.’

“…For a telegram, this is quite the leisure writing here.” (Haine)

“That’s just how Yorishiro-sama is after all.” (Karen)


The only one capable of crumbling that pace of hers would be someone like Karen-san.

Let’s continue reading.

‘Taking into consideration that there’s no delay in ethereal transmissions, according to the information from the other Churches in a favorable relationship with the Light Church, from the four Demon Lords, three are positive at the prospect of coexisting with humans.

It is a hard to believe report, but if it is made possible, it would be a truly joyous situation.

We, the Light Church, are going to join this development and are on the intent of walking this path together.’

“…Well, this is indeed a development that would be hard to imagine when we first met the Demon Lords after all.” (Haine)

“This is all thanks to Mirack-chan, Celestis-chan, and Sasae-chan doing their best! Everyone not only protected the world, they also changed it!” (Karen)

Is what Karen-san says in excitement.

…There were truly a series of events that were hard to believe.

Now that I think about it, what is that Uriel doing right now?

Did he safely go back?

…Let’s just continue reading.

‘Now then, the thing that’s of concern now is the Wind nation.’


The Wind nation huh.

‘From the four Demon Lords, the Water, Earth, and Fire Demon Lord have calmed their hostility towards humans, so the remaining one is the Wind Demon Lord.

His name being Raphael.

His whereabouts are currently unknown and it is definitely not something we can take in a positive light.

On top of that, Karen-san, Mirack-san, Celestis-san, and Sasae-san have achieved God Hero form, so the remaining one is the wind hero, Hyue-san.

If she manages to become a God Hero, the five God Heroes will be gathered.’


Since the Wind Founder Shiva is cooperative, we didn’t pay as much attention to it as other heroes.

Moreso with Shiva being the incarnation of the Wind God Quasar.

If he wanted to, he would be able to make Hyue into a God Hero.

Thinking in this way, we prioritized the fire, water, and earth that felt like they would be a lot more troublesome and left wind for later.

‘I have a presentiment that the next incident will happen at the Wind Church.

And so, Karen-san, Haine-san, and Doraha; about your current return in train to Apollon City, please change your destination and head to Rudras Metropolis.’

“So this is the actual matter at hand huh.” (Haine)

“The details of the urgent order.” (Karen)

‘Rudras Metropolis is a moving city, but the current location is accurately being notified to the other Churches.

Haine-san and the others should be able to arrive soon to their current location after exiting at the next stop and changing trains.

We have received the permission of the Wind Founder Shiva, so you will be staying for a while in Rudras Metropolis and get ready for any sort of abnormal situation.

Best regards,

Light Founder, Yorishiro’

I see.

So that’s why she send a telegram at the previous stop huh.

But ‘get ready for any sort of abnormal situation’? That’s quite the vague order.

“Haine-san, let’s go.” (Karen)

Karen-san was already resolute.

“The Demon Lords are all acting. After three of the four acted, I don’t think the remaining one will not be doing anything.” (Karen)

“Meaning that the presentiment of Yorishiro might actually happen.” (Haine)

“I haven’t met Hyue-chan in a while, so there’s still worth in going there to at least check how she is doing!” (Karen)

So the next incident will occur in the Wind nation huh.

It is true that this does feel possible. The Light capital already has Yorishiro there, so there shouldn’t be any problems in being absent for a bit more.

In that case, let’s go to the Wind capital, Rudras Metropolis.



‘To Karen-san.

I am truly sorry for separating you from Haine-san for so long.

Please consider this mission as an apology.’


‘Leave Apollon City to me and, this time, you enjoy your alone time with Haine-san.

I will also leave Doraha-san in your care.

I am looking forward to your stories when you return. I will be waiting at our love nest.’

The moment I read that, Karen-san was shedding tears of gratitude.

“As expected of Yorishiro-sama! As expected of my Founder! I will follow Yorishiro-sama for the rest of my life!!” (Karen)

…Was this actually Yorishiro’s main reason of changing our destination?

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